Top 5 Lost Ark Best Solo Classes

Lost Ark has caught the attention of many players. From its fast-paced combat to the sheer amount of content it has, there’s something for everyone. The class system in Lost Ark is quite similar. From many classes to choose from, it can be hard to choose between classes such as Sharpshooter or the Wardancer. To make things easier, you can consult our Lost Ark Classes Tier list for a better idea of each class. But in this specific guide, we will be discussing the Lost Ark Best Solo Class and Lost Ark Best Solo PvE Class for all those players that want to just enjoy their own company. Let’s dive in!

Lost Ark Best Solo Class

Lost Ark lets you play all sorts of game modes. From Story Mode to Side Quests and Dungeons, there’s a lot to explore. Although you can enjoy the game with many of your friends, it’s sometimes better to rock solo (especially if you want to level up faster).

But if you’re going solo, you will need a good class because the enemies in Lost Ark are no joke. When looking for a Lost Ark Best Solo Class, you need to keep a few things in mind. The class should be able to deal high burst damage with a good enough AoE to clear the arena with ease. If you’re the only one going into battle, all enemies will be focused on you.

Therefore, the class that you’re going for should be able to tank a lot of the damage. As you’ll be surrounded by enemies and won’t have anyone to distract them, you’ve got to make sure your skills have a mid to low cooldown so you can always be on the move or attack. And lastly, you need to pick a class that is not too complex to learn. Otherwise, you’ll just find yourself dying way too often at the start. With all those requirements set, let’s explore the classes that best fit these.


Lost Ark Best Solo Class
Lost Ark – Berserker

By far, the Lost Ark’s Best Solo Class and also the Lost Ark’s Best Solo PvE class is the Berserker. It belongs to the advanced warrior class. What’s even better is that it has the highest damage amongst all three of the advanced warrior classes, making it a great fit for the Lost Ark Best Solo Class title.

With their Greatsword, Berserkers are able to dish out a huge amount of damage as they use their various skills. Not only that but many of the Berserker’s skills are able to stagger enemies with ease. Although the Berserker does have higher mobility as compared to the Gunlancer and the Paladin, the Berserker still does lack in mobility.

More often than not, you might find yourself getting a few times while moving from point A to B. But that’s actually not an issue due to how tanky the Berserker class is. It’s able to deal with a lot of damage with ease.

Additionally, the Berserker is a great beginner-friendly class. Their skills are straightforward, and due to their high defense, the margin of error is slightly wider as compared to classes like Deathblade.

Berserker comes with the Fury Identity. Basically, you have a bar of Fury or Rage that gets filled up during battle. Once you activate it, you enter Burst Mode. It gives you self-buffs such as increased attack and movement speed alongside a higher crit rate. These buffs are great for dealing high-burst damage to enemies and clearing out the arena with ease. With the right Berserker Build, you can pretty much become unstoppable.

Because of all these points, Berserkers deserve the Lost Ark Best Solo Class and the Lost Ark Best Solo PvE Class title. However, there are a few other classes that you might want to consider for this category as well.


Lost Ark Best Solo Class
Lost Ark – Scrapper

Scrappers are part of the Martial Artist Class and allow for a close-ranged playstyle. The Scrapper fields heavy gauntlets and deals most of her damage with them. As the Scrapper is also a Martial Artist, she often jumps around and lands stomp attacks to target enemies around her and stagger them.

Scrapper comes with a lot of AoE skills as they manage their Chi to inflict damage. The Chi basically lets you have yellow and green skills, which that player can switch between during battle. With those skills, Scrapper is able to cause destruction and impairment against bosses.

You can expect the Scrapper to be quick on her feet, and with her super armors and AoE skills, you can deal with a lot of enemies with ease. The playstyle differs quite significantly from the likes of Berserker.

Instead of taking every single hit, you would be expected to dodge and move out of the way. If that’s a style that suits you, then you can look into the Scrapper Build. But if you are looking for a class that is even faster in terms of movement speed, you can consider the Striker as well.

