Lost Ark: BEST Engravings For Shadowhunter

The Lost Ark: Best Engravings For Shadowhunter guide tells you in detail about the engravings best for your Shadowhunter in Lost Ark.

Among many classes in Lost Ark, the Shadowhunter is easily the one that stands out the most. Mainly because of its ability to transform into a bloodthirsty demon, consequently allowing the players to let all hell break loose on their enemies. Like many other classes, the Shadowhunter also has a wide range of applicable engravings. This wide range leaves many players confused when choosing the best engravings for their shadowhunter in Lost Ark. Also, check out Lost Ark Kungelanium.

Key Highlights

  • The Shadowhunter class is one of the best classes mainly because of its ability to transform into a bloodthirsty devil. This helps players to be extremely destructive against their enemies.
  • The Shadowhunter class in Lost Ark has two exclusive engravings: the Demonic Impulse and the Perfect Suppression.
  • The Demonic Impulse allows the player to skip the cooldown period of the Demonize skill. It also amplifies damage in Demon Form and increases the crit rate.
  • The Perfect Suppression increases your damage output and Shadowburst meter regeneration by disabling the Demonize. It also uses Shadowburst Meter to make the skills you use in human form more cutthroat
  • The Demonic Impulse is more suitable for later stages of the game, while you can use the Perfect Suppression effectively from the start.
  • You can combine your Cruel Cutter and Demolition skills with Perfect Suppression, and you can deal enormous amounts of damage.
  • For PVE, a combination of the Demonic Impulse and Phantom Blade is recommended, while for PVP, the Perfect Suppression and Ferocious Heart are good choices.

If you can relate to what we said above, then keep reading to find out the best engravings, as well as the PVE/PVP, builds for Shadowhunters you can make using them. Except for the Engravings that you can use on all classes in Lost Ark, the Shadowhunter has two Engravings exclusive only to them.

We will first cover these exclusive Engravings, and then we will cover which additional engravings/buffs to use to make the most out of the exclusive ones. Before you go any further, why not try our Weapons Tier List in the Lost Ark guide.

What Are Engravings For Shadowhunter In Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Best Engravings For Shadow Hunter
The Shadow Hunter

The two exclusive engravings for the Shadowhunter in Lost ark are the Demonic Impulse and the Perfect Suppression. These two engravings offer playstyles completely opposite to each other. Basically, the Demonic Impulse is favorable for players in later stages of Lost Ark, you can still use it in the initial stages of the game, but it will not be as efficient.

As for the Perfect Suppression, you can use it efficiently pretty much right from the start of the game. That said, let us discuss each of these in detail so you can decide which one you are going to be using based on your preferred playstyle in Lost Ark. Also, our Lost Ark Legendary Skins guide is worth a read.

Demonic Impulse Engraving For ShadowHunter 

The following section of our Lost Ark Best Engravings For ShadowHunter guide covers the basics of Shadowhunter along with Demonic Impulse. On a side note, if you’re having trouble getting started in the game, then read our Lost Ark Guides Wiki to give yourself a complete walkthrough of how the game operates.

Demonize Skill For Shadowhunters

Lost Ark Best Engravings For Shadow Hunter Demon mode
Shadow Hunter Demon mode

To make sure you get a complete understanding of the Demonic Impulse, let us cover the basics first. The Shadowhunter class has a latent skill called Demonize which, when activated, gives six new skills and a few buffs. These buffs include a twenty percent increase in movement speed and attack speed along with a small boost in health.

Now the condition for activating your demon mode is that your Shadowburst Meter must be filled up completely. That can be done by successfully landing hits on your enemies using the skills. And no! using simple melee attacks will not do anything to the Shadowburst Meter.

Of course, it would be too good if the developers did not nerf the Demonize skill in some way. And they do this here by making you enter a long cooldown period in which you cannot regenerate your Shadowburst Meter, consequently leaving you fighting for your life until it ends (the cooldown period). But, this is where the Demonic Impulse engraving comes into play. P.s: You might find our Lost Ark Destroyer Build interesting!


Lost Ark Best Engravings For Shadow Hunter Demonic Impulse Function
Demonic Impulse Function

The core function of the Demonic Impulse is that it allows the players to skip the cooldown period completely. Thus, enabling them to start recharging the Shadowburst meter the moment their Demon mode expires.

The Demonic Impulse also amplifies the damage output of Shadowhunters in Demon Form. In addition to that, the Demonic Impulse also gives players a free increase in crit rate. So, naturally, the Shadowhunters with this engraving will be completely focusing on filling up their Shadowburst Meter as quickly as possible.

