Lost Ark Gunlancer Build: PvE & PvP Class

Our Lost Ark Gunlancer Build guide entails some of the best skills, engravings, tripods, playstyle, and general tips & tricks for gunlancer.

Lost Ark has introduced to players several new classes, amongst which are further sub-classes that have allowed players worldwide to combine the different skills, engravings, and other tripods present to achieve their best Lost Ark Gunlancer Build. We will cover all the players need to know to dominate the battlefield if they choose to main as a Gunlancer.

Key Takeaways
  • Gunlancers are known as “tank class” in Lost Ark. They are correctly called tanks because of their massive damage-taking capabilities and high HP. They can be a perfect support class. 
  • However, Gunlancers can still put out excellent damage numbers that will still kill off enemies. One major drawback is that due to being in the tankiest classes, their mobility is slightly decreased while in combat. 
  • With Lance skills and tripods, you can fix the shortcomings of this class.
  • Coming towards the best engravings for Gunlancers, so we have two engravings here; Lore Knight Engraving and Combat Readiness Engraving.
  • With Lore Knight Engraving, the crit rate and crit damage will be increased. While with Combat Readiness Engraving, the tankiness and damage-taking capabilities will be increased.

The main reason that players would choose to be main gunlancers is that they are known as what’s known as a “tank class.” They are built so that players who do not want to die out while being in combat with opponents should go for this class. Gunlancers can easily take in a lot of damage without needing to worry about depleting their HP. 

With being able to tank in so much damage, they can be the perfect support for the other members who are a DPS class who can unleash huge amounts of damage. Gunlancers are widely known to hone the highest Armor rating, alongside having excellent defense and extremely high HP allowing them to dominate the battlefield. 

Gunlancer Build 

Players who choose to play as Gunlancer build in the game will typically be considered supports rather than instant DPS roles. However, gunlancers can still put out excellent damage numbers that will still kill off enemies. One major drawback is that due to being in the tankiest classes, their mobility is slightly decreased while in combat. However, let’s discuss the Lost Ark Gunlancer Build.  

Lance Skills and Tripods 

Next up, we will cover some Lance skills and tripods that we feel players should have in their arsenal, as it will allow them to dominate their enemies as Gunlancers and still be able to provide excellent defense for their party.

Sharp Gunlance 

Lost Ark Sharp Gunlance
Sharp Gunlance Tripod

Starting things off with our first main skill, the Sharp Gunlance, takes the lead, which can offer the player excellent support when they are planning to take down tougher enemies, and focuses mainly on helping the player come out victorious. 

The main aim of the skill itself is to let the player charge forward while they are fighting with enemies and use a forward-thrusting motion to thrust their weapon in the direction of enemies, which upon contact with enemies will deal about 279 damage, enough to deplete a solid chunk of their overall HP. 

While the skill is powerful, it cannot stagger the enemies well as the stagger is low while equipping this skill, but an excellent skill choice. It requires 41 MP while having a 5-second cooldown, which is perfect since it can be cast over and over by the player. Check out the tripods that players should equip with this skill. 

Giant Wheel 

Starting with our first tripod, we have the Giant Wheel with us, which can assist the players while they are out in combat by providing them with buffs to help them take down their worst foes. The main aim of the tripod itself is to let the player take their spear in hand and swing it on top of their head, allowing it to attack the enemies throughout the battlefield. 

Giant Wheel itself does not have further ranking as it only works as a buffer tripod compared to a damage increase tripod. Nonetheless, it offers an excellent combat experience, both for PvE and PvP combat. 


The next tripod is a tier 2 option known as Wound, which merely focuses on causing bleed to opponents that have been unfortunate enough to be struck by the player’s weapon. After causing bleeding, they will slowly start to lose their HP, eventually dying from depleted HP. 

Rank one offers a 28 damage output for 4 seconds, while rank two will bump the damage output up to 35 damage per second for PvE combat. For PvP, the damage output is a bit lower, with it being 23 damage for rank one and 29 damage for rank 2 per second and 4 seconds. 


Ending the skill off with the tier 3 tripod, Pummel takes the lead on this one. Pummel allows the player to convert to combo mode, letting them hit opponents with consistent attacks. The final episode will launch a set percentage of bonus damage to opponents, rendering them useless. 

