Top 6 Lost Ark BEST DPS Classes: PvP & PvE

Our Lost Ark DPS Classes Guide will showcase five of the strongest classes that will absolutely dominate the battlefield!

Lost Ark has some of the best selections for DPS; combining the tankiest classes with the main damage dealers, Lost Ark has everything to offer to newbie and veteran players. For players looking to start a new game of Lost Ark but feel like they are stuck at the title screen trying to figure out what class to main, fear not, for our Best DPS Lost Ark guide will showcase the 5 best DPS classes that players can main during combat. 

Key Highlights

  • Lost Ark is a multiplayer action role-playing game that features a variety of classes for players to choose from including DPS classes.
  • DPS classes In Lost Ark focus on dealing high damage to enemies, typically staying on the frontlines to unleash powerful attacks.
  • The Berserker class is a powerful offensive class that excels in melee combat using a Greatsword. They can also enter “Fury Mode” which enhances their damage output and helps them dominate enemies. 
  • The Sorceress class in Lost Ark is a mage class that excels in long-range combat. They use magic attacks from afar to keep enemies at bay. They can summon mythical creatures to fight for them along with casting powerful spells.
  • The Artillerist is a ranged damage dealer class that specializes in using heavy machine guns and cannons to deal damage to enemies. They can switch between close combat skills and ranged attacks.
  • The Paladin class in Lost Ark is a support and tank class that can withstand and absorb damage on the front lines. This class is an extension of the Warrior class and excels in both PvE and PvP combat.
  • The Gunslinger class is a ranged combat class. Players commonly know it for its high mobility, high damage output, and excellent aiming skills. Due to these skills, they excel in PVP combats.
  • The Deathblade is a subclass of the Assassin class in the game Lost Ark. It excels in both PvE and PvP combat. This class has great agility and mobility along with other great skills.

Best DPS Classes For Combat in Lost Ark 

When it comes to true combat, players will typically want to have the main team that they can rely on to get the highest damage output. However, this guide will not include mentions of healers since they are normally considered to stay on the sidelines and provide buffs for the main damage dealer, which will be our main focus, and healers typically don’t fall into the Best DPS Lost Ark category. 

Typically, the highest damage dealers will always stay on the frontlines, unleashing potent attack after attack, evidently hitting the enemies and eventually hitting them in a way that will be rendered useless. We will uncover PvE, PvP, ranged, and melee-centric DPS classes, which will dominate foes present on the battlefield. With that out of the way, let’s get started with some of Lost Ark’s Best DPS. Also, why not read our Lost Ark Best Trading Skills guide.

Berserker Class

Lost Ark Berserker
Berserker Class

Kicking things off with number five, we have the Berserker class, which offers an excellent amount of damage output. With them being an extension of the Warrior class, they are an excellent offensive class that can render any opponents useless when they are being hit, therefore granting them the 5th ranking in the Best DPS in Lost Ark

Essentially, they will wield melee weapons. They typically are a Greatsword that allows the Berserkers to go all-in towards their enemies face to face and slash and pierce through them with insane damage output that will continue to eat away at the enemy’s overall HP and kill them off. 

With that, they are also accompanied by a normal mode while also being able to enter a “Fury Mode,” which grants them the ability to dominate any foes around. Their damage will typically scale with Strength; therefore, if players want to main as a Berserker, they are recommended to invest as many points into Strength as possible. 

The berserker class is also extremely agile, mobile, and potent in their back attacks launched at enemies, which will murder them in their wake when the players are maining as a Berserker and busy in PvE or PvP combat. One minor side effect is that Berserkers will typically sacrifice their protection and defense; therefore, they always need to be careful not to get hit. This was one of our first Best DPS Lost Ark classes. Make sure to read our Lost Ark Berserker Build in order to get the most out of it!

Berserker Class Skills 

Lost Ark Berserker Class Skills
Berserker Skills

Moving right along, players who want to main this class can take a look at these available skills that will buff the overall damage output; we will uncover the basic skill descriptions as we go along. You might like our Lost Ark Striker Build as well!

