Ark Lost Island Resource Map [All Locations]

Lost Island is the latest Expansion Map DLC in Ark Survival Evolved filled with Resources, and we have listed all resources you should find.

The Lost Island is a DLC of Ark: Survival Evolved. It has different items to collect, such as resources, consumables, trophies, and much more. On the resource map, Lost Island of Ark Survival Evolved, you’ll find resources scattered all around the map. To find them, we’ve prepared this guide that covers all of the major sites at which you can collect these items and resources.

Key Takeaways

The expansion map has different locations for you to collect resources. Here are some of them:

  1. Flint, Metals, and Rocks: To find Flint, Metal, and Rocks, you will need to go to the North Region, Volcanic Carter, and the Desert Area.
  2. Polymer: Polymer can be found in the desert at the bottom of the map.
  3. Cement Paste: Cement paste can be found in Beaver Dams in the rivers.
  4. Chitin: Chitin can be found in the Waterfall From Hole and by killing creatures.
  5. Silica Pearl: Silica Pearl can be found on the East Coast and the North Shore.
  6. Obsidian: Obsidian can be found in the Volcanic Carter and the Cave in the Midland Swamp.
  7. Sulfur: Sulfur can be found in the Volcanic Crater.
  8. Silk: Silk can be harvested from White and Purple Flowers in the Northwest desert.
  9. Cactus Sap: You will come across the Cactus sap while traveling in the desert.
  10. Salt: Salt can be found on the continent’s North Coast.

All Resources In Lost Island of Ark Survival

Resource MapsLocation
Flint, Metal, and RocksNorth Region, Volcanic Carter and the Desert Area
CrystalsSoutheast coast, Summit of Northern Mountain, and Peak of the Volcano
Polymer Desert at the bottom of the Map
Cement PasteWaterfall from Hole and eliminating creatures
ChitinNorth Shore and East coast
Silica PearlSouthwestern Edge of the Lap and Sunken Shipwreck
OilCave in Midland Swamp, South West Island
Black PearlsVolcanic Carter and Cave in the Midland Swamp
ObsidianSouth-East Cave
Blue GemsVolcanic Carter
Sulfur White & Purple flowers in Northwest desert
Cactus SapTravel to the Desert
Rare Flowers & Rare MushroomsMarais du Sud and the river across Southeast Coast
Green & Red GemsNorthwest Coast and West Coast
SaltNorth Coast Continents
Fiber, Thatch, and WoodUse Axe, Pickaxe and Fists on Cacti, Bushes and trees around the Map

That being said, you’ll find numerous items on the Lost Island. Thanks to this DLC, farming items has become a lot easier. To explore it, you can tame Crystal Wyvern and spawn it on the Lost Island. Let’s now check out some important things regarding the Ark Lost Island resource map.

Flint, Metals, and Rocks

Flint, Metals, and Rocks in Ark's Lost Island Resource Map.
Flint, Metals, and Rocks icon in Ark Survival Evolved.

First off, we’ll begin with the flint, metals, and rocks. These items are used to craft weapons, poisons, cook food, etc. Meaning they help craft the early game items.


map of metals and rocks in Ark's resource map lost island.
Flint, Metals, and Rocks can be found at these locations in abundance.

To find the Flint, Metals, and Rocks, you’ll have to travel to the North region. There, in the middle of the map, you’ll find Metal Mountain Peak at 21.7 and 45.7 latitudes and longitude.

Next up is the Volcanic Carter at 23.3 and 59.8 Latitude and Longitude.

For the final pile of Metal and other such resources, you’ll have to cross the ocean and get to the Desert Area. This area is intended for the late-game players so you don’t have to worry if you’re still in the early game.


Up next, we have the Crystals, which are advanced resources as they help make advanced cooling elements. These cooling elements include air conditioners and refrigerators. Air Conditioners help survive in warmer climates whereas the refrigerator helps store food for a long time.


Crystal in Lost Island's resource map in Ark
Location of Crystal deposits in Lost Island.

The first batch of crystals can be found on the southeast coast. Here, travel to latitude 61.9 and longitude 61.2. You’ll find several crystal lumps.

The second place to mine these crystals is at the Summit of Northern Mountain at latitude 20.2 and longitude 50.6. 

The final reservoir for crystals is located at latitude 20.8 and longitude 67.5. The location is known as the Peak of the Volcano.


Polymer is the next resource on the list that we will harvest at the Lost Island map in Ark Survival Evolved. There are two types of polymer in the game. We won’t focus on the other one and look out for the Organic Polymer. You can find it by killing oversized insects like the mantis. After that, use Chainsaw or Pet Moschops to harvest the organic polymer. You can also use wyvern’s breath to kill the mantises.