Rank one offers a 100% damage output, while rank two will boost it up to 111%. Rank three will let out a 122% damage increase, while 133% and 145% are damage output for players that upgrade the tripod to rank 4 and 5, respectively. 

Dash Upper Fire 

Lost Ark Dash Upper Fire
Dash Upper Fire

Moving along with the Gunlancer Build, players can take advantage of Dash Upper Fire to get a sudden boost in their overall damage output, as the skill will focus on defeating enemies with the way it is designed.

In essence, players who cast Dash Upper Fire will be able to move forward 3 meters in the general direction of their enemies, striking them with their weapon, and will deal 110 damage at first. After that, the weapon will cause the enemies to go airborne, while will further allow the player to cast the skill again and launch out a shell that will explode and deal a total of 443 damage, after which enemies will die out fast. 

The skill can stagger enemies extremely well, as the enemies go airborne, alongside having a requirement of 80 MP, letting the skill take its place if the players have the required points. The cooldown is 16 seconds, just enough to switch to another skill and come back to it later. 

Ready Attack 

Starting with the first tripod, Ready Attack allows players to launch their first attack and deal damage for 4 seconds that will kill off enemies quickly. The tripod itself will boost the damage output as the ranks get upgraded, benefiting the players directly. 

Rank one will offer a boost of 15% to the overall damage output, while rank two will boost it up to 17%, and rank three will enhance it even further to 19%. Upgrading the skill to rank 4 and 5 will offer a respectable 21% and a 23% buff to the overall damage output, allowing players to take down enemies. 

Weak Point Detection 

Moving onto the next tripod, players can equip Weak Point detection, which can allow players to be immune to Push caused by opponents while they are in the middle of a tough battle, and rather they will be able to charge forward and launch even heavier attacks. 

Rank one will increase Push Immunity for players by 40%, while rank 2 bumps it to a 47.2% increased immunity. Rank 3 will take it up a notch by 54.8% resistance to Push caused by opponents, and finally, ranks 4 and 5 will provide the player with a 62.4% and a 70% push immunity. 

Extra Shell

Ending it with the third tripod, we have a Tier 3 tripod in our arsenal that will allow players to launch their shell exploding attack one more time, which will deal a certain amount of damage to enemies, rendering them useless. 

Rank one deals a total of 110% damage, while rank two will deal 122% damage to opponents, perfect for players that want to get rid of their enemies faster. Rank 3 boosts the overall damage output to 134.2%, while ranks 4 and 5, as usual, have the highest damage output, both being 146.3% and a 159.5% damage output. 

Charged Stinger

Lost Ark Charged Stinger
Charged Stinger

Moving on with the Gunlancer Build, players can take advantage of yet another skill that can highly benefit them while they are facing opponents. Charged Stinger allows players to go into defense mode and then aim to gather energy in their bodies. 

When this energy is gathered enough, release that energy and charge your spear forward towards your opponents, which will render them useless. Players can take their time to slowly change their direction to hit enemies behind them too. The total damage output will focus on the overall energy stored in the player. 

The skill itself works adequately for staggering enemies while also requiring players to have at least 144 MP if they want to cast the skill. It also enters a 30-second cooldown period after it has been used. Players need to be at least level 20 to unlock and use the skill. 

Weak Point Detection 

Bringing back Weak Point Detection, it feels like it is extremely popular and works exceptionally well with many skills. In essence, a tier-one tripod offers the players the ability to be immune to pushing enemies to cause that. 

Rank one will offer a considerable 20% protection from Push, while rank two boosts it up to 26.2%, and rank three will increase it even further to 32.4%. Upgrading the tripod itself to rank four and rank five will let the player experience immunity to Push by 38.6% and 45%. This helps them block attacks. 

Charge Enhancement 

Keeping the Gunlancer Build going, the next tripod in line is a tier 2 tripod called Charge Enhancement that merely focuses on enhancing the overall charge level of the player while they are using Charged Stinger, which will, in turn, improve the general attack power as the ranks are upgraded. 

Rank one will let players experience a 15% boost in their overall attack power, while players will then focus on an 18% increased attack power if the tripod is upgraded to rank 2. Rank 3 will boost it even further to 22%, while ranks 4 and 5 will let players launch attacks at opponents with 26% enhancement and 30% increase, respectively. 

