Top 6 Lost Ark BEST DPS Classes: PvP & PvE

Our Lost Ark DPS Classes Guide will showcase five of the strongest classes that will absolutely dominate the battlefield!

Lost Ark has some of the best selections for DPS; combining the tankiest classes with the main damage dealers, Lost Ark has everything to offer to newbie and veteran players. For players looking to start a new game of Lost Ark but feel like they are stuck at the title screen trying to figure out what class to main, fear not, for my Best DPS Lost Ark guide will showcase the 5 best DPS classes that players can main during combat. 

Key Takeaways

DPS classes focus on dealing high damage, typically on the frontlines with powerful attacks.

  1. Berserker class excels in melee combat with a Greatsword, with a “Fury Mode” for increased damage.
  2. Sorceress is a mage class for long-range combat, utilizing magic attacks and mythical creature summons.
  3. Artillerist is a ranged damage dealer using heavy machine guns and cannons, with skills for close and ranged combat.
  4. Paladin is a support/tank class, strong in PvE and PvP, derived from the Warrior class.
  5. Gunslinger is a ranged combat class known for high mobility, damage, and aiming skills, excelling in PvP.
  6. Deathblade is a subclass of the Assassin class, offering agility, mobility, and versatility in both PvE and PvP combat.

Best DPS Classes

Let’s have a look at the Best DPS Classes that you can utilize, which I deem the best in Lost Ark:

Build ClassTypeBase ClassWeaponsGenderSpecies
Berserker BuildBerserkerWarriorGreatswordMaleVarious
Sorceress BuildSorceressMageStaffFemaleVarious
Artillerist BuildArtilleristGunnerMachine Gun, Flamethrower, RocketMaleVarious
Paladin BuildPaladinWarriorOne-Handed SwordMaleVarious
Gunslinger BuildGunslingerGunnerSniper Rifle, Pistol, ShotgunFemaleVarious
Deathblade BuildDeathbladeAssassinDual SwordsMaleDemon/Deathblade

6. Berserker

Lost Ark Berserker
Berserker Class

Berserker class stands out for its exceptional damage output. They wield melee weapons, such as Greatswords, for close combat, inflicting significant damage while gradually reducing enemy HP. They can toggle between normal and “Fury Mode,” granting dominance over nearby foes.

Strength boosts their damage, making it my recommended stat investment. Agile and mobile, they excel in back attacks for swift elimination in PvE or PvP. However, they trade protection for offense, emphasizing avoiding enemy hits.

5. SorceressOne of the best Lost Ark DPS class

 Sorceress ClassThe Sorceress excels in long-range combat, dealing significant damage with magic attacks and summoning mythical creatures. Her deadly spells can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Her gauge fills as she hits enemies, reducing spell cast times and boosting damage through Arcane Rupture. At 100% gauge, it peaks, dealing more damage and reducing cooldowns, while 30% can be used for Blink to evade attacks.

4. Artillerist 

Lost Ark Artillerist
Artillerist Class

From my experience, Artillerists wield incredibly powerful machine guns, ensuring deadly damage output. They use their machine guns as both Flamethrowers and Rocket launchers, systematically incapacitating enemies.

Beyond their formidable damage, Artillerists are versatile, switching between close combat skills and ranged attacks with their machine guns. Their damage scales with Dexterity, so prioritize this attribute for optimal damage output.

3. Paladin

Lost Ark Paladin
Paladin Class

Paladins perform well in both PvE and PvP as an extension of the warrior class, capable of tanking hits and outperforming some subclasses.

In a support role, from my experience, Paladins become formidable tanks, absorbing damage to protect party members. They wield one-handed swords and are among the top-ranked DPS classes in Lost Ark.

Paladins deliver potent melee damage, scaling with strength, so I recommend attribute investment and crowd control mastery.

2. Gunslinger

Lost Ark Gunslinger
Gunslinger Class

The Gunslinger is the top choice for mastering ranged DPS. Armed with a Sniper Rifle, pistol, and shotgun, they unleash devastating blows on both nearby and distant enemies with bullets.

Gunslingers are highly agile, allowing them to evade enemy attacks effortlessly while efficiently taking down unsuspecting foes. Their mobility, damage output, and precision make them ideal for players seeking a ranged PvP combat class. However, Gunslingers are relatively squishy, so having a healer on your team is advisable.

1. Deathblade

Deathblade Class

Ending things off with the final class, I have the Deathblade in my arsenal, which is known to be one of, if not the best, DPS class in Lost Ark. They are a subclass of the Assassin class, and they will typically be in hold of three main swords, and along with chaos on their side, they dominate the battlefield every time. 

Deathblades are typically known to be extremely versatile, with them being able to provide excellent damage output both in PvE and PvP combat. Their damage output scales off of Dexterity, which players should invest in. They are also incredibly agile and mobile, making them the perfect candidates for a class to main.

With that, I wrap up the guide. I hope that you like it; let me know what you think! While you’re at it, consider reading our Top 5 Lost Ark Best Solo Classes and Best Crews guides.

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