Lost Ark: BEST Bard Build [PvP & PvE]

This Bard Build will showcase possible skills, awakening skills, engravings, and main stats needed for battle!

When choosing a respective class to main in Lost Ark, people will typically and naturally look to main a class that will deal the highest amount of damage. Therefore, although a Bard does not fall in that category when talking about damage dealers, they are still a crucial class to the player base.

Key Takeaways
  • The Bard in Lost Ark is a support sub-class of the Mage, excelling in buffs, debuffs, healing, and damage.
  • He plays a crucial role by using ranged spellcasting abilities from the sidelines to aid main damage dealers.
  • Provides attack and movement speed buffs to allies, occasionally dealing AoE damage.

Build Summary

Here’s an optimal setup of the Bard class in Lost Ark:

BuildSkillStats Priority
Bard BuildSound Shock, Maintained Explosion, Sacred Shock, Curved Shot, Wind of Music, Quick Preparation, Melody Increase, Wind of Protection, Prelude of Storm, Stigma, Agile Cast, Brilliant Stigma, Pain Brand, Soundholic, Sound Concentration, Focus Fire, Heavenly Tune, Quick Preparation, Tough TuneIntense Tune, Sonic Vibration, Tenacity, Brilliant Wave,Pain Brand, Guardian Tune, Mind Enhancement, Endless Protection, Wind of Protection, Dissonance, Stigma, Awakening Engraving, Desperate Salvation, Expert, Max MP Increase, Spirit AbsorptionSwiftness and Specialization

Skills and Tripods to Look Into 

Kicking things off with our basic skills, there is the option for players to equip 8 main skills that can allow them, players, to become all the stronger on the battlefield. With the 8 shocks, we will also consider the corresponding and some recommended tripods. 

Sound Shock

Lost Ark Sound Shock
Sound Shock Skill

Starting things off with our first basic skill, players can look into using Shock Skill, which is basically considered to be a “normal or basic skill” and can instantly make the player impeccable support when they are out on the battlefield and allows them to be a perfect Bard in combat. 

Sound Shock allows the Bard to unleash an orb of light from their harp, which targets an opponent and deals 334 damage upon impact. It also damages surrounding enemies in a radius. The skill has a short 6-second cooldown, making it readily available for use.

  1. Maintained Explosion (Tier 1):
    • Effect: Enhances the damage of Sound Shock and leaves behind minor explosions that deal additional damage to enemies.
    • Ranks:
      • Rank 1: 30% damage increase.
      • Rank 2: 37.5% damage increase.
      • Rank 3: 45% damage increase.
      • Rank 4: 52.5% damage increase.
      • Rank 5: 60% damage increase.
  2. Sacred Shock (Tier 2):
    • Effect: Changes the damage element of Sound Shock to Holy. Additionally, enemies hit by Sound Shock are marked with a “Note,” causing them to take 10% increased damage from all sources for 2 seconds.
  3. Curved Shot (Tier 3):
    • Effect: Allows players to change the damage output to Point mode, launching the light orb at a specific arc for increased damage.
    • Ranks:
      • Rank 1: 60% damage increase.
      • Rank 2: 68% damage increase.
      • Rank 3: 76% damage increase.
      • Rank 4: 85% damage increase.
      • Rank 5: 95% damage increase.

These tripods offer various enhancements to the Sound Shock skill, allowing players to choose the ones that best suit their playstyle and team composition. Whether you want to increase damage, change the damage type to Holy, or alter the trajectory of the skill, there are options to customize your Bard’s abilities to your liking.

Lost Ark Berserker Build can help players master the class. 

Wind of Music 

Lost Ark Wind of Music
Wind of Music Skill

The next crucial skill that players absolutely cannot skip out while playing as Bard Build is the Wind of music. The skill is considered to be one of the best basic or normal skills for Bard mains and can greatly aid them when they are busy providing buff for their main DPSes in combat. 

Upon casting Wind of Music, players will be able to summon a wind that will be incredibly strong in its gush and continue to move in the direction of the opponents. Upon coming in contact with them, it will deal a total of 130 damage, and it will cause them to get knocked back. It will also surround players in a 1-meter radius and deal a further 196 damage. 