Last Charge 

Another excellent tier 3 tripod that players can look into is Last Charge, which will aim to let players move further to hit their enemies even harder. At the same time, it will increase the overall damage output. Players can also bombard opponents that are being struck with your attacks. 

Rank one will offer a 40% damage output, while rank two grants the player the ability to deal 47% increased damage. Finally, upgrading the tripod to rank five will boost it to a 70.8% damage increase, with significant increases through rank four and rank 3. 

Surge Cannon

Another excellent skill option for players who want to dominate the battlefield is the surge Cannon, which can help the player while in combat by providing them with certain buffs that will kill off enemies instantly. 

In essence, the main reason Surge Cannon exists is to let the player store and compress any energy left in their weapon and then let the weapon explode out the compressed power in the form of damage that will travel in the direction of the opponent. It will deal damage depending on the amount of stored energy. 

If the energy has not been fully stored and compressed properly, then the damage output will only be 373; however, if it has been previously compressed properly, it will cause deadly 745 damage, clearing off enemies with ease. The skill itself requires 114 MP from the player while also having a long cooldown of 30 seconds. 

Piercing Shots

Starting with the first tier-one tripod, we have the Piercing Shots, which can support the player while they are in combat, as it will mainly enable the player to ignore the opponent’s overall defense and resistance against any kind of damage while they are casting the skill and instead attack back. 

Rank one offers a 40% ignorance of the enemy’s resistance, while upgrading the tripod to rank two bumps up the ignorance to 47.2%. In comparison, rank 3 offers the players the chance to ignore the opponent’s defense by 54.8% percent. Finally, the highest ignorance percentage will naturally be provided by ranks 4 and 5, coming in at a whopping 62.4% and 70% ignorance. 


Moving right along with the Gunlancer Build, the tier 2 tripod known as Overcharge focuses on converting the player’s ability from holding down the skill to charging the skill, which allows for greater damage when the skill is cast output. 

Rank one offers a considerable overcharge damage increase by 60%, while rank two will boost the damage output to 68%, and rank three will increase it further to 77%. Rank 4 and rank five will increase it even further to 86 and 95%, which will render the enemies useless with great damage. 

Focus Fire

Finishing off this skill with the tier 3 tripod Focus Fire, it mainly aims to enable the player to charge forward towards their enemies and then deal with such a devastating blow that decimates them nearly instantly. The tripod allows for this action to be repeated four times. 

Rank one will offer a 50% damage outcome, while rank 2 presents the player with a 7.5% increase to the original number. Rank 3 gives a 65% damage output, while ranks 4 and 5 provide separately a 74% and an 83% outcome, which is enough to deplete whatever HP remains in the opponents and make them die. 

Counter Gunlance 

Lost Ark Counter Gunlance
Counter Gunlance

Keeping on with the next skill in line, we have the Counter Gunlance, which players can use to get the most out of the Gunlancer Build and can be used to defend themselves while they are in combat and ready to attack back the enemies. 

In essence, Counter Gunlance lets the player over their ShieldShield up in front of them to protect themselves from enemy attacks launched at them from the opponent’s side. The ShieldShield can be up for 2 seconds, and the damage is negated based on the total HP that the player has. 

A counterattack can be done while the skill is cast to launch 996 damage against opponents and render them useless. The skill itself requires a total of 91 MP, all the while needing players to be at least level 32 to cast the skill, and it also has a cooldown of 20 seconds. 

Sturdy Armor 

Starting with the first tripod, a tier on Sturdy Armor will allow for protection against all kinds of enemy attacks aimed at the player’s direction. Instead, the damage itself is fully negated. As the ranks are upgraded, the negation is increased. 

At rank one, players will be able to have 30% negation against incoming attacks, while rank two will bump up the resistance to 32.7%, based on the HP of the player. Rank 3 offers a consistent 35.4% damage negation, while ranks four and rank five will give the player a solid 38.1% and 40.8% damage negation. 

Weak Point Detection 

Keeping it going, Weak Point Detection is yet again here to support the player with their overall attack and damage protection from enemies. The main aim of Weak Point Detection is to enhance the damage launched toward Push immune opponents, which will help them achieve victory while in combat. 

Rank one will offer a 40% increase in damage to enemies pushing Immune, while rank 2 increases it further to a 47.2% increase in damage. Rank 3 boosts up the damage to 54.8%, while ranks 4 and 5 will boost it to 62.4% and 70% increased damage output. 

