Lost Ark: Best Destroyer Build [PvP & PvE Class]

Destroyer is a brand new class added to the western version of the game. Using our Lost Ark Destroyer Build, you'll make the most of it.

Destroyers are part of the Warrior class like the Gunlancer and Berseker. This means that they have a slow playstyle but tend to dish out a lot of damage with each attack using their massive hammers.

Key Takeaways
  • Lost Ark Destroyer is a Warrior class known for slow playstyle and high damage output.
  • They have strong defense and shielding abilities.
  • Recommended PvP Skills: Dreadnaught, Seismic Hammer, Endure Pain, Earth Eater, Jumping Smash, Perfect Swing, Running Crash.
  • Recommended PvE Skills: Dreadnaught, Seismic Hammer, Endure Pain, Earth Eater, Jumping Smash, Perfect Swing, Earth Eater.
  • Two main engravings available: Hammer of Rage engraving and Gravity Training engraving.
  • Skill effectiveness may vary based on the game version and updates.

Destroyer PvP Build

In PvP, you are not limited to first getting skill points and investing in your favorite skills. Instead, you can get everything right from the start, all you need to know is which skills to pick. So, let’s look at the skills you’ll need for the Lost Ark Destroyer PvP Build.

It is worth noting that the name might differ for the Tripods depending on which version you have, but the effects of the skills will remain the same.

Skill Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Dreadnaught Tenacity
Seismic Hammer Tenacity Sharp Wall Starving Strength
Endure Pain Gravity Enhancement Anti-gravity Health Mentality
Earth Eater Red Shards Tenacity Rock Storm
Jumping Smash Superior Charge Time Distortion Gravity Inversion
Perfect Swing Tenacity Sharp Hammer Hour of Slaughter
Running Crash Quick Preparation Elaborate Plan Enhanced Advance


Dreadnaught allows you to concentrate energy onto your hammer and hit the ground to send out a shockwave that’ll damage your enemies. You can even use that momentum to jump high and come down with a hammer slam for more damage.

Add Tenacity as your first Tripod to get Push Immunity.

Seismic Hammer

Seismic Hammer lets you hold your hammer upside down, jump into the air and smash it into the ground. The crash creates a cone-shaped wall that stretches 11m and inflicts damage.

You can get Tenacity for Push Immunity, and Sharp wall to increase damage by +60% to all direct targets. Lastly, you should get Starving Strength which increases the wall damage by +60% but reduces the radius to 7 meters. It is still worth it for the increased damage. If you’re looking for a more fist based class, consider reading: the BEST Striker Builds In Lost Ark

Endure Pain

Endure Pain allows you to inflict damage to meters up to a 2-meter range by letting out a roar. You’ll also get Push Immunity and -40% incoming damage for 5 seconds. Making it a great defensive and offensive skill.

You can use Gravity Enhancement to decrease MP cost by -50%. And the anti-gravity tripod will let you create a gravity force shield for 5 seconds with 30% of your max HP. Health Mentality will increase the duration of the effects by +3s. All these tripods will make Endure Pain a good defensive skill.

Earth Eater

Earth Eater is a great crowd control skill. It lets you smash the ground behind you to cause damage. And then you can deliver a horizontal swing and spin 3 times to cause damage on each spin. The move is ended with a final smash on the ground. As you perform this skill, you’ll be throwing out chunks of rocks that can also inflict damage.

Red Shards Tripod will let you increase rock fragment damage by +50%. You can get Tenacity for Push Immunity. As for your final Tripod, you can get Rock Storm to remove the final smash but increases the damage by +30% of the spinning attack.

Jumping Smash

Jumping Smash lets you jump at any target location (within a 10m range) and then swing your hammer down to inflict serious damage.

Superior Charge will let you increase the jump distance by +2 meters. Time Distortion will allow you to increase damage by +25%. Gravity Inversion will increase the damage by +30% and will invert the gravity within a 5-meter radius of wherever you land the hit. The inversion will also cause 30% damage of the base damage.

Perfect Swing

Perfect Swing is a skill that requires a charge-up. After charging up for 4 seconds, you can dash 4 meters forward and deliver a blow with your hammer. It may seem like a simple skill, but Perfect swing is one of your hardest-hitting skills.

You can get Tenacity to get Push Immunity. Sharp Hammer will let you get +40% damage on any enemy who gets hit directly. Hour of Slaughter will let you skip the charge up to inflict the same amount of damage. It will add a gravitational wave to inflict 30% damage of base damage. Although the Destroyer may not be considered as the best dps class, this skill certainly puts it up there amongst the best. 

Running Crash

Running Crash lets you sprint at your enemies to inflict damage as you run into them. It also causes explosive gravitational damage that launches enemies into the air.

Quick Preparation will let you decrease cooldown by -2s. Elaborate Plan will let you stun the enemies for 3 seconds after the explosion. However, they will no longer be thrown into the air. Enhanced Advance will let you increase the gravity field explosion by +50% and damage by +100%.