Polymer is located here in Lost Island's resource map in Ark
Polymer’s location in Ark Survival Evolved.

To collect organic polymer, you’ll have to travel to the desert at the bottom of the map. There, harvest mantis by killing mantises.

If you still haven’t reached the desert, you can harvest it by killing penguins in the snow area.

Cement Paste

Cement Paste is a nice little resource that helps you craft different items. You can craft cement paste using other resources, or you can just harvest it. Harvesting it will save you from the hassle of finding other resources to craft it. You can find the Cement Paste in beaver dams in the rivers. Two notable places in which we came across beaver dams are following


Cement Paste Resource map in Lost Island in Ark.
Cement Paste’s location map in Lost Island DLC, in Ark Survival Evolved.

At latitude 57.9 and longitude 68.6, in the River on the Southeast Coast, we came across a smaller beaver dam. While going by the river-side, we came across a larger beaver dam. Be sure to check it out too.


Another resource found in Lost Island Expansion map in Ark Survival Evolved in Chintin. The Lost Island expansion map has vast amounts of Chitin in it. It is used to make armor and cement paste. You can research Chitin after unlocking engrams. To collect Chitin, you’ll have to kill creatures that grow it naturally.


Chitin's Resource map in Lost Island in Ark.
Chitin’s Map location in Lost Island.

For that, we recommend checking the Waterfall from Hole at 37.1 Lat and 32.6 Long. There, you’ll have to kill a few of the creatures that drop Chitin.

Silica Pearl

Silica Pearls are the next resource that we’ll collect on the Lost Island DLC of Ark Survival Evolved. To harvest Silica Pearls, you’ll have to dive into the ocean. You’ll find them at the ocean bed, so you’ll need to have diving gear, or else the player will drown. 


Silica Pearls in Lost Island in Ark Evolved.
Silica Pearls’ location is near to the edge of the map.

You can find them off to the East Coast at 35.0 Lat and 87.6 Long.

Another batch of Silica Pearls is at 11.9 Lat and 43.1 Long of the North Shore.


The Oil in Ark Survival Evolved is as important as it is in real life. And the Lost Island expansion map ensures that you find enough if it is in deep waters. For this, you’ll again need to have a scuba set. Although there is no specific place to find an oil reservoir in the Lost Island Expansion DLC, you can find it almost everywhere. But if you look at our specified places, you’ll come across a hefty amount of reservoirs.


Oil Resource Map in Lost Island in Ark.
Oil Reserviours are found in these places

The first spot is near the Sunken Shipwreck. Its location is 12.0 Lat and 43.1 Long. The next one is at the Southwestern Edge of the lap at 66.7 Lat and 12.2 Long.

Black Pearls

One of the rarest resources in Ark Survival Evolved is the Black Pearls. In the Lost Island Expansion DLC, you can find Black Pearls at a few different places. It will help you craft Tek-level items and much more. As Tek-level items are late-game items, you won’t have to hassle with them in the early-mid game. You’ll need scuba equipment to get to the bottom of the ocean and collect these Black Pearls. Some notable places for Black Pearls are:


Black Pearls in Lost Island Resource Map in Ark.
Location of Black Pearls in Lost Island Expansion Map.

The first location at which we came across Black Pearls was near the South West Island. It was at 80.0 Lat and 31.5 Long.

Another location was at a Cave in the Midland Swamp. The cave is underwater, and its coordinates are 59.0 Lat and 47.5 Long.


Obsidian is a resource that is much easier to find in Lost Island Expansion Map in Ark Survival Evolved. That is because the island is a continental volcano. You’ll find several obsidian deposits around the volcano. A few of the obsidian deposits are in the cave system of the Lost Island Expansion Map. With that being said, if you like to explore caves in Ark Survival Evolved, check out our Ark Caves Guide to learn more about them. Obsidian is used to craft Obsidian tools, cameras, cannonballs, etc.


Obsidian in Lost Island Resource Map in Ark.
Obsidian’s Location in Ark Survival Evolved’s Lost Island Expansion Map.

The Volcanic Carter’s location is 24.3 Lat and 59.5 Long.

Remember the cave in the Midland Swamp, it also had the Obsidian in it with the black Pearls. Its location is 59 Lat and 47.5 Long.

Blue Gems

Blue gems are as rare as the Black Pearls. Unlike the Black Pearls, you won’t have to dive to the ocean bed to get it. You’ll find blue gems located on the island. Glider suits, Tek Gear, and Danger Suits are some of the items crafted with Blue Gems.


Resource Map of Blue Gems in Lost Island in Ark.
Map of Blue Gems located in Lost Island.

The Blue gems are located in the South-East Cave. To get them, you’ll have to travel to Lat 55.6 and Long 70.8.