The attack type is considered a Back Attack and can greatly benefit players who remain as Bards. Most importantly, players only need to be level 12 to unlock and use this skill. With that, Wind of Music does require players to possess at least 96 MP to use it, and it also has an 18-second cooldown.

  1. Quick Preparation (Tier 1):
    • Effect: Reduces skill cooldown time.
    • Ranks:
      • Rank 1: 2-second cooldown reduction.
      • Rank 2: 2.5-second cooldown reduction.
      • Rank 3: 3-second cooldown reduction.
      • Rank 4: 3.5-second cooldown reduction.
      • Rank 5: 4.0-second cooldown reduction.
  2. Melody Increase (Tier 2):
    • Effect: Buffs the Serenade meter when Wind of Music is cast.
    • Ranks:
      • Rank 1: 150% Serenade Meter buff.
      • Rank 2: 168% Serenade Meter buff.
      • Rank 3: 187% Serenade Meter buff.
      • Rank 4: 206% Serenade Meter buff.
      • Rank 5: 225% Serenade Meter buff.
  3. Wind of Protection (Tier 3):
    • Effect: Provides a shield that absorbs damage based on max HP, primarily for PvE.
    • Ranks (PvE):
      • Rank 1: 25% damage absorption.
      • Rank 2: 26% damage absorption.
      • Rank 3: 27% damage absorption.
      • Rank 4: 28% damage absorption.
      • Rank 5: 30% damage absorption.
    • Ranks (PvP):
      • Rank 1: 12.5% max HP absorption.
      • Rank 2: 13% max HP absorption.
      • Rank 3: 13.5% max HP absorption.
      • Rank 4: 14% max HP absorption.
      • Rank 5: 15% max HP absorption.

Prelude of Storm 

Lost Ark Prelude of Storm
Prelude of Storm Skill

Prelude of Storm is a powerful skill for Bard builds in Lost Ark, providing crowd control and damage-dealing capabilities. Here are the details of the skill and its associated tripods:

Prelude of Storm Skill:

  • Type: Basic Skill
  • Description: Prelude of Storm allows the Bard to summon a deadly storm by playing a tune on their harp. Enemies within the storm’s vicinity take 474 damage, and the attack type is considered a Back Attack. This skill can also stun opponents for 3 seconds.
  • Level Requirement: 20
  • MP Cost: 91
  • Cooldown: 16 seconds
  1. Quick Preparation (Tier 1):
    • Effect: Reduces skill cooldown time.
    • Ranks:
      • Rank 1: 2-second cooldown reduction.
      • Rank 2: 2.2-second cooldown reduction.
      • Rank 3: 2.4-second cooldown reduction.
      • Rank 4: 2.7-second cooldown reduction.
      • Rank 5: 3.0-second cooldown reduction.
  2. Melody Increase (Tier 2):
    • Effect: Buffs the Serenade meter when Prelude of Storm is cast.
    • Ranks:
      • Rank 1: 150% Serenade Meter buff.
      • Rank 2: 168% Serenade Meter buff.
      • Rank 3: 187% Serenade Meter buff.
      • Rank 4: 206% Serenade Meter buff.
      • Rank 5: 225% Serenade Meter buff.
  3. Powerful Prelude (Tier 3):
    • Effect: Increases the damage output of the electric field caused by the skill, primarily for PvE.
    • Ranks (PvE):
      • Rank 1: 100% damage output increase.
      • Rank 2: 111% damage output increase.
      • Rank 3: 122% damage output increase.
      • Rank 4: 133% damage output increase.
      • Rank 5: 145% damage output increase.
    • Ranks (PvP):
      • Rank 1: 100% damage output increase.
      • Rank 2: 111% damage output increase.
      • Rank 3: 122% damage output increase.
      • Rank 4: 133% damage output increase.
      • Rank 5: 145% damage output increase.

These tripods provide enhancements to the Prelude of Storm skill, allowing Bard players to tailor their abilities to their playstyle and role within a team. Whether you want to reduce cooldowns, increase Serenade meter efficiency, or boost the damage of the electric field, these tripods offer valuable options for customization.


Lost Ark Stigma
Stigma Skill

Stigma is another important skill in the Bard Build, providing damage-dealing capabilities. 

Stigma can be used at player level 10 with an MP cost of 91. When cast, it allows the player to select a target location to summon a Stigma. The Stigma will attack opponents for 4 seconds, dealing 175 damage every 0.7 seconds. It enters a 16-second cooldown after use.

