Lost Ark Market Online: Buying & Selling Guide

Lost Ark has a Market Online and an Auction House through which players can buy and sell items by using their gold rewards.

Like every game has its specific marketplace where you can sell and buy items, the Lost Ark also has a Market Online. An online market is great for trading your favorite objects in exchange for other in-game items or Gold.

Key Takeaways
  • Lost Ark has a marketplace for trading in-game items and equipment using gold currency.
  • Access the marketplace by pressing ALT + Y or finding the gavel icon on the map and interacting with the NPC.
  • Categories of items include equipment, skins, Engraving Recipes, Combat Supplies, Enhancement Materials, Cooking Items, Trade Skill Tools, Sailing Materials, and more.
  • The auction house within the marketplace allows bidding on high-level gear.
  • To unlock the auction house, reach character level 30 in Lost Ark.
  • Gold is earned through quests, defeating enemies, and selling items.
Lost Ark Marketplace
Lost Ark Market NPC

Once the player has located the market, go to the NPC and communicate with him. A menu will open up with all the details of the things that can be bought and sold in the market online. If you are looking for some treasures, here’s a Treasure Location Guide. The Lost Ark market does not trade in silver currency, so you need gold currency if you want to buy items from the market in Lost Ark.

Things to Trade in the Market 

There are plenty of things you can buy and sell in the market. The market tab and the auction tab have different items to exchange. The marketplace has all the objects required in the game, and the auction house has all the gear and equipment to strengthen the player’s abilities. Here is a complete list of all the things available in the market. 

Market Items
Lost Ark Market Items

Equipment Chest 

Different equipment chests in the Lost Ark can be bought from the market. These equipment chests include Daybreak, Maba, Silver Supply Crate, Gold Supply Crate, Adventurer’s Ascent Chest, and many others. 


Skins in the Lost Ark market mean all kinds of weapons, hair, chest pieces, pants, fur, skin instruments, and much more. The players need all these items to survive in this game; hence, they can be bought from the marketplace of the Lost Ark. 

Engraving Recipes

The Engraving Recipes are a special kind of category that is available in the in-game Codex. Many times, these Engraving Recipes are used in raids or dungeons. There are four categories of Engraving Recipes: Epic, Legendary, Rare, and Uncommon.

Within these categories, 50 plus Engraving recipes are required in the game. 

Combat Supplies

Combat Supplies include all battle items required to fight in any battles in Lost Ark. A player might need different types of Combat Supplies to help him win the battle. There are specific battle items for recovery, offense, utility, and buff. All these Combat Supplies are a must-have for any player. 

Lost Ark Market Categories
Market Categories in Lost Ark

Enhancement Materials

The Enhancement Materials help boost up some attributes of the player. Enhancement Materials include honing materials, additional honing materials, weapon evolution, and more. If you want to fight a stronger enemy, then you must be equipped with these Enhancement Materials. 

Cooking Items

Cooking items are needed for the survival of players. Cooking items include oils, vegetables, or meat that can be cooked and eaten. No one can survive in the Lost Ark if they do not have enough cooking supplies to fulfill their basic needs. 

Trade Skill Tools and Resources

Trade Skill Tools are special tools or equipment used to harvest different trade skill materials. The player can get distinct bonuses with these resources depending on the rarity. With better Trade Skill Tools, players can level up their life skills and gather more materials from the game in a little time. Trade Skill Tools mainly include crafting tools and some other tools as well. 

Sailing Materials

In Sailing Materials, you can buy all sorts of items related to shipping that the players require to ship towards different locations in the Lost Ark. 

Adventurer’s Tome Items

Adventurer’s Tome Items are also from a category in the Codex. The player can either receive this item from Neria or trade it in the market of Lost Ark. The information about all these items is also given in the Codex. Here’s a complete guide on the Rohendel Adventure Tome in Lost Ark


Pets are not essentially required in Lost Ark, but these objects can follow you throughout the game. They are beneficial as they collect different dropped items and give them to the player. These collected items can give a buff to the players. 


Mounts are specific ridable objects or even animals. Different types of mounts include the Yudia White Horse, Dyorike Brown Horse, Loghill Black Horse, Red Ladybug, Blue Ladybug, Frost Wolf, Gray Stripe Raptor, Shadow Wolf, Borea Steed, Red Mane Wolf, Flying Nimbus, Borea Courser, Dawn Chamkuri, Azure Moss Turtle, Gold Moss Turtle, Apostle, and Terpeion. 


The Harmony Shards are the main type of Shard in the Lost Ark market. 

Gem Chests

The last item found in the Lost Ark market is the Gem Chest. Gem Chest is also very essential for a Lost Ark player. Gem Chests are usually obtained after completing several levels in the Lost Ark, but these can also be traded in the market. 

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Entering the Lost Ark Market 

If you are a beginner in the Lost Ark, you cannot enter the market as the access to the market is through the public sale home. You will not have access to the public sale home initially. 