Berserker SkillsDescription
Double SlashWield the weapon in your hands, and swing it in an X shape, piercing through opponents. 
Assault BladeWield the greatsword in your hand and unleash a potent diagonal slash against opponents, rendering them useless.
Crime Hazard Launch yourself into the air, swing your wielded weapon against enemies, and causes enemies to go airborne, then slam down and inflict damage. 
Finish StrikeWield the weapon into your hands and thrust it down, causing enemies to intake damage.
Shoulder Charge Head forward for a total of 7 meters and cause a total of 269 damage to enemies. 
WhirlwindCause yourself to go airborne and continue to spin for a total of 3 seconds while dealing damage. 
Power BreakGrants the player the ability to deal damage to enemies using your wielded weapon and cause them to get knocked back. 
Tempest SlashCast the ability all the while charging forwards towards the enemy and piercing through them, dealing potent damage. 
Mountain Crash Cast the skill and summon a 4-meter radius whereby players can launch attacks and cause them to intake enhanced Earth Damage. 
Diving Slash Launch yourself into the air and strike back down against enemies and render them useless. 
Hell Blade Wield your greatsword and thrust it down into the ground in order to deal a total of 117 damage. Hold it to charge it for 1.5 seconds which will deal another 348 damage. 
Chain Sword Take your weapon in your hand and continue to go at your enemies with a diagonal upper slash and causing enemies to go airborne.
Wind BladeSwing your wielded weapon with immense force and pierce and slash through foes, causing them to take damage. 
Maelstrom Repeat the same thrusting motion with your wielded weapon and deal a total of 451 damage, alongside summoning a shockwave which will deal 300 damage. 
Strike WaveTake 0.8 seconds out of your time to charge your weapon and unleash a total of 850 damage, and when it is fully charged, it will unleash 2124 damage. 
Red DustStrike your weapon up into the air, dealing a total of 856 damage. Achieve a perfect parry in order to gain 12% enhanced damage output.
Sword StormGo airborne while rotating anti-clockwise and thrust back against the ground, which will summon clouds that will deal a total of 1479 damage. 

Sorceress Class

One of the best Lost Ark DPS class
 Sorceress Class

The Sorceress class is a great mage class for players who fancy Long-Ranged combat. If you are the kind of player that enjoys being the damage dealer in your team, then the Sorceress class will suit you best. She utilizes magic attacks from afar and keeps her foes at bay. The sorceress can summon mythical creatures on the battlefield in order to defeat her enemies. She can cast deadly spells upon her enemies which swiftly change the tide of the battle.

The Sorceress class has a very strong base kit. Their damage commonly scales off of Intelligence. Although this class requires you to have an extensive amount of knowledge as compared to other classes, it certainly rewards you with some of the highest perks and stats that Lost Ark has to offer. The reason why this class falls in one of the best DPS Lost Ark classes is because of its highly damaging ranged magic-focused spells.

When you are playing a Sorceress class, your gauge will fill up whenever you hit an enemy. You can utilize this gauge in certain ways. The Arcane Rupture will reduce the time to cast spells while amplifying your damage. Moreover, when your gauge is at 100 percent the effect will increase its effectiveness. This will allow you to deal more damage and the cooldown will be reduced significantly. On the other hand, you can evade unexpected attacks by using 30 percent of your gauge for Blink.

Not only this class can deal high-bolstered damage but it also provides the user with good maneuverability. Moreover, She can wreak havoc on enemy defenses. This class fulfills the DPS role and gets tremendously stronger the more your team plays around you. It has a wide range of builds that fluctuate in flexibility, power, and cost. However, when playing a sorceress class, players will need to get a grasp of dodging enemy attacks whilst calibrating their Magic spells.

