Lost Ark Umar Collection Skins – Complete List

Umar Collection in Lost Ark has different skins from all four classes including fighter, warrior, hunter and magician class.

An in-game purchase is always a fun way to feel progress towards the game. The recently launched Umar Collection in Lost Ark is also an in-game purchase that was updated on the 29th of June 2022. 

Key Takeaways
  • Umar Collection offers in-game skins in Lost Ark.
  • It’s divided into four categories: Warrior, Fighter, Hunter, and Magician.
  • Warrior class has three skins with different color schemes.
  • Fighter class (for females) features two distinct skins.
  • Hunter class provides two skins with various color themes.
  • Magician class includes three skins with unique styles.
  • The collection also offers skins for other classes.

Umar Collection Skins For Classes 

Along with the Shadow of Stern Collection, Umar Collection offers an interesting set of skins that the Lost Ark players can equip. The Umar Collection in the game has four categories: the Warrior, Fighter, Hunter, and Magician. Check out our Lost Ark Market. 

Each category has distinctive designs, features, and benefits that can be offered to the game players. We have compiled together all classes of the Umar Collection with its skins. 


The warrior class in Lost Ark has the best defense system, and warriors are mostly known as a tank-oriented category. They are known for their strong Melee Attacks. The Warrior category of the Umar Collection has three skins that we have listed below for classes in Los Ark. For more skins, have a look at the Lost Ark Legendary Skins Guide. 

Warrior Class All Skins
Warrior Class Umar Collection

The first skin has a grayish-black color pallet with a heavy-duty armor set that shields the player from any attack. The chest is covered with light gray thick fur, and the complete armor set has metal pieces attached. 

Arms are covered with Gauntlets that provide extra protection to the player. The entire set is inspired by ancient knight armors and their clothing style. Black pure leather boots are included, and a silver head accessory comes as a part of this skin. This skin from the warrior class is best for anyone who wants to protect their chest against enemy attack. 

The skin also consists of a deep maroon cloak and arms covered with black and silver gauntlets. Knee-high black boots protect the player from any damage to his legs. A sharp black headpiece is also included in this warrior skin. 

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All Fighter Skins
Fighter Class Umar Collection
  • Fighter class’s first skin: Black attire with furry shoulder patch, sharp metal patch on the other shoulder, short leather dress with silver chest piece. Thigh bands, tattoo, heels, headband, neckpiece.
  • Fighter class’s second skin: Gangster look with oversized black leather jacket, white inner, revealing chest and tattoo, metal pieces on one arm, black mini skirt, net leggings, sword, headband with high pony, black choker, gray high heels.
  • Fighter class’s third skin: White knotted top, black leather shorts, brown leggings, half-worn jacket with one shoulder exposed, sword, no extra accessories.
  • Fighter class’s fourth skin: Gray and black with black fur on shoulders and neck net, short dress with gray cloak covering the back, black see-through leggings, metal dress accessories, shoes, headband, belt.

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The Hunter class skins are usually designed with hunting weapons and accessories beneficial while hunting. Hunter class is known as the most powerful of all classes. 

All Hunter Class Skins
Hunter Class Umar Collection
  • First Hunter skin: Black leather armor with silver pointed studs, red stripes on the chest armor, black gloves, pocket for a hunter’s axe, chains, embellishments, long black leather boots.
  • Second Hunter skin: Grey and black armor set with sleeveless top showing tattooed arms, navy blue cloak, silver embellishments, black bottoms, hunter axe, head accessory.
  • Third Hunter skin: Black armor set with a short front and long back top, metal shield covering one shoulder, chains, belts, black leather gauntlets, black bottoms, knee-high boots.


All Magician Class Skins
Magician Class Umar Collection
  • First Magician skin: Brown leather dress with red attachments, brown crop top, brown mini skirt with gold embellishments, brown leggings, necklace, magician’s brown hat, silver heels.
  • Second Magician skin: Short frock with brown material and off-white ends, gold embellishments, brown cloth covering arms and hands, attached bag, off-white thigh boots with a golden design, necklace with a blue rhinestone, head accessory.
  • Third Magician skin: Shimmery purple wings, brown and white top with golden and green embellishments, white lower, black leather knee-high boots, gloves, black and green magician hat with magical properties.


Giving you an insight into all skin classes from the latest collection in Lost Ark will get you excited. We hope you enjoyed reading our guide on Umar Collection details in Lost Ark. You might also be interested in reading the Lost Ark Bot Farm Guide. 

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