Lost Ark: Best Places To Excavate For All Tiers

This guide features all the best places to Excavate in Lost Ark for each tier.

Lost Ark has plenty of skills for you to unlock. And of all skills present in the game, Trading Skills are some of the most useful ones. There are a total of six Trade Skills available, out of which Excavation is regarded the best one. Today, in our guide, we will be discussing the best places to Excavate in Lost Ark.

Key Highlights

  • Excavation is one of the Six Trade Skills in Lost Ark which enables the players to find hidden treasures in the game.
  • The players may not find rare items at the start, but as the level of the Trade skill increases, the player will be able to find items of a rarity in the same places.
  • The best place to Excavate in Tier 1 is Arid Path in Arthetine. It is the best place for a beginner as this place has fewer enemies as well as fewer competitors. 
  • For Tier 2, the players should aim to unlock Azure Wind Island and Feiton. The players will find better treasures in these areas than in Arid Path but these places have high competition as most of the players visit them to search for items.
  • For the players in Tier 3, Punika has the best places to excavate. Tikatika Colony and the Secret Forest are worth mentioning as places in Punika to search for hidden items. 

Excavation is a pretty useful skill as it lets you acquire hidden items. There are plenty of ways to acquire different items in the game, such as by completing quests, opening chests, and so on. However, there is plenty of stuff hidden in Lost Ark, and the only way to get it is by using the Excavation skill. Therefore, it won’t hurt to take a break from taking down bosses like Rovlen to search for hidden treasure.  

After you have unlocked Excavation in Lost Ark, you can visit different locations on the map to dig up hidden treasure. Thanks to this skill, you can get your hands on ancient items and relics. It is up to you whether you want to use such stuff or sell it for a good price. While you’re at it, make sure to check out the five best crews for Astray Ship in Lost Ark

Best Places To Excavate In Lost Ark

So without any further due, let’s take a look at the top spots for Excavation. As there are a total of three different tiers in Lost Ark, we will mention spots for each one. This way, you can only go to the spots that will be more beneficial to your current tier. 

Tier 1

If you are still in Tier 1, you might be disappointed that there aren’t many good spots to Excavate. Even the ones that are good will only help you get Uncommon relics. Also, you might be interested in checking out the best islands for farming Tier 1 materials in Lost Ark

For Tier 1, we will suggest you go to Arid Path. This place can be found in Arthetine, and it is the best place to Excavate in Lost Ark for those who are still in the beginning tier. The thing which makes the area amazing is that it is not filled with other players. If you visit some other Excavation places, you will notice that there are plenty of other players wandering around.

Best Places To Excavate in Lost Ark
Arid Path

However, this is not the case with Arid Path, as the competition here is low, and you can dig up hidden treasures easily. Furthermore, you will also find only a few enemies in the area, so you won’t have to worry about constantly fighting enemies while looking for relics. If you are lucky enough, you might end up acquiring Rare items. In any case, Arid Path is an excellent place, and you should visit it asap.

Tier 2

Tier 2 is where things start getting betting as you get access to more locations. As soon as you enter Tier 2, your goal should be to unlock Azure Wind Island and Feiton. Before going further, make sure to learn about how to get Harmony Shards in Lost Ark

Azure Wind Island is the most popular Excavation spot for Tier 2 players. You will be able to tell it by the number of players you will find looking for treasure in the area. However, if you’re lucky enough, you might not face a lot of competition. But we will suggest you keep your expectations low regarding this. 

Azure Wind Island is filled with amazing items that are better than the ones you find in Arid Path in every way. The lack of enemies makes Azure Wind Island one of the best places to Excavate in the game. You will only need to take down a few enemies in the area, something that will make your Excavation process smooth.

Best Places To Excavate in Lost Ark
Azure Wind Island

After acquiring all the treasure in Azure Wind Island, waste no time in going to Feiton. The place you need to visit in Feiton is the Monastery Plaza in the Shaddy Cliff region. It is yet another excellent Excavation spot for those who are in Tier 2. Here, you can find high rarity items.

However, keep in mind that as the place is pretty popular, you will find a good number of players here. But this should not stop you from visiting it as the rewards you’ll get are worth it. Meanwhile, you can also check out our Lost Ark Island Guide so you can start exploring them after getting done with the Excavation process. There are plenty of Islands for you to visit, such as Shangra Island and Forpe Island

Tier 3

If you have entered Tier 3, you need to go and unlock Punika. For this, you will need to take your item level all the way to 1100, as you won’t be able to access the area with an item level lower than it. 

Once you have successfully managed to gain access to Punika, you need to go to Tikatika Colony and the Secret Forest. They are worth visiting if you are exploring optimal excavating places in Lost Ark. Out of these two, Tikatika Colony offers better items, and it is a reason why it’s always crowded with other players.

Best Places To Excavate in Lost Ark

However, Secret Forest also has plenty of amazing items for you to acquire. In fact, for some of you, Excavating in Secret Forest might turn out to be a better experience than Tikatika Colony, thanks to the lack of competition. In any case, both places are worth visiting, and you can get a good number of Tier 3 items from them. 

Aside from these two, you can also visit Golden Wave Island. The place recently started getting popular, so you can also expect to see a crowd of players here. This place can also help you dig up high rarity Tier 3 items. Also, you might want to check out how to get all 32 Emotes in Lost Ark.


These were the best places to excavate in Lost Ark. If you are still in Tier 1, you won’t be able to get the best Excavating experience. For this, you will need to enter Tier 2, after which you will gain access to better places. In any case, make sure you clear out every area to get a good number of relics. Before you leave, make sure to check out Lost Ark’s best battle items

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