BEST Lost Ark Deadeye Build [PvP & PvE]

Dominate in both PvE and PvP segments by Unlocking the full potential of Deadeye by going through our Lost Ark Deadeye Build guide.

Deadeye is part of Lost Ark’s Starting Classes and is the male version of The Gunslinger. You get to wield three different weapons: sniper rifle, pistol, and shotguns. Of course, with the right build, you can create a good balance between your weapon and your skills. Therefore, today we will be looking at Deadeye builds, PvE build, and Deadeye PvP build.

Key Highlights

  • Deadeye is a starting class in Lost Ark, a male version of Gunslinger.
  • Deadeye wields sniper rifles, pistols, and shotguns.
  • Deadeye focuses more on shotguns, having better shotgun abilities than Gunslinger.
  • Deadeye is suited for close-ranged combat, while Gunslinger is better for long-ranged combat.
  • Prioritize class engraving “Enhanced Weapons,” then consider “Master of Ambush” and “Grudge.”
  • There are various Deadeye builds, so choose one that matches your playstyle.

With Deadeye, there are different styles and builds that you want to incorporate for PvP, PvE, and for leveling. As the Deadeye has three weapons, each weapon has its own skills. 8 for pistol, 4 for shotgun, and sniper rifle each, totaling 16 different abilities. We will look at all those abilities and which work best for which sort of build. Before you move forward with the guide, consider reading Lost Ark Wardancer Build and Sorceress build guides.

Deadeye Build

Deadeye is the male counterpart of The Gunslinger, both being melee-focused characters. However, Deadeye specializes in shotgun abilities, while Gunslinger relies more on rifles and snipers, keeping distance from enemies. The choice between Deadeye and Gunslinger depends on your skill level and playstyle. Deadeye suits a more up-close and personal approach, while Gunslinger offers a somewhat easier gameplay experience.

Deadeye PvP Build Skills

Lost Ark Deadeye PvP Build
Deadeye in-game

In Deadeye PvP builds for Lost Ark, skills are crucial. PvP allows more freedom in skill selection since you don’t need to earn skill points like in PvE. They are freely available in PvP, so you can invest in the skills you prefer. PvP builds unlock around level 26, and engravings don’t significantly impact PvP builds. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the skills and their utility.

Skill T1 T2 T3
Spiral Tracker Weakness Exposure
AT02 Grenade Ranged Throw Freeze Grenade
Enforce Combo Vital Point Hit Tenacity
Somersault Shot Ignore Collision Master of Evasion Super Armor
Equilibrium High-Speed Shot
Deathfire Tenacity Chain Throw Infiltrate Decimation
Dexterous Shot Agile Movement Excellent Mobility
Quickshot Repulse
Hour of Judgement Magick Control
Shotgun Dominator
Last Request Quick Prep Execution Volley
Spiral Flame Quick Aim
Catastrophe Quick Aim Defenseless Target Carpet Bombing
Perfect Shot Quick Aim Stun Effect High-Speed Shot
  1. Spiral Tracker: Use Weakness Exposure to reduce enemies’ crit resistance by 10%.
  2. AT02 Grenade: Equip Ranged Throw for greater distance and Freeze Grenade for crowd control via freeze damage.
  3. Enforce Combo: Vital Point Hit increases crit rate on upper kicks; Tenacity offers push immunity.
  4. Somersault Shot: All tripods—Ignore Collision, Master of Evasion (20% dodge boost), and Super Armor (push immunity)—are recommended for mobility.
  5. Equilibrium: Equip High-Speed Shot to increase attack speed.
  6. Deathfire: Use with Tenacity and Chain Throw for push immunity and teleport capability, plus Infiltrate Decimation for enhanced attack.
  7. Dexterous Shot: Focus on mobility with Agile Movement and Excellent Mobility to boost speed and range.
  8. Quickshot: Good for combos, use with Repulse to extend paralysis effects.
  9. Hour of Judgement: Reduce MP cost by 50% with Magick Control, useful in 3v3 situations.
  10. Shotgun Dominator: Can replace Hour of Judgement as a finisher.
  11. Last Request: Quick Prep reduces cooldown, Execution speeds up attack, and Volley increases firing volleys.
  12. Spiral Flame: Equip Quick Aim for faster aiming.
  13. Catastrophe: Use Quick Aim, Defenseless Target (increases explosion damage), and Carpet Bombing for consecutive detonations.
  14. Aimed Shot: Combine Quick Aim, Stun Effect, and High-Speed Shot for faster, stunning shots.
  15. Perfect Shot: Use Stable Stance for paralysis immunity, Precision Shot to shorten perfect zone time, and increase crit rate.

