BEST Lost Ark Deadeye Build [PvP & PvE]

Dominate in both PvE and PvP segments by Unlocking the full potential of Deadeye by going through our Lost Ark Deadeye Build guide.

Deadeye is part of Lost Ark’s Starting Classes and is the male version of The Gunslinger. You get to wield three different weapons: sniper rifle, pistol, and shotguns. Of course, with the right build, you can create a good balance between your weapon and your skills. Therefore, today we will be looking at Lost Ark Deadeye builds, Lost Ark Deadeye PvE build, and Lost Ark Deadeye PvP build.

Key Highlights

  • Among starting classes in Lost Ark, you will find Deadeye as one of them and it is actually a male version of Gunslinger.
  • You will get to wield three different types of weapons; sniper rifles, pistols, and shotguns.
  • The difference between Deadeye and Gunslinger is that Deadeye tends to focus more on his shotgun. That is why in general, the Deadeye has better shotgun abilities.
  • So, in short, if you are a person that prefers close-ranged combats, Deadeye is for you otherwise Gunslinger is perfectly suitable for long-ranged combats.
  • For your engravings, of course, you need to focus on your class engraving, which is the Enhanced Weapons. After that, you can focus on getting a Master of Ambush and Grudge
  • There are numerous builds for this class. So, judge yourself first and see what type of build will match your playstyle, and then select accordingly.

With Deadeye, there are different styles and builds that you want to incorporate for PvP, PvE, and for leveling. As the Deadeye has three weapons, each weapon has its own skills. 8 for pistol, 4 for shotgun, and sniper rifle each, totaling 16 different abilities. We will look at all those abilities and which work best for which sort of build. Before you move forward with the guide, consider reading Lost Ark Wardancer Build and Sorceress build guides.

Deadeye Build

As mentioned earlier, the Deadeye is the male variant of The Gunslinger. Although both are heavily melee-focused, the difference between Deadeye and Gunslinger is that Deadeye tends to focus more on his shotgun. That is why in general, the Deadeye has better shotgun abilities.

Some players may feel more comfortable working with Gunslinger because it tends to rely more on the rifle and sniper, keeping her distance from enemies. Therefore, the difference between Deadeye and Gunslinger depends more on your skill level and playstyle. If you want to go for a more up-close and personal, go for Deadeye. If you want a little bit easier gameplay, go for Gunslinger.

Deadeye PvP Build Skills

Lost Ark Deadeye PvP Build
Deadeye in-game

The power of each build lies in the skills that you make use of. For the Deadeye PvP build, we want to make sure we’re agile enough to deal with the various enemies and also able to use our weapons in an optimal manner.

In case you are confused as to why there are PvP and PvE builds, it is because, with PvP, you have more freedom in choosing your skills. That is because you do not have to spend hours earning each skill point that can be invested into the skills. Essentially, they’re free in the PvP mode, and you just need to choose which skill you want. That is why we can spend more on the Lost Ark Deadeye PvP builds. Additionally, PvP builds get unlocked after around level 26, so have a look out for that. And lastly, engravings don’t really make a difference in PvP builds; that is why we will only be looking at the skills. With that being said, here’s the whole skill breakdown and where each of them can be useful.

Spiral TrackerWeakness Exposure
AT02 GrenadeRanged ThrowFreeze Grenade
Enforce ComboVital Point HitTenacity
Somersault ShotIgnore CollisionMaster of EvasionSuper Armor
EquilibriumHigh-Speed Shot
DeathfireTenacityChain ThrowInfiltrate Decimation
Dexterous ShotAgile MovementExcellent Mobility
Hour of JudgementMagick Control
Shotgun Dominator
Last RequestQuick PrepExecutionVolley
Spiral FlameQuick Aim
CatastropheQuick AimDefenseless TargetCarpet Bombing
Perfect ShotQuick AimStun EffectHigh-Speed Shot

Spiral Tracker

You want to take the Spiral Tracker with your Deadeye PvP build with the Weakness Exposure Tripod. It will essentially act as your combo extender and work alongside with your heavy damage-dealing attacks. With Weakness Exposure, you will be able to affect your foe’s crit resistance by 10%

AT02 Grenade

You want to take Ranged Throw for increasing your distance and the Freeze Grenade to inflict freeze damage on enemies. It works well for crowd control and using before any damaging skill.

Enforce Combo

You would benefit from taking Vital Point Hit as well as Tenacity to increase your upper kick crit rate as well as getting push immunity. This skill works well for your wake-up to avoid getting staggered if you’re in their melee range.

Somersault Shot

Somersault Shot will basically be your mobility skill for your Lost Ark Deadeye PvP build. You will be moving around a lot, so Somersault will be quite useful, and you should invest in all three tripods. Specifically, Ignore Collision to pierce normal bosses, Master of Evasion to increase dodge rate by 20%, and Super Armor to gain push immunity.


