Lost Ark Best Martial Artist: All 5 Classes 

This Lost Ark Best Martial Artist guide will show five classes that the Martial Artist class has to offer for players!

Lost Ark has a collection of classes that allows players to experience a different playstyle based on the class that they choose, and with a solid count of classes and their sub-classes, the Martial Artist is one such main class. In our Lost Ark Best Martial Artist guide, we will uncover all five sub-classes that you can find and compare them to find out which the overall best class is!

Key Highlights

  • Martial Artist is one of the main Classes in Lost Ark that allows players to experience different playstyles. It has five sub-classes.
  • The first sub-class called Scrapper in Martial Artist is one the most balanced classes with good damage output. It has two playstyles; Taijutsu Playstyle, and ShockGen Playstyle.
  • Wardancer is the next sub-class with extreme damage output. It has a Burst Oriented Playstyle and is for the type of players that want to see one-all-end-all burst damage. 
  • The next Martial Artist sub-class is called Striker and is probably one of the highest Martial Artist damage Outputs. It is also known as the male counterpart of the Wardancer but has a completely different output and playstyle.
  • Soul Fist is also a sub-class in Martial Artist in Lost Ark with decent outputs. The players often face a lot of problems using this class as it is mostly dependent on its ultimates.
  • The Last one is called Lancemaster and is one of the most balanced classes out there. It has good damage output and provides a decent amount of mobility and agility.

The main Martial Artist class is divided in such a way whereby the players will always experience intense mobility while being on the battlefield, but at the same time being able to output an insane amount of damage. With that, let’s get started! Make sure to check out our Lost Ark All Classes guide if you want to know more about the other classes that players can check out in the game!


Lost Ark Scrapper

Let’s start with the Scrapper class in Lost Ark, which is essentially one of the most balanced classes that you will come across in-game. It is extremely easy to get used to the playstyle, and players can take advantage of the excellent utility that the Scrapper brings to the table whenever they are killing enemies. 

The class itself will have two playstyles, and both are complete opposites to each other, both in playstyle, but also damage output-wise as well as getting used to it. Read up on our Lost Ark Scrapper Build guide if you want to experience the gameplay of a Scrapper!

Taijutsu Playstyle 

The first playstyle that players might experience when they choose Scrapper is the Taijutsu playstyle, which will take advantage of the low cooldown of its abilities, allowing players to cast them over and over again. While the damage output is a bit on the lower end as compared to the other playstyle, it is still a viable option. 

The Taijutsu playstyle is also extremely fast-paced, allowing players to move from one direction to the other, rendering their enemies useless while never getting caught. It is best for players that want increased mobility but also solid damage output. 

Shock Gen Playstyle 

The other playstyle that players can try out while facing mid-game or end-game content in Lost Ark is the Shock Gen playstyle. Now, the playstyle is nowhere as fast-paced as the Taijutsu is, making it on the slower end; nonetheless, it is still not slow enough, which would hinder the player’s mobility severely. 

As for the total damage output, it is significantly higher than the Taijutsu gameplay, making it a viable choice for players that want to obliterate their foes. 

All in all, the Scrapper is a great Martial Artist option, considering how well-balanced it is and how easily it can be played once you get used to its playstyle. One thing that players need to be mindful of is to time their buffs accordingly, considering the Scrapper requires the use of buffs a lot. 


Lost Ark Wardancer

Next up, the Lost Ark Wardancer mains can rejoice, as their class will be featured in Martial Artist as well! The main reason that players might consider giving the Wardancer a go is simply because of the insane damage output damage that it boasts. The playstyle is more on the satisfying end for players that want to see one-all end-all burst damage. 

The class itself is also extremely agile and mobile, granting players the ability to move from one end of the battlefield to the other, casting their bursts and delivering devastating blows to their enemies in their range. While you’re here, why not check out our Lost Ark Wardancer guide!

Burst Oriented Playstyle 

As for the playstyle, players are allowed to have only one Lost Ark Wardancer playstyle. Apart from the high damage numbers that players can deal with against their enemies and kill them off easily, there are a lot of disadvantages to playing the Wardancer. 

