Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2: Definitive Guide

A comprehensive guide on the fifth paid DLC expansion pack for Ark Survival Evolved is known as Genesis Part 2.

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival game developed and published by Studio Wildcard. This game consists of many amazing maps. You have to face a survival test against ancient dinosaurs and mythical creatures. Genesis Part 2 is the latest and final DLC expansion from Wildcard for Ark Survival Evolved.

Key Highlights
  • Genesis Part 2 is Ark Survival Evolved’s final DLC, featuring three new zones: Corrupted Gardens, Eden, and Void.
  • The DLC introduces various items like Resources, Consumables, Tributes, Trophies, Weapons, Armor, Tools, Structures, and Cosmetics.
  • Set on a massive ship, the world of Genesis Part 2 is divided into easier (Right Side) and tougher (Left Side) regions.
  • New entities include Maewing, Noggin, Astrodelphis, Tek Stryder, Shadowmane, Voidwyrms, Summoner, and R-Creatures, each dropping unique items when defeated.
  • The DLC adds missions such as Hunting, Gauntlet, Race, and Maze Dungeons, with harder missions offering greater rewards.
  • Genesis Part 2 includes Genesis Ship missions, Ship Simulation Missions, and new Boss Battles for players to engage with.

Items In Ark Survival Evolved Genesis 2

Following are all the items that you will find when venturing through Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2. it is important to collect all of them as they will help you when you reach the late game. 


Following are the resources you will find in Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 

  • Mutagen
  • Mutagel


Below are all the consumables you can collect during your venture. 

  • Superior Maewing Egg
  • Basic Maewing Egg
  • Voidwyrm Egg
  • Extraordinary Maewing Egg
  • Plant Species R Seed
  • Tek Canteen
  • Regular Maewing Egg
  • Exceptional Maewing Egg
  • Maze Key
  • Simple Maewing Egg

Tributes and Trophies

When you defeat certain bosses in Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2, you will receive the following trophies and tributes.

  • Rockwell Final Form Trophy
  • Rockwell Final Form Flag

Weapons, Armor, and Tools

Following are all the weapons, tools and armors that you can equip in the game. 

  • Jar of Pitch
  • Net Projectile
  • Unassembled Exo-Mek
  • Tek Phase Pistol
  • Minigun
  • Tek Bow


Following structures have been introduced in the game. 

  • Ammo Box
  • Tek Surveillance Console
  • Saddles
  • Maewing Saddle
  • Tek Hoversail
  • Loadout Mannequin
  • Egg Incubator
  • Tek Crop Plot
  • Canoe
  • Astrodelphis Starwing Saddle
  • Tek Remote Camera


Below are all the cosmetics including skins and masks that can be used on your character. 

  • Federation Exo-leggings Skin
  • Chibi-Noglin
  • Poglin Mask Skin
  • Federation Exo-Gloves Skin
  • Modern Canoe Costume
  • Federation Exo-Chestpiece Skin
  • Viking Canoe Costume
  • Federation Exo Helmet Skin
  • Chibi-Shadowmane
  • Tek Canoe Costume
  • Mutated Survivor Costume Skin
  • Federation Exo Boots Skin

Map of Genesis Part 2

Part 2 genesis map
Map of Genesis Part 2 DLC in Ark Survival Evolved

Genesis Part 2 features a vast world set on a colossal ship comprised of two rings distinctly separated on the map.

  • The Right Side, depicted in green, offers an easier region with standard creatures.
  • Conversely, the Left Side, characterized by purple as the Corrupted Ring, presents a more challenging area with formidable foes, making survival tougher.

New Events on the Genesis Part 2 Map

The following two events can only be observed in the map of Genesis Part 2, the latest Ark Survival Evolved DLC;

  • The asteroids that you can observe between the two rings can change over time. That change occurs due to an event known as ‘Hyper-Space’. Hyperspace can only happen during the night, and it creates a purple tint in space. An abundant amount of stars will pass by the ship, causing the asteroids to change.
  • Genesis Part 2 also features some of the best Ark Survival Evolved missions. We will discuss these missions in detail later in the guide.

New Entities on the Genesis Part 2 Map

Like every other DLC expansion, Genesis Part 2 also brings a new set of enemies and creatures to Ark Survival Evolved.

