Lost Ark BEST Sharpshooter Build: PvE & PvP Class

Our Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build guide entails everything you should know starting with the best skills, engravings, tripods, and playstyle.

If you are looking for a DPS class, then Sharpshooter is the go in Lost Ark. The SharpShooter has ranged DPS, so you’ll get to keep a bit of distance from yourself and the enemies. The Sharpshooter uses Silverhawk to care for many enemies at a time. So we’re here with the Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build.

Key Takeaways
  • Sharpshooters are perfect for someone who prefers a DPS Class and long-ranged combats.
  • Sharpshooter is an advanced class and comes under the category of Gunner class.
  • The Sharpshooter class uses bows and arrows to fight against enemies while keeping their distance.
  • Sharpshooter is among the few classes with high mobility and attack strength simultaneously.
  • When it comes to the Sharpshooter, they have the Hawk Identity, commonly known as the Silverhawk summon, and this ability deals massive damage. 
  • Sharpshooter unlocks 20 skills when they reach level 60 , including a combination of Normal and Awakening skills.
  • The Skills system lets you choose only eight skills at a time.
  • Two engravings are well-suited for Sharpshooters: the Death Strike and Loyal Companion.

Best Sharpshooter Build Skills & Tripods

Sharpshooter unlocks 20 skills when they reach level 60. These skills will be a combination of Normal and Awakening skills. The Skills and Tripods system allows great customization. These are suitable for each of the players according to their playstyle. But you can’t choose whatever sounds cool when it comes to the Best Sharpshooter Build in Lost Ark.

The Skills system lets you choose only eight skills at a time. So, in this Lost ArkSharpshooter PVE build, we’ll ensure we’re getting the most out of these skills. Also, consider reading our Lost Ark Wardancer Build guide.

So, here’s what you should do for the skills and tripods:

Rapid Shot

Rapid Shot in Lost Ark Sharpshoooter Build
Rapid Shot skill’s description.

The Skill Rapid Shot allows you to aim the bow in any direction and shoot three arrows. This skill is perfect if you can align enemies in a straight line, as it will hit them all. The last arrow deals three times or more damage. If you’re fighting against enemies in a party, this is best for a Sharpshooter PVE Build.

Rapid Shot tripods in Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build.
Rapid Shot’s tripods.

To increase the total damage output of your party, invest your points into the Amplified Damage tripod. It will enhance the damage dealt with enemies by 6.0% for 8.0s. Useful if you’re facing a swarm of enemies or a boss fight and your party’s skills are on cool down.

Next up, choose Double Shot, and it will let the Sharpshooter fire 2 arrows simultaneously. The Double Shot tripod increases the outgoing damage by 30%.

The Final Strike tripod can act as the frosting on the cake. The skill will empower the already-amplified third. It will widen the damaged area by 20% and give it a 100% crit rate.

Arrow Shower

Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build Arrow Shower skill
Arrow Shower skill’s description.

The Arrow Shower skill is next up on our skills list. The skill shoots a barrage of arrows in the air. The arrows then land and deal Damage over Time to multiple enemies. While using the Arrow Shower skill, make sure you plan the skill ahead of time, as it takes a few seconds before the arrows hit the ground. That’s why we suggest you use it as an initiator against unaware or slow-moving targets.

Another thing that you can do is lure the enemies into the Arrow Shower’s range. But you’ll have to practice the skill and how the enemies move. This trick might not work in a Lost Ark PVP battle using Sharpshooter. But practice it often as it is quite useful for building Sharpshooter PVE.

Tripod of Arrow Shower.
Arrow Shower skill’s tripod.

If there is a stronger enemy that you’re fighting, make sure that you launch the skill quickly. Because if the enemy hits you, it will put the skill into a cooldown. That’s where the tripod skill Swift Fingers comes in. It increases the attack speed by 15%.

Sustain Enhancement will double the duration by adding two extra seconds, increasing the total damage output by 80%. As for the Piercing Arrow tripod skill will increase the crit rate by 40% and shorten the damage interval by increasing the arrow’s speed.

Moving Slash

Moving Slash in Lost Ark's Sharpshooter Build.
Moving Slash skill’s description.

While using the Sharpshooter, one can’t go on without acknowledging the Moving Slash skill’s importance. The Skill plays an important role, as it will be the only mobility skill.

It lets the sharpshooter engage with the enemies at a melee range. As the name suggests, this skill performs a slash of daggers when using it. But this is a Back Attack, so you’ll have to catch enemies from behind by surprise to deal more damage.

Tripods of the skill moving slash.
Moving Slash skill’s tripod.

