Lost Ark Emotes: How To Get All 32 Emotes

Lost Ark Emotes guide will give you a detailed explanation on how to unlock every Emote in Lost Ark as well as how to use them in Lost Ark.

Apart from its thrilling combat action and customizable fighting style, another thing that makes Lost Ark one of the best MMORPGs is the Emotes system. The emotes allow the players to express themselves whether it be enjoying a victory or showing signs of tension when they are cornered. Either way, the emotes bring the world of Arkesia to life. Before going further try reading Lost Ark Destroyer Build.

Key Highlights

  • In Lost Ark, emotes are in-game actions that allow players to express themselves. Emotes also bring the world of Arkesia to life.
  • Emotes also has two essential functions in the game. First, players require emotes to progress through the main campaign. Secondly, they allow players to level up their rapport with NPCs for valuable rewards.
  • There are several ways to obtain emotes in Lost Ark, including completing main quests, side quests, world quests, and collecting certain collectibles scattered throughout the world.
  • Some emotes can also be purchased at a local vendor. There are 32 emotes in Lost Ark, including the Affection emote, which the players can obtain by completing the “A Great Discovery” quest.
  • Players can obtain Blow a Kiss emote by completing the “Honorary Punikan” quest. You can get the Cheers to emote by completing the “Master’s Drinking Table” world quest.
  • The Error emote, obtained by completing the “Truth or Dare” quest; the Frustrated emote, obtained by completing the “The Totokis’ Dream: Creation” quest.

However, apart from bringing a fun element to the game, the emotes also have two other essential functions in Lost Ark. The first one is that players are required to do certain emotes in order to progress through the main campaign. The second function of emotes is that it allows the players to level up their rapport with other NPCs for valuable rewards. Also, consider reading Lost Ark Aeromancer.

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Methods For Obtaining Emotes In Lost Ark

Lost Ark Emotes Methods
Lost Ark Emotes Methods

Now the question arises “how do you acquire all the emotes in Lost Ark?”. Well, there are a number of  ways with which you can obtain all the emotes in Lost Ark written as follows:

  • Completing Main Quests
  • You will also get emotes as a reward for completing Adventurer’s Tomes
  • Completing side quests
  • Rewards for collecting certain collectibles scattered throughout the world.
  • Completing World Quests
  • And finally, you can simply buy some emotes at a local vendor.

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Acquiring All The Emotes In Lost Ark

Lost Ark Emotes
Lost Ark Sway Emote

Now with the methods out of the way, let us show you how to get every Emote in Lost Ark in detail.

1. Affection Emote

If you want to show other players or NPCs your soft side, then the Affection emote is designed just for you. Every time you use the Affection emote, your character will make a cute and subtly loving gesture. To acquire such a wholesome emote, you have to successfully complete the “A Great Discovery” quest. You can initiate the quest from Motamoya located at Totopia. Also, if you are new to Lost Ark, then make sure to read our Lost Ark Wiki.

2. Blow A Kiss Emote In Lost Ark

Just like the previous emote “Blow A Kiss” also allows you to show other players your soft side. As the name suggests, in this emote your character will make a pout and blow a kiss. As for how to unlock it, you will acquire it once you have completed the “Honorary Punikan” Quest. The client for this quest is Kakarina found at Nia Village in Punika.

3. Cheers Emote

The Cheer Emote will allow your character to raise a glass and well cheer, just like Siegward from Dark Souls 3. You will obtain this emote once you have successfully completed “Master’s Drinking Table” World Quest located in Melody Forest on Anikka. While you’re at it, why not read our Lost Ark fused leapstones

4. Error Emote

Now the Error emote is a bit hard to find (or at least to some players it seems so) but this too can be acquired just like the others. But first, let’s see what your character will do when using the it.

The Error Emote suddenly freezes your character in place and makes him/her do a hilarious dance. To obtain the Emote, you need to successfully finish the “Truth Or Dare” quest whose client is Minerva found on Wisdom Isle.

5. Frustrated Emote

The Frustrated Emote can be used to show disappointment or tension. As for the gesture which your character will be performing when the Frustrated Emote is activated, he/she will simply crumble and fall to the ground. You can obtain the emote once you have completed “The Totokis’ Dream: Creation” quest. The client for the mentioned quest is Toto Elder. An NPC located on Toto Silver Island.

