Lost Ark Engravings: The Definitive Guide

This Lost Ark Engravings guide will showcase benefits, drawbacks, information, locations, and class engravings that players should know.

Lost Ark, no doubt, has been blessed with one of the best combat mechanics, class systems, weaponry, and overall aesthetics. To get the most out of a class, players will typically use buffs that they can equip to make their builds and party stronger when they are out on the battlefield trying to take down enemies. Amongst those buffs are Engravings, which we will cover fully in our Lost Ark Engravings guide!

Key Highlights

  • Engravings In Lost Ark are sort of basic yet powerful buffs that are quite handy on battlefields and are responsible for a clean victory.
  • Engravings are class specific. For an instance, Berserker class engraving won’t work for the Sharpshooter class.
  • There are 3 levels of engraving, each level has 5 points.
  • They can also be swapped, according to one’s preferences.
  • Although engravings will grant you dominance on the field there are some negative aspects of it as well. 
  • Suppose you max out a certain engraving but you accidentally equip it with the wrong class. This will destroy your whole build and will result in many undesirable outcomes such as slow speed, reduction in strength, and many more.
  • You might also use up the materials for engravings that are crucial for leveling up. You will have to farm them all over again.
  • Equipping and upgrading the correct Ability Stone will grant you engraving points. Jewelry such as necklaces, and Stones are the best sources to get engraving points.
  • Class books such as Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary books can also be used to get engraving points. 
  • Tower Activity and side quests can also grant you some points.
  • Each class has specific suitable engravings that enhance the playstyle along with other many benefits. 

For newer players to grasp the concept of Engravings, they should know beforehand that Engravings can get pretty complicated. However, they are essential to build the best teams, and players that want to dominate the battlefield must refer to our Lost Ark Engravings guide. 

What Are Engravings in Lost Ark? 

In the simplest form, Engravings are basic and enhanced buffs supplied to a player or a complete party that can help them achieve victory on the battlefield. The player can equip engravings, and to get to know how engravings work Lost Ark, the simplest way to explain it is that there are three levels that the player can max out with each engraving. 

The 3 levels will accompany a max of 15 points, with each level having 5 points that can be increased with due course. With engravings, there will be a normal engraving that each class can use. Still, class-specific engravings that will vary from class to class, such as an engraving made for a Sharpshooter, won’t work with a Berserker main. 

Engravings are also complex, using some Accessories and Ability stones that work in their ways. As we mentioned before, to get level 3 on an Engraving, players will need 15 points, and these points are supplied by certain Accessories, which can provide bonuses and buffs. The accessories are a necklace, earrings, and rings. 

Ability Stones can also provide the points needed to max out an engraving. Players will typically enslot a specific ability stone to its allocated slot. They will use the power of RNG to roll 2 basic engravings and a negative engraving, which provides negative stats. 

Alongside basic engravings, players also can pick and choose custom engravings. To learn how to use engravings Lost Ark, players must refer to certain Engraving centric recipe books that will teach them the basics. 

The Recipe Books are accompanied by Rarity levels, with them being the uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Books, and each 20 of these books provides the players with +3 points to the leveling system the, eventually helping the player max out their specific engraving. 

With that being covered, players will typically wonder if in Lost Ark can you change engravings, to which the short answer is yes, engravings can be swapped according to the player’s preferences and needs. 

Benefits of Engravings In Lost Ark

When it comes to engravings in Lost Ark, things can get pretty daunting at first sight. Still, after getting the main grasp of them, players will quickly realize how effective they are and the sheer amount of boosts they provide for the player when they’re out on the battlefield, and how easy they make the entire fight. Here are some of the best benefits that both veteran and new Lost Ark players will experience once they master and max them out: 


When players are in the arena trying to take down some of the toughest single-enemy or crowds of enemies, if they do not have any sort of buffs on them, not only will the player massively struggle, but it will be absolute hell to only rely on your party members such as other supports and will likely not achieve victory. 

As compared to that, the easiest way to dominate tougher foes is to equip the correct Lost Ark class engravings, which will not only give the correct class resonance, but with obvious buffs, that include attack speed buffs, attack power buffs, max HP, max MP increases, movement speed, and many other types of enhancements that can surely assist the player when they are aiming to win against enemies. 

These buffs can work together to make the player an absolute beast when they are aiming to murder out enemies, and without these buffs, the players are done for. 

