Lost Ark: BEST Solo Classes [Top 10]

If you want to excel at the various modes of Lost Ark, you'll need to choose one of Lost Ark's Best Solo class to help you. Let us guide you!

Lost Ark lets you play all sorts of game modes. From Story Mode to Side Quests and Dungeons, there’s a lot to explore. Although you can enjoy the game with many friends, it’s sometimes better to rock solo (especially if you want to level up faster). If you’re planning to do that, it is essential that you know all of the Best Solo Classes in Lost Ark!

Key Takeaways
  • Playing Solo is a great way to level up faster in Lost Ark. However, having a good class is a must while playing solo.
  • Avoid choosing complex classes to prevent frequent deaths.
  • Berserker deals the highest damage among Advanced Warrior Classes.
  • Paladin combines high damage and magical spells.
  • Scrappers for close-range, Gunslingers and Sharpshooters for long-range combat.
  • Gunlancer Build offers maximum defense, even more so than Berserker, in my opinion.
  • These classes and builds have their own play style-based advantages and disadvantages.

Best Solo Classes In Lost Ark Compared

First and foremost, here is a quick summary of our picks for the Best Solo Classes in the game:

No.TypeBase ClassWeaponsGender
2ScrapperMartial ArtistHeavy GauntletsFemale
3PaladinWarriorSword and ShieldMale
4GunslingerGunnerSniper, Shotgun, Dual PistolsFemale
5GunlancerWarriorSpear and ShieldMale
6SharpshooterGunnerMechanical BowsMale
7DeadeyeGunnerPistols, Rifles, ShotgunMale
8StrikerMartial ArtistElemental OrbsMale
9ArtilleristGunnerCannons, MissilesMale

1. Berserker

Lost Ark Best Solo Class
Lost Ark – Berserker

The Berserker is undeniably the top pick for both Best Solo Class and Best Solo PvE class in Lost Ark. As an advanced warrior class, it boasts the highest damage potential among its peers, making it a strong contender for the solo play crown.

Armed with a Greatsword, Berserkers unleash devastating damage through various skills, often staggering foes effortlessly. While their mobility falls short of other classes, their resilience compensates for it. The Berserker class is beginner-friendly, with straightforward skills and formidable defense, offering a wider margin for error compared to more complex classes like Deathblade.

Berserkers wield the Fury Identity, allowing them to enter Burst Mode by filling a Fury or Rage bar during combat. This mode provides substantial self-buffs, including increased attack and movement speed and a higher critical hit rate, making them formidable opponents.

2. Scrapper

Lost Ark Best Solo Class
Lost Ark – Scrapper

The Scrapper, part of the Martial Artist Class, excels in close-range combat with heavy gauntlets. Jumping and stomping attacks are her forte, affecting nearby enemies. Scrappers wield numerous AoE skills powered by Chi, granting yellow and green skills for versatility. Expect agility, super armors, and AoE skills for crowd control, contrasting Berserkers in my opinion.

This class emphasizes evading rather than absorbing hits. If this suits you, explore the Scrapper Build. For even faster movement, the Striker is an option. The Scrapper is beginner-friendly, mastering Shock and Stamina Skills easily. Consider the Scrapper for solo play due to its play style. For more details, read our Scrapper Build.

3. Paladin

Paladin Class
Lost Ark – Paladin Class

Although the Paladin works great as a supporting class, you can actually make a Paladin Build to become one of the Best Solo Classes. You can expect Paladin to deal a lot of damage. But the book they carry around makes the Paladin a bit more balanced.

Their unique book allows them to cast spells for buffs and shields, making them versatile as both support and damage dealers.

Paladins excel at absorbing damage, surpassing classes like Bards, and can negate up to 50% of incoming damage through their shields. Their Piety Identity enhances attack range and spells potency, though mastering the class can be more challenging than Berserkers. The Paladin is an excellent choice for solo play if you seek a class with strong defensive options.

4. Gunslinger

Lost Ark Best Solo PvE Class
Lost Ark – Gunslinger

If you prefer ranged combat, consider the Gunslinger. A member of the Gunner class and a female variant of the Deadeye, Gunslingers are agile and excel in ranged combat. Gunslingers wield three different weapons while in motion: the sniper, shotgun, and dual pistols. Notably, they shine with the sniper, offering exceptional range for eliminating foes.

Learning the Gunslinger class can be challenging, but adept players find it the best choice for solo and PvE gameplay. This class lacks a distinct identity or special mode, relying solely on the three available weapons you switch according to the situation.