Following creatures can be found on the map of Genesis Part 2:

  • Maewing
  • Noglin
  • Astrodelphis
  • Tek Stryder
  • Shadowmane
  • Voidwyrms
  • Summoner
  • R-Creatures

New Missions in Genesis Part 2 

Genesis Part 2 DLC introduces a vast array of missions in Ark Survival Evolved, categorized for both solo and online play. Each mission offers three difficulty modes—Alpha, Beta, and Gamma—with higher difficulties yielding greater rewards. Some missions impose playstyle restrictions, including the use of tamed creatures.

Initiate missions through the Eden or Rockwell Garden Mission Terminal, allowing for versatile gameplay. You can replay missions as desired for farming purposes, which is good if you ask me.

Mission Types

The following types of missions are available in the Genesis Part 2 of Ark Survival Evolved;

  • Hunting Missions
  • Gauntlet Challenges
  • Race Missions
  • Maze Dungeons

Genesis Ship Missions

The following missions are available to attempt in the Genesis Ship;

  • Shadowmane Prowl
  • Ferox Cull
  • Velonasaur Stalk
  • Bulbdog Fetch
  • Maewing Poach
  • Paracer Roundup

New Boss Battle in Genesis Part 2

Rockwell prime genesis part 2
Final Boss Battle Version of Rockwell Prime In Genesis Part 2 of Ark Survival Evolved

Rockwell Prime is the major and final boss battle in Genesis Part 2 of Ark Survival Evolved. You will face Rockwell throughout the story of Genesis DLC in your ship. However, these encounters are small and scripted. Your real battle starts with Rockwell in the final mission, and you will face his real form there. Now we will discuss the boss in detail below.

Rockwell Prime Boss Battle

Rockwell’s final form is very distinct and different from his previous appearance. He is now smaller in size but has more muscle mass. He gets a messed-up face along with no abdomen parts. One of his eyes will appear purple-colored, while the other will be blue-colored. He also has two sets of spines with a large number of tentacles hanging from his body. Rockwell actually looks like a Nightmarish Final Boss.

Location of Rockwell Prime

Rockwell Prime can be fought by playing the final mission ‘Terminus’ from the mission terminal in Genesis Part 2, present inside the ship of Ark Survival Evolved. You can farm the boss fight over and over if u want. However, Completing the mission is necessary to fight him as hell be waiting at the very end.

How To Beat Rockwell Prime

Rockwell Prime, the final boss in Ark Survival Evolved, presents a formidable challenge. With well-equipped creatures and items, overcoming him becomes manageable.

Here’s a concise strategy:

  • In Phase 1: prioritize taking down Rockwell nodes to weaken him. Watch out for AOE attacks and super tentacles. Stay at range and seize opportunities to destroy the nodes amidst the chaotic close-range battle.
  • In Phase 2: Rockwell Prime engages you directly after node elimination. With Summoners gone, the fight becomes more straightforward. Utilize your tamed creature to stay at a safe distance and defeat the boss, focusing solely on Rockwell’s attacks.

Rewards For Beating Rockwell Prime

You get different rewards for the type of difficulty you defeat Rockwell Prime in. Following are the rewards that you get from beating Rockwell in Genesis Part 2 of the game;

  • Gamma Difficulty Rewards: Rockwell Final Form Flag and Rockwell Final Form Trophy
  • Beta Difficulty Rewards: Rockwell Final Form Flag and Rockwell Final Form Trophy
  • Alpha Difficulty Rewards: Mutated Survivor Costume Skin, Rockwell Final Form Flag, and Rockwell Final Form Trophy

Resources in Genesis Part 2

Like every other map in Ark Survival Evolved, Genesis Part 2 is also very rich in resources. Some of the resources available on Genesis are as follows;

  • Ambergris
  • E
  • O

This concludes our guide on the Genesis Part 2 DLC of Ark Survival Evolved. We tried to explain almost everything included in the DLC in complete detail. We hope that the guide helped you get through the entire DLC expansion with ease. Let us know what you think about Ark Survival Evolved in the comments below and what your thoughts are on the Ark 2 reveal as well.

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