Lost Ark Igniter Sorceress Best Skills & Build

Our guide entails everything players need to know about the spells, skill set, and playstyle of Igniter Sorceress Lost Ark.

While Lost Ark offers various builds, including Lost Ark Gunlancer build, Gunslinger builds, and Lost Ark Wardancer builds, Igniter Sorceress is an important one. Hence, it’s best to learn everything related to the Igniter Sroceress to get the best out of her during your Lost Ark playthrough.

Key Takeaways
  • Lost Ark is an action RPG with diverse classes, each featuring unique playstyles and skills.
  • Igniter Sorceress is a long-range DPS class with high burst damage and crowd control.
  • Strengths include long-range and powerful AoE spells.
  • Weaknesses consist of being fragile with animation locks during spells.
  • Playstyle involves careful positioning for spell casting, using Arcane Rupture to fit in Doomsday, Explosion, and Punishing Strike quickly, and supporting skills for Magick Energy.
  • Skills: Explosion, Doomsday, Rime Arrow, Punishing Strike, Frostbite.
  • Enchantments and Passives offer various options to enhance Igniter Sorceress’s abilities

Igniter Sorceress’ playstyle is completely different from Reflux, as it is bursty instead of constant damage. If you want to generate your identity as fast, then this is the build for you. You can easily unload it on a boss whenever you find a good opening with an igniter. Here’s a summarized overview of the Igniter Sorceress:

SkillsConsumablesStatsPet StatsSkill RunesGear Set
Frost’s Call
Esoteric Reaction
Punishing Strike
Enviska’s Might
Seraphic Hail
Adrophine PotionDifficulty: 3/5
Mobility: 2/5
Survivability: 3/5
Back Attack: 1/5
Maximizes specialization
Maximum life
Quick Recharge
Nightmare Flower
Dominion Fang

Igniter Sorceress In Lost Ark

igniter build lost arl
Igniter Sorceress Build

Sorceress is a long-range DPS class that deals with enemies from a distance using hard-hitting spells. It offers some crowd controlling capabilities with the highest bursts. Igniter Sorceress Lost Ark adds critical damage and critical chance. The goal is to build magick energy as fast as possible under normal situations. Make use of the frost spells to trigger burst windows, including Doomsday, Explosion, and Punishing Strike. 

Pros & Cons Of Igniter Sorceress 

Igniter Sorceress has various strengths and weaknesses that have been discussed below.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Long Range
  • Fragile
  • High burst damage
  • Animation lock during spells
  • No positional requirements on spells
  • Lacks Push Immunity
  • Powerful and hard-hitting AoE spells
  • Single mobility tool every 10 seconds

Igniter Sorceress Skills 

A sorceress is a fragile caster that requires proper positioning to cast some slowly casted- skills. She has an additional tool to position herself, but that costs 30% of the total gauge, so you should minimize its usage. The tool helps her reposition as a blink.

You need to have encounter knowledge to avoid missing the targets while attacking the bosses. This knowledge is specifically important for the build structured around burst windows like Igniter Sorceress.

Igniter Skills
Igniter Sorceress Lost Ark Skills

The goal is to fix the Doomsday, explosion, and punishing strike in every Aracane rupture. You should fit them as soon as possible along with using supporting skills to generate the Magick Energy. At the writing time, it is advisable not to fit two casts in a single arcane rupture, as it requires a 20% cooldown.

Every class has a wide variety of skills and spells to create a high-impact AoE. A description of all the skills is given below. 


The sorceress creates fire damage that knocks down the enemy in the air, as the projectile explodes when it hits the target. This spell has a low, slow projectile speed but is still very useful for the players. It creates massive damage even in a small AoE. The explosion has the second greatest damage. The sheer damage it causes makes up for any shortcomings the build has. 

Weak Point Level 2
Stagger Mid
Super Armor Paralysis Immunity


Sorceress also calls massive damage in the form of a meteor at a distance from her. When the meteor crashes, it causes considerable damage by impacting all the enemies that are in range. There is a massive amount of fire damage to knock down the enemies. 

Doomsday is an offensive spell with a long cooldown time and difficulty in attacking moving targets. Aim very carefully or avoid targeting the moving enemies. 

