Lost Ark Best Crews: Stats & Advantages [Top 3]

Lost Ark has a pretty complex ship sailing and our Best Crews guide lists the best crewmates around Arkesia that will keep you safe.

There are over 155 different crews available in the game, but we will be covering the overall Best Crews. These crews maximize your ship’s speed without sacrificing too many important resistances like Tempest Seas or Dead Waters. Their resistances and stats, alongside the required Ships that you need to invite them aboard your roster and use effectively, will all be mentioned in this guide.

Key Takeaways
  • Crews in Lost Ark: Over 155 crews available, enhancing ship speed and maintaining resistances.
  • Best Crews for Ghost Ship: Berald and Hwarin, reduce both physical and magical damage while boosting speed.
  • Ash Tray Ship: Notable for having the highest speed among all ships.
  • Crew Purchases: Acquired using pirate coins or sun coins.
  • Choosing Crews: Assess your ship’s stats to identify weaknesses, then select a crew that compensates for these deficiencies.

Ghost Ship Crew

best Crews Lost Ark
Eibern’s Wound Ghost Ship

The ship we will be using is the Ghost ship Eibern’s Wound, which can be unlocked by completing the Daily quest “Bleak Night Fog” a total of 12 times but can be easily done by completing the quest once, and then you can proceed to use Una’s instant task completion passes which you can also get by finishing her tasks and then speed up the process and claim the ship.

Unlocking the Ship will give us access to buying the main Crew we will be using for this is Berald, who can be bought from either the city of Eyaru for 80,000 pirate coins or from a spearfish hunting ship merchant in Punika Port for 8016 sun coins. On the subject of hunting, consider reading our Lost Ark Best Hunting Spots guide.

His ability provides 60 percent damage reduction in both Physical and Magical, while attack power is boosted by 120 percent and move speed is increased by 20 percent while additionally adding 40 percent movement speed while the ghost ship buff is active. Berald is an excellent addition with great all-around resistances and a fantastic ability to give you the edge while on the Eibern’s Wound.

Berald sailing
Berald Lost Ark

Furthermore, since we have an extra Crew slot on Eibern’s wound, we suggest equipping Hwarin, who can be either bought from the City of Eyaru for 80,000 Pirate coins or one tear of the Abyss from Keith in Island of the Mists as she provides decent stats alongside Berald and is focused primarily for this ship’s crew. Getting them on board is recommended as they are both the best crews for the ghost ship.

Best Crews Lost Ark
Hwarin Lost Ark

Ash Tray Ship Crews

Ashtray ship
Ashtray Lost Ark

This crew and ship emphasize pure speed and getting to various locations and continents around the world map, including the most dangerous areas of the sea. For the Crews aboard this ship, we are using the Ash Tray Ship, which has the highest base speed of any ship in the game. The only way to obtain this ship is by crafting and the materials needed are easily listed and explained in-game, which is really useful.

The Best Crews for this ship are Barakas, Blackfang, and Fordin.

Baraka’s relic can be bought from Punika port for 14,428 sun coins, and the legendary version from a random sale at the Gador Stronghold for 7,870 raid seals. Blackfang relic can be bought at the Island of Mist for one tear of the abyss and legendary variant by completing its quest or from a treasure map, and lastly, Fordin can be bought at Rohendel Port for 2.705 Sceptrum’s coins.

Best crews Lost Ark
Blackfang Lost Ark
Best crew Lost Ark
Barakas Lost Ark

You are going to want to use BOTH Relic and Legendary variants of Barakas and Blackfang as they both have quite different pros and cons, but they ultimately go hand in hand together. Blackblade’s stats resistances are little to none; however, its ability makes up for it, as the Fast Sailing meter recovered every time you sail a certain distance is +15. Having two variants of it along with the Ash Tray seals the deal that you will be practically breezing past most mobs and enemies in the vast seas at super speeds, making him one of the best crews.

Barakas doesn’t have any particular ability, but he will be compensating for the stat resistances lost by Blackblade since he has a wide positive spread in his variable stats, especially to help in Siren Seas and Dead Waters. So having two of his variants on board will help sufficiently in making our speedy Ash Tray shine Crews shine.

Lastly, for the 5th member, you can add solely Fordin for extra acceleration due to his 1.3 percent increase in base sailing speed. Additionally, he doesn’t reduce our resistance too much either and acts as a balanced Crew member.

Best crews Lost Ark
Fordin Lost Ark

Estoc Ship Best Crews

Best crews Lost Ark
Estoc/Estoque Lost Ark

As we have saved the best for last, our crew for the Estoc ship is perhaps the best and most balanced one for the entire game! We are using the Estoc, which is quite possibly the best ship of the game you can get in terms of stats and resistances. You can earn it during one of the story missions, the storyline of Luteran; thus, it is unmissable in the game.

The best crews for Estoc make it unlikely that you will be succumbing to any deadly seas or the beasts plaguing them, as our main focus for this crew will make you impervious to most damage and toughen your ship. The main crew members we are using for this final one comprise of the Lost Ark’s Best Crews, as it involves using Both Epic and Legendary variants of Cals and Pupuring while filling the last slot in with Tasha.

Cal’s epic version can be found as a random shipwreck drop, or you can hand over his rapport and claim it in Wavestrand Port, while the legendary version can be bought at Yorn’s Cradle for 4.008 Arcturu’s coins. Also, consider reading our Lost Ark Rapport guide and learn about the best NPCs, Gifts & Rewards.

The Pupuring relic version is obtained by exchanging 1 Tear of the Abyss at the Island of Mist, while the epic variant can be bought at Wavestrand Port for 2.004 Gienah’s coins.

And Tasha can be easily bought at Slime Island for 6.000 Jelly coins.

Lost Ark best crews
Pupuring Lost Ark
Best crew Lost Ark
Cals Lost Ark

Cals is one of the most valuable sailors you will want to have on your Esotoc crews as it provides a whopping +2.2 Base sailing speed while having balanced stats, and if you combine it with both his Epic and Legendary versions, that’s a massive bonus to give you an edge in being a speed demon!

Pupuring, on the other hand, where it may lack in Kelp’s bed stats, gains favor with its dead water and cold snap resistances as well as the +1.3 Base sailing speed increases because added that, plus you will be using the Estoc, so its stats will also play into the overall loadout making it an incredibly tanky Crew member.

Lastly, Tasha contributes an even +5 stats to all resistances, which is too good to pass on for our final slot.

Tasha best crews
Tasha Lost Ark

Alternative Ship Crews

There are additional good choices for the Best Crews that you can try out:

  • Eibern’s Wound Ship Crew: A viable option, but some members like Harwin require specific actions or resources to obtain.
  • Brahms Ship Crew: Its crew members offer various benefits and can be easily acquired through pirate coins.
  • Eurus Ship Crew: The crew members of Eurus ship offer different bonuses to the ship, such as increased sailing speed or special abilities.
  • Tragon Ship Crew: A decent option, but it has slightly low stats compared to the other crews I mentioned above.

Also, in case you are struggling in combat and exploration outside of ship traversal, then please consider checking out this intuitive and quick Leveling guide for Lost Ark. We also did a separate guide on the Best Estoque crew and their ship, which is also part of the Crews in this list.

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