Bombardment Spear 

The final tripod for this skill is Bombardment Spear, which can offer players the ability to counterattack enemies with their wielded weapons, which will slowly increase the outgoing damage as the ranks are increased. 

Rank one will offer a 50% overall damage boost to players, while rank 2 bumps it up to a 57.5% increase, while rank 3 offers the players a 65% increase, whereas players will experience that their overall damage has been boosted by 74% and 83% when they increase the ranks to rank 4 and 5. 

Gunlance Shot 

Lost Ark Gunlance Shot
Gunlance Shot

Coming to an end with our last lance skill, we have the Gunlance Shot, which works splendidly to help the player with beating bosses or opponents that feel way too tough to fight without any assistance. 

The skill works in wondrous ways to provide the player the ability to thrust their weapon in a way that will unleash potent damage onto the opponents and render them useless. The main energy-releasing will focus on the front of the gunlance that will pull the opponents in your direction, letting them take 299 damage. 

After the energy has been fully charged, it can be unleashed to deal a further 298 damage that will cause the enemy to be launched into the air and defeated. Gunlance Shot itself is an excellent aid for the Gunlancer Build and has an 18-second cooldown while also requiring the players to be at least level 40. 

Sturdy Armor 

The first tripod that we will mention is Sturdy Armor, and it belongs to the tier one list. It mainly focuses on decreasing the overall damage dealt with by opponents rather than letting players guard their HP and unleash even deadlier attacks that will decimate foes. 

Rank one through rank five offers damage negation and personal resistance against opponent attacks going in this line, 30% for rank one, 32.7% for rank 2, 35.4% for rank 3, while ranks 4 and 5 will offer a considerable 38.1% and 40.8% damage negation. 

Weak Point Detection 

Weak Point Detection is just like the previous three times that we have mentioned before; it mainly works to increase the damage being dealt with players towards enemies that can not be labeled with Push. 

Rank one offers the player a solid 40% damage boost; rank 2 gives the player a 47.2% increase in overall damage output against these sorts of foes. In comparison, rank three will enhance it even further to 54.8%, and of course, ranks 4 and 5 will be the deadliest of them all, allowing for a 62.45 and a 70% damage increase. 

Exploding Spear 

Lastly, Exploding Spear wraps up the skill by enabling the players to move forward toward their opponents by 4 meters while exploding in front of them, dealing damage. Ranks one through five will consistently increase the damage output from 40% to a potent 70.8%. 

Normal Skills and Tripods 

Now that we are done with the lance skills let’s move forward with the Gunlancer Build by introducing the normal skills that players can take advantage of to gain victory when theta refaced with opponents.

Shield Bash 

Lost Ark Shield Bash
Shield Bash

Starting with our first skill, Shield Bash is a viable option for players who want to take advantage of vulnerable enemies and take them down while maintaining their overall HP and gaining dominance over the battlefield. Shield Bash itself is one of the most popular normal skills used in the Gunlancer build. 

The way it works is that upon casting the skill, players will be able to ready their ShieldShield in front of them and then swing it with ultimate force towards their opponents to launch 64 damage at foes, which will slowly deplete their HP. The skill can be cast again to turn the ShieldShield again, increase the damage, and deal 152 damage. 

Shield Bash is more than able to stagger the enemies so that they will not be able to attack the player for a bit after being swung at. The skill itself requires 57 MP while also having a 9-second cooldown, which is comparatively less and means that the skill can be cast repeatedly. 

Armor Destruction 

When it comes to tier-one tripods, people typically rush to equip Armor Destruction, which can be used to charge forward and attack the enemy, which will decrease the opponent’s overall defense, causing them to intake more damage and letting the player charge in and deal increased damage. 

The rank itself is a simple buff and does not have ranks, rather offers a simple debuff to the opponent by decreasing their overall defense by 12% for a total of 8 seconds, which the players can take advantage of. 

Shield Enhancement 

Moving right along, the next tripod on our list belongs to tier 2. Shield Enhancement offers to assist the player when theta re in PvE or PvP combat and helps take over enemies by boosting their shield meter anytime the player is confident enough to launch an attack against their enemy. 