The major downside of the playstyle is how burst-oriented it is. When the players have their bursts up, they can obliterate their foes, but after that, players will need to be extremely mindful of their uptimes. Players need to have excellent uptime so that they can have their bursts up all the time to deal proper damage. 

Apart from that, the playstyle will also lock your identity gauge, which will practically render the ability to collect any elemental energy useless. This is also one of the biggest reasons why players need to invest in high uptime. 

With that, the overall playstyle includes buffing yourself as well as all of your party members, all the while unleashing two kicks that will kill enemies in front of you. 


Lost Ark Striker

The next Martial artist sub-class in Lost Ark that we would like to feature is the Striker, which is essentially the male counterpart of the Wardancer, and will hone complete opposite gameplay for players as compared to the Wardancer. 

Like the Wardancer, which is completely devoid of honing an identity gauge and is devoid of the ability to collect elemental energy, the Striker will store as much elemental energy as possible. After that, it will consume it in one go and unleash a deadly amount of damage that will kill enemies in practically one hit. 

When it comes to damage output, it probably has to be one of the highest Martial Artist damage outputs in the game, considering it unleashes it all in one go, it collects the attacks that would be considered normal attacks, and one-shots all kinds of foes. 

The class is best for players that are akin to want to showcase their “damage per screenshot” as compared to damage per second. 

One of the biggest challenges with the Lost Ark striker class is that it will require a high uptime, and one of the reasons for that is considering the number of times players will need to fill their identity gauge so that they can unleash the devastating strikes against opponents.

The class can take a lot of trial and error to get used to, therefore is a challenging lost Ark end-game class. Our Lost Ark Striker Guide will be a worthwhile read for players who want to check out the Striker class!


Lost Ark Soulfist

If there were an option for a worst martial artist class instead of the usual late-game Lost Ark Martial Artist classes, then the Soul-fist would surely fit perfectly. There aren’t nearly enough advantages as compared to the disadvantages that players will face whenever they are playing a soul-fist in Lost Ark.

One of the biggest issues that Soul-Fist has is how *highly* it depends on its ultimates. If players do not have a proper build, then even their ultimate will lack the damage that it should usually be outputting. 

After the ultimate has been cast, players will typically be “lurking” around the arena, trying to gain back their ultimate and trying to keep their up-time as much as possible. While they can unleash normal attacks, they really can’t do much except build up their ultimate. 

Apart from that, the normal attacks will have lower overall damage, the class itself is incredibly difficult to get used to, and the playstyle is irritating at times as well. It also needs a lot of trial and error to execute perfectly. 

The advantage of playing as a Soul-Fist main is that you will be able to get powerful combos with your ultimate, and final damage can be extremely satisfying to achieve. Once again, it is best for players who would like challenging classes. For players that are into buying skins in-game, our Lost Ark Legendary Skins guide will showcase tons of skins that you can get!


Lost Ark Lancemaster

Last but not least, the final class that we would like to feature is known as the Lancemaster, and just like the Scrapper, it is probably one of the best-balanced Lost Ark classes available for players to play and experience. 

The damage output is also pretty consistent, alongside providing an ample amount of mobility and agility. This makes it one of the most versatile options that players can go for, considering most of the martial artist classes are either burst-oriented or highly dependent on having 100% uptime; otherwise, they deliver practically 0 damage. 

There are two stances that players can take, and they can change their weapons from one type to the other. For that reason, players need to be careful about the way they are planning out their attacks, and they will need to consistently be wary of using the right type of weapons to deal damage to their opponents. 

With that, there will also be more than the usual amount of skills that players would have with classes like the Scrapper, Wardancer, Striker, or the Soul Fist. 

With the class being specialty-dependant, it grants the players loads of opportunities to land critical hits against their enemies and decimate them. All in all, the Soul-fist is the best fit for all kinds of players, whether they are newer players in Lost Ark or end-game players just wanting to experiment with new and exciting classes. 

With that, we will wrap up our Best Martial Artist class guide! Mokoko Seeds are an important quest item that players need to collect, so make sure not to miss out on our Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds Guide!

Guide Inspiration and Photo Credit: Hi_Im_Fox on Youtube

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