Weak Point Level 2
Stagger Mid-High
Super Armor Paralysis Immunity

Rime Arrow

An important attack of the sorceress is the Ice arrow at a distance of 14 meters from herself. This Rime Arrow causes massive water damage to the enemies that are in range. The spell generates massive damage up to a long range.

Stagger Mid
Super Armor Paralysis Immunity


Sorceress also causes damage to the enemy by releasing a rectangular flame. The damage paralyzes the enemy and sets them on fire for 5 seconds. Moreover, the damage amplification tripod is the main team synergy skill which causes a 6% damage and a 100% potential up-time. A very fast cast time enables you to re-apply it often. 

Frost’s Call

Sorceress can also cause a high amount of water damage to enemies. This attack is split into nine hits, and every attack takes place after every 4 seconds. It is an offensive spell that deals a great amount of Stagger Damage. You can use this spell from a safe distance. 

Stagger Mid
Super Armor Paralysis Immunity

Esoteric Reaction

Esoteric reaction enables sorceress to deal with the damage by creating Magick Crystal. The spell knocks down all the enemies in the process. The spell is powerful and can be used from a distance. 

Weak Point Level 1
Stagger Mid

Punishing Strike

The sorceress can call for a giant thunder stroke, which takes place at a distance of 16 meters from her. This spell causes a massive amount of thunder damage to the nearby enemies. It has the most serious damage but a long channeling time. However, once channeled, it can be used instantly. 

Stagger High
Super Armor Paralysis Immunity

Enviska’s Might

The sorceress has the ability to release lightning from her rod, which causes moderate damage to the enemies. She gathers all the enemies in one spot to cause massive damage by the explosion. It is an extremely powerful spell that turns any encounter in your favor. 

Stagger High       


The sorceress can also create a whirlwind in front of her, creating three hits that deal with great damage. This will be counted as your main skill, so if you have free skill points, invest them here. 

Attack type Frontal Attack
Counter Yes

Seraphic Hail

Seraphic hail is the best spell to use if you want to cause damage to the targets that are vulnerable to displacement effects. 

Other Information Regarding Igniter Sorceress

All about the build
Igniter Sorceress Lost Ark Build

The Igniter sorceress build has a lot to offer to the players. We have covered stat priority, engravings, skill runes, pet stats, and other consumables of Igniter sorceress to help you use this build.

Stat Priority

The most important stat is specialization, which directly increases the damage during Arcane Rupture. Along with the specialization, you have to make a choice between critical and swiftness. The choice boils down to 10% critical chance vs. 5% movement. Get every slot on the right side with a necklace, either Specialization/critical or specialization/swiftness. 


The igniter is the most important engraving with critical chance and damage. A precise dagger will enable you a 50% critical chance, and an all-out attack will increase 20% damage, and Grudge cast time on the critical skill without any penalty. 

Skill Runes

Skill runes help you enhance skills, as these are the bound tokens. You can read our guide on Lost Ark Una’s Tasks, which will help you earn tokens by completing daily tasks. 

Quick Recharge: These runes are very effective because of their long cooldowns; it also increases the frequency of casting Arcane Rupture.
Rage: These runes can be used on squall to start a vulnerable phase faster.
Galewind: It is an easy-to-use option, which accounts for 0.1 seconds from bot 1.6 and 1.8 seconds cast. 

Pet Stats

Pets have stats that usually boost your character, so for this specific build, try using a pet that maximizes specialization and Maximum life. Specialization is the main stat for Igniter Build, and a pet with specialization will serve as the cherry on top.


Adrophine Potion is the preferred choice, as it further increases the Arcane Torrent burst.

Card Sets

Card Sets are usually available in the end game and require a lot of time and effort investment. To get benefit from a deck, you will need to invest your time. Igniter build does not demand a specific deck, but the ones that cause great damage are preferable. Light of Salvation can be a good choice but requires a lot of effort to reach a higher level. 

Igniter Sorceress is an important build that gives players a chance to attack the enemy through burst windows. They cause massive attacks, and these attacks have been covered in detail in our guide. We have covered everything you need to know about this build to make it easier for you to get familiar with Igniter Sorceress’s Lost Ark build. 

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