Top 5 Lost Ark Best Hunting Spots

Lost Ark Best Hunting Spot guide is all about helping you to find the best hunting spot for an easy and reliable hunting experience

In Lost Ark, Hunting animals enables us to acquire many useful resources for survival and make progress. Hunting can be more effective and enjoyable if you know the best hunting spot, and that can be difficult. To make it easy to find the best hunting spot, we have brought you this guide which entails everything you should know about the Lost Ark’s best-hunting spot.

Key Takeaways
  • Hunting animals is another aspect of Lost Ark. It provides the necessities required for survival in the game.
  • There is a variety of spots to find different animals. Rabbit is the easiest of them to hunt down.
  • Some forests and spots might contain enemies and dangerous creatures. It is advisable to first investigate what sort of creatures you will encounter in a specific spot.
  • Take down the dangerous species first to eliminate distractions. Hunt rabbits once you are done dealing with distractions.
  • Crescent Island is the one that should be your priority as there are no other harmful creatures.

Lost Ark Best Hunting Spots

Crescent IslandLocated between the Continents of Arthetine and Vern, Port Krona, East side of Vern
Eternity IslandNorth East of Rohendel, and the South East of Feiton
Parna ForestContinent of North Vern
Prisma ValleyAnikka Area
Mercia IslandSea of Gienah, East of East Luterra and South of Tortoyk Island

Geographically Lost Ark is located in the area of islands and forests there is variable soil along with water there. You can see it on the game’s map as well and the best hunting spots are on the different islands and forests each offering different animals to hunt but rabbits mostly.

You have to travel to different places, mostly on foot and on ships such as Estoque. Below is the list of the best hunting spots on Lost Ark. 

Crescent Island

Best Hunting Spot
Crescent Island is on the bottom of the southwest in a large map of the game.

This is a very good island for the best hunting spot, especially for beginners, as there are rabbits on this island for hunting which are easy to hunt, and there are no distractions during hunting from other big animals. You can easily hunt the rabbits just need some roaming around; in exchange, you will get crystalized scale. Below are the images with captions attached to make it easier to find the best hunting spot. Also, consider reading our Lost Ark Sorceress Build and Lost Ark Berserker Build guides.

Best Hunting Spot
This is the map of Crescent Island
Best Hunting Spots
This is the Crescent Island you can find a lot of tortoise here also but you should hunt only rabbits
Best Hunting Spot
There is the rabbit to hunt at Crescent island Just do a little exploring and you will find it

Eternity Island

This is another island best for hunting and different from the first one in our guide list as a whole especially geographically and looks sandy and mountainous. It is at the top left of the main map and has large and fast-moving animals to hunt as well as smaller ones.

To make the process easy we have attached images with captions below. Before reading further, make sure you read our Lost Ark Best Mining Spots and Best Places To Level Up Foraging guides.

Best Hunting Spot
That is Eternity island at the top left of the main map
Best Hunting Spot
This is map of Eternity island
Best Hunting Spot
You can notice that Eternity island is sandy and have rocks
Best Jumping Spot
These are the big animals to hunt
Best Jumping Spot
That is the smaller one to hunt

Parna Forest

Parna Forest is full of many adventurous things to do and it is also one of the best spots for hunting as there are a lot of rabbits down there. You should better search the specific area for the hunt which is west of the Parna Forest there is Triport you have to walk all way up and down for rabbits there.

As its name, it is the forest and it is full of different creatures some are dangerous and may try to kill you so we have to finish them off first and leave the distraction behind and hunt the rabbits and earn the reward for the better good. We have attached images below to make it easy to understand the guide. 

Best Hunting Spot
There it is on the main map in the middle is Parna Island
Best Hunting Spot
This is the map of Parna Forest
Best Hunting Spot
You can observe from image why it is called Parna forest previously we were at islands
Best Hunting Spot
There is the rabbit to hunt in Parna Forest
Best Hunting Spot
These are the creatures you will find during hunting rabbits you have to kill them

Prisma Valley

Prisma valley is another very attractive spot for hunting rabbits. Just open its map you will find on the west side of Prisma Valley is Triport with Bamboo Temple reach there and then walk down from there you will find the area full of rabbits to hunt. T

here will be creatures who will fight each other and you should either kill them or avoid them by walking fast because they will try to kill you so it is better to keep your distance from them and hunt the rabbits. Prisma Valley is located in a very beautiful area. We have attached images below as a guide.

Best Hunting Spots
This is the map of Prisma Valley
Best Hunting Spot
These are different creatures in Prisma and they will fight with each other as well as with you
Best Hunting Spot
There is the rabbit to hunt in west side of image in Prisma Valley

Mercia Island

This island is also proven to be a very useful and best hunting spot. You can find a lot of rabbits to hunt here along with enemies to kill if they prove to overwhelm otherwise you can simply avoid them by running fast which is pretty difficult.

On this island as well as others there are rabbits hidden in bushes also rather than barely running on the open field. You can go clockwise roaming on this island and get every rabbit. We have attached images below to help find this island and hunt here.

Best Hunting Spot
That is Mercia island on the main map far east side of East Luterra
Best Hunting Spot
This is the map of Mercia Island you can walk all over the areas of the map and be able to find rabbits
Best Hunting Spot
You will find enemies like these big bears who will try to eat you alive
Best Hunting Spot
There is the rabbit to hunt in bottom of image south-west side of it. Many of them are hidden in bushes

This wraps up our Best Hunting Spots in Lost Ark. What do you think about it? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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