You have unlocked the public sale home once you attain character degree 30 in Lost Ark. You can then visit the Market Broker at the Luterra Castle or other main cities of the Lost Ark. 

Market Minimap
Market location in Lost Ark

You can open the market by clicking the minimap and the gavel icon. You can enter the market wherever you want after clicking this gavel icon. 

Buying items from the Market

Pressing Alt Y, you can open the market. There will be two tabs, one showing the market and the other showing the Auction House, so you have to carefully examine where you are buying the items. 

There will be a search bar, and you can type what you want to search. You can only search for skins, battle items, honing materials, and crafting items right now. You can also trade in some resources, but you must know that some resources are available in stacks of 10 rather than in stacks of 100. 

Buying Items
Market Buying

You can move your cursor in the shopping window to learn an item’s Average Day Price from Gold or trade-in for the last five days. If the lowest price is listed next to an item in Market Online, it’s the cheapest offer. Buy it before the offer ends to avoid paying more.

You have an Interest List similar to your shopping cart. Click the pin icon next to an item to add it, making it easy to track the item’s price. My Transactions display all your listed market offers; remember, you can list up to ten items at a time. To purchase from Market Online, click the Buy button in the bottom right corner of the item, revealing its price and availability.

Collecting Gold

Earning Gold isn’t difficult in Lost Ark, and there are several ways through which a player can earn Gold. You can earn Gold by communicating with different NPCs and building relationships with them. Gold can also be earned by completing dungeons and other challenges. You can trade Gold in the marketplace if you are a smart player.

Selling Items In The Market

In Lost Ark, Selling items in Market Online is even simpler than buying items from the marketplace. You can add the item you want to sell to the market by clicking the Add Item option. You will have an inventory through which you can select an item you want to trade. 

After that, you must set the price of the item you want to sell. Then, set up the Listing period for the item. The listing period is when you want your item to be available in the market; it can be for 1 or even 10 days. 

Selling in Market
Lost Ark Market Selling

You can only retrieve your item after its deposit period ends, and it will then be removed from your inventory. The item’s total price is based on your total sales revenue, excluding tax. Items labeled “Bound to Roster” cannot be sold.

Remember that there’s a 5% tax on every item sold, equivalent to a 5 gold transaction fee for a 100 gold-priced item. Additionally, the Deposit per item cost increases if you deposit the item for three days. This fee is refundable, but the Transaction Fee is not. These rules are in place to maintain market balance and prevent flooding with player offers. Once someone purchases your item, Lost Ark will send you an email with the receipt.

Auction House

Lost Ark features an Auction House for purchasing abilities and consumable items. At the Auction House, you can trade jewelry, gems, gear, and Ability Stones. Unlike the marketplace, the Auction House involves bidding or opting for immediate purchase through the “buy now” feature.

To access the Auction House, simply click the button located below the minimap in Lost Ark. If the button isn’t visible, click “Edit Widgets” to locate it. The Auction House offers two tabs for item purchase: one for fixed-price items and another for equipment and artifacts. Prices fluctuate over time, and players bid on items, with the highest bidder outbidding others by offering more Gold.

It’s important to note that the Auction House only accepts Gold currency; items cannot be bought with silver currency.

Items in Auction House

There are different types of items available in the Auction House. Most of these items provide a player with better abilities. The Auction House has all pre-used items except the outfits that are being sold. 

Items in Auction House
Lost Ark Auction House Items

We have listed all the items below that can be sold in the Auction House. 

  • Equipment Chests
  • Seal Books
  • Avatar
  • Combat Goods
  • Enchant Materials
  • Food
  • Life
  • Adventure Book
  • Pets
  • Voyage
  • Mounts

These search filters will allow you to find the exact thing you need. If you are looking for something specific, you will find it in these categories. There is another tab, which is the bidding tab. The bidding tab has everything the auction tab next to it doesn’t have. It has the following categories.

Sub Categories in Auction House
Lost Ark Sub Categories in Auction House
  • Ability Stones
  • Equipment
  • Accessories
  • Gems

How Auction House Works

Buying items from the first tab works similarly to the Market Online, whereas the bidding tab works differently. Bidding allows a player to bid on any item. It’s exactly how the real auction works. 

Auction House Bidding
Lost Ark Bidding

These auction items are up for a certain time. There are different types of items; some are cheap, and others are hot ticket items that are quite expensive. The hot ticket items have bidding wars where all players bid on one item, making it way more expensive than its actual cost. 

Searching for an item that has been previously sold in the Auction House bidding tab, you can check the bid history. The bid history of the item will give you a general idea of its price and actual worth. There are tabs for an item’s current bids or rates, too. These tabs will show you your trades and your bids, too. This will help you track the item you bid on or if someone has outbid you. 


This Lost Ark Guide about its Market Online has given you details about how the market and the Auction House work. It’s a perfect place to buy and sell items and equip yourself with good gear. If you enjoyed reading this guide, look at Lost Ark Classes Guide, too. 

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