Lost Ark BEST Bard Support Build [Complete Guide]

This Lost Ark Bard Support Build guide will showcase stats prioritization, skills, and build playstyle for combat!

Lost Ark has a few classes to offer to players, both beginner as well as veteran players, and there are classes like Paladin, Berserker, Strike, Sorceress, Shadowhunter, and others. Some of them offer excellent DPS output, while more are to be considered as tankers, and some of them are healer classes. This is where our Lost Ark Bard Support Build comes in, and while people can choose to main as Bards as well, it is very clear that Bards are supposed to be used as more support than main DPS. 

Key Takeaways

Bard in Lost Ark: Supports party with healing and buffs.

  • Swiftness: Important for Bard Support Builds, boosts mobility and reduces cooldowns.
  • Specialization: Enhances skill effectiveness.
  • Bard builds: Can focus on swiftness, specialization, or a mix for adaptability.
  • Skills: Include Heavenly Tune, Guardian Tune, Sonic Vibration, Wind of Music.
  • Benefits: Damage, healing, buffs, crowd control.
  • Customization: Players can tailor skills and tripods for personalized builds.

Stats For Bard Support Build

Lost Ark Stats Prioritization
Character Stats

For support-focused Bards, there are typically two main stats that players will want to focus on. This is so players can get the most out of their builds, and they can build one of the best bards supports anyone has ever seen in Lost Ark

  1. Swiftness:
    • Effect: Improves mobility and reduces skill cooldowns.
    • Importance: Vital for addressing the mobility issues inherent to the Bard class, allowing players to cast spells and buffs more quickly.
    • Benefits: Enhanced mobility ensures that Bards can keep up with other party members, while reduced skill cooldowns enable faster casting of supportive abilities.
  2. Specialization:
    • Effect: Provides a boost to various aspects of skills, such as increased attack, mobility, or cooldown reduction.
    • Importance: Essential for maximizing the effectiveness of Bard skills in supporting the party.
    • Benefits: Investing in Specialization allows Bards to tailor their build to focus on specific aspects of support, whether it’s improving healing capabilities, enhancing buffs, or providing crowd control.

Skills To Use For Bard Build

When it comes to skills, players will usually slot 8 main skills, along with 2-3 tripods that they will have leveled up to use in their Bard Support Build. The skills can supply several buffs to the Bard class while also being able to provide tripod level-ups that are needed to minimize the build. This Lost Ark Summoner Build is a must-read for players who want to check out the Summoner class!

Heavenly Tune:

  • Skill Effect: Buffs attack speed and MP recovery for party members within a radius.
  • Tripods: Quick Prep, Tough Tune, Intense Tune
    Lost Ark Heavenly Tune
    Heavenly Tune Skills

Guardian Tune:

  • Skill Effect: Reduces incoming damage for party members within a radius.
  • Tripods: Tenacity, Endless Protection, Sonic Vibration
    Lost Ark Guardian Tune
    Guardian Tune Skills

Sonic Vibration:

  • Skill Effect: Launches enemies into the air and deals damage.
  • Tripods: Tenacity, Brilliant Wave, Wide-angle Attack
    Lost Ark Sonic Vibration
    Sonic Vibration Skill

Wind of Music:

  • Skill Effect: Deals damage and knockback to enemies in a radius.
  • Tripods: Quick Prep, Melody Increase, Wind of Protection
    Lost Ark Wind of Music
    Wind of Music Skill

Sound Shock:

  • Skill Effect: Releases an orb of light that explodes, dealing damage to enemies.
    Lost Ark Soundholic
    Soundholic Skill
  • Tripods: Maintained Explosion, Sacred Shock, Soundholic
    Lost Ark Sound Shock
    Sound Shock Skill

Prelude of Storm:

  • Skill Effect: Summons a storm to damage and stun enemies.
  • Tripods: Quick Prep, Melody Increase, Powerful Prelude
    Lost Ark Prelude of Storm
    Prelude of Storm Skill

Rhythm Buckshot:

  • Skill Effect: Fires a musical note that explodes, dealing damage to enemies.
  • Tripods: Melody Increase, Tenacity, Agile Cast
    Lost Ark Rhythm Buckshot
    Rhythm Buckshot Skill

Recommended Tripods:

  1. Quick Prep: Reduces skill cooldown.
  2. Tenacity: Grants immunity to being pushed by enemies.
  3. Melody Increase: Increases Serenade Meter gain.
  4. Tough Tune: Increases attack speed.
  5. Intense Tune: Increases attack power for party members.
  6. Endless Protection: Provides a shield based on max HP.
  7. Brilliant Wave: Converts damage to Holy element and buffs attack power.
  8. Wide-angle Attack: Increases the active radius of the skill.
  9. Sustain Enhancement: Increases duration and hit amount of skills.
  10. Agile Cast: Increases casting speed and crit rate.