Custom Engravings

Another major benefit that players will typically skip out is the fact that alongside the basic engravings that provide simple enhancement, there are not only specific class engravings that are specifically catered for your class, but there are also custom Engravings that can be placed on both the Regular and CLass engravings to enhance them even more. 

Players can get these custom engravings from certain challenges related to Lost Ark that we will discuss further. 

Class Engravings 

Moving right along with our guide, another major benefit that players might not realize about having Engravings in Lost Ark is that with the class that they aim to main, such as a player who aims to main as a Deathblade, they will typically have two Deathblade-specific engravings that will be tailor-made for Deathblades. 

The buffs are made so that the Deathblade will become ruthless in battle, slashing through and piercing through enemies to absolutely decimate them. Make sure to equip the correct engravings and max them out to get the most out of them. 

Different Playstyles 

Alongside all these major benefits, players will also be able to experience a different playstyle. This means that based on the normal engravings that players decide to slot in, they will be able to experience different buffs, such as some normal engravings providing attack speeds, while others will provide movement speeds. 

This allows the player to mess around with their builds and min-max to get the highest stats and get the greatest damage output, which is crucial for players that want to obliterate opponents or bosses present in front of them with ultimate ease. 

Drawbacks of Engravings In Lost Ark

Negative Effects
Drawbacks of Engravings

Going on with the Engravings guide, while certain benefits come with using Engravings, which is an ultimate given, players also need to know that there will ultimately also be side effects, which the players need to be cautious of to win their battles. 

Specific Class Engravings 

Just like we mentioned the benefits that class-specific engravings can bring, there are also major drawbacks. Since classes have two main engravings, they are *only* catered to that one class, and they will not work with other classes, which can honestly bring down the entire build of some players. 

Whether it is their personal preference or just how the engravings are set, some players will prefer to have the stats and effects that they can not have due to the class lock system, which ruins the entire experience of min-maxing out a full build. 

Negative Engravings

Keeping things going with the guide, if you are unaware, negative engravings in Lost Ark are rolls that will grant the player penalties instead of giving them positive buffs, which are typically desired and crucial to surviving on a battlefield to gain victory against any opponent. 

If players decide to max out their engravings with 15 points, they will surely be able to gain some overpowered attack speed or movement speed or max HP buffs, but there is also a large chance that negative engravings can mess up your build. These negative engravings will grant the player to attack speed decrease, movement speed decrease, attack power decrease, or defense decrease, which makes the player weaker than usually getting stronger in combat. 

RNG Controlled Rolls 

Another thing to keep in mind is that most rolls are based on RNG; therefore, for veteran players looking to switch around their build, they are ultimately left at the mercy of RNG. 

If the RNG rolls are bad, then the engraving is trash, and the player has to repeat the process repeatedly. Most players will want to go for higher investment points, but if RNG is unfair to them, their build might not be perfected, which is a huge drawback for players who want to hit those high numbers of damages. 

Use Up Engravings 

Last but not least, another major drawback that players might not know about or skip over is that there is a major chance that players will end up using up their leveling materials needed for Engravings. The player will need to farm all over again for that specific book. 

These are some of the major drawbacks of engravings; next up, we will see how to farm engravings Lost Ark

Where To Get Engravings In Lost Ark

Moving along with our Engravings guide, the next thing that players will typically question is sourcing engravings and how to get engravings in Lost Ark. there are multiple different methods through which players can get their hands on common and class engravings and then equip them with an order to use them in battle. 

Ability Stones and Jewellery 

First things first, let’s get this out of the way; we have already discussed that the easiest way to gain points and level up engravings is through the required jewelry such as necklaces and also equipping and upgrading the correct Ability stone to get the max 15 points to reach level 3 on a certain engraving. 

Class Books And Battle Engraving Recipes 

Lost Ark Class Books
Class Books Upgrades

Apart from sourcing engravings from ability stones and jewelry, players can also learn how to equip engravings Lost Ark from Class Books and Engraving recipes, and the easiest way to explain the process is that since one engraving requires 15 points to max it out to level 3, players will need certain books and specific recipes. 

These four books are known as Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary engraving books, and it takes 20 of each type of book to raise one point in the engraving specific levels. This is the order that goes: 

  • Uncommon books raise it to 3 points 
  • Rare books raise it to 6 points. 
  • Epic books will raise it to 9 points. 
  • Legendary books will raise it to 12 points. 

These books can be found in chests and can be found as a single book or a collection of a few books in each chest. 