Equilibrium will work well in increasing your attack speed if you equip High-Speed Shot.


Deathfire fires a volley of bullets towards all nearby enemies and has mid stagger with a back attack attack-type. You want to combine it with Tenacity, Chain Throw, and Infiltrate Decimation. These skills will allow you to gain push immunity, throw two consecutive grenades after the attack and allow you to teleport 6 meters before using the skill and then 8 meters back. These make it great for a devastating attack that you can perform and get in the clear with easily.

Dexterous Shot

Dexterous Shot is a powerful skill to have with your Lost Ark Deadeye PvP build. It allows you to glide around in a 6-meter range and shoot your handguns four times to inflict quite the damage. You can further strengthen it by using Agile Movement to increase your attack speed as well as Excellent Mobility to increase your move distance by +1 meters. In general, it’s great to stagger your enemies.


As the name suggests, it allows you to shoot two times, and you can use it twice back-to-back. It works great as a combo extender. You can combine it with Repulse to increase your paralysis duration on hit.

Hour of Judgement

As for your shotgun skills for the Lost Ark Deadeye, PvP builds, you want to take the Hour of Judgement. It shoots three bullets in a cone-shaped area with total damage of +70k. Combining it with Magick Control will reduce your MP cost by -50%. It works nicely in a 3v3 situation where you might not get time to employ some of your more time taking skills.

Shotgun Dominator

You can consider using the Shotgun Dominator as a finisher where you use two shotguns to fire at your enemies. This might work well as a replacement for Hour of Judgement.

Last Request

Last Request is perhaps one of your strong Lost Ark Deadeye PvP build moves. It fires a single powerful explosive bullet. Quick Prep will reduce your cooldown, and Execution will increase your attack speed. You can also move 4 meters forward with Quick Prep skill, making it good for dashing around. And lastly, for the third tripod, you can get the Volley that fires three volleys at your enemies.

Spiral Flame

For your sniper skills in your Lost Ark Deadeye PvP build, you want to take spiral flame. It shoots out a powerful flame bullet. You can increase your aiming speed by equipping the Quick Aim tripod and increasing your aiming speed by 50%.


Catastrophe will allow you to throw claymores at your enemy. Quick Aim will let you increase your field selection time. Defenseless Target will increase your explosion damage. Lastly, Carpet Bombing will allow you to detonate two claymores consecutively, allowing you to double your damage.

Aimed Shot

Aimed Shot is like your sniper starter skill. You shoot four rounds of bullets as you move around your target. The final Shot lands the most damage. You can again use Quick Aim with it. Pairing that with Stun Effect and High-Speed Shot will let you stun enemies and increase your firing speed.

Perfect Shot

Perfect Shot is like your really powerful sniper skill for Lost Ark Deadeye PvP build. You shoot a single bullet, and if you hit the perfect zone, you can deal +140k damage. With a Stable Stance, you can gain paralysis immunity. Precision Shot will decrease the perfect zone period and increase your crit rate by 50%. This will ensure you deal the maximum damage.

Awakening skills

You can use Clay Bombardment as one of your awakenings to throw multiple explosives around you. It allows you to hit any enemies that are trying to jump you. The explosives do circle you, so you’ll be covered from all sides.

Busting fire will allow you to summon a large-caliber rifle and shoot three times, with the final Shot being the most powerful. These shots are shot out with you rotating so that you cover each side as well. 

Deadeye PvE Build Skills

Lost Ark Deadeye PvE Build
Deadeye Gameplay

Since the update, players have been preferring the Lost Ark Deadeye PvE build as a pure melee build and not utilizing the snipers. That does make sense as the Gunslinger, the female version of Deadeye is a lot more suited for the long-ranged weapons like the sniper.

But in general, here are the skills that you want to invest in with the Lost Ark Deadeye PvE build.

Spiral Tracker
AT02 GrenadeWeakness Exposure
Enforce ExecutionLight FootworkTenacity
Somersault ShotIgnore Collision
EquilibriumWeakness Exposure
Dexterous ShotAgile MovementExcellent Mobility
QuickshotSwift FingersGradual DevastationFinal Light
Cruel TrackerSwift FingersRapid FireExplosive Bullet
Sign of ApocalypseClose ShotEnhanced Shot
Shotgun Rapid FireClose ShotEnhanced ShotSpecial Bullet
Shotgun DominatorClose ShotWeak Point DetectionRuler
Last RequestQuick PrepExecution

Most of the power in Deadeye Builds, or any builds in general, lies in the skills that one equips with them. But we can also use engravings to give us an edge in areas where our stat points might be missing. Regardless, here are the skills that you want and the tripods that you should use with them.