Sorceress Class Skills

Best Lost Ark DPS Class
Sorceress Class Skills
Blaze By discharging a rectangular flame, this skill enables you to damage enemies in the vicinity. The attack sets the enemy on fire and paralyzes them for five seconds.
Rime ArrowWith the Rime Arrow skill, you can inflict water damage to enemies within 14 meters with multiple ice arrows.
Esoteric ReactionWith the Estoric Reaction skill, the player can form a magick crystal. The crystal will expand whenever an upper level is reached. On level 3, the crystal will erupt causing 1848 damage to all the enemies.
Punishing StrikeThis skill lets the player conjure up a big thunderbolt and wreak loads of Lightning damage to all enemies within the vicinity.
Seraphic HailThis skill enables you to use water damage against your enemies. Furthermore, while this skill is activated, the enemies in the air will get hit multiple times by this attack.
Frost’s CallUnleash a total of nine hits on your enemy that will deal water damage in the range of 12 meters. The time limit for this skill is four seconds
DoomsdayAn offensive skill that deals massive fire damage within the vicinity in the form of a meteor. Furthermore, it forces fire damage and knocks down foes.
ExplosionCast a spell that fires a projectile ignited with fire, dealing massive damage and knocking enemies into the air.
Ice ShowerWith the Ice Shower skill, the sorceress will inflict ice damage on all the enemies within its radius.
SquallForm a whirlwind with this skill in the area and damage all the enemies in the front with three devastating hits.
InfernoWith the Inferno skill, forge a pillar of flame which causes tons of damage to all enemies within 14 meter of radius. It also knocks enemies into the air making them vulnerable to all kinds of attacks.
Energy DischargeYou can fire an intensive magick bullet which will cause massive damage by penetrating the enemy in front. If you further press a button, it will fire again inflicting 277 damage.
Lightning VortexThe player will form a spherical lightning within the area causing massive lightning damage to all enemies for three seconds. Upon hit, the enemies will be drawn in the center and take extra 224 lightning damage.

The Sorceress class is primarily based on an extensive diverse skill set of Elemental and Arcane magic attacks. It can be a very perplexing class to play in Lost Ark depending on what Class Engraving you are planning to aim for. However, the reward you get after investing some time in this class is unmatched. All in all, the Sorceress class is a great pick if you want to fling magic spells on your foes.

Artillerist Class 

Lost Ark Artillerist
Artillerist Class

For players that would rather not be associated with a melee class and would rather settle for ranged damage output and are solely wanting to focus on mastering their performance in PvE combat against tougher opponents, then look no further than to main as the Artillerist, which is one of the Best DPS Lost Ark has to offer.

In essence, the main key point that sells Artillerists is that they can wield machine guns so heavy that it can almost be predicted that their damage output will be deadly. With their machine gun in hand, they use it as both a Flamethrower and a Rocket launcher, launching attacks one by one and rendering any enemies useless. 

On the other hand, not only is their overall damage output devastating, but Artillerists have also mastered the art of being absolute tanks, with them being able to switch between their close combat skills, whereby they can get up close and personal with their foes, while also being able to launch attacks from their machinegun. 

Their damage typically scales off of Dexterity, therefore max out the skill for optimal damage output. However, keeping that in mind, Artillerists need to master the art of evading enemy attacks since the heavy machine gun seriously reduces the overall mobility; therefore, players will need to consider their plan beforehand so that they do not get attacked by enemies when they are in the middle of battle.

In conclusion, the Artillerist is definitely a viable option as the Best DPS Class in Lost Ark.  For players that intend to main this class, follow up with our Lost Ark Artillerist Build guide! 