Rank one increases 50% to the player’s shield meter, while rank 2 offers a 56% enhancement. Rank 3 will boost the shield meter by 62%, and rank four and rank five will give an overall increase of 68% and 75%, respectively. 

Additional Hit 

Lastly, the tier 3 tripod offers the player a tier 3 blessing that will allow them to land a combo attack that will attack enemies twice. Upon landing the first hit, the damage will be slightly increased, while the second hit will raise it again, and it is enhanced as the ranks are upgraded. 

Ranks one through five offer a one-hit 20% enhancement and 60% second hit enhancement, while rank 5 bumps it up to a whopping 46.4% increase to the first hit and a 95.2% increase to the second hit launched at the opponent by the player. 

Guardian’s Thunderbolt 

Lost Ark Guardian's Thunderbolt
Guardian’s Thunderbolt

Making a move along without Gunlancer Build, the next normal skill on our list is Guardian’s Thunderbolt, which can be of excellent assistance to the player while they are fighting their foes and wanting to win against them. 

The skill itself works in such a way that it brings upon a lightning strike from above when it is cast that will rain down onto unsuspecting enemies and cause them to intake 706 damage. The damage is dealt with by any opponents present within a 5-meter radius of the skill itself, and they will continue to deplete their overall HP. 

The skill will be active for 3 seconds, allowing them to take in substantial damage before finally falling to the ground. Guardian’s Thunderbolt requires 91 MP from the player while also requiring players to have surpassed level 14 to cast it, and it also has a 20-second cooldown. 

Damage Luck 

Moving onto the tripods, the first one on our list belongs to the tier one category. Damage Luck is exactly as the name suggests, as it will call upon lightning once from the sky, thundering it down on enemies, and it will cause the enemies to be dealt with a certain amount of damage. 

Rank one will deal 565 damage to the opponents, while upgrading the tripod to rank two will increase the damage output to 632, allowing for an even heavier hit and causing them to die instantly. For PvP, rank one offers a 329 damage output for rank 1, while rank two will deal 368 damage to enemies. 

Wide Hit 

Moving along with the tripods, another one is Wide Hit, which belongs to the tier 2 tripods, and is a skill increase tripod rather than a damage buff or a ranked one. In essence, the way it works is that it will cause the overall AoE radius to get an increase when it is cast. 

For both PvE and PvP combat, players will experience an overall 20% enhancement to their AoE radius, which will increase the number of opponents that will intake the damage from the thunderbolts. 


Lastly, rounding up with our tier 3 tripod, Electrocution is self-explanatory. In theory, all it does is provide a simple skill buff whereby the players will be able to inflict increased electro damage to enemies, the outcomes can be different for both PvE and PvP combat, and it is not a damage buff. 

For PvE battles, players will experience a 3-second increase in their Electrocution, while for PvP, there will be a 1.5-second enhancement. 

Shout of Hatred 

Lost Ark Shout of Hatred
Shout of Hatred

Another excellent skill option that players should always have in their arsenal is Shout of Hatred. It can not only unleash huge amounts of damage that will render the enemies useless, but it can also aid the player with the Gunlancer Build

The skill operates because when it is the first cast, it will be able to shout and roar, which is going to be so fierce that once enemies hear it, they will intake 366 damage. The skill’s overall radius is 8 meters, enough for opponents that are even further away to be inflicted.

The skill will also come with a taunt skill, allowing players to easily taunt enemies and go in and attack them even more. Players are advised to be at least level 24 if they want to use this skill. The required MP is 114, and after the skill has been cast, it will enter a long cooldown of 30 seconds. 

Ready Defense 

Starting with the first tier-one tripod, players can take advantage of Ready Defense as its main aim is to protect the player while they are out on the battlefield and help them be more protected. The tripod itself will negate all kinds of damage that have been directed at the players by the enemies. 

Rank one will offer a considerable 20% damage negation from the enemies’ side, allowing them to stay alive for longer, while rank bumps up the damage negation to 22.4%. There are only two ranks for this tripod. 


Another excellent tripod is ShieldShield, which is exactly as it says; it will create a shield that will absorb some of the damage launched by opponents. For PvE, at rank one, it will intake 30% of damage based on max HP, while rank two will absorb 32%, rank three will drink 35%, and of course, rank four and rank five will intake 28% and 41%. 