The Excellent Mobility increases the 8-meter distance by 2 meters. This tripod can help you create a distance between yourself and your enemies. 

Silver Master tripod recharges the Hawk Meter by 35 on every skill hit. Whereas the Strengthening tripod increases the damage by 100%, and if the skill hits, it does bleed damage every 1 second for 3 seconds.

Blade Strom

Skill description of Blade Strom in Lost Ark Sharpshooter build.
Blade Strom skill’s description.

Blade Storm is the next skill for our Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build. By using this, the Sharpshooter spins and then throws blades. It deals a decent amount of damage quickly to the enemies.

tripods of Blade Storm in Lost Ark Sharpshooter build.
Blade Storm skill’s tripod.

To make it more convenient, get the Blade Dance tripod, which will allow you to move during skill use.

Here, you get to choose the tripod skill, Silver Master. It regains 12 Hawk Meter on every 3rd hit of the skill. Lightning Blade allows you to throw lethal blades with increased range. And this tripod lets you deal with 150% crit on the last hit.

Claymore Mine

Claymore Mine in Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build.
Claymore Mine’s skill description.

The Claymore Mine skill can be considered a retreating mobility skill. The Skill deals explosive damage to the enemies that are moving toward you. But while dealing damage, Sharpshooter jumps back.

Tripods of Claymore Mine in Lost Ark.
Claymore Mine skill’s tripod.

The skill Storm Surge increases the damage range of the explosions. Doing that increases the damage dealt to the Challenge and lowers foes by 100%, but there’s a catch. This tripod increases the 16-second cooldown by 4 seconds. Overall, it’s a buff to the Claymore mine skill, as you’ll have other skills to finish the enemies easily.

The tripod Weapon Destruction will be a great addition to this skill, as upon hitting the skill, it increases your damage by 20% for 4 seconds. Lastly, Mounting flames change the element to fire. Doing this will increase the overall damage by 30%. But that’s not all; it deals Burning damage over 3 seconds.

Charged Shot

Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build's Charged Shot
Charged Shot’s skill description.

The Charged Shot skill is a high-damage skill that needs to be charged to shoot arrows at enemies. The damage depends on the charge level, with three different charges.

Lost Ark Charged Shot's tripod for Sharpshooter build.
Charged Shot skill’s tripod.

The Fast Fire tripod skill is one of the most beneficial skills. Instead of the damage increasing by charge level, Fast Fire increases the range of the skill. In addition to that, it detonates an explosion at the target location.

Quick Prep is a useful tripod. It reduces the skill’s cooldown by 5 seconds.

The Double Shot tripod allows you to shoot two arrows simultaneously. It also increases the outgoing damage by 50%.

Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter skill for Sharpshooter build in Lost Ark
Sharp Shooter skill’s description.

Sharp Shooter is a focused-fire AoE damage skill. It lets you shoot multiple arrows to deal tons of damage. The skill shoots a total of 10 arrows at once. Only three arrows at max can hit one enemy. To increase the skill’s damage, you should consider these tripods.

Tripod of Sharp Shooter skill.
Sharp Shooter skill’s tripod.

Vital Point Hit ensures that the skill hits the enemy’s vital points. By doing so, it increases the crit rate by 15%. 

Weak Point Detection increases the damage dealt to push immune foes by 40%. That is, it increases the already high damage.

Next up, we have the Focus Shot tripod. Focus Shot increases the accuracy of Sharp Shooter and lets you hit five instead of 3 arrows to the enemies. It increases the crit damage by 50%.


Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build's skill snipe.
Snipe skill’s description.

The Snipe skill is only available after level 50; before that, it is locked. Press and hold its hotkey to charge the shot. If the shot is in the perfect zone, it increases the already high damage to an insane amount.

Tripod of Snipe in Lost Ark Sharpshooter build.
Snipe Skill’s tripod.

Quick Prep is a useful tripod. It will decrease the 30s high cooldown by 6 seconds.

Weak Point Detection becomes useful as you unlock the Snipe skill in the end game. It increases the damage dealt against stronger monsters, starting from Challenge, by 50%; if you fire it in a perfect zone, the damage increases by 100%.

The Easy Prey tripod is quite useful. This skill increases the size of the Perfect Zone. Not only that, it increases the crit rate by 30%. If you manage to make a crit shot, the damage is increased by 100%.

Alternative Skills & Tripods For Sharpshooter Build

If you feel like you don’t need mobility during fights, then we have some alternative skills for you in our Lost Ark Sharpshooter build. You can give up on the Moving Slash and Blade Storm skills for ranged skills in your arsenal. There are two skills that we recommend that you swap out. These are the Electric Nova and Evasive Fire skills.

