Lost Ark: How To Unlock & Get Whistle Emote

Whistle Emote is one of many emotes in Lost Ark and in this guide, we will inform you of how to unlock the emote.

Lost Ark has been at the center of attention for MMORPG fans ever since it was released back in February 2022. The game is developed by Tripod Studios and Smilegate RPG. Emotes are one of the mediums players can use to communicate with other players. Whistle Emote is one of many emotes that are obtained through different quests in Lost Ark and in this guide, we will explain how to get the Whistle Emote.

Key Highlights

  • Emotes are mediums in Lost Ark that players use to communicate with each other.
  • Whistle Emote is one of the emotes in Lost Ark that is obtained as a reward of Ruffians Quest in the Ground Quest.
  • The Players will find the Ruffians unlocked in the Una‘s Task Tab at combat level 50 in the Ground Quest. 
  • If the player is unable to find the Ruffians in Una’s Task tab. The player will need to go through the Azure Wind Island questline till the Main of the Azure Wind Island.
  • The whistle emote will be rewarded to the players after reaching Level 3 recognition in the Ruffians

In this guide, we are focusing solely on how to unlock the Whistle Emote, If you want a general overview on how to unlock every emote then consider reading our guide on How To Unlock All 32 Emotes in Lost Ark

How To Obtain Whistle Emote In Lost Ark

Whistle Emote in Lost Ark
Ruffians in the Ground quest

Obtaining the Whistle Emote is a lengthy process therefore players should be ready to grind a bit. The Whistle Emote is the reward of Ruffians in the Ground quest, which can be found in the daily quest section of Una’s Tasks.

Players can press Alt+J to open the full Una’s Task list. They can check the progression for any Una’s Task on that list. The Ruffians in the Ground quest will unlock at Combat Level 50.

First players will need to travel to Azure Wind Island, which is located the south of Rohendel. This is an end-game area so use end-game equipment before venturing there. Also, Before you read further, consider reading our guide on Lost ArkRovlen Boss Location, Fight, and Rewards.

Ruffians In the Ground Quest

Players will be tasked to kill boars on the island. They will need to repeat this quest around 20 times until they gain level 3 recognition. Players can check their level of recognition from the Reputation Status Tab in Una’s Task. 

Whistle Emote in Lost Ark
Reputation Status Tab in Lost Ark

Once players gain level 3 recognition in this quest then they will be rewarded with Whistle Emote, alongside a Giant Heart and Stat increase potion.

Once players have to emote then they only need to activate it first from their inventory. Then they can perform it from the emote menu. Players can also use it by typing/whistling in the chat. The Whistle Emote is required to progress in some quests therefore try obtaining the emote as soon as possible.

How To Unlock Ruffians In The Ground Quest

Some players may notice that the Ruffians in the Ground quest are not available for them in Una’s Task tab. In order to unlock it, players would first need to start the Azure Wind Island questline in the Azure Wind Island and reach the Main of the Azure Wind.

Other Tips

Lost Ark is an MMORPG that primarily focuses on exploration, crafting, and PvE. The game features numerous builds such as the Striker, Igniter Sorceress, Shadow Hunter, Destroyer, and more so players can get creative with their builds. 

Aside from builds, the game also has numerous Engravings. Players are encouraged to experiment around with them and find the engravings that work best with their builds. We have prepared the best engraving guides for builds such as Gunslinger, Deathblade, Bard, and Paladin in case you are interested.

That concludes our guide on how to unlock the Whistle Emote in Lost Ark. Lost Ark was initially released exclusively in South Korea in 2019. The game was later released in North America, South America, and Europe in 2022. 

The game is available on PC. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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