Lost Ark Stone of Chaos: How To Get [3 Best Ways]

Lost Ark is a game that allows the player to venture through many continents and islands, leveling your classes and upgrading your equipment. Upgrading your equipment is a crucial part of the game that helps you with PVP and PVE battles. The Stone of Chaos is one such item that helps to level up your gear. This guide will go through the Lost Ark Stone of Chaos, an item necessary to bring your equipment to its full potential.

Many items in the game that drop from monsters and boss monsters are essential for improving your gear. Often times you will find yourself grinding for the materials required to take your equipment to the next level.

This is an essential part of any RPG game, and Lost Ark isn’t an exception. But the best part about Lost Ark is that even after the story ends, the game still has many exciting events and features. Also, consider reading our Lost Ark Wiki and learn more about the game.

Lost Ark Stone of Chaos Guide

The Stone of Chaos is an upgrade material that holds the potential to bring your equipment to a relic level. Stone of Chaos is an endgame material. However, you can find it in loot or as a drop from a Field Boss early on in the game.

However, you can not use it as it is in the early stages. To use the Stone of Chaos, you need to have at least an Item Level of 1445. So far, nothing surpasses the Relic Level of gear in Lost Ark, at least as of yet.

Once the Stone of Chaos is obtained, it can not be traded or sold in the game, and it gets bound to your rooster. 

What is the Lost Ark Stone of Chaos Used For?

Even after the endgame of Lost Ark, there is still so much more to do, and for that, you can’t just waltz around without improving your gear. Lost Ark Stone of Chaos is one of the 3rd tier upgrading materials that you can use to upgrade your equipment to the Relic Level.

Additionally, you need to be at least at Item Level 1445 to use it in the first place. Stone of Chaos can be used together with other upgrading materials such as Demonic Beast’s bones.

These can be found in the Caltan Legion Raid and Covetous Wings from the Vykas Legion Raid to help the equipment reach the Relic level. If you want to level up faster in the game then read our Lost Ark best Hunting Spots guide.

How to Get Stone of Chaos in Lost Ark

As of yet, there are three ways to obtain the stone of chaos in the game of Lost Ark. 

  • The first way is to find and eliminate the World Boss Thunderwings. Stone of Chaos is a rare drop from the boss, so you may need to battle the boss a few times before you get one.
  • The second way to obtain the Stone of Chaos is through the all-new Legion Raid Events. The boss monsters of the event have a chance of dropping one.
  • The last way is the easiest, but also the most expensive of all. You can always buy one from the vendors in the game, but it will cost you an arm and a leg, so be ready to pay up.

Looking for more Treasure? check out the Lost Ark treasure maps guide.

World Boss Thunderwings

One of the easiest ways to obtain the Lost Ark Stone of Chaos is by defeating Thunderwings. You can locate this World Boss Monster on the continent of South Vern. Thunderwings can spawn every few hours in the game.

You can also check Procyon’s Compass for the direction and the timer of the Thunderwings spawn. So grinding the boss battle is a way that can help you obtain the Stone of Chaos.

lost Ark World Boss
Lost ark Thunderwings

Legion Raid Event in Lost Ark

In the new Legion Raid Event, you can defeat the boss monsters as they have a rare chance to drop Stone of Chaos. There are several types of boss monsters that you can defeat one after another. These monsters have their own unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics.

Moreover, to unlock Legion Raids, you first must be at least 1415 in normal difficulty and 1445 for hard difficulty. The specific Boss monsters that have a chance of dropping Stone of Chaos are named below:

  • Demon Beast Commander Valtan
  • Covetour Legion Commander Vykas
  • Phantom Ledion Commander Brelshaza
  • Mayhem Legion Commander Kakul-Saydon

Lost Ark Vendors

The last method to obtain the Stone of Chaos is to directly purchases it through a vendor in the game. It is the easiest and the quickest way to obtain the material. It is also the most expensive way to get the Stone of Chaos. You can find a Legion Raid Vendor in every major city throughout the game.

When you go to a vendor, the Stone of Choas is going to cost you between 500 to 900 gold. These prices are set for only the first ten times you buy it. When you have bought the stone ten times, the cost will spike to 1000 gold for each Stone of Chaos. 

You can also find the Collector Jorba and exchange items with him as well. He is located in the Nia Village in Punika.

Final Thoughts

The Stone of Chaos is an important material if you really want to enjoy the endgame phase of Lost Ark. Without leveling up your equipment to Relic Class, you won’t be able to experience all the endgame activities truly. As we have covered before, obtaining it is not that difficult; it only requires you to grind or purchase.

Although it is a rare drop, with a few days of grinding, you will be able to gather a sufficient number of these stones. After you have upgraded your equipment to the max level, the game will be even more fun; specifically, PVP and PVE battles will become a real worthy challenge.

When it comes to MMORPG games, Lost Ark is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. The game is truly “massive,” with almost half a million player base.

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