Destroyer PvE Build

PvE Gameplay of the Destroyer
Lost Ark Destroyer Gameplay

Coming onto the Lost Ark Destroyer PvE Build, we again need to choose 8 skills best fit for PvE. But to be able to unlock all the skills, you’ll need to level up. Therefore consider reading: the Lost Ark Leveling Guide

The chosen skills will be 4 builder skills and 4 spender skills (discussed thoroughly in the identity section). If you use these skills right, you might even be able to use the class as the best solo class in Lost Ark. Here are the best-suited skills:

Skill Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Jumping Smash Outstanding Charge Armor Destruction Pulverize
Dreadnought Tenacity
Heavy Crush Quick Blow Aftershock
Endure Pain Definitive Core
Perfect Swing Find Weakness Unnecessary Time Intemperance
Full Swing Quick Movement Terrifying Hammer Wild Beast’s Eye
Earth Eater Enhanced Attack Tenacity Earth’s Fury
Seismic Hammer Tenacity Juggernaut Thirst for Power

Jumping Smash

Jumping Smash will give you 2 gravity cores for your bar every time you hit using it. It lets you jump 10 meters in any direction and come down with a hammer smash.

You can get Outstanding Charge to increase distance by +2.5 meters. Armor Destruction will let you decrease your enemies’ defenses by 12% for 14 seconds. Pulverize will let you jump for only 5 meters but increase damage by 100%.  You will also be able to rotate in the air to hit enemies as you jump across.


Dreadnaught essentially lets you smash down with your hammer twice to deal damage. The great thing about the skill is that it will give you 2 gravity cores.

You can get Tenacity with it to get push immunity.

Heavy Crush

Heavy Crush is yet another builder skill that you can use. It allows you to focus gravity onto the hammer and come down with a powerful smash.

You can get Quick Blow to decrease the charge up time by -0.3s. Lucky Core will give you a 50% chance of getting +1 core. Aftershock will let you cause an earthquake with the downward attack, causing 10% damage each second for 5s.

Endure Pain

Endure Pain lets you inflict damage in a 6-meter radius and get damage reduction from incoming attacks. If you hit a target with it, you will get 3 gravity cores.

You can get Definitive Core to get a gravity core per skill activation (even if the target is not hit).

Perfect Swing

Moving onto the spenders, we have Perfect Swing. It lets you wind up and swing horizontally to hit enemies. If you hit with just the edge of the hammer, you will get extra damage infliction.

You can get Find Weakness to increase damage by 20%. Unnecessary Time will let you reduce charge up time by -1s. Intemperance will let you increase the damage by 100% in the overcharge mode. 

The Lost Ark Destroyer Build mostly requires you to use your hammer. If you’re looking for more versatility in your weapons, consider reading: BEST Lost Ark Deadeye Build.

Full Swing

Full Swing, also one of your spender skills, lets you hit while spinning around, ending the attack with one final smash attack. 

You can get Quick Movement to increase the attack rate by 100%. Terrifying Hammer will let you increase the damage for the last swing if your first swing manages to hit an enemy. Wild Beast’s Eye will decrease the charge-up time and increase the overcharge rotations.

Earth Eater

Earth Eater lets you wind up with the hammer behind you. As you’re winding up, you can deal damage to anyone behind, and then you’ll smash the hammer in front of you, causing 3 craters like damage regions.

You can get Enhanced Attack to increase the damage of direct hits by 30%. Tenacity will let you have Push Immunity. Earth’s Fury lets you create a huge hammer out of rocks and strike with it. It will increase the cooldown by 6s but increase damage by 200% and 290% for overcharged mode.

Seismic Hammer

Let’s you jump up and come down with a smash attack that creates a ring around you. The ring causes cone-like rock shards to come out of the ground which can damage enemies. It has an 11-meter radius.

Tenacity will grant you Push Immunity. Juggernaut will let you use 3 gravity cores to increase damage by 40%. Thirst for Power will decrease the radius but increase the damage of the rocks by 60%. The second and third tripod combined gives a 100% increase in damage.

Destroyer Identity and Engravings

Lost Ark Destroyer Build
Lost Ark Destroyer Hypergravity

To understand which engraving In Lost Ark to choose for the Destroyer Build, you’ll need to understand the Destroyer’s identity first.


The Destroyer comes with 2 different sets of skills, Blue and Purple. You can consider the blue skills to be your builders and the purple skills to be your spenders. Every time you use the blue skills, you build your gravity cores (3 in total). These gravity scores help enhance the purple skills. And each time you spend those cores using the purple skills, you build up your main gravity/identity meter.

Hammer of Rage Engraving

The first class Engraving for the Destroyer build is the Hammer of Rage. It lets you have crit rate and crit damage per each gravity core that you consume. It can stack all the way up to +45% crit damage and 15% crit rate.

It is one of the most preferred Engravings for the Destroyer class as it makes your purple skills extremely powerful.

Gravity Training Engraving

Gravity Training is more focused on the identity of the Destroyer. It will help you fill-up the bar a lot quicker and give you extra buffs when in the activated mode. Just like with Scrapper, you can get 2% passive regeneration on your gravity gauge, allowing you to reach hypergravity sooner.

When you’re in hypergravity, you will have a 30% increase in critical strike chance and bonus damage. This is especially useful when you’re using the consecutive hit ability of the hypergravity.


Your stats will vary depending on the class Engravings that you have chosen. If you’re using Rage Hammer, you should split your stats in such a way that you have:

  • Crit – 56%
  • Specialization – 22%
  • Swiftness – 22%

If you are using Gravity Training, you should split your stats like so:

  • Specialization – 75%
  • Crit – 25%

Alternatively, you can also get:

  • Endurance – 55%
  • Swiftness – 45%

With that, you know everything about the Lost Ark Destroyer Build. It is definitely an interesting class to play if you want to get up close and personal, unlike the Gunslinger build in Lost Ark.

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