Tower Activity 

Tower Activity
Tower Activity Challenges

Another way that players can access engravings and get to know more about Engravings in Lost Ark is through the Tower Activity, which is essentially a 50-floor activity that starts with extremely simple combat and battles that players will need to work through to get through the higher levels. 

As they get onto higher levels, the battles get tougher, and the rewards naturally get more valuable, amongst which players can get their hands on engravings and engraving books. 

Side Quests 

The next way players can get access to newer engravings is through side quests that players can unlock. Essentially, the way to progress through them is to complete the main storylines and then accept and complete side quests. 

Island Vendors 

Lost Ark Island Vendors
Island Vendors Sources

With the Engravings guide, another way to get your hands on engravings or upgrade material for those engravings is several islands that house vendors that will respawn each week to sell epic or legendary books that players can use to max out their engravings. 


Lost Ark Engravings Outsource
Engravings Outsources

Last but not least, some other ways that players can get their hands on engravings are through repeating a few challenges that can reward them with engravings, such as: 

  • Chaos Dungeons 
  • Guardian Raids 
  • Maps earned from Chaos Gates
  • Abyssal Dungeons 

Unique Engravings Classes In Lost Ark 

Keeping things going with our Engravings guide, the next thing in line is the respective engravings allocated to each class in Lost Ark, as they are custom to each class and can not be shared amongst the classes. These Lost Ark class engravings will only be catered to each class. 

Berserker Class 

Berserker Class

Starting with the Berserker class, the people that intend to main this class will typically play the role of the main DPS and will have the ability to wield a melee weapon and unleash fury to pierce and thrust through the toughest opponents. As Berserkers are DPS classes, make sure to not miss out on the Lost Ark Berserker Build!


Starting with the first engraving known as Mayhem, basically what this does is that when it is cast, players will be able to cast their burst, during which, if they manage to successfully land an attack against opponents, they will recover a certain amount of HP. level ones through 3 will increase HP in this order: 0.2%, 0.35%, 0.5% at level 3. 

Berserker’s Technique 

The next engraving that players will encounter with a Berserker is the Berserker’s Technique. When it is summoned, players will be able to cast their burst while also gaining the ability to enhance their crit damage, increasing from 30%, 40%, and 50% from levels one to three. 

Paladin Class 

Paladin playstyle
Paladin Class

Keeping things going with our Lost Ark Engravings guide, the next class is the Paladin, which is an extension of the warrior, and they can be a DPS and impeccable support. Check out these Lost Ark Paladin engravings! This Lost Ark Paladin Build might assist for future team building!

Blessed Aura 

After casting blessed Aura, players will be able to summon a certain amount of “Holy Aura,” which grants them the ability to have their damage negation increased while also having a bit of their HP restored every certain amount of time. Levels through three offer 10%, 15%, 20% damage negation and 2.5 seconds, 2 seconds, and 1.5 seconds time gating for HP restoration. 


After players cast Judgement, they will be able to have their Punishment Damage increased. Levels on to three will offer a 15%, 20%, and 25% punishment damage increase in these orders. 

Gunlancer Class 

Lost Ark Gunlancer
Gunlancer Class

Moving right along, the Gunlancer class will typically exceed in being an excellent defensive class in the Lost Ark and absorbing large amounts of damage. Gunlancers will always want to follow our Lost Ark Gunlancer Build for future class maining! 

Lone Knight 

After players summon forth, they will experience a crit rate and crit damage increase which helps them dominate the battlefield with ultimate ease. Levels one to three will offer a 5%, 10%, and 15% crit rate increase while also granting a 30%, 40%, and 50% crit damage increase going up. 

Combat Readiness 

With Combat Readiness in hand, players will experience that their normal skill damage output is increased by 20% while also having their shield get stronger by 30%, 40%, and 50% through the level upgrades. 

Sorceress Class 

Lost Ark Sorceress
Sorceress Class

Moving right along, the Sorceress class can come in handy since they use Staves and use the help of elements and elemental reactions to take down the worst enemies, so make sure to refer to these Lost Ark Sorceress engravings! Don’t miss out on our Lost Ark Sorceress Build!


With reflux, players are granted the ability to have all their skill damage except awakening skills increased by 8%, 12%, and 16%, while also having their skill cooldown decreased by 3%, 6%, and 10% through levels one, two and three. 


When the player casts forth the Magick Amplification, players will experience that their crit rate and crit damage are increased. Through the upgraded levels, the crit rate will be increased by 10%, 17%, and 25%, while crit damage will be increased by 20%, 35%, and 50%. 

