Lost Ark Gate of Paradise: Defeating 8 Dungeon Bosses

Our Lost Ark Gate of Paradise entails all 8 abyssal dungeon bosses that you will encounter while playing Gate of Paradise in the game.

Lost Ark is a 2.5D fantasy game that came out in 2019. It was developed by Tripod Studio, and its sales immediately blew up right after its launch. The game itself features many game modes, such as PvP and PvE, giving the players a wide array of options to play through.

Key Highlights

  • The Lost Ark Gate of Paradise is the fourth set of abyssal dungeons. This dungeon is a bit difficult but very fun to play at the time.
  • There are 3 bosses; Sea of Indolence Boss, Tranquil Karkosa Boss, and Alaric’s Sanctuary Boss. There are 3 abysses as well. There are complementary bosses as well.
  • These bosses can be really tough if you are unaware of their attacks and strengths. But, once you crack their fight style, attacks, and strengths, you can easily take them all down.
  • Tranquil Karkosa is a big pirate and has some damaging attacks that you will want to avoid. Get out of the way whenever he holds either his pistol up in the air or his anchor.

We have a complete Lost Ark classes tier list, so do make sure to check it out if you want to gain an edge against other players or bosses early on. The game also features raids and other challenging PvE missions. This guide would be covering the Lost Ark gate of paradise raid, including every single mechanic and the strengths and weaknesses of bosses.

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All Bosses To Encounter 

The lost ark gate of paradise is the fourth set of abyssal dungeons. They are very fun to play yet also pretty complicated and challenging to play. They can also be slightly longer as there are three bosses in total with a total of three abysses. Their names are “Sea of Indolence”, “Tranquil Karkosa” and “Alaric’s Sanctuary”. 

Sea of Indolence Boss 1

Lost Ark Gate of Paradise
lost ark gate of paradise sea of indolence boss 1

It is the first boss which the players will encounter in the first set of the abyss. They would be facing a four-headed dragonfish. The boss is not that hard; you and your teammates are all going to be in a diving suit, which possesses different abilities, something similar to a mech ability.

You also have a random chance of getting a gauntlet or a ranged weapon. All players have to do is to keep pushing the boss and make his health trickle halfway to the point where his companion would spawn, with him looking like a shark except big. While you’re at it, why not go through our Lost Ark Weapons Tier List and the best DPS weapons in Lost Ark guides.

Make sure to tell your team to focus on his shark buddy and kill him first, as after killing him, you and your teammates will get a damage buff. Then, players can focus on the boss and finish him off.

Sea of Indolence Boss 2

The second boss in the Sea of Indolence is a large sea monster. Before players can even go against the boss, they need first to understand the breathing mechanic. From here on, the gate of paradise introduces the breathing mechanic. 

Players would need to worry about the circle they will notice above their heads. The circle indicates your breathing and would slowly deplete. It can only be replenished by going near bubble plants or bubble rock spots which players may need to grab at times. Yellow moves from bosses would greatly deplete the meter, so be sure to watch out.

While discussing the boss, you should know that its main moves have a couple of attacks that petrify you, immobilizing and making you unable to move. The only way to get out of the status effect is to wait a fair amount of time or have a teammate come at you and attack you, which mobilizes you once again.

The boss also has a personal white mechanic with whom he would choose one person to spawn a safe zone. If you don’t get in it before the boss attacks, you will be vanquished. The best way to optimally defeat the boss is for you and your teammates to group behind the boss and stay near each other to prepare for that white circle special attack.

As players would fight him, they would get a feel for his deadly move’s arrival, and they would just have enough time to go and grab a little breath if needed. Otherwise, we would suggest that players should just grab their breath periodically and just prepare for his move, which one-shots every player while also consistently giving damage to him.

Following all these tips, we are sure that players would be able to defeat the boss with ease and wouldn’t have the slightest need to break a sweat. Also, consider reading our top 10 Lost Ark Solo Classes guide.

Tranquil Karkosa Boss 1

Tranquil Karkosa boss
lost ark gate of paradise tranquil karkosa boss 1

The first boss of the second abyss Tranquil Karkosa is a big pirate. He has a bunch of AoE attacks that players need to worry about, as they do some serious damage to you and your teammates if caught in them. Before reading further, our Lost Ark DPS Meter and Treasure Maps guides might interest you. 

Once players know to fight the boss, he is a piece of cake, and his most serious attacks can be dodged with utter ease. The main AoE of this attack is the large color-afflicted AoE.

If the boss is holding his pistol in the air, then players should immediately rush to the red tiles. Meanwhile, if the boss is holding his anchor in the air, then players need to rush towards the blue tiles. Doing it will help you avoid the stun. It is one of the strongest attacks by far by any boss in the gate of paradise.

Outside of these two AoE attacks, his other two mechanics are also crucial to be aware of. His team wipes are very strong. The first one of them is the Magician. The boss would summon two magicians, either top and bottom or left and right of the map.

Players would need to break the shield that they possess on top of them to kill them. Players would need to kill the two magicians quickly as the boss initiates a follow-up attack which requires all players to deal damage. The boss would have a stagger counter under his name, and players would need to deplete that bar quickly.

If they don’t, the boss initiates an attack that wipes out the whole team. If players are having trouble with the mechanic, then they can have their team bring whirlwind grenades and save them for this attack, which would greatly help them with this attack.

Tranquil Karkosa Boss 2

The second boss in the second abyss is very simple to go against. She just does not have any wipe mechanic, which the players need to be aware of. However, there are two main things that the players should know. The first is that she would occasionally grab a player and start punching them consistently. 

