Lost Ark Rovlen: Boss Location, Fight & Rewards

want to know the Lost Ark Rovlen Location? in this guide you can know all about Lost Ark Rovlen and how to defeat it.

You encounter Rovlen in the early location of Lost Ark. It is when your character is not strong enough, making this battle one of the hardest for you. Rovlen is a level 25 World boss, and if your character is not strong enough to deal with it, you can either join other players or you may need to level up your character before challenging it.

Key Takeaways
  • Lost Ark has various Monsters known as Bosses.
  • Among them, World Bosses are the Strongest ones, and they are hard to defeat.
  • There are 20 World Bosses in Lost Ark.
  • Rovlen is a level 25 plant-type World Boss.
  • Located in the Bilbrin Forest Area in the west of the Luttera Continent.
  • It spawns near the Grey Hammer Mines dungeon in a small alcove.
  • Rovlen is not easy, so it is recommended to fight this Boss with at least two players in the group. 
  • The rewards include Secret Map of Treasure, Rovlen’s Card, Eternity Essence, Epic Gear and Accessory, Magic Keeper Glover, and Tangled Aeon Necklace.

Who is Rovlen?

rovlen world boss lost ark
Rovlen World Boss Lost Ark
Location How to defeat Rewards
Located in the west of Luttera,
and found near the Bilbrin Forest area
-Fight him along with at least two players
-Dodge the shoots long-range attacks
-Destroy the tentacles to take down Rovlen’s shield
-Secret map of treasure
-Rovlen card
-Rovlen’s Tentacle
-Eternity Essence
-Epic gear
-Epic Accessory
-Magick Keeper Glover
-Tangled Aeon Necklace

Rovlen is a world boss in the continent of Luttera in the game Lost Ark. It is a plant-type monster that came into existence after scavenging moon shards from the chain war. The fragments then discharged their chaotic energy, making it a product of dark magic.

Rovlen Boss Location 

Lost Ark Rovlen and his exact location is in the Bilbrin Forest, west of Luttera, and remains stationary. Located near the Grey Hammer Mines dungeon, its spawn is indicated by slimy sheets of paper on the ground.

If unable to locate Rovlen, it may have been defeated; it respawns every 30 minutes. Check the world chat to inquire about its status and server location. If on a different server, switch using the minimap’s top to await its next spawn.

How To Defeat Rovlen 

Don’t engage the level 25 World Boss Rovlen solo, as it’s a formidable opponent, and your character is likely not strong enough. These monsters are highly dangerous, and attempting a solo defeat is not advisable. Form a party or join other players for assistance.

Rovlen’s fight takes place in a narrow space, and it unleashes long-range attacks. Failure to dodge can result in high damage and stun. During an invincible phase, focus on destroying spawned tentacles before the shield goes down. If tentacles persist, Rovlen can heal behind the shield, making the battle more challenging.

To avoid cooldown issues, refrain from using all skills too quickly. It’s recommended to have at least two players to defeat World Boss Rovlen effectively.

Rovlen Boss Fight Rewards

characters to choose for lost ark rovlen
Lost Ark rewards

The following items have a chance of dropping in the rewards:

  • Secret map of treasure
  • Rovlen card
  • Rovlen’s Tentacle
  • Eternity Essence
  • Epic gear
  • Epic Accessory
  • Magick Keeper Glover
  • Tangled Aeon Necklace

There is a hidden trick to the reward of Rovlen’s Tentacle. If you receive the reward, it is recommended that you do not consume it right away, or it will be a waste. If you wait for a 30-minute time period, it will mutate into Wriggling Tentacle Sashimi, then you can consume it, and it will add some progress to your Adventure Tome.

Even though Lost Ark Rovlen is an early-stage World Boss, Lost Ark is all about team play and PVE fights. This means that the game will emphasize that you try not to solo the World Boss and fight it at a party. It not only makes the battle doable but also more enjoyable. Just make sure to take all the items you need before you head into the fight. Otherwise, the World Boss battle will become an impossible challenge.

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