Ark Survival Evolved Starter Guide For Beginners

This Ark Survival Evolved Starter Guide will showcase an overall basic beginner guide to help you out at the start!

Ark Survival Evolved is a survival-based game released in 2017, and it involves the player having to rely on their survival instincts and skills while stranded on an island. The island features harmful enemies like dinosaurs that can obliterate the player, and it is up to the Ark player to figure out ways to survive and not die out in the wild. Our Ark Survival Evolved Starter Guide will uncover a basic guide that will help new players! If you are having issues choosing maps in the game, our best Ark Survival Evolved Map guide will help you out!

Key Highlights
  • Ark Survival Evolved is a survival game where the main focus of the players is to use the resources they have been given in order to survive. It can either be taming beasts, crafting useful things and much more.
  • This guide is made for all the beginners who are just starting out. Make sure to check out everything in this guide so you increase your chances of survival in Ark Survival Evolved.
  • We have discussed Hosting a Server, Joining An Ark, Character Creation Screen, Spawn Region, Spawning In The Server, Pickaxe Creation, Engrams, Hotbar, Getting Basic Armor, Unlocking Blueprints, Finishing Armor Pieces, Dying And Respawning, Gathering Materials, Making A Campfire, Making A Base, Sleeping Bag, Storage Box, Slingshot and Taming Animals.

Hosting Servers 

Ark Hosting Servers
Hosting Servers

Whenever Ark players first log in and are presented with the loading screen, they will see several options, one being a “Host/Local,” which will include an Ark server creation screen. These servers can consist of the possibility of playing in single-player or being able to create your server and invite friends to join up and play together or join random worlds in hopes of spawning in a good world. 

However, for beginners in Ark Survival Evolved, it is recommended that they join an already-established server that can show them the ropes of how everything runs instead of having to depend on their private server. 

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Joining an Ark 

Ark Joining a Server
Joining a Server

When you are on the Ark screen, search through the available servers options, and choose the option “Official servers.” This will load up several servers that have been verified and are safe to join. 

From there, beginners in Ark can also choose from a list of maps, spawning the players into different regions in the open-world map. With the game mode options such as Easy, Medium, and Hard, if you want the best Starter Guide tip from us for Ark Survival Evolved, then we recommend going with medium for the optimal experience. 

Ark newbie players should also look into ping, as it plays an important role in lag and connectivity. Choose a server with as low of a ping as possible so you don’t lag or cause connection issues. 

Character Creation Screen 

Ark Character Creation
Character Creation

Subsequently, as you choose your Ark servers, the next thing that the game will introduce to you will be your character in Ark, which is completely customizable. This means that players will have complete freedom to choose their gender, skin tone, head size, torso size, arms, legs, eye color, hair color, etc. 

Our Ark Survival Evolved Beginner Guide considers the character creation one of the most important parts, considering it will determine how other players on the servers perceive the player. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with body shape and hair color!

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Spawn Region 

Ark Spawn Region
Spawn Region

Next up, newer players in Survival Evolved should also consider researching if they want to load into servers that are harder in terms of survivability or if they want to stick to the easier end. 

We recommend spawning into servers on the easiest difficulty mode, the main reason being that if you are a complete beginner, it will be hell trying to figure out the controls, making your base and survive all at the same time in a tougher server. 

Ark players can also choose “South, West, East, and North” zones, including the different difficulty modes. 

Spawning in The Server 

Ark Spawning in The Server
Spawning in The Server

Now, congratulations, you have officially spawned in a server in Ark. the first thing you do is to take a look at your surroundings. Figure out where you are and what possible animals there are and after that, click “I” to open your inventory. From there, you will need to start crafting items for survival. 

The main two items needed at this point are picks and torches, with other items being important later on as you progress. These will help you cut down trees, hunt animals, and light campfires, which will be crucial for survival in Ark Survival Evolved

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Pickaxe Creation 

Ark Pickaxe Creation
Pickaxe Creation

If players in Ark Survival Evolved want to create a pick to start with, they will need items like one stone, 10 thatch, and one piece of wood. To get a stone, simply head over to any stone nearby, press E on your keyboard, and it will automatically add it to your inventory. 

To get thatch and wood, players can easily go over to any nearby taller tree, and by clicking left on their mouse, they will start to punch the tree, dropping wood and thatch and adding it to your inventory. After that, go back to your list and double-click on the Pick to craft it. 


Ark Engrams

The next thing Ark Survival Evolved players should know about is Engrams in Ark, blueprints that will include recipes to craft items like a torch, armor, and house materials such as doors, walls, and frames. With that, these blueprints will also require materials to craft the items. 

Moving on with our Starter Guide, head over to the “beginner items,” click on the “Stone Hatchet,” which is a farming weapon in Ark Survival Evolved, and players will be able to spend points to get the blueprint. You will typically need a spear and a campfire for further survival, so spend points on that. 


Next up, players are also free to add stuff to their Hotbar, and they can customize which number they want to use for each item placement. In this example, use the Pick and place it on number three, after which the player can simply click on “3”, and they will be able to wield the Pick. 

With the Ark pick, they can go to any nearby tree and mine it to get wood and thatch and grindstones to get flint and shards, which can be used for crafting other items. 

