Lost Ark Velkan: Location, Boss Fight & Rewards

Our Velkan Lost Ark guide covers everything you need to know about the boss including how to locate and fight him.

Similar to other ARPGs, Lost Ark features many boss fights. Each boss fight presents you with a unique challenge that you are required to solve to make progress in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • There are two types of Bosses in Lost Ark: World Bosses and Field Bosses. Field Bosses are easy to defeat compared to World Bosses.
  • Velkan is a level 48 Field Boss in Lost Ark. It has a total HP of 7,116,832, which means a total of 23 life bars.
  • The players can find the Velkan Boss on Totrich Island in Arthetine. There, the player needs to visit Crowbelly Gulch, which is located at the corner of the Island.
  • Before taking on Velkan, the player should complete Anikka and Tortoyk storylines to have enough level and access to certain items that will help in defeating Velkan quickly.
  • Playing Solo on Velkan, players will need to defeat the Velkan in under 30 minutes, the HP will completely replenish, and the player will have to start again.
  • The player will receive rare rewards after defeating Velkan Boss.
  • The rewards include items like Epic Gear and Accessory, Uncommon Combat Engraving Recipe Pouches, Stone of Endurance, a Secret Map, and Eternity Essence.

Additionally, whenever you defeat a boss, you will receive many unique rewards to help you along your journey.

To find these bosses, you must travel to different locations and complete some quests before you can fight them. Places like Lagoon Island in Lost Ark have boss fights you can access. Along your journey, you must constantly battle bosses like the Caspiel in Lost Ark to progress the main questline.

Among these bosses is Velkan, and he is one of the most challenging bosses in the game. He has a lot of HP and can do serious damage if you are not careful. However, there are different strategies that you can implement to take him out and collect your rewards effectively.

Velkan Boss Information

Type Level Continent Location Stats Rewards
Beast 48 Arthetine Totrich Health: 7,116,832 x 23
Respawn time: 120 min
Epic Gear and Accessory
Uncommon Combat Engraving Recipe Pouches
Stone of Endurance
A Secret Map
Eternity Essence

Velkan is a level 48 field boss in Lost Ark who has a total of 7,116,832 HP that stretches across 23 life bars. He is one of the many field bosses that you can locate as you are traversing different islands. Field Bosses are easier to defeat when compared to World Bosses as they are not as dangerous.

However, Field Bosses like Velkan can certainly cause a lot of problems for you if you are not careful while facing them. Because of this, you need to be prepared and equip your best gear and weapons before you start the boss fight. You can pick the best weapon for the situation by following our Lost Ark Weapons Tier List.

Additionally, you also need to have a strategy regarding how you can approach the boss fight and defeat him efficiently. But before you can take on Velkan, you need to locate him.

How to Find Velkan?

To locate Velkan in Lost Ark, you will first have to travel to Totrich in Arthetine.

location 1
The Totrich Island on Arthetine

Once you are there, you will make your way to the Crowbelly Gulch, located at the corner of the island.

location 2
Crowbelly Gulch

After you have reached the Crowbelly Gulch, you will reach an open field. Here, you will get the first glimpse of Velkan, who will be surrounded by a swarm of small enemies.

first encounter
Making your way to Velkan

Best Strategies To Defeat Velkan

As stated before, Velkan is a level 48 boss who has 7,116,832 total HP. This means that you will need to have a certain level of preparation done to defeat him. We recommend you first complete the Anikka and Tortoyk storylines before you approach Velkan.

Completing those storylines will ensure that you will have a high enough level and will have access to items that will help you take out Velkan. However, you can go for other quests beforehand as well. Completing these quests will help you reach level 45 or higher, which is the recommended level when you are taking on Velkan.

You can take on Velkan in both solo and party settings. Playing with a party will ensure that you will be able to defeat him quickly. However, you can also take him on solo without any serious issues.

Taking on Velkan Solo will take longer because of his high HP. You also need to have the perfect class to ensure that you deal enough damage to take him out in the time you have. You can follow our Lost Ark Best Solo Classes guide to pick the best class for this objective.

Furthermore, the arena will be filled with other small enemies in addition to Velkan. So, we would recommend that you take them out first before you set your sights on Velkan.

Velkan Respawn Time

When you are taking on Velkan while playing solo, it is important to remember that you have a total of 30 minutes to kill him. If you fail to kill Velkan in Lost Ark in under 30 minutes, his HP will be fully replenished, and you will have to start the entire process again.

However, if you decide to play the boss fight with your friends, you can easily defeat Velkan in under 10 minutes. You can then use the remaining time to gather up your rewards and replenish your health so you can take him out again to collect more rewards.

Rewards For Defeating Velkanquest

Completing the Adventurer of Arthetine QuestDefeating Velkan is extremely fruitful as you receive a plethora of rewards for killing him. These rewards are extremely rare and can help you out immensely. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you will progress your Adventure’s Tome questline by defeating Velkan.

Killing Velkan will complete the Arthetine page of the Adventure’s Tome quest in Lost Ark. The rewards that you will receive for taking out Velkan will firstly include a Defeat Velkan Chest.

You will receive one of these chests every time you will kill Velkan. The chest will include items like Epic Gear and Accessory, Uncommon Combat Engraving Recipe Pouches, Stone of Endurance, a Secret Map, and Eternity Essence.

You will also receive a Rare Velkan Card that will help you complete the Adventurer of Arthetine quest. It is the last Arthetine Adventure quest that you will have to complete before you move on to the next area.


Lost Ark is a top-down 2.5D fantasy game that focuses on a massive multiplayer online world. The game allows you to travel to different areas on a huge open-world map. When traveling, you can find and defeat a plethora of bosses and complete quests that will help you make progress.

The game allows you to choose from a plethora of classes like Sorceress, Wardancer, Deadeye, and Scrapper build in Lost Ark to travel to different islands. Once you pick a class and start your journey in the game, you will get a chance to locate different Ships, Card Sets, Mounts, and Treasure Maps in Lost Ark.

You will also encounter different bosses, and you will have to defeat them to get access to the next area. However, some of these bosses can be impossible to defeat if you don’t know exactly what to do.

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