On the other hand, PvP will have a bit less absorption, as rank one will allow players to be protected by letting the ShieldShield absorb 15% damage, while rank two will enhance the absorption to 16%. Ranks 3, 4, and 5 all will absorb in the following way: 17.5%, 19%, and 20.5% of the total HP of the player. 

Open Weakness

Ending the Shout of Hatred skill with the tier 3 tripod, we have Open Weakness on our list. Once again, it does not have any ranks; rather, it is a skill-enhancing tripod that will provide the player with certain buffs. 

Upon using it, the overall Shield Meter of the player will regain 20% of the meter while increasing the damage output launched by players by 3% for a total of 12 seconds, allowing players to hit enemies and take them down without any effort.

Nellasia’s Energy

Lost Ark Nellasia's Energy
Nellasia’s Energy

Moving right along with the skills, one of the most overpowered skills that all players should look into if they aim to master the Gunlancer Build. The skill itself does not focus on damage output but rather on damage negation, and it offers a solid amount of dissolution for the players. 

When the player first casts the skill, any damage directed at them by the opponent’s end will be negated by 10%, meaning that the player will be able to attack back the foe with even harder hits now that they are more protected. The overall radius for the skill is 24 meters, and it ends after 6 seconds. 

Players need to be at least level 36 to use this skill while also needing to invest 135 MP into the skill. However, the cooldown period is quite long, with it being 40 seconds. 

Quick Prep 

The first tripod that players should look into is Quick Prep, which we have mentioned before in the build. In essence, the way it operates is that when it is being used, players will experience that their skill cooldown has been decreased by a certain amount, allowing them to cast their skills a lot faster. 

At rank one, players can experience a 4-second skill cooldown, while rank 2 offers a 5-second cooldown, and rank 3 enhances it to 6 seconds. When players upgrade the tripod to rank 4 and 5, they will get a 7-second and an 8-second overall skill cooldown. 


Since Nellasia’s Energy is purely a defensive skill rather than an offensive skill, the tier 2 tripod Effectiveness works exactly as the name suggests. It mainly aims to increase the amount of damage that the player negates and allows them to deal back deadly blows to the opponent. 

Rank one will negate 35% of all kinds of incoming damage from the enemy’s end, while rank two will boost the damage negation to 36.5%. When players reach rank 3, they will be able to experience even higher negated damage. 


Lastly, we will cover a tier 3 tripod that players should use, with it being Survive. For PvE combat, the tripod will cast a shield around the player that will absorb 24% incoming damage based on the player’s maximum HP, while rank two will offer a 26% damage absorption. 

For PvP combat, the damage absorption might be a bit low, but it still works. For rank one, the damage absorption is 12%, and for rank 2, it is increased to 13%. There is no rank 3, 4, or 5. 


Lost Ark Bash
Bash Tripod

If there is one thing the Lost Ark Gunlancer Build is known for, it is the skills that are extremely useful while players are busy fighting some of the toughest enemies around. With Bash in the player’s arsenal, they will have a guaranteed win every time they try to take down their opponents. 

When the player casts the skill, the skill will be able to make it so that the player can charge forward towards the enemy and release their ShieldShield in front of them and then launch a shield attack that, upon hitting the opponent, will deal 200 damage. After that, the opponents will be stunned for 3 seconds. 

Bash allows for easy staggering of enemies that seem like they have a lot of HP while also honing a lower MP cost. Even the cooldown time is low, with it only being 10 seconds.

Armor Destruction 

Kicking it off with the first tier-one tripod, players can look at Armor Destruction, which does exactly what it is said. It will offer the player to hit the enemy. Their overall defense and personal protection will be decreased by 12% for a total of 10 seconds, which gives players ample time to sweep in and perform heavier attacks to take them down. 

The tripod itself is not a skill-based or damage-based tripod. Rather, it focuses more on the negation of opponent defense. 

Shield Enhancement 

As we have mentioned this tripod before, we will do it again. For Bash, Shield Enhancement does an excellent job at aiding players in combat, as it will enhance the player’s shield meter by a certain percentage, and as the ranks keep getting upgraded, so does the shield meter. 

Rank one will offer a 50% shield meter increase, while upgrading the skill to rank two will boost it by 56%. Ranks 3, 4, and 5 show a shield meter enhancement of 62%, 68%, and 75%, respectively. 