Sulfur is another resource that doesn’t come in handy in early games. It’s a mid-game item as it crafts propellants, flamethrowers, and preservative salts. You can use it to feed certain tamable creatures.


Sulfur in Lost Island Resource Map in Ark.
Sulfur’s Location in Ark Survival Evolved.

Sulfur is found in the Volcanic Crater. To get to the Volcanic Crater, travel to 24.3 Latitude and 59.5 Longitude.


Another useful resource in Ark Survival Evolved is Silk. You’ll find it in different spots in Lost Island Expansion Map. It comes in quite handy in the Desert Biome as it helps craft desert armor, whips, and tents. Silk is harvested from Lymantria and other animals of such sorts. To harvest it, you’ll need to have a Sabertooth or a metal ax.


Silk's Resource map in Lost island in Ark Survival Evolved.
Silk is easy to find in Lost Island.

Apart from that, you can harvest it from White and Purple flowers found in the Northwest Desert. The location at which these flowers are found is 83.2 Latitude and 44.3 Longitude.

Cactus Sap

You get Cactus Sap from the Cacti. By hitting cacti with the player’s fists in the Desert Biome, the player receives Cactus Sap. If you’re in the early game, this can come in handy if your player gets thirsty in the Desert. It can be made into a unique food named cactus broth. You can use it to craft resources such as clay and propellant.


Cactus Sap in Lost Island Resource Map in Ark Survival Evolved.
Cactus Sap’s location in Ark Survival Evolved.

You’ll come across cacti while exploring the desert area on the map. But while exploring, we came across several cacti at 88.0 Latitude and 64.9 Longitude.

Rare Flowers & Rare Mushrooms

Rare Flowers and Mushrooms are interesting resources found on the Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved. If you consume Rare blue flowers, it will provoke all of the untamed creatures and they will attack you. But you can craft interesting resources with them. Fertilizers, combat tartar, inferior antidote, exceptional kibble, and mental tonic are some of these resources.

Whereas for the Rare Mushrooms, if you consume them, the player will get terrible hallucinogens. But again, they are quite useful. They are used to make an inferior antidote, fertilizer, premium kibble, mental tonic, and stir-fried steak. You can come across these rare items by the beaver dams, or by using a therizinosaur in the swim. Where it will crush on them and you’ll collect them. Some places to find these rare flowers and mushrooms are:


Rare Flowers and rare mushroom in Lost Island Resource map in Ark.
Rare Flowers and Rare Mushroom are often found together in one spot.

Marais du Sud at 58.5 Latitude and 49.7 Longitude.

River near the South-east coast at 57.9 Latitude and 68.6 Longitude.

Green & Red Gems

Green gems and Red gems are scarce resources in Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved. To craft Basilisk Saddle, Climbing Spike, Essence, and Lightstaff, you’ll need Green Gems. Whereas Gas Collector, Charge Lantern, and Tek Railgun require Red Gems. You’ll find these gems in the northern part of the map. Their specific locations are


Green and Red Gems in Lost Island resource map in Ark.
Location of Green and Red gems in Lost Island.

At 20.75 Latitude and 21.51 Longitude, you can come across these gems off the North-west Coast.

When you go off the West Coast, you’ll find their deposits near 47.24 latitudes and 25.4 longitudes.

The Small Island in the northeast has several deposits of these gems. Their location is 23.17 Latitude and 77.04 Longitude.


Salt in Ark Survival Evolved is as important as it is in our day-to-day life. It is used to cook better foods in-game. Some notable recipes of salt in Ark Survival Evolved that require salt are Boiled egg, fish stew, goulash soup, jerky meat, etc.


Salt's Resource Map in Lost Island in Ark.
Salt’s Location in Lost Island Expansion Map.

You can come across deposits of salt in large white cubic Crystals at 84.64 Latitude and 51.41 Longitude.

Another location to find these deposits is on the continent’s North Coast. Its coordinates are 19.78 Latitude and 46.24 Longitude.

Fiber, Thatch, And Wood

Fiber, Thatch, and Wood are some of the most common and basic resources in the game. They are the essential crafting materials in the game. The player uses these resources to craft the basic items to ensure their survival when starting new. Ark Survival Evolved Lost Island Expansion Map doesn’t go cheap with these resources. You’ll find these resources in every nook and corner of the map. You can get them from bushes, cacti, ground branches, and trees all around the map.

To collect these, you can use fists, axes, and pickaxes.

You’ll find these resources on the expansion DLC Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved. Although some of these resources are hard to find. But with our guide, you’ll collect them with no problem. One of the best methods to play Ark Survival Evolved is single-player. Check out our Best Ark Single Player Settings guide to ensure that your game isn’t lagging at all.

Our Ark Lost Island resource map guide concludes. If you think we’ve missed some spots with these scarce resources, you can let us know in the comments below.

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