BEST Lost Ark Engravings For Death Blade Class

In our guide of Lost Ark's Death Blade, you will discover her extraordinary awakening abilities to destroy the enemies and Engravings.

In our guide to Lost Ark’s Engraving For Death Blade, you will get to know about the character’s skills: awakening and engravings. We have also curated a guide on Aeromancer in Lost Ark.

The game ‘Lost Ark’ is the finest adventure game that can be played single-handedly or in groups and is available on PC. It was initially created by Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG. Make your way in Lost Ark through the magical world called Arkesia, fight and deal with evil creatures and some mighty chiefs.

Lost Ark was released on the 4th of December, 2019, on PC in Korea and then later on in Europe and North America on 11th February, 2022, where Amazon games published it. Before continuing further, why not try our guide on Lost Ark’s Song of Resonance.

What Are Engravings In Lost Ark?

Engravings come in handy in Lost Ark’s Death Blade class once you come at the end of the game, supposedly at chapter 50. They are vital because they help you finish the game. Engravings polish your abilities to take on the endgame of Lost Ark, destroy the enemy and achieve your goal.

Deathblade Engravings In Lost Ark

  • The class can add damage to your play style by using Remaining Energy 3 and Supercharge 3.
  • Because of that, Master of Ambush 3 can provide you with very high bonus damage, and it is also very easy to line up with back attacks.
  • The Adrenaline 1 is the engraving of Death Blade that has issues engaging the efficient lever of the Lost Ark.
    The Grudge in Cursed Doll level three can make the players have possessed skills once you have mastered them, and then you can put them in the game.

Engravings For Death Blade Class

In Ark’s Death Blade, you will choose between two types of engravings; Remaining Energy and Surge.

Remaining Energy

In this type of engraving, you use your Blade Surge to save yourself from the Trance of Death for a full 30s. This buff gives you a chance to attack, speed attack, and power.

The remaining energy is used for continuous damage. It is mainly about producing orbs so that you can achieve buffs in the mode called Art and then repeating the same cycle by producing more orbs.

Gems of Remaining Energy

  • To cool down and attack for damage will be used by Soul Absorber, Moonlight Sonic, Blitz Rush, and Void Strike.
  • All the other skills are merely used for cool-down purposes.

Gems of Surge

  • To get your hands on both damaging and cooling down gems, you would need to use Blade Surge.
  • The second area of your expertise shall be using the Soul Absorber, Blitz Rush, and Void Strike for attack purposes.
  • Just like Remaining Energy, the other skills are used for cooling down only.


Lost Ark is a 2D game designed for literally everyone. The diversity of this game allows you to play different classes and find your unique style. Dive into the world of islands and learn more about the seven continents. Interact with otherworldly creatures, some friendly, others rather beastly, and make the city your own once again.

One of Lost Ark’s most engaging and mindful is Death Blade; with that attractive personality and good looks, people usually don’t mind the character’s flaws.

Arkesia used to be a quiet and calm city for a full 500. You will face many bosses here as well. One such boss is Kungelanium in Lost Ark. Ark is magical, according to them, and with all the freedom and peace that was stolen from them. It seems to be their only hope to get the glow of their city back. While you’re at it, why not read our Lost Ark fused leapstones.

The most mind-gaging class in Lost Ark is Death blade; with her testing skills and good looks, she is set to take over the enemy. We have also curated a guide on Raid Matches in Lost Ark that you should definitely check out.

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