Lastly, Echo is yet another excellent tripod choice for players that choose Bash skill. For PvP, the main aim of the tripod is to increase the duration that the enemies are stunned. Ranks one through offer a stun duration increase, going from 2 seconds, 2.2 seconds, 2.4 seconds, 2.7 seconds, and 3 seconds at rank 5. 

While on the other side, PvP combat stun duration is a bit on the lower side, with rank 1 offering a one-second increase, rank 2 boosting it to 1.1 seconds to a 1.5-second growth when the tripod has been upgraded to rank 5. 

Shield Shock 

Shield Shock Lost Ark
Shield Shock

Ending the normal skills and skills throughout the Gunlancer Build, players can slot in Shield Shock, which is an extremely viable option since it offers the player a consistent amount of damage output.

When the player has the skill in their arsenal, they will be able to take hold of their ShieldShield, and then strike it down against the ground, alert nearby enemies and cause them to come towards the player. When they do, they will be inflicted with 246 damage, enough to deplete their health slowly. 

Ths stagger is not extremely high with shield shock, but it is still extremely effective against tougher foes while only having a 12-second cooldown. With that, 67 MP are required to cast the skill.

Quick Prep 

Bring back Quick Prep yet again; players can use it since it is a tier-one tripod and is very easily accessible. On top of that, the main focus of Quick Prep is to lower the overall skill cooldown for the player, allowing for increased casting, which will tear down enemies faster and help the player achieve victory. 

Upon using it for the first time at rank one, the player will experience a cooldown of about 3 seconds, while rank two will boost it to 3.3 seconds, and rank three will take it up a notch to 3.6 seconds. Ranks 4 and 5 will offer the player a considerable 3.9 second and 4.2-second damage. 

Wide Hit 

Another tier 2 tripod that we have mentioned before is Wide Hit, which works simply by enhancing the AoE radius of the player facing their enemies. With the radius increased, players will be able to inflict their AoE damage onto more enemies and get rid of them even faster. 

2nd Turbulence 

Lastly, 2nd Turbulence comes in by providing the player the ability to change to combo mode, letting the player cast the skill one more time to deal a set amount of damage. As 2nd Turbulence is upgraded with higher ranks, the total damage output will also be increased. 

Rank one offers the usual 100% damage, while rank two and rank three will offer a 111% and 122% damage output with the upgrades. However, taking the upgrades to ranks four and five is where the real threat lies, as it will enhance the player’s damage output to 133% first, then 145% at rank 5. 

Engravings and Playstyle 

Keeping the Lost Ark Gunlancer Build going, there are main engravings that players can use in the build to offer them a different playstyle based on the engraving they choose. 

Lone Knight Engraving 

Lost Ark Lone Knight
Lone Knight Engraving

When and if players choose to play as a Lone Knight, they will be able to move across the battlefield while honing increased damage. Since the engraving purely focuses on enhancing the player’s crit rate and crit damage, it is no mystery that lone Knight is more popular than the two. 

The main downside of using a Lone Knight engraving is that since the player focuses more on DPS output than protection, it renders the Battlefield Shield useless, alongside increasing shield meter consumption. However, if you still want to play it, you might want to invest in Crit and Swiftness for stats. 

Combat Readiness Engraving 

Lost Ark Combat Readiness
Combat Readiness Engraving

Compared to lone Knight, which focuses more on a DPS playstyle, Combat Readiness mainly focuses on a more tanky playstyle, allowing players to take a defensive stance and also being able to crowd control enemies to stagger them, after which players can sweep in and attack them. 

To make the most use out of the playstyle, en slot some normal skills that we have mentioned before, and as for stats, players can invest into Swiftness, Specialization, or Crit. with that, that wraps up our Lost Ark Gunlancer Build, let us know what you think in the comments down below! Make sure to check out our Lost Ark classes tier list for a rundown of the best and mid classes in the game! 

Build and Image Source: Fextralife

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Awais is a Guides Writer for the newly released games on eXputer who loves keeping up with the gaming and technology industries. With several years of experience in writing game guides, he critically knows what problems a gamer faces and what solutions to provide them with. He’s also a Science Major in Physics, but he decided to pursue his passion for games and writing too. You can also catch him playing tons of PvP games, both solo and with his pals. Experience: 3+ years || Education: Bachelor's of Science in Physics || Written Over 100+ Articles

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