  1. Agile Cast (Tier 1):
    • Effect: Reduces skill casting speed.
    • Ranks:
      • Rank 1: 20% casting speed increase.
      • Rank 2: 24% casting speed increase.
      • Rank 3: 28% casting speed increase.
      • Rank 4: 32% casting speed increase.
      • Rank 5: 36% casting speed increase.
  2. Brilliant Stigma (Tier 2):
    • Effect: Converts the damage output element to Holy and marks enemies for increased damage taken.
    • Ranks:
      • Rank 1: Converts to Holy damage and marks enemies for 10% increased damage for 2 seconds.
      • Rank 2: Same as Rank 1.
      • Rank 3: Same as Rank 1.
      • Rank 4: Same as Rank 1.
      • Rank 5: Same as Rank 1.
  3. Pain Brand (Tier 3):
    • Effect: Increases overall damage output.
    • Ranks:
      • Rank 1: 60% damage increase.
      • Rank 2: 66% damage increase.
      • Rank 3: 72% damage increase.
      • Rank 4: 78.6% damage increase.
      • Rank 5: 85.2% damage increase.

If players are more into being a ranged combat player, then the Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build is the way to go! 


Lost Ark Soundholic
Soundholic Skill

The Soundholic skill is crucial for Bard Build players. When activated, it emits a blinding ray of light for 3 seconds, attacking foes 10 times, each dealing 83 damage. It’s user-friendly, available at level 18, with an MP requirement of 110 and a 24-second cooldown.

Sound Concentration 

  • 5% at rank one
  • 6% at rank 2
  • 8% at rank 3
  • 10% at rank 4
  • 12% at rank 5

Focus Fire 

Another valuable tripod is Focus Fire, which increases damage output from 700% at rank one to 876% at rank 5, significantly enhancing combat effectiveness.

Heavenly Tune 

Lost Ark Heavenly Tune
Heavenly Tune Skill

Heavenly Tune is a valuable skill for Bards, enhancing their combat abilities. It deals 415 damage to nearby foes and boosts party members’ attack speed within a 24-meter radius. It also grants 12% MP recovery for 8 seconds, with a 30-second cooldown.

Quick Preparation is the first tripod, reducing cooldown times:

Quick Preparation 

  • Rank 1: 3-second reduction
  • Rank 2: 3.7-second reduction
  • Rank 3: 4.4-second reduction
  • Rank 4: 5.2-second reduction
  • Rank 5: 6.0-second reduction

Tough Tune 

Tough Tune, a tier 2 tripod, increases attack speed by 8% for both PvE and PvP.

Intense Tune 

Intense Tune offers a single rank, boosting attack power by 15% and an additional 6%, empowering players in combat.

Sonic Vibration 

Lost Ark Sonic Vibration
Sonic Vibration Skill

Sonic Vibration is a crucial skill for Bards, providing valuable support on the battlefield.

  • It initially inflicts 336 damage and then slams opponents for 842 damage.
  • Over the next 3 seconds, enemies take 126 damage four times.
  • The skill has a 24-second cooldown, requires level 14, and costs 110 MP.

Just like a Bard, players can also check out our Lost Ark Gunlancer Build in order to get inspiration for future builds! 


Tenacity is the first tripod, offering Push Immunity during Sonic Vibration, protecting the player from enemy pushes.

Brilliant Wave 

Brilliant Wave, a tier 2 tripod, converts the player’s element to Holy, boosting basic attack power by 15% and overall attack power by 6% for 2 seconds after using Sonic Vibration, effective in both PvE and PvP.

Spreading Vibration 

Spreading Vibration, while not part of the main build, causes extra sonic waves to deal bonus damage within a 10-meter criss-cross pattern:

  • Rank 1: 60% of base damage
  • Rank 2: 68.4% of base damage
  • Rank 3: 76.8% of base damage
  • Rank 4: 85.8% of base damage
  • Rank 5: 94.8% of base damage

Guardian Tune 

Lost Ark Guardian Tune
Guardian Tune Skill

Guardian Tune is a vital skill for Bards, offering protection on the battlefield.

