Lost Ark Forpe Island: Location, Quest & Rewards

A comprehensive guide explaining Forpe Island its location, quest, rewards and all the Mokoko seeds found on it.

Forpe is one of the adventure islands in the Lost Ark where players can acquire a Forpe Island Token and battle a field boss called Batuark. This quest contains several rewards that you can use to level up your gear. The fight itself with Batuark is quite an interesting part of this quest. Let’s explore everything you need to know about the Forpe Island quest in detail. 

Key Takeaways
  • Visit Forpe Island for a cooperative quest and defeat the field boss, Batuark.
  • Sail from Anikka Island to Forpe Island using a ship.
  • Transform into a chicken on Forpe Island, enabling explosive attacks to damage enemies.
  • Defeat Batuark by coordinating chicken form explosions or strategically timing attacks.
  • Rewards for defeating Batuark include Forpe Island Token and the rare Redmane Wolf mount.
  • Explore Forpe Island to find six Mokoko seeds hidden in specific landmarks using the chicken form.

Forpe Island Location

Forpe location
Forpe Island location on the map
Location Spawn time Quest Rewards for defeating Batuark Mokoko Seeds Location
Located in the south
of Anikka Island
2-hour cooldown Confronting the field boss, Batuark -Forpe Island Token
-The rare Redmane Wolf mount
Mokoko Seeds 1 And 2:
On the left side of the island
Mokoko Seeds 3 And 4:
On the top right area of the map
Mokoko Seeds 5 And 6:
On the right side of Forpe Island
  • Forpe Island is located just south of Anikka Island.
  • The Island is an adventure Island, so it spawns rarely.
  • Use your Procyon’s compass to check if the Island has spawned or not.
  • It has a 2-hour cooldown to spawn when it does.
  • So, you will have to be patient when it spawns. 

You will need a ship to sail to Forpe Island. When the Island spawns, open up your world map and go to the Anikka section of the map. There, right below Anikka, you will see Forpe Island. Sail to the Island, and you will spawn with other players on the Island.

Forpe Island has a cooperative quest in which you have to defeat a boss to earn rewards. If you want a better ship, check out our Lost Ark Best Ship Blueprints.

Forpe Island Quest

Once you are on the Island, you will see a 3-minute countdown. The countdown is for the quest to begin. Before starting the quest, the player is recommended to open a chest nearby. Opening the chest will turn you into a chicken. This chicken form is more of an advantage than a hindrance. 

The chicken form is quite useful. It allows the player to explode. The explosion deals damage to the player but it also damages the enemies around them. It makes the boss very easy to farm. The player doesn’t necessarily need the chicken form, but the strategy makes the boss easier. You can use your own builds to fight the boss, but it is very time-consuming.

Field Boss Batuark

After the countdown, initiate the quest by confronting the field boss, Batuark, at the map’s center. Coordinate with your team, use the Q ability in the chicken form immediately to damage Batuark, and collectively attack for an efficient kill.

Despite the chicken form’s vulnerability, beware of Batuark’s one-shot AOE attacks. To counter this, either simultaneously attack Batuark with your team for instant elimination or wait for his attack and then strike.

In case of death, respawn on the island, access a nearby chest to regain the chicken form, and continue attacking Batuark until defeated. Also, check out our other boss guides like Lost Ark Tarmakum and Lost Ark Rovlen.


Forpe Island rewards are completely RNG-based. You can get Lupeon stones and some other not-so-rare items or you can get special rewards. The special rewards include Forpe Island Token. The item is a relic and can be exchanged for various rewards on Opher, the Lonely Island. 

There is also a special mount that you can get from this boss. The mount is known as Redmane Wolf. It is very rare because there are only 3 wolf mounts in the game. 

All Mokoko Seeds In Forpe Island 

Mokoko seeds
All locations of Mokoko seeds in Forpe

Forpe Island has a total of 6 Mokoko seeds on it. The seeds are distributed all across the island in pairs. They are quite well hidden. Players can easily miss them if they don’t look for them carefully. The island is small, so it’s easier to find them. If you want to find more Mokoko Seeds, check out our Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds guide.

Mokoko Seeds 1 And 2

  • These seeds are located on the left side of the island.
  • Before reaching the edge of the island, you’ll find a chest.
  • Open the chest to transform into a chicken.
  • Look above the chest to find a hole that you can enter in chicken form.
  • Inside the hole, you’ll discover a cave with the first and second Mokoko Seeds.
  • Harvest these seeds in chicken form and exit the cave.

Mokoko Seeds 3 And 4

  • The second pair of seeds is on the top right area of the map.
  • Near a small pond with a chest in it, open the chest to become a chicken.
  • Head left from the chest where you see gold spilled around.
  • Find the hole next to the gold and enter it.
  • Similar to the first cave, this one contains the third and fourth Mokoko Seeds.
  • Harvest them in chicken form and exit the cave.

Mokoko Seeds 5 And 6

  • The third and final pair of seeds are not inside a cave.
  • On the right side of Forpe Island, there’s a barricade near some gold and a chest.
  • Break the barricade to access the ledge above.
  • Continue along the path until you reach the end.
  • This path is a secret passage and not out of bounds as it may appear on the map.
  • At the end of the passage, you’ll find the fifth and sixth Mokoko Seeds.
  • Harvest them to collect all 6 Mokoko Seeds on Forpe Island.

That is it for the Island guide. This is a complete guide to Forpe Island, explaining everything from the Location, Quest, rewards & Mokoko seeds. I hope that my guide was useful for you guys.

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