Getting Basic Armor

Ark Basic Armor
Basic Armor

Anytime the player makes any armor, they will gain points, which they can use to get craftable items, which will include hatchets, torches, house creation materials, and many more. 

Players in Ark Survival Evolved should spend these points to get armor blueprints, which will contain the most basic of armor. This armor will have a basic shirt, pants, arm wraps, and a hat. 

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Unlocking Blueprints 

After actually spending points to get the blueprints for the armor, Ark players will gain access to the following items such as cloth pants, a cloth shirt, cloth gloves, boots, and a hat. This will be able to minimum protection but will be enough to hold you out until you get better gear to protect yourself. 

To make the armor, you will need fiber pieces, and to get that, you can head over to any nearby tree and hold down on the E button, which will start harvesting the trees. Our Starter Guide also suggests that you will be able to get berries as well as fibers from the tree leaves, which can be used to produce the armor used in Ark Survival Evolved

Finishing Armor Pieces 

For players who are just progressing through the game in Ark easy mode, the next armor pieces will require pieces known as “Hide,” To obtain it, you will need to kill off small, harmless animals. One example of this type of animal can include Dodo birds which will not attack you. 

You will need to roam around until you can encounter a small dodo bird, and once you get closer to it, the dodo in Ark will not harm you; therefore, position your spear in front of the bird and pierce through it multiple times until it dies. Obtain the “Hide” from it and use it for armor creation. 

Dying and Respawning 

Ark Dying and Respawning
Dying and Respawning

In Ark Survival Evolved, players will have a high chance of getting killed the second they spawn in the server, either by choosing a harder spawn location or simply not knowing the basics of survival in Ark

Another way they can get killed is if they get hunted down by a dangerous animal such as any kind of dinosaur that might be roaming around the open land. If you do die, you will have the option to respawn at a random location, and if you are lucky, then you can locate a green beam, which will help you get back to your previous dead body location and get back your items. 

Gathering Materials 

Ark Killing Dodos
Killing Dodos

The next important tip our Starter guide players should know in Ark Survival Evolved is how to get meat and hunt animals. You will also need to understand how to use different weapons to get other materials from the same animals. 

If beginner players in Ark Survival Evolved want to get meat, then you should use a Pick for hunting down harmless animals. However, if you’re going to get your hands on crafting materials like hiding, the best weapon to get that is a Hatchet. 

Making a Campfire 

Ark Making a Campfire

Campfires are yet another important aspect of survival in Ark Survival Evolved, and our Starter Guide can certainly not afford to miss out on mentioning them! After getting the blueprint for the campfire, place it down in a place where you see fit; the best place is away from water and animals. 

Players need to chop down the trees to get fuel, which will provide them with wood and thatch that can be converted into fuel to start a fire. You can cook meat you have by killing animals in Ark Survival Evolved by dragging and dropping it into the cooking pot. 

Making a Base

Ark Making a Base

After cooking basic food, the next thing to worry about is making a base in Ark Survival Evolved. You can get blueprints from the Engrams, and the most important items will be listed below: 

  • Thatchet Foundation 
  • Thatchet Ceiling 
  • Thatchet Wall 
  • Thatchet Doorframe 
  • Thatchet Door 
  • Storage box 
  • Thatchet Wall 
  • Sleeping bag 

After finding the correct materials for the blueprints, players in Ark will require one foundation, three walls, one doorframe, one door, and one ceiling, which will all be enough to make a proper structure inside which you can reside. 

Sleeping Bag 

Ark Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Bag

Subsequently, another important part of survival in Ark includes having a sleeping bag by your side. The main reason is that respawning is crucial, considering the number of times you may end up being stabbed and killed by an enemy. 

Respawning will also cause you to lose your progress, and players in Ark typically have to craft all their important items, such as their base and weapons, all over again. To combat that, sleeping in your Ark sleeping bag means that you respawn in your bed and don’t lose progress no matter what. 

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Storage Box

While beginners will access their base and sleeping bags, another crucial item seems basic but also important. If players have too many items in their inventory, it will cause their overall mobility to be reduced, which can cause them to slow down and be vulnerable to being attacked by animals. 

The storage box can be placed anywhere in your base, but our Ark Survival Evolved Starter Guide will prefer you to put it next to your sleeping bag, and it can be used to store items like berries, raw meat, spare armor, spear weaponry, and anything else that might be useless to carry around and will only contribute to your weight. 


Once you progress through the starting stages in Ark Survival Evolved, you will get a bit more accurate with your spear and picks to kill animals and hunt birds. However, animals that need to be tamed and hunted that are large and can’t be hunted down by spears will require a slingshot to aim from afar. 

The Ark slingshot itself will require stones and will use as ammo. It will produce torpidity, which means that anytime you launch attacks at animals, it will cause a certain amount of torpor to appear on the animal. You can also tame Ark Survival Evolved Crystal Wyverns with a bit of research from our guide!

Taming Animals 

Last but not least, players will also need to tame animals, and the best way to do that is to continue using their slingshot in Ark Survival Evolved and aim at the animal until it falls unconscious. 

Remember that the animal you are aiming for will have an unconscious meter and a torpidity meter. Ensure the torpidity meter gets full before the unconscious meter goes down.

You can use berries to tame the animal and then control it. With that, we will wrap up our Starter Guide; we hope you liked it! Make sure to check out our Ark Survival Evolved Best Single Player Settings guide!

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