6. Joy Emote

The Joy Emote can be used to express happiness or celebrate every time you win a difficult battle or find something rare in Lost Ark. Now the method for obtaining the Joy Emote is a bit different.

Basically, the condition for acquiring the Joy Emote is that the players must build a good Rapport level with Mokamoka, another NPC found at Mokoko Village on Tortoyk Island. Also consider reading Lost Ark Island Guide: Island Classes & Tiers.

7. Advance Emote In Lost Ark

As the name suggests the Advance emote is used to make your character point in a certain direction or towards something. You can use it to guide fellow players to the correct path or to guide your enemies to where you want to fight them. As for unlocking the Advance Emote, it will be unlocked once you have completed forty percent of Adventurer’s Tom located in the Arthetine area.

8. Beg Emote

The Beg emote will make your character put both their hands in front of them as if he/she is begging for something. The only understandable use for this emote is when you are pleading with other players for your life. Now for unlocking it, you need to complete “Lina The Lovely” Quest. The provider for the mentioned quest is the NPC Pleasant Lina who will be found on Runaways Island.

9. Bored Emote

The gesture for the Bored Emote is your character making a big wide yawn. You will acquire it once you have successfully explored seventy percent of Adventurer’s Tome found in Rethramis. While you’re at it, consider reading the Lost Ark Class tier list and Classes guides.

10. Cute Emote In Lost Ark

The Cute Emote is used to show interest in others (not sure how the developers came up with this one). As for acquiring the Cute Emote, you need to purchase this for 5,000 silver from local vendor Yurei found on Peyto.

11. Fear Emote

The Fear Emote can be used to show fear typically when you know you’re backup up against a wall or some players might use it sarcastically (it depends). As for the action, your character performs, he/she will start shivering in fear. You will unlock the Fear Emote once you have completed “The Faces Of Fear” quest which is given to you by Schweiz, the NPC found on Metus Island.

12. Roar Emote

The Roar Emote will allow your character to scream or shout like a madman or a fierce animal. You can use it to intimidate others. Alternatively, this Emote can also be used for making some funny and wholesome moments. Unlocking the Roar Emote is relatively easy as all you need to do is purchase it from Blackfang on Freedom Isle for 3,360 Gienah’s Coins. On the subject of islands, why not read our Lost Ark Opportunity Isle and Snowpang Isle guides.

13. Spirit Recovery In Lost Ark

Now, this Emote is a bit different from others since it not only allows you to a gesture but also has an effect on the gameplay. Basically, when you use it your character will take a big inhale while simultaneously recovering his/her energy. You can have Spirit Recovery Emote once you have completed the “Pioneer Of Shangra” Quest. The client for the mentioned quest is Eunsun who can be found on any Shangra Island.

14. Surrender Emote

You can use the surrender emote in case you are not so confident in your abilities, who knows it might save your life. When you use this Emote, your character will wave a white flag showing that you have admitted defeat. Unlocking the Surrender Emote will require you to finish the Rebuilding Luterra Main Quest whose provider is Ranche found in Luterra Castle.

15. Taunt Emote

Now the Taunt Emote is the complete opposite of the Surrender Emote. Basically, the Taunt Emote is used to provoke people in case you feel like beating someone in Lost Ark. Don’t use it on NPCs that you will need in the future though. This Emote is also purchased from Blackfang on Freedom Isle for 3,360 Gienah’s Coins.

16. Umarka Emote

The Umarka Emote is among the Funny ones, every time you activate it your character will start dancing traditionally like the Umar Collection. In order to unlock this emote, you need to complete the Father Knows Best Quest provided by Neria in Isendel.

17. Whistle Emote In Lost Ark

Activating the Whistle Emote will allow your character to blow a loud whistle. As for unlocking it, you will receive the Whistle Emote as a reward for accomplishing reputation level 3 with Ruffian in the Ground, a Una’s Daily Task in Azure Wind Island. Also read Lost Ark Una’s Tasks: Daily, Weekly Tasks & Tokens.

18. Respect Emote

The Respect Emote will make your character kneel down to show praise or admiration. You can use the Emote when some other player has astonished you with their skills. You will unlock the Respect Emote once you have successfully finished the “Ealyn’s Gift” World Quest. In order to initiate the mentioned quest, you need to go to Vern Castle.

19. Shy Emote In Lost Ark

This Emote will turn your character into posing like he/she is an awkward introvert. Unlocking the Shy Emote will require you to complete the “A Good Day To Love” Quest. This quest will be unlocked after starting a Chain Quest in Zenri, Liebeheim.