Tiers For Demonic Impulse   

As for the levels of Demonic impulse, it can be upgraded up to level 3. At the first and the most basic level, you only have the skipping of the cooldown period. At the second level, you will have the skip of the cooldown period, but you will also have a 15% increase in your Crit rate in demon mode. The last and naturally the most powerful level gives you a 30% increase in your Crit rate in demon mode.

Playstyle Using Demonic Impulse

Now let us look at the playstyle you will have when using the Demonic Impulse. With this engraving equipped, most of your battles will be done in your demon form. It means that you will be zapping around the arena (thanks to the movement speed buff) while simultaneously bullying your enemies (thanks to the attack speed buff).

You will also be using the new set of skills you gain in your demon mode. The playstyle basically leans towards strategically filling up your Shadowburst Meter to activate Demonize and then going all out on your enemies while it is activated. Also, our Lost Ark Paladin build guide might be a worthwhile read!

The Caveat For Using Demonic Impulse Engraving

Lost Ark Best Engravings For Shadow Hunter Shadowburst Meter

The Demonic Impulse is, without a doubt, one of the best engravings for Shadowhunters in Lost Ark, but there is one caveat, and it might be off-putting for some players. It’s that charging the Shadowburst meter in one skill rotation during the first two tiers of this engraving is heavily dependent on high Specialization stat and Wealth runes.

Since if you don’t have high levels of the Specialization Stat and Wealth runes, then you might run into the problem of having to do more than one skill rotation to charge the Shadowburst meter completely. However, this problem is automatically solved when you have tier 3 of the Demonic Impulse, as it increases your overall stat cap.

Engravings To Combo With Demonic Impulse

Lost Ark Best Engravings For Shadow Hunter Combination Engravings
Combination Of Engravings For Demonic Impulse

Now for the final point. If you are going to be using the Demonic Impulse engraving, then naturally, you should use it in contrast with engravings that help generate the Shadowburst Meter faster. In order to do that, you need to use Grudge, Cursed doll, Keen Blunt, and Adrenaline engravings in combination with the Demonic Impulse. Do this, and will be generating your Shadowburst Meter in no time.

Now you know if you should use Demonic Impulse or shouldn’t in Lost Ark. So, let’s head to the next one, Enjoying our Lost Ark Best Engravings For Shadowhunter guide? Why not try our Lost Ark Best Martial Artist guide.

Best Suppression Engraving For ShadowHunter

The Perfect Suppression is among the best engravings for ShadowHunters in Lost. So let’s expand more on it, but before that, why not check our Lost Ark Summoner Build!


Perfect Suppression
Perfect Suppression

Now the Perfect Suppression is the complete opposite of Demonic Impulse. Basically, the Perfect Suppression increases your damage output and Shadowburst meter regeneration at the expense of disabling your Demonize. But to compensate for that, the Perfect Suppression uses your Shadowburst Meter to make the skills you use in human form more cutthroat.

Skills To Combine

 Skills To Combine With Perfect Suppression
Skills For Shadowhunters

Moreover, if you combine your Cruel Cutter and Demolition skills with Perfect Suppression, you can deal enormous amounts of damage. When it comes to your playstyle using this engraving, you will be charging your Shadowburst Meter, and once it is high enough, you will unleash 7 of the skills you have in your human form in order.

Like we said before, Shadowburst Meter charges only when skills land, so if you use the above-mentioned strategy properly and successfully, you will never run out of your Shadowburst Meter. The two good things about this engraving are that one: it’s beginner friendly, and two: it works efficiently from the starting tiers. Also, give our Lost Ark Bard Build! a shot.

The Caveat For Using Perfect Suppression Engraving

Now let’s discuss the one caveat regarding Perfect Suppression. It’s that if you do not have enough Swiftness stat, then your skills are going to take a long cooldown time. It means you will be forced to auto-attack during that period. But if you can look past it, then the Perfect Suppression is a very considerable Engraving in Lost Ark.

Engravings For Perfect Suppression 

Engravings To Use In Combination With Perfect Suppression
Engravings To Use In Combination With Perfect Suppression

Lastly, just like Demonic Impulse, using the right combination of other engravings in Lost Ark will enhance the functionality of the Perfect Suppression too. For that, you want to use Perfect Suppression in combination with Grudge, Keen Blunt, Adrenaline, and last but not least, Master Of Ambush.

Final Verdict

So which is the best engraving for Shadowhunters in Lost Ark? Well, the answer to that is subjective. For some players, it might be a Demonic Impulse, while for others Perfect Suppression. It all really depends on your preferred playstyle. But now that you’ve read thoroughly about both, it should help you decide which one you are going to be using.

That about wraps it up. If this helped you, then our Top 10 Lost Ark Best Solo Classes guide will also interest you.

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