  • When activated, it allows the player to play the harp, creating a 24-meter radius.
  • Party members within the radius gain 20% increased damage negation.
  • The skill lasts for 8 seconds and has a 30-second cooldown.
  • It requires players to be at least level 50 and costs 123 MP.

Mind Enhancement 

Mind Enhancement, the first tier-one tripod, reduces the MP cost of Guardian Tune:

  • Rank 1: 50% reduction
  • Rank 2: 53.0% reduction
  • Rank 3: 57% reduction
  • Rank 4: 62% reduction
  • Rank 5: 67% reduction

Endless Protection

Endless Protection is the next tripod, providing a shield for 8 seconds that absorbs damage based on the player’s max HP:

  • Rank 1: 15% absorption
  • Rank 2: 16% absorption
  • Rank 3: 17% absorption
  • Rank 4: 18% absorption
  • Rank 5: 20% absorption

Wind of Protection 

Wind of Protection, a tier 3 tripod, allows players to block one Debuff attack in both PvE and PvP. It has no rank upgrades.

Awakening Skills for Each Level 

Even though the Bard Build is mostly catered for experienced players, players can still try out the build if they are low level. Therefore they might benefit from the awakening skills we will recommend for each level. 

Level 12 

  • Dissonance: Cast musical notes for 5 seconds, dealing 56 damage every 0.5 seconds.
  • Stigma: Creates a Stigma at the enemy’s location, inflicting 175 damage over 4 seconds.

Level 15 

Dissonance: Same as level 12.

Level 20 

Dissonance: Still recommended for its effectiveness.

Level 25 

  • Stigma: Continues to be a viable option.
  • Soundholic (unlocked at level 18): Unleashes an orb of light dealing 83 damage every 0.3 seconds for 3 seconds.

For players that aim to play as a Striker, the Lost Ark Striker Build is a must to check out! 

Level 30 

Soundholic: Deals substantial damage.

Level 34-45 

Stigma and Soundholic are still recommended as they continue to provide valuable support and effectiveness on the battlefield.

Engravings and Stats 

The next thing that we will cover is the main Engravings and stats that go along with it. Engravings provide more overpowered buffs than awakening or basic skills, and stats are what characters need to invest in to do better in combat. Gunslingers can be one of the best classes to main if you are looking into creating an alt account, and in order to master it, you can follow our Lost Ark Gunslinger Build


Awakening Engraving
  • Reduces the cooldown of Awakening skills, allowing for faster skill casting.
  • Level 1: 10% cooldown reduction.
  • Level 2: 25% cooldown reduction.
  • Level 3 (recommended for endgame): 50% cooldown reduction.

Amongst the plethora of classes available in Lost Ark, the Lost Ark Scrapper Build showcases the Scrapper the best! 

Desperate Salvation 

Desperate Salvation
Desperate Salvation Engraving
  • Allows the player to cast the recovery effect once more after it ends, increasing HP recovery.
  • Level 1: 8% additional HP recovery.
  • Level 2: 16% additional HP recovery.
  • Level 3 (recommended): 24% additional HP recovery.


Expert Engraving
  • Enhances the player’s shield and HP recovery.
  • Level 1: Increases effects by 6% when HP is above 50% and 3% when below 50%.
  • Level 2: Increases effects by 14% (7% below 50% HP).
  • Level 3 (recommended): Increases effects by 24% (12% below 50% HP).

Make sure to read up on our Lost Ark Deadeye Build in order to gain more knowledge of the classes! 

Max MP Increase 

Max MP Increase
Max MP Increase Engraving
  • Increases the player’s maximum MP, vital for casting skills.
  • Level 1: 5% MP increase.
  • Level 2: 15% MP increase.
  • Level 3 (recommended): 30% MP increase.

Players can check out the Lost Ark Wardancer Build if they want to know more about how the Wardancer class operates and plays. 

Spirit Absorption 

Spirit Absorption
Spirit Absorption Engraving
  • Buffs the player’s attack speed and movement speed.
  • Level 1: 3% attack speed and movement speed increase.
  • Level 2: 8% attack speed and movement speed increase.
  • Level 3 (recommended): 15% attack speed and movement speed increase.

Let us know what you think! If the Bard isn’t the class for you, then the Lost Ark Sorceress Build might interest you! 

Photo and Build Credit: KaidGames2 

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