Artillerist Class Skills 

Lost Ark Artillerist Class Skills
Artillerist Skills

Just like the Berserker class, players that want to main as an Artillerist can also follow our Lost Ark Artillerist DPS walkthrough and equip some of these skills mentioned below, and while you’re at it, check out our Lost Ark Shadowhunter Build

Enhanced ShellUpon casting, players can launch out an enormous bullet that will deal a total of 178 damage. 
Freeze ShellAs the name suggests, fire out a bullet imbued with Water damage that will slow down enemies by 60% for a total of 4 seconds. 
Gatling Gun Start spinning upon an axis towards your opponents and launch attacks from your machinegun a total of 24 times, all the while dealing a total of 433.2 damage.
Buckshot Using a shotgun in your hand, fire out a blast that will deal a total of 213 damage and knockback enemies. 
Howitzer Unleash a deadly cannon, which will continue to attack enemies and cause them to go airborne. 
Napalm ShotUsing a napalm shell, detonate it while it is in the opponent’s location, causing them to intake 279 damage. For a total of 5 seconds, enemies will continue to take in 36 Fire damage. 
Bombardment: Howitzer Choose an opponent’s general location, bombard it and deal a total of 111 damage. 
Multiple Rocket LauncherShoot out a total of 5 missiles which will deal 678.6 damage to foes. 
Flamethrower Cast your Flamethrower in a way whereby it will allow you full mobility and will continue to unleash a total of 886.5 damage for 4 seconds.
Swing Wield your launcher in one hand and swing it against your opponents, dealing 213 damage.
Air Raid Cast out large-sized bullets into the air, and they will continue to bring destruction upon enemies, all the while dealing 681.6 damage.
Jump Bombardment Launch yourself into the air while bombarding the area of departure and dealing a total of 271 damage and causing severe knockback.
Bombardment: Focus FireLaunch yourself up and continue to spin while shooting out shoots that will deal 1110.1, damage-causing enemies to go airborne yet again. 
Summon Turret Cast down a turret that will be wielding a machine gun which will continue to unleash 125 damage for a total of 10 seconds. 
Plasma Storm Summon forth a plasma field that will slowly move towards your opponents and deal 50 damage for a total of 5 seconds. 
Gravity Explosion Cast down the skill and cause there to be a heavy gravitational field, which will suck in enemies and deal 122.1 damage. 
Forward BarrageShoot out a deadly cannon and deal 179 damage. 
Homing Barrage Place down a homing device at the opponent’s location away, about 8 meters from their location. After exploding, it will deal a total of 921 damage. 
Bombardment: Energy CannonFire out a cannon imbued with energy, which will deal a total of 1443.1 damage. 
Bombardment Impregnability Cast forth the skill and protect yourself with a shield that will absorb 30% of max HP as damage into itself. 

Paladin Class 

Lost Ark Paladin
Paladin Class

The next class in question is the Paladin class, which is solely focused on being an excellent support class while also being able to sustain themselves when they are present on the battlefield in front of tougher enemies or opponents, which makes the Paladin automatically an overpowered Lost Ark DPS Class

The Paladin class typically can excel in both PvE and PvP combat. With them being an extension of the warrior class, anyone who mains as a Paladin is sure to succeed and decimate the hell out of their enemies. They can outdo some of their other subclasses while also being an absolute master of tanking hits from enemies while being present on the front lines. 

Alongside that, if you are planning to, for some reason, play them as a support, then they will be able to absorb even more damage, allowing them to become an absolute tank that will protect the other party members during battle. In terms of wielding weapons, they typically have a one-handed sword in their arsenal that they use in the arena. As said before, we consider Paladin as the Best ranked DPS Lost Ark and is thoroughly enjoyed by players. 

They can also unleash melee damage, meaning you can rely on them to deal attack after attack needed to obliterate any kind of enemy. Their damage is scaled primarily off of strength. Therefore, players are advised to place some points into that while also being a master of crowd control. Make sure to read up on our Lost Ark Paladin Build for the best class DPS build. 