Bard Class 

Lost Ark Bard
Bard Class

Keeping things going with the Bard class, players will have the ability to wield magical harps. Since they are pure supports, they can easily heal and aid the main damage dealer by providing ample buffs that can help them dominate the battlefield. These Lost Ark Bard engravings will help players dominate the battlefield! 

True Courage 

Starting with the first engraving, if players decide to equip True Courage, they will get the ability to summon forth the Serenade of Courage, by which they will have their outgoing damage and crit rate both increased. With levels one through three, the damage output will be increased by 10%, 15%, and 20%, while the crit rate will be increased by 10%. 

Desperate Salvation 

Anytime the player equips Desperate Salvation and has their normal recovery effects finished, they will receive a bonus recovery effect that will heal a certain amount of hp. From one to three, the HP will be in the order of 8%, 16%, and 24%. 

Shadowhunter Class 

Lost Ark Shadowhunter
Shadowhunter Class

Along with the Engravings guide, another class that players can look into is Shadowhunter, which can essentially support players by converting into their demon forms to take out the enemies while also being able to get increased movement speed. Make sure to read up on our Lost Ark Shadowhunter Build!

Demonic Impulse 

With Demonic Impulse, players can have their demonic skill’s overall cooldown decreased and reset, all the while being able to experience a 15% and 30% crit rate increase at levels 2 and 3. 

Perfect Suppression 

With Perfect Suppression in the player’s arsenal, they can expect to have their skill damage output increased by 20%, 25%, and 30% from level one to three while also having their Shadowburst meter increased by 50% overall. 

Deathblade Class 

Lost Ark Deathblade
Deathblade Class

Moving forward, the next class in our guide is Deathblade, which allows the player to wield three different swords while being able to use Chaotic power to defeat single-target enemies as well as crowd-controlled foes. Read up on this Lost Ark Deathblade Build in order to know all about it! 


When players activate the death blade, they will experience Deathblade Surge damage output increase by 7.5% while also having the overall attack power enhanced by 0.5% and1% at levels 2 and 3. 

Remaining Energy 

Upon casting Remaining Energy, players can increase their attack and movement speed by 6%, 9%, and 12% from levels one to three and enhance the attack power. 

Striker Class 

Lost Ark Striker
Striker Class

Moving on, the next class on the list is the striker class, which can help take down enemies by using melee attacks; while he has insane fast mobility, he gets nowhere without the help of his Lost Ark Striker engravings; therefore, make sure to refer to them where you can! While we are on the topic of Strikers, how about reading our Lost Ark Striker Build?

Esoteric Flurry 

Starting with the first engraving, players can use Esoteric Flurry to consume fewer elemental orbs. Still, their esoteric skill damage is reduced by 15% and 8% as the levels go on. 


With the Deathblow in the player’s arsenal, they can increase their elemental orb count while also having their damage output increase by 17%, 26%, and 35% based on the elemental orb used in battle. The engravings only get stronger as the levels go up, which is crucial when the player needs to take out the enemy in battle. 

Wardancer Class 

Going on with our Lost Ark Engravings guide, the next class that players can essentially main is the Wardancer, which is a sub-extension of the Martial Arts class and uses electro to decimate enemies in front of them. Check out its respective Lost Ark Wardancer Engravings to get the highest damage output! This Lost Ark Wardancer Build will ensure that you are able to achieve victory faster in battle!

Esoteric Skill Enhancement 

As we mentioned before, the Esoteric skills require orbs. With the Esoteric Skill Enhancement, players will be able to have their esoteric orb increased by one while also having their damage output increased by 8%, 10%, and 12% based on if the player is at level one, two or three. 

First Intention 

Going right along with the First Intention engraving with the player, they will be able to deal a lot more damage to opponents, as much as a 15%, 20%, and 25% buff based on the levels one to three. Still, in exchange, the player will no longer have the ability to gain back their Esoteric meter. 

Scrapper Class 

Lost Ark Scrapper
Scrapper Class

Yet another class that we feel has excellent engravings is Scrapper, which is an extension of the Marital Art class. By carrying a gauntlet and with insane attack energy, Scrappers can dominate the battlefield with little to no effort. These 2 Lost Ark Scrapper engravings are a sure win for players. You might find our Lost Ark Scrapper Build interesting!

Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu

With the first engraving known as Taijutsu, players gain the ability to have their stamina energy increased by 300%, 450%, and 600% based on the levels, while also being able to have their stamina skill overall damage output enhanced by 30%, 45%, and 60%. 