5. Gunlancer

Lost Ark – Gunlancer

If you’re seeking a defensive solo class with high survivability, consider the Gunlancer. This Warrior class excels in defense, boasting higher defense than the Berserker. Equipped with a shield and enhanced defensive skills, you can withstand most attacks, making death rare. While their damage output is good, mobility is limited, and their playstyle revolves around blocking and defensive skills.

6. Sharpshooter

 Solo Classes

Sharpshooter is a male-only advanced gunner class. The reason why it is one of the best solo classes in Lost Ark is that it is the only ranged DPS class that can handle long and medium distances really well.

Using mechanical bows, they fire arrows, making them formidable ranged attackers. Their pet Hawks, akin to a ranger, assists in battles. However, Sharpshooters are vulnerable to damage, making long-range attacks advisable. They’re an evolution of the Gunner class, with damage scaling based on the Dexterity stat.

For close or mid-range combat, ensure your Sharpshooter has effective dodging abilities. In PvP battles, Sharpshooters shine, thanks to stealth-like abilities, enabling them to deal heavy damage while evading harm. With exceptional mobility and precise ranged aiming, the Sharpshooter class is an excellent choice for those seeking to minimize the learning curve.

7. Deadeye

 Lost Ark Deadeye Solo Class

As of 2023, Deadeye is known for its exceptional weapon-swapping ability. Deadeye offers versatility with shotguns, dual pistols, and rifles, each featuring unique skills, making it beginner-friendly. You can equip eight pistol skills, four rifle skills, and four shotgun skills while benefiting from pistols’ mobility, reduced cooldowns, and debuffs.

Leveling up awards skill points, allowing you to enhance your weapon skills. Skill Potions become crucial for maxing skills in the endgame due to increased skill point requirements. Deadeye’s awakening abilities, Bursting Flare and Clay Bombardment, deliver substantial damage. Clay Bombardment’s quicker cast time makes it an optimal choice before transitioning to Bursting Flare as you master it.

8. Striker

Best Solo Class Lost Ark

Striker excels in PvP battles, specializing in crowd control (CC) and offensive play by targeting healers and opponents. This class can produce Elemental Orbs or Chakras, offering bursts of damage instead of lengthy attack chains. At level 50, Strikers unlock two Engravings: Esoteric Flurry and Deathblow.

While not strong defensively, Strikers shine in the endgame thanks to their awakening skills. Explosive Heat Awakening allows you to strike the enemy four times for massive damage, but all hits must connect.

The True Heavenly Awakening Skill deals damage twice and launches your enemy into the air with a powerful kick. Mastering Heavenly Awakening first is recommended before moving on to the more challenging Explosive Heat Awakening ability.

9. Artillerist 

Solo Class Artillerist 

The Artillerist class in Lost Ark is ideal for players who prefer heavy combat and powerful attacks. It excels in visceral attacks, making it highly effective against tough enemies. This class is also a strong tank, offering burst damage and combo attacks. Accumulate Firepower in your identity gauge to enter Turret mode, which allows you to solo complete challenging PVE content and bosses.

However, in Turret mode, you lose the ability to dodge or move. This class’s awakening skills deliver impactful hits. Use the Missile Barrage to launch 20 rockets at a target, and the Heavy Turret summons a damaging turret with guided missiles and lasers for 20 seconds.

10. Deathblade 

Deathblade Solo Class Lost Ark

The Assassin class in Lost Ark is ideal for those seeking flashy yet beginner-friendly abilities. It excels as a solo PvP class, boasting top-tier skills and Tripods.

Deathblade wields three blades, delivering high damage with exceptional mobility, especially in PvP. Its skills and buffs make it one of the flashiest and strongest classes in the game. Your identity skill involves rapid attacks that build up Deathblade Arts, focusing on Dexterity. The primary skill is Death Orbs, which, when charged, triggers Deathblade Arts mode, enhancing MP recovery, attack speed, move speed, attack power, and reducing skill cooldowns.

In the endgame, prioritize attacks like Upper Slash, Blitz Rush, Head Hunt, and Moonlight Sonic for optimal combinations against foes, making Deathblade suitable for both beginners and veterans.

Lost Ark has caught the attention of many players. From its fast-paced combat to the sheer amount of content it has, there’s something for everyone. The class system in Lost Ark is quite similar. From many classes to choose from, it can be hard to choose between classes such as Sharpshooter or the Wardancer.

To make things easier, consult our Lost Ark Classes Tier list for a better idea of each class. 

With that, you know everything there is to know about Lost Ark Solo Classes. Ultimately, it depends on which play style you prefer and which class suits you the most.

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