To set them free, players would need to attack the boss with stagger damage. Doing it would not wipe them but would deal serious damage and also set the player free. Secondly, she would also occasionally summon pufferfish that head towards her, and once they reach her, she deals an enormous high damage AoE attack.

To counter this, simply kill them before they complete their animation. Even if they reach her, she still doesn’t do enough damage to wipe out the whole team.

Tranquil Karkosa Boss 3

The final boss of the second abyss Tranquil Karkosa is a large dragon turtle monster who is by far the toughest boss in the gate of the paradise of Lost Ark. The boss has a new mechanic that players need to be aware of. At 16 health bars and at eight health bars, he will summon some balls to rush at him.

 The balls would be located at eight different locations, which will be fixed every time. Players need to discuss these positionings before hopping on to the raid to avoid confusion during the fight. Players would need to stop the balls so that they cannot reach the boss.

The knotty problem is that players need to follow a rotation in a clockwise direction right after collecting. It needs to be done to avoid collecting two orbs at the same time, which results in the player getting stunned. The simple workaround to this is collecting a single ball and moving to the next rotation in a clockwise direction, and proceeding to the next one.

So put simply, players would need to rotate clockwise after each collection during the 16th health bar mechanic. However, for the 8th health bar mechanic, players would need to halt and wait for the third collection before proceeding to the next orb again.

It is recommended for players during the 8th health bar mechanic to be near the boss at all times. It is because he creates a magnetic field orb around him that depletes health as players move across the line. Therefore, staying close to the boss gives players enough time to collect the orbs as they spawn very near to the boss.

Alaric’s Sanctuary Boss 1

alaric sanctuary boss Lost Ark
lost ark gate of paradise alaric sanctuary boss 1

The first boss in Alaric’s Sanctuary is an uncanny one. It is because players would need to go against two bosses contemporarily. Moreover, the party starts dispersed across the arena. The first boss is not specifically strenuous; however, it does possess a wipe mechanic capable of eliminating the whole team if the right measure is not taken.

Since both parties are separated, therefore one party fights the Shark-looking boss, and the other party starts fighting the Siren. The shark has very high mobility, so players need to pay close attention if they wish to dodge its critical attacks. Meanwhile, the team going against the Siren needs to be aware of the team wipe mechanic he possesses.

When the Siren reaches 15 HP, it teleports to the Shark boss and starts a potential team wipe attack. When it initiates the attack, the Siren drops a golden orb and a couple of black orbs on the map. Note that the orbs drop on the map where players were previously fighting the Siren, who now has teleported to the Shark Boss map.

Therefore, players on the empty map need to immediately destroy the gold orb, which grants them the golden aura. The empty map players then need to use the teleporter and head towards the map, which has the team fighting the two bosses. Old map players then need to stand still so that the Shark team can get a hold of the aura as well.

During this period, the Siren will stay in the middle of the map, taking the initiative for the team to wipe the attack; meanwhile, the shark boss will rush toward the players to attack them. Players should not panic as long as they are in the golden aura as it grants them invincibility.

The Siren then launches its team wipe, which is one of the strongest attacks any boss can do in the gate of paradise. The attack, however, the players take no damage due to the effects of the golden aura. Players then may simply go ahead and kill the very low-health Siren, and then they can proceed to kill the Shark as well.

Alaric’s Sanctuary Boss 2

The second boss is a Poseidon-like boss who is a Hydro elemental. The boss has a few attacks and mechanics that the players need to know to ensure their survival. The main mechanic of the boss fight is that players need to make the boss break all of the four pillars present in the arena.

When the boss reaches his fourth health bar, he will then randomly put a circle around the player. During this, the other players will have a large red circle around them. The player who has been targeted by the boss would need to rush toward one of the pillars and be ready to dodge the attack.

The boss’s attack will break the pillar. Note that players with a large circle around them need to stay away from the targeted player as the boss’s attack will deal large AoE damage to them.

Moreover, the person being targeted should try their best to dodge the attack. If it is not possible, then they need to make sure the boss hits the pillar at all costs because the main objective of this is to break down the four pillars.

Moreover, the consequence of the boss breaking the pillar results in him being staggered. It is when all party members need to gang up on him and deal as much damage as possible. Furthermore, the boss may sometimes enter berserk mode, which makes him smash and punch everything he sees in his path. During the mode, players should deal as much stagger damage to it as possible. They can use everything from stagger grenades to stagger skills.

His final mechanic takes place when he reaches ten health bars which makes him apply stacks debuff every time the players take an attack from it. When the stack number reaches five, it freezes the players, rendering them unable to move. Therefore, the boss is regarded as one of the trickiest bosses in the gate of paradise.

Alaric’s Sanctuary Boss 3

Lost ark gate of paradise
lost ark gate of paradise alaric sanctuary boss 3

The last boss of the final abyss is a pretty stout foe to go against. The boss has a couple of mechanics, which are crucial for players to be familiar with. The first mechanic is not very complex to learn. It is pretty much the same mechanic from the previous boss, i:e; every five hits the players take from the boss freezes them.

So, make sure to stay away from the fifth stack. One of the more pressing mechanics which the boss possesses is that every 90 seconds, the boss moves over to the center of the map and creates safe zones around him. He would then place safe zones on the map, which the players would immediately rush to so that they could avoid getting hit by his deadly team wipe attack.

So that sums up everything you need to know about the Lost Ark gate of paradise bosses. By following this guide, we assure you that you will comfortably clear the raid. If you think we missed any crucial detail worth knowing, then please let us know in the comments down below.

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