Shock Training 

With Shock Training in the player’s arsenal, they will be able to decimate enemies by being able to have their shock skill damage buffed by 10%, 15%, and 20% based on the levels that are upgraded. After that, the overall shock energy will also be recovered by 2%, 3%, and 4%. 

Soulfist Class 

Soulfist class playstyle
Soulfist Class

Moving right along with the guide, players can take advantage of the Soulfist class as they can go from being a melee damage dealer to a ranged damage dealer. These 2 Lost Ark Soulfist engravings work best for the class. 

Energy Overflow

Starting with Energy Overflow, players can have their overall damage output increased by 5%, 10%, and 15% based on the energy level; if it is below 30%, then players will experience the buff. 

Robust Spirit 

Anytime the player is using the Hype skill, they will be able to enter level 3 instantly. Anytime the Hype mode is essentially active, the energy recovery speed for the player is enhanced by 200%. The overall damage output is also boosted by 15%, 25%, and 35% based on levels one to three. 

Gunslinger Class 

Gunslinger build and playstyle
Gunslinger Class

We hope that you are enjoying the Lost Ark Engravings guide so far! The next class on our list is Gunslinger, which has impeccable mobility alongside can deal potent damage while being able to flee from danger anytime that their heart desires, all the while using these Gunslinger engravings Lost Ark. This Lost Ark Gunslinger Build will surely assist you in future combat!

Time to Hunt 

Starting with the first engraving, whenever players use Time to Hunt, they will have their crit rate enhanced by 20%, 27%, and 35% for their skills used by their wilded handguns and rifles. However, this engraving does not provide any kind of buffs for a shotgun. 


Another excellent engraving that players should not miss out on is Peacemaker, which essentially grants the ability to have the attack speed increased by 8%, 12%, and 16%, all the while having their crit rate also increased by 15%, 20% and 25% based on what level the player levels the engraving too.  

Artillerist Class 

Artillerist playstyle
Artillerist Class

Going on to our next class, players will be able to access the Artillerist class, which takes advantage of the Artillerist engravings Lost Ark to use their mechanical launchers to unleash deadly attacks that will render any foes useless while also being able to absolutely tank any major hits. While you’re here, might as well check out our Lost Ark Artillerist Build!


With the barrage active, players gain the ability to activate their “Barrage Mode” while being able to murder and ruin enemies, all the while having their skill cooldowns, specifically for barrage skills fully reset. The overall skill damage output is also increased by 1% and 2% at levels 2 and level 3. 

Firepower Enchantment 

When the Firepower Enhancement is in hand, players are able to have increased damage negation by 20%, 25%, and 30% while also having their crit rate increased by 15%, 20%, and 25%, depending on the intensity of the Firepower Buff. 

Deadeye Class 

Deadeye build
Deadeye Class

Coming to a close end with our Engravings in Lost Ark guide, players will be able to main as a Deadeye which is basically an advancement of the Gunner class, which allows them to wield a shotgun, a rifle, or another gun weapon and obliterate enemies in their wake while being able to use these Deadeye engravings Lost Ark. Deadeye mains might want inspiration from our Lost Ark Deadeye Build!

Enhanced Weapon 

Starting off with the first engraving, players are able to use Enhanced Weapon in order to have their crit rate increase when they are using another stance to empower their weapon even more. Levels one to three offer a 20%, 25%, and 30% crit rate for a total of 9 seconds. 


Another excellent engraving that Deadeyes can use is the Pistoleer, which basically increases the overall damage output by 20%, 30%, and 40% while only being able to be active when converting to the Handgun stance and wielding a handgun. 

Sharpshooter Class 

Sharpshooter class playstyle
Sharpshooter Class

Ending the classes with the final class, the Sharpshooter is able to excel at being a ranged attacker while being able to use enchanted bows in order to murder and decimate enemies. They are able to survive the longest while being present on the battlefield and absolutely dominate their foes, so make sure to look at these two Sharpshooter engravings Lost Ark. Read up on this Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build!

Death Strike 

The first engraving that will work exceptionally well with this class is when the Last Rush mode is active, players can deal enhanced damage to enemies by a 20%, 30%, and 40% enhancement. 

Loyal Companion 

Upon summoning the engraving, players will be granted a Silverhawk MK-II, which also increases the summon duration by 30%, 60%, and 100% while also increasing damage output by 4%, 8%, and 12%. 

With that, this wraps up our Lost Ark Engravings guide, we hope you enjoyed it! 


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