Awakening Skills:

  • Clay Bombardment: Throws multiple explosives, ideal against approaching enemies.
  • Busting Fire: Fires three times with a large-caliber rifle, the last being the most powerful, while rotating to cover multiple sides.

Deadeye PvE Build Skills

Lost Ark Deadeye PvE Build
Deadeye Gameplay

Since the update, players have been preferring the Lost Ark Deadeye PvE build as a pure melee build and not utilizing the snipers. That does make sense as the Gunslinger, the female version of Deadeye is a lot more suited for the long-ranged weapons like the sniper.

But in general, here are the skills that you want to invest in with the Deadeye PvE build.

Skill T1 T2 T3
Spiral Tracker
AT02 Grenade Weakness Exposure
Enforce Execution Light Footwork Tenacity
Somersault Shot Ignore Collision
Equilibrium Weakness Exposure
Dexterous Shot Agile Movement Excellent Mobility
Quickshot Swift Fingers Gradual Devastation Final Light
Cruel Tracker Swift Fingers Rapid Fire Explosive Bullet
Sign of Apocalypse Close Shot Enhanced Shot
Shotgun Rapid Fire Close Shot Enhanced Shot Special Bullet
Shotgun Dominator Close Shot Weak Point Detection Ruler
Last Request Quick Prep Execution

Most of the power in Deadeye Builds, or any builds in general, lies in the skills that one equips with them. But we can also use engravings to give us an edge in areas where our stat points might be missing. Regardless, here are the skills that you want and the tripods that you should use with them.

  1. Spiral Tracker: No modifications needed.
  2. AT02 Grenade: Equip Weakness Exposure to increase critical hit chance by 10%. Add a bleed rune for Bleeding effect.
  3. Enforce Execution: Light Footwork enhances mobility; Tenacity provides push immunity.
  4. Somersault Shot: Use Ignore Collision for improved maneuverability, moving 10 meters while firing.
  5. Equilibrium: Equip Weakness Exposure to boost critical attacks for all party members.
  6. Dexterous Shot: Shoot four times while moving 6 meters. Agile Movement and Excellent Mobility increase speed and range.
  7. Quick Shot: Fires twice and can be used consecutively. Swift Fingers increases attack speed, Gradual Devastation boosts Chain Attack damage, and Final Light offers paralysis immunity.
  8. Cruel Tracker: A finisher that shoots six times, ending with a powerful shot. Use Swift Fingers, Rapid Fire, and Explosive Bullet for increased speed and damage.
  9. Sign of Apocalypse: Shotgun skill firing twice. Close Shot and Enhanced Shot boost damage, especially against push-immune enemies.
  10. Shotgun Rapid Fire: Fires three times with strong knockback on the last shot. Enhance with Close Shot, Enhanced Shot, and Special Bullet for increased effectiveness.
  11. Shotgun Dominator: Focuses on damage to nearby foes with Close Shot and Weak Point Detection, and Ruler tripod creates a high-damage zone.
  12. Last Request: In PvE, it’s less critical but useful. Quick Prep reduces cooldown, and Execution increases attack speed and adds a forward dash.

Awakening Skill:

  • Bursting Flare: Fires a large-caliber rifle three times, suitable for PvE environments.

Deadeye Build Engravings

In your Deadeye build, prioritize your class engraving, Enhanced Weapons, and ensure it’s at least level 1. This engraving enhances your weapon as you change your stance. Next, focus on Master of Ambush at level 3, granting a +25% damage boost for successful back attacks, and Grudge for a +20% damage increase against bosses or monsters.

Once you have these three engravings, consider increasing your engravings further and acquiring Adrenaline. Adrenaline lets you boost your attack power after using skills, and it stacks, making it especially effective with movement skills. Given the mobile nature of Deadeye builds, Adrenaline works exceptionally well. Finally, add Keen Blunt Weapon to increase your critical damage by +50%.

Deadeye Build Combat Stats

As for your stats, ideal Combat Stats could look like this:

Specialization 248
Domination 12
Swiftness 386
Endurance 278
Expertise 14
Specialization 248

It might seem important to have a higher crit, but your engravings will make up for the lower initial crit, so you don’t have to worry about it much. Increasing your Specialization will allow you to have more damage in your shotgun skills and handgun skill crits.

With that, we have all the potential Deadeye Builds, from PvP to PvE. The Builds are meant to serve as a guide of what works nicely. At the end of the day, you can swap anything out to fit your playstyle. If you are looking to see what other classes you can explore, consider reading: Lost Ark Tier List.

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