Lastly, the Scrapper is also considered one of the beginner-friendly classes. Getting the hang of the Shock and Stamina Skills is not much trouble, and the playstyle feels natural after a few tries. That is why the Scrapper can be considered for Lost Ark’s Best Solo Class. If you like the sound of this playstyle, consider reading our Scrapper Build.


Paladin Class
Lost Ark – Paladin Class

Although the Paladin works great as a supporting class, you can actually make a Paladin Build to become one of Lost Ark’s Best Solo Classes. As they’re part of the warrior class, you can expect Paladin to deal a lot of damage. But what makes the Paladin a bit more balanced is the book that they carry around with them.

This book allows the Paladins to cast a bunch of spells, granting buffs and shields to aid in battle. Due to this, Paladins are able to act as a supporting class but also as high damage dealing class when needed.

Just like the other Warrior classes, Paladins are great at absorbing damage and coming out unscratched. The tankiness makes the Paladins stronger than their counterparts, the Bards.

Additionally, the shields that the Paladin provides can negate up to 50% of the incoming damage. The Paladin has the Piety Identity. With it, you can enhance the range of your attacks or boost the spells that the Paladin has. Though there is one thing that should be kept in mind.

The Paladin is harder to get used to, unlike the other warrior class, Berserker. But if you’re looking for a class with more shields and such, then the Paladin could be a great Lost Ark Best Solo Class for you.


Lost Ark Best Solo PvE Class
Lost Ark – Gunslinger

If you’re a player that likes to keep their distance and are looking for a Lost Ark Best Solo Class, then Gunslinger might be the fit for you. Gunslingers are part of the Gunner class and the female variant of the Deadeye. They’re fast on their feet and traverse the arena with ease.

As you move around with the Gunslinger, you attack your enemies with 3 different weapons. The snipper, shotgun, and dual pistols. Whereas the Deadeye is strong with the Dual Pistols, Gunslinger shines with her use of the snipper. Her snipper allows her to maintain great range as she takes out enemies.

The Gunslinger is one of the harder classes to learn. But those players that get the hang of it end up utilizing the Gunslinger in such a great way that it feels like Lost Ark’s Best Solo Class and Lost Ark’s Best Solo PvE Class.

Oftentimes, you will start fights with your pistol, dealing burst damage, and then move far away to start dealing damage with the sniper. But the thing about the Gunslinger is, unlike many other classes, she does not have any exact identity. That means there’s no meter that you must fill up or some special mode that you can enter.

You will solely be relying on the three weapons that you have and switching between them according to the situation at hand. If this sounds like an ideal playstyle for you, then you can check out our Gunslinger Build to help you get set up.


Lost Ark – Gunlancer

We’ve discussed a lot of possibilities for the Lost Ark Best Solo Class and Lost Ark Best Solo PvE Class. But many of those classes have had a good blend between offense and defense. With some even requiring you to perform crazy maneuvers to avoid damage. But if those playstyles are not working out for you and you don’t want to keep dying to enemies, then Gunlancer is your best bet.

The Gunlancer Build is one of the most defensive builds out there. You can tank pretty much any attack as your defense is even higher than the Berserker. Additionally, they carry around a shield with them to further strengthen their defense. With a high HP and added defensive skills, you can bet that dying will no longer be a problem.

The Gunlancer is part of the Warrior class, so you can expect good damage. But don’t expect much mobility from them. Much of the time, you’ll be relying on defensive skills and blocking all oncoming attacks. If all of this sounds like a playstyle that you’d like to rock with, then perhaps the Gunlancer can be the Lost Ark Best Solo Class for you.

With that, you know everything there is to know about Lost Ark Best Solo Class and Lost Ark Best Solo PvE class. In the end, it depends on which play style you prefer and which class suits you the most. But this should’ve served as a general guide to help make you a choice. 

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