If there are any players who want to experience a more niche class, then read these:

Stats For Bard Support Build

When we’re talking about support board builds, there are two main stats that you have to work on for the support build to shine how it’s intended to be true. The first stat is Swiftness and Specialization. Now, if you want a Higher Meter Gain, then you can go for this ratio:

  • 70% Specialization +  30% Swiftness
    Stats Overview
    Stats Overview

And for Lower Cooldowns on a Support Bard build, you can go for:

  • 70% Swiftness + 30% Specialization

    Character Stat
    Character Stat

You can choose what will fit your playstyle best for using a Support Bard build, but it is recommended to have a swiftness build due to the bard being a slow unit helps increase their movement speed and lowers cooldown.

Skills To Use For Bard Build

When it comes to having skills on your characters, you can choose up to 8 skill slots to choose from, and add in another thing to add are tripods which you can only have 3 of on one character.

When we talk about the best skills on a support Bard build, these are the skills we are talking about: 

  • Heavenly Tune & Guardian Tune:
    Heavenly Tune Guardian Tune
    These two skills are a must-have on a support Bard build because these two are your only buffing skills.
  • Sonic Vibration:
    Sonic Vibrations

This also comes along as a MUST because when the buffs from Heavenly Tune are on cool down, Sonic Vibration gives you an attack buff as long as Heavenly Tune is on cool down.

  • Wind of Music:
    Wind of Music

This skill is also essential mainly because of the shields it provides for just a little cooldown.

  • Sound Shock:
    Sound Shock

We also highly recommend this skill as it has really good up time on your note brand debuff you can also have other skills which apply debuffs, but it is not recommended.

Now for the last three skills, you are free to choose to your liking, and what you think best will suit you in gameplay; you can experiment with them and then choose.

Tripods for skills

  • Sound Holic:
    Sound Holic

With a pick rate of 90% due to it outputting the most damage out of any skill, the best tripods for Sound Holic are:

    • Sound Concentration
    • Durability Enhancement
    • Concentrated Saturation
  • Prelude to the storm:
    Prelude to the Storm

This skill is also favored amongst most of the fans, with also an almost 90% pick rate. The best tripods for Prelude To A Storm are:

    • Quick Preparation
    • Increase in Melody
    • Powerful Overture
  • Rhythm buckshot:
    Rhythm Buckshot

This skill also is used by a lot of players amassing a percentage of 65%. The best tripods for this skill are:

    • Increase in Melody
    • Toughness
    • Agile Cast


Runes are something you get more overtime as you progress further and improve in the game, and you can use whatever you have but still, the best runes for each skill are:

  • Wealth Rune:
    Wealth Rune

You can use this rune on Prelude Of Storm and Wind Of Music. This is for building up your meter much faster.

  • Galewind Rune:
    Galewind Rune

You can use this rune on Heavenly Tune, Rhythm Buckshot and Sonic Vibration and this increases your attack speed for these skills.

  • Rage Rune:
    Rage Rune

You can use this rune on Sound Shock for additional movement speed and attack.

  • Quick Recharge Rune:
    Quick Recharge Rune

Use this on Guardian Tune to lower your cool down.

  • Overwhelm Rune:
    Overwhelm Rune

 This rune is perfect for Sound Holic for additional stagger damage.


In terms of gems, for Bards it’s quite simple, you need to focus more on getting cooldown gems for all your skills, including DPS Skills and Main Skills. Cooldown gems for Bard is best because it lowers the cooldown needed for skills and then Bard can have more up time on his skills dealing more damage during a fight.

With that, we will wrap up our Bard Support Build, let us know what you think! If nothing else works out, there is always our Lost Ark Wardancer build to read!

Build and Photos Credit: Myca

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