Spiral Cracker

Although some do prefer using Spiral Cracker, the cooldown can be quite a lot. So you can use it if you truly want to, but there are other better skills out there.

AT02 Grenade

The Grenade is something that every Deadeye Build incorporates. You can use Weakness Exposure to get the 10% buff on the crit. You can add a bleed rune with it to inflict the Bleeding effect.

Enforce Execution

Enforce Execution is a skill that works for mobility with every Deadeye Build. For the Lost Ark Deadeye, PvE builds, you want to aim to get the Light Footwork to increase your upper kick speed as well as Tenacity to get push immunity.

Somersault Shot

A somersault shot will allow you to move 10 meters while firing your handguns. Just like with the PvP build, you want to invest in Ignore Collision or Agile movement to increase your overall speed.


Equilibrium allows you to shoot handguns across a broad area. You can invest in Weakness Exposure to increase crit attacks by all party members by 10%.

Dexterous Shot

Dexterous Shot allows you to shoot four times while moving 6 meters. Combining this with Agile Movement to increase your speed and Excellent Mobility to increase your distance will make the skill quite powerful. In fact, this is quite a common setup for most Lost Ark Deadeye builds.

Quick Shot

Due to the buff on the pistols, using Quick Shot is quite beneficial. It allows you to shoot two times and can be used twice in a row. Combining that with Swift Fingers for attack speed, Gradual Devastation for increasing damage for Chain Attacks, and Final Light for becoming immune to paralysis will make the skill extremely powerful. The skill also has the back attack effect.

Cruel Tracker

This is a great finisher shot where you get to shoot six times and finish off with one strong Shot. You can combine it with Swift Fingers and Rapid-Fire Enhancement to increase your attack speed and increase your six rapid shots to 9. Finally, you can add Explosive Bullet to it to make the last Shot an explosive shot.

Sign of Apocalypse

For your shotgun skills, you can start off with Sign of Apocalypse to shoot your shotgun two times. Close Shot and Enhanced Shot will let you increase outgoing damage. Approached Apocalypse will let you damage push-immune foes. You can add the Galewind rune with this to increase your skill casting speed.

Shotgun Rapid Fire

As suggested by the name, you can shoot the shotgun three times, with the last Shot having great knockback. For your Lost Ark Deadeye PvP build, you want to use the Close Shot and Enhanced Shot to increase all outgoing damage. And then you can get Special Bullet to increase your damage to push-immune foes. This is quite similar to the Sign of Apocalypse. You can also add the Galewind Rune with Shotgun Rapid Fire to increase your skill casting speed.

Shotgun Dominator

It shoots two shots followed by one final strong Shot. You can again use Close shots to increase outgoing damage to nearby enemies. And then, you can use Weak Point Detection to increase damage to push-immune enemies. Lastly, you can add The Ruler to add a perfect zone. If you land hits in that zone, you will get +200% damage. But it does decrease your range, so you really have to get in there to land the Shotgun Dominator Shot. That’s why this skill is preferred for the Lost Ark Deadeye PvE build and not the PvP build, where the margin of error is quite less.

Last Request

It works nicely in PvP, but with PvE, you don’t need to max it out. You can get Quick Prep to decrease cooldown and Execution to increase attack speed and 4-meter forward dash.


As for your awakening, Bursting Flare works great. It shoots a large-caliber rifle thrice. Although these shots are harder to land in PvP, it works well with the Lost Ark Deadeye PvE build.

Deadeye Build Engravings

For your engravings, of course, you need to focus on your class engraving, which is the Enhanced Weapons. Make sure it is at least level 1. It allows you to enhance your weapon as you change your stance. Then you can focus on getting Master of Ambush and Grudge. Master of Ambush at level 3 will allow you to get +25% damage for successful back attacks. Grudge will allow you to get +20% damage to bosses or monsters.

After you get these 3, you can increase your engravings and get Adrenaline. It will allow you to increase your attack power after using skills. It does stack up, so it can be used nicely with movement skills. Considering Lost Ark Deadeye builds are always moving around the map, the Adrenaline Engraving works great.

And then you can get Keen Blunt Weapon which increases your crit damage by +50%.

Deadeye Build Combat Stats

As for your stats, ideal Combat Stats could look like this:


It might seem important to have a higher crit, but your engravings will make up for the lower initial crit, so you don’t have to worry about it much. Increasing your Specialization will allow you to have more damage in your shotgun skills and handgun skill crits.

With that, we have all the potential Deadeye Builds, from PvP to PvE. The Builds are meant to serve as a guide of what works nicely. At the end of the day, you can swap anything out to fit your playstyle. If you are looking to see what other classes you can explore, consider reading: Lost Ark Tier List.

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