FIXED: Lost Ark Disk Write Error [Best Methods]

Fixing the Lost Ark Disk Write Error by adding exceptions to your antivirus software, clearing corrupted data on steam and more.

Lost Ark, the massively popular MMORPG, reached the rest of the world just last year, and there are still several errors that the developers need to fix. One such error that has plagued the community is the disk write error, which shows up when downloading the client for the game.

This error prevents the download on Steam and occurs when a folder is write-protected by another program. It stops you from resuming a suspended download or from updating Lost Ark

The Steam error message displays the text “Disk Write Error“.

But don’t fret! I’ve prepared a series of fixes for you below to follow so you can start exploring Arkesia as fast as possible

Key Takeaways

Here are the 5 best best fixes for solving Lost Ark: Disk Write Error:

  1. Adding Exceptions in your Antivirus
  2. Clearing Corrupted Data on Steam
  3. Clearing up Steam Download Cache
  4. Switching up your Download Region
  5. Shifting Steam Files to Another Disk 

Add Exceptions in your Antivirus

Antiviruses always work in the background, even when your games run. Now, almost every antivirus software can get a little overly protective. This means that even if there’s the smallest risk from a file or data, it will prevent it from functioning. 

Game files are no different as they also get disrupted by antivirus’ real-time activity. This often leads to the disk write error popping up in Steam. To solve this, try whitelisting the game directory in your antivirus.

Clear Corrupted Data in Steam Files

Corrupted Data is your number 1 enemy when disrupting game files. When we hear corrupted game data, we naturally go towards verifying game files. However, in this case, you’re getting the disk write error, so verifying files isn’t an option anymore. 

So, for this scenario, to get rid of this error, try deleting the 0 KB game file. It’s simply a blank white file that’s like a placeholder for your game download files. Simply go to the directory where Steam is installed. Either that or check the default Steam location, which is as follows:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common

Here, find the Lost Ark named file with the 0KB size. Simply click on it, delete it, and restart Steam. Now, your disk error should’ve been resolved.

Clear Up Steam Download Cache

If the issue persists even after all the above methods, I recommend clearing the Steam download cache. It usually fixes any issues related to Steam downloads.

For Steam to generate new cache data, you must erase old unnecessary trash files from your download cache. This resolves update-related issues, which tend to be caused by issues with the cached data.

This will restart Steam, and once it’s back up and running, try resuming the download now to see if the error is resolved. 

Switch Up Your Download Region

Sometimes, changing Steam’s download region solves the disk write issue. It’s an otherwise overlooked fix, but changing the region resets the download parameters, creating a chance for the Lost Ark’s disk write error to resolve itself.

To change your Steam region, do as follows:

  1. Open Steam
  2. Go to settings
  3. Open the Downloads tab on the left
  4. You’ll see an option named “Steam Download Region”. Simply click on the drop-down box below it and select another region closer to your location. 
  5. Once done, click ok and restart Steam. 

Once Steam reboots, your disk write error should be solved.

Shift Steam Files to Another Disk

Sometimes, there might be some hardware-level problems that might be preventing Steam from properly accessing your drive. 

To resolve this, you can shift the game files onto another drive. Now, you can do this in a couple of ways, but the best option is to do it manually. 

Here’s how to navigate your game files:

  1. Steam > game properties -> local files section > locate game files. 
  2. After clicking on the “Locate Game Files” button, you’ll be shown where the Lost Ark game files are.
  3. Move them to another disk in your system.
  4. Restart Steam.
  5. Now, go to Lost Ark and click Install. 
  6. Choose a drive different than your default.
  7. Move the files to the Steamapps > common folder and install the game again. 

Steam will rediscover your files; hopefully, you’ll have the game up and running in no time. 

My Views On The Disk Write Error 

The Disk Write error, in general, is more of a Steam-side issue than it’s on the Lost Ark’s end. There have been rumblings in the community about this problem, especially on Reddit and Steam. However, most of the forums I came across talk about the root issue here, which is Steam’s disk write error. 

Now, the one thing you can do about this is that I came across a thread where several players are discussing this issue and suggesting several fixes. While most of them are similar to what I’ve included above, I suggest you keep tabs on the conversation and see if any new ones pop up. 

Right now, there is no official word about this on Lost Ark’s social media accounts, which may suggest that the problem might have been patched out. But I’m fairly confident my guide will help fix your issues with Lost Ark quickly.


Why am I seeing the Lost Ark disk write error? The game was working fine before.

There is a multitude of reasons that you can face the disk write error out of the blue. One of the biggest reasons is another application affecting Steam’s ability to communicate with your storage device properly.

How do you fix the Lost Ark disk write error?

I’ve made an easy-to-follow guide on different solutions that you can try to solve the error.

Can I solve the Lost Ark disk write error by switching from HDD to SSD?

Not necessarily. Disk write error doesn’t depend on what kind of storage device you have. So you can get disk write errors on either an HDD or an SSD. You can get rid of it by following the list of solutions above.

If you’ve finally resolved the disk write error, why don’t you check out our guide on how to increase charisma.

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