Lost Ark Caspiel: Location, Boss Fight & Rewards

Caspiel Location Lost Ark is where you encounter one of the oldest world bosses. Caspiel is among the bosses who are harder to find than defeating them. Although defeating this giant boss is not easy, but is worth your time because you get precious loot when this enemy falls. Caspiel had been sleeping for years. We woke up when a catastrophe struck the Lost Ark island. Few pirates attacked the island, and they grew reckless with time. Mokoko people were extremely hurt, helpless, and in extreme agony.

In response, Caspiel was awakened. When he felt the loss and pain of his people, he became furious, and now he considers everyone a threat and attacks anyone who comes into his sight. The only purpose he holds dearest to him is to crush the ones who pose any threat to the people of the Totoyk continent.

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How To Find Caspiel Location in Lost Ark

Island Lost ark
The Island

Finding Caspiel’s location in Lost Ark is a piece of cake. He is located in the east of the Totoyk continent. After reaching the eastern parts of Totoyk, you will enter the Skyreach steppe. Caspiel is found near the rocky forest hill in Skyreach steppe.

Apart from Caspiel, there are other smaller monsters in this area. You can ignore them and focus on the boss. This is not the best Lost Ark hunting spot, but with the right approach, you can defeat the boss. If this guide was helpful, why don’t you go through similar guides like Lost Ark Best Servers and Lost Ark Classes.

Caspiel location lost ark
Locate Caspiel using the map

Caspiel Abilities in Lost Ark

Caspiel in Lost Ark is a level 38 boss with 1,967,454×23 hit points. He stomps the ground with his mighty foot and creates earth trembling blows. He is capable of producing lethal strikes with his fists. When he swings his fists, you are in a danger zone. Run out of the red circle quickly. Moreover, he can crush you by sitting on you.

Be aware, never get too close to him, or you will be pasted on the ground by this bloodthirsty monster. Now, you know the monster’s abilities, so why don’t you go through the Lost Ark Tier List and get to know more.

How To Fight Caspiel In Lost Ark

Caspiel won’t start the fight until you do. During the war, Caspiel moves from one place to another. If he comes across them, other monsters roaming in that area will also attack Caspiel. His abilities pose a significant threat, but they can be efficiently dealt with. The deadly blows are lethal and powerful, but they are slow. You will have to be quick on your feet to dodge them.

If you manage to escape the attacks, you can handle Caspiel with ease. The total damage required to bring this boss down is 45,251,442. The great enemy falls if you manage to inflict this damage because all his 23 life bars are emptied. Meanwhile, we suggest you should go through Lost Ark Scrapper Build and Lost Ark Sorceress Build if you are interested.  

It would be best to approach this boss when your level is 45 or above, and you must bring a healer. One of Caspiel’s attacks involves rolling over his back. When he performs this attack, it is the best time to use your power shots because, at this time, you can produce much damage.

After all, it will take some time to get back up. However, prolonged attacks are not appreciated until he rolls over.

Caspiel location lost ark
Caspiel, The Boss

Some other players will be present in this area too. It’s best to arrive at the Caspiel location in Lost Ark early. You need to make sure that you are the first one to start the fight so that you get enough time before he respawns. Wear your favorite Lost Ark skin and defeat the monster with your best Lost Ark weapon

Lost Ark Caspiel Respawn Time

Suppose you face him and fail to defeat him before 30 minutes. In that case, he will regain his total health, which can be a massive problem for you, so make sure you know when you are about to face him that you have ample time before his reset.

Rewards For Defeating Caspiel in Lost Ark

Caspiel in the Lost Ark is an excellent boss to fight. When he falls, you are awarded value-able loot and experience points. Once you have defeated Caspiel, you will receive epic gear that matches your class. Including jewelry, armor, or weapons. Various treasure maps can also drop from the world boss.

  • Three pieces of epic gear
  • An Epic Accessory
  • A treasure map
  • An eternity essence
  • A Card of Caspiel
  • Entry in the adventure book
  • +2 permanent wisdom

This guide explained Caspiel and how to find Caspiel’s location in Lost Ark. Apart from that, how to fight him and the loot that he drops was also covered. We hope all your queries and confusion were solved. Read our similar guides like Lost Ark Best Crews and Lost Ark Best Trading Skills and learn more about the game.

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