Paladin Class Skills 

Lost Ark Paladin Class Skills
Paladin Skills

These are some of the best skills that Paladin mains should follow when they are in a tough battle. you might also enjoy reading up on our Lost Ark Gunlancer Build

Skills Description
Spin SlashUpon casting, players can go airborne and spin twice while having the ability to slash through opponents, dealing a total of 278 damage twice. 
Flash ThrustWield your sword in your hand and slash it through your worst opponent 4 times for a total of 495 damage with a final bonus slash for an extra 148 damage. 
Charge Move forward with ultimate speed for about 6 meters and pierce through enemies to make them intake 708 damage. 
Light ShockSummon forth a light shockwave that will cause enemies to intake a total of 406 damage. 
Light of Judgement Summon forth rays of light that are so bright that they will hit enemies with ultimate force and cause a total of 914 damage output. 
Sword of JusticeUpon casting the skill, players will be able to call forth a sword that is imbued with light energy and hit enemies, and deal 893 damage. 
Flash SlashAs the name suggests, charge forward and slash through your enemies 7 times, dealing different damage each time. 
Godsent LawCall forth a Magick Circle from the heavens that will continue to spin in a circle with light and deal a whopping 1417 damage. 
Punishment Wield your sword in one hand and position yourself in a way whereby you slash through your foe in a criss-cross manner to deal 154 damage twice. The final damage output will be 718. 
Wrath of God Cast the skill, and it will instantly burst and deal a total of 1435 damage to enemies. 
Holy Area Summon a radius filled with Holy energy and cause enemies to be inflicted with 619 damage. 
Dash SlashGo to your original position and charge forward towards enemies, all the while swinging your sword against opponents and dealing 1068 total damage. 
Executor’s SwordContinue to move your sword up into the air and cause enemies to go airborne while dealing 465 damage. A bonus of 697 damage can be dealt with with a second full charge of the skill. 
Holy ProtectionBe surrounded with a shield for a total of 6 seconds that will absorb 11% of max HP as damage. 
Execution of JusticeStay where you are and continue to spin and cause enemies to be inflicted with 1120 damage, then end it with a potent blow that will deal a total of 480 damage. 
Holy ExplosionConcentrate on gathering energy that is goldy and have it explode, and deal devastating 2567 damage. 
Holy Sword Wield your sword in your hand and thrust it forward, dealing 164 damage. 
Heavenly Blessings Call forth the Solar Guardian and deal 520 damage to opponents. 

Gunslinger Class 

Lost Ark Gunslinger
Gunslinger Class

The next class that we will take a look at is the Gunslinger, which is essentially a ranged combat class that is made for players that are looking to master the Best ranged DPS Lost Ark in combat. With three main weapons in hand, the Sniper Rifle, the pistol, and a shotgun, the Gunslinger can launch devastating blows through their bullets to nearby and far away enemies. 

They are extremely quick on their feet. Therefore they can perfectly evade enemy attacks while also being able to shoot down enemies with ultimate ease. Gunslingers also know of the perfect way to shoot at enemies that are completely unsuspecting of any kind of hits and will render them useless. 

With their high mobility, high damage output, and excellent aiming, players should look into maining the Gunslinger if they want to look for a more ranged PvP combat-based class.

The minor side effect is that the Gunslinger is on the squishier side, so make sure to carry a healer with you, but nonetheless, they are still able to fulfill their role as an excellent DPS in Lost Ark. The Lost Ark Gunslinger Build will help you get inspiration in order to formulate the best build for it. 

Gunslinger Class Skills

Gunslinger Class Skills
Gunslinger Skills

Hands down, these are some of the best skills that will benefit Gunslinger mains. While you are at it, check out the Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build!