20. Stretch Emote

As the name implies, the Stretch Emote will make your character stretch his/her body like he just got up from a lifelong nap. As for unlocking it, you need to complete seventy percent of Adventurer’s Tome in West Luterra. Speaking of tomes, here is our Lost Ark Rohendel Adventure Tome Guide.

21. Sway Emote

Using the Sway Emote will cause your character to dance and move in a side-to-side manner. This dance is fairly similar to the ones in Fortnite. In order to complete the connected quest, you need to travel to Luterra Castle. Once there, talk to Ranche to start the “Rebuilding Luttera” Main Quest and after successfully completing it, you will acquire the Sway Emote.

22. Threaten Emote In Lost Ark

The Threaten Emote will make your character make a hostile and threatening gesture. You will receive this Emote as a reward once you have collected 10 Island Tokens scattered throughout Arkesia, also known as Heart Islands.

23. Wave Dance Emote

This Emote will result in your character doing the classic Michael Jackson Wave Dance. Like the Threaten Emote, the Wave Dance Emote is also unlocked as a reward for collecting. The only difference is that here you will be collecting 35 Tokens in Arkesia instead of 10.

24. Lailai Emote

Using the Lailai Emote, you can make your character dance around like the classic Lailai dancers. You will unlock it after completing the “Getting Ready For The Festival” Quest which can be initiated in Nia Village.

25. Levitate Emote In Lost Ark

When you use the Levitate Emote, your character will break the laws of physics and start floating in the air. You can unlock it once you have completed the “Pioneer Of Shangra Quest”. The quest will be hosted by Eunsun found on Shangra Islands.

26. Pain Emote

The Pain Emote is typically used to express pain or discomfort. When you activate this Emote, your character will bend forward with his/her hands on the stomach. The Pain Emote will be unlocked once you have successfully reached Reputation Level 3 with Remenatnts Of The Plague, an Una’s Daily Task situated in Rethramis Border.

27. Pray Emote

Activating the Pray Emote will sit your character down on his/her knees and have him/her praying with both hands in front. You will unlock the Pray Emote once you have completed the “Moral Ruins” Main Quest initiated from Saland Hill.

28. Polite Emote

Similar to the Respect Emote, the Polite Emote will also make your character bow down in respect or show dignity. The condition for unlocking the Polite Emote is that the “Becoming a Queen” Quest is completed. So make your way to Vivian in Luterra Castle and start the quest.

29. Oath Emote

The Oath Emote as the name suggests is used to swear loyalty to someone in Lost Ark. To unlock it make your way to Kalaja and successfully finish the “Dark Blade” Quest.

30. Laugh Emote In Lost Ark

The function of the Laugh Emote is also self–explanatory. When you activate this, well your character laughs, that’s it. Unlocking the Laugh Emote will require you to purchase it from Naphta the vendor in Flowering Orchard, East Luterra. Its price is 6.000 Silver. Looking for more treasures in Lost Ark? Consider reading our Lost Ark Treasure Maps guide.

31. Interrogate Emote

The Interrogate Emote will make your character go into confrontational mode. You can use this to assert dominance over other players.  You will unlock the Interrogate Emote in two steps. First, you need to complete the World Quest in Arthetine. Secondly, you need to finish “The Three Leaders” Quest in Stern. Once you have completed both of the mentioned steps, you will unlock the Interrogate Emote.

32. Proud Emote 

You can use the proud Emote to make your character stand tall with his/her chest out and shoulders back as if you have accomplished something big. The use for this Emote is pretty self-explanatory. The Proud Emote will be unlocked as a reward once you have collected four Masterpiece Collectibles scattered throughout the world.

How To Use Emotes In Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Emotes Uses
Lost Ark Roar Emote

Now that you have unlocked all the Emotes In Lost Ark, let us take a look at how to actually use them in-game. When it comes to using Emotes, there are two ways you can go about it.  Your first and longer option is to go to the Community tab in the lower right corner of the screen. You can access this option by pressing Y. Your second and simpler option is to type the command for the Emote you need in the chat.

That wraps up everything you need to know about the Emotes in Lost Ark. If you found our Lost Ark Emotes guide helpful, then you will also be interested in Lost Ark Ryndon: Tokens, Locations, Quests & Rewards guide.

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