If you are swapping out skills, remember that Moving Slash and Blade Storm increase the Hawk Meter. So it’s better that you swap only 1 of these skills, as you’ll still be increasing the Hawk Meter.

Electric Nova

description of Electric Nova.
Electric Nova skill’s description.

The skill Electric Nova is unlocked at Combat level 40. The skill lets you fire a charged arrow that deals electric damage. Hitting the enemies can cause an electric shock for 3 seconds. The skill is perfect if you want to simultaneously deal DoT (Damage over time) to several enemies.

Electric Nova tripods in Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build.
Electric Nova skill’s description.

Ranged Shot increases Electric Nova’s distance by 3 meters. It helps you keep the distance between yourself and the enemies while ensuring you can hit them easily.

The Electric Impact tripod swaps electric shock with electrocution. It stuns the enemies by 3 seconds and increases your damage output by 50%.

Lightning Rod allows you to fire the arrow in a curved trajectory. The arrow explodes while dealing 100% increased damage.

Evasive Fire

Evasive Fire in Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build.
Evasive Fire skill’s description.

Evasive Fire is an escape and damage skill. Using it, the sharpshooter spins backwards in the air while firing at enemies in front. The skill becomes useful when enemies are gaining on you.

Evasive fire skill tripods list
Evasive Fire Skill’s tripods.

Excellent Mobility increases the backward spin’s distance by 2 meters. It lets you further escape from the swarm of the enemies.

The Heavy Arrow tripod increases the knockback distance by 3 meters. It also increases your overall damage by 20%.

Strategic Evasion tripod adds a combo to the skill. Upon landing, Sharpshooter will shoot arrows in the original direction while dealing 200% base damage.

Best Engravings For Sharpshooter Build

We’ll discuss engravings determining your class playstyle for this Lost Ark Sharpshooter levelling build. You gain these engravings as you level up your sharpshooter’s skills for their build.

For the Lost Ark Sharpshooter build, whether it’s a PVE or PVP  build, you can use two Engravings. They are the Death Strike and Loyal Companion.

Death Strike Engraving

Death Strike engraving in Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build.
Death Strike Engraving.

Death Strike proves valuable against higher-level foes or in Lost Ark PVP. The Death Strike Engraving enhances Rush Skill damage on enemies, allowing for up to 40% more damage at level 3 over 8 seconds. The best use is when your skills are on cooldown, instantly restoring 50% of the Hawk Meter.

Prioritize Crit for Death Strike’s Combat Stats, and Specialization benefits Sharpshooter builds, boosting crit rate, damage, and Hawk Meter gain. Additionally, it enhances Wings of Storm and Late Rush damage for Silverhawk.

Loyal Companion Engraving

Description of Loyal Companion in Lost Ark.
Loyal Companion Engraving.

To focus your playstyle on Silverhawk, opt for the Loyal Companion Engraving. It boosts Silverhawk with increased movement speed, wider AoE coverage, enhanced damage, and extended summon duration.

Using Wings of Storm with Loyal Companion Engraving lets you mark targets for increased damage and quicker Hawk energy recovery. Aim for Loyal Companion Engraving Level 3 to boost Silverhawk’s damage and uptime significantly. The Sharpshooter build for Lost Ark mirrors the Death Strike playstyle for Combat Stats. Prioritize Critical and Specialization to maximize both your and Silverhawk’s damage.

Sharpshooter Build Playstyle, Tips & Tricks

In Lost Ark, you’ll have to get an adjustment when using Sharpshooter. You’ll have to learn about the positioning and aiming of arrows to ensure that you make a hit on the enemies. But it won’t be long before you understand how every skill works. And when you do, you’ll surely be satisfied to see the effectiveness of the Sharpshooter.

Regarding PVP in Lost Ark, the Sharpshooter can use kiting quite often. This will allow them to use ranged skills to deal massive damage and survive combat. Because of the levelling Sharpshooter build, you’ll surely be victorious if the fight continues.

Regarding Tips and Tricks, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind. The Sharpshooter lacks abilities to perform successful staggering to enemies. So you’ll have to switch between burst and sustained damage continuously. While doing that, ensure you’re summoning the Silverhawk whenever possible.

As for the Sharpshooter skills in battles in Lost Ark, remember, you can slide in between skills to ensure they can be executed without interruption. Using Rapid Shot before using other skills and abilities will give you an advantage. The damage buff it grants you and your party will be highly effective.

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