Skills Descriptions 
Spiral Tracker Grants the player the ability to cast forth a spinning handgun and shoot it at the opponent within a 10-meter radius, causing 233 damage. 
AT02 Grenade Launch a grenade at the general location of your opponents within 10 meters, dealing a total of 135 damage.
Quick-Step After casting the skill, move forward a total of 6 meters and shoot at your foes in order to deal 155 damage. 
Plasma Bullet Unleash is a bullet imbued with Firepower, causing enemies to go airborne and dealing 682 damage. 
Meteor Stream Unleash loads of bullets into the sky, then crash them down against your enemies, inflicting them with 445 damage. 
Somersault ShotSomersault a total of 10 meters in the general direction of your opponents while shooting at them to inflict a total of 139 damage output. 
Hour of Judgement Unleash 3 bullets that will be shaped like cones, making the enemies intake a total of 525.2 damage. 
Spiral FlameShoot out a deadly bullet that is imbued with Fire damage that will hit enemies and cause 682 Fire damage. 
Equilibrium It grants the player the ability to wield his gun and shoot out bullets that will deal a total of 454.6 damage. 
Shotgun Rapid FireTake your weapon in your hand and consistently dish out bullets 3 times, each dealing 365, 274, and 274 damage output. 
Catastrophe Lets the player launches a claymore in the general direction of the opponent, which will explode and deal a total of 709 damage. 
Death Fire Keep shooting out bullets upon bullets over the course of 2.9 seconds, which will deal a total of 428.6 damage. The perfect parry allows for an extra 238 damage. 
Last Request Upon summoning the skill, players will be able to launch a deadly bullet that will cause enemies to intake 780 damage. 
Perfect ShotWhen the skill is activated, enemies will intake 274 damage at first, then an extra 1099 after the perfect parry is achieved. 
Dexterous Shot Move forward swiftly for a total of 6 meters and shoot out using your shotgun a total of 4 times, each dealing 81.9 damage to enemies. 
Peacekeeper Mix up several combo shots to unleash 62, 31, and 127 damage that will render enemies useless. 
Dual Buckshot Upon casting, players can unleash their gun damage a total of 2 times to deal 285 damage to enemies. 
Focused Shot Continue on with firing your rifle a total of 2 times to deal a total of 315 damage, after which the enemy’s movement speed will be decreased by 80%. 
Bullet Rain Wield your weapon in your hand for a total of 2 seconds and unleash bullets that deal 637.8 damage output. 
Sharpshooter Take your gun and dish out 7 shots for a total of 1493 damage output. 

Deathblade Class 

Deathblade Class

Ending things off with the final class, we have the Deathblade in our arsenal, which is known to be one of, if not the best, DPS class in Lost Ark. They are a subclass of the Assassin class, and they will typically be in hold of three main swords, and along with chaos on their side, they dominate the battlefield every time. 

Deathblades are typically known to be extremely versatile, with them being able to provide excellent damage output both in PvE as well as PvP combat. Their damage output scales off of Dexterity, which players should invest in. they are also incredibly agile and mobile, making them the perfect candidates for a class to main. The Lost Ark Deathblade Build will help inspire Deathblade mains. 

Deathblade Class Skills 

 Deathblade Class Skills
Deathblade Skills

When it comes to Deathblade, not only is it clearly an impeccable Lost Ark DPS but there are a lot of skills for the class. However, we will list down the 6 best skills to use for it. Scrappers are also an excellent class to main, and here is your future inspiration amalgamated in our Lost Ark Scrapper Build!

Skills Description 
Surprise Attack Move forward swiftly for a total of 4 meters and slash against your enemies in order to deal a total of 268 damage. 
Upper Slash Wield your weapon in your hand and launch an upper slash to deal a total of 168 damage, which will also summon a tornado that will deal a further 252 damage. 
Wind CutMove forward and create a misty cloud of blades that will have a duration of 1.5 seconds and will deal a total of 489 damage. 
Polestar Take your weapon and slash it up across your enemy, dealing 68 damage, then causing them to go airborne, dealing 407, then a bonus 204 damage when they crash into the ground. 
Spin cutter Continue spinning towards your enemy and deal 287 damage twice. 
Blade DanceContinue slashing towards enemies for a total of 7 times, dealing 784 damage and a bonus of 338 damage. 

With that, we wrap up the top 5 Best DPS classes in the Lost Ark guide that players can use for PvE and PvP combat engagements. We hope that you liked it, let us know what you think! 

Guide Inspiration: RageGamingVideos

Update December 2022: Sorceress Class added. 

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