Ark Survival Evolved: Fjordur Map Detailed Guide

This in-depth guide on Ark Survival Evolved's new DLC: Fjordur Map will familiarize you with its creatures, bosses, gems, and much more.

Ark: Survival Evolved was released in 2017 by Studio Wildcard as an action-adventure video game where your objective is to survive. Recently, Ark: Survival Evolved released an official and non-canonical DLC expansion of a map called Fjordur with new features such as caves and resources. It was released on June 12, 2022, and it is free of cost. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac, and Consoles.

Key Highlights
  • The Fjordur Map (140 Square kilometers large) contains tons of resources, bosses, ruins, and exploration points.
  • The map has an area with three portals each leading to either Jotunheim, Vanaheim, or Asgard.
  • Andrewsarchus, Desmodus, Fjordhawk, Fenrir, and Aberrant Megalania are some of the creatures players get to face during their gameplay.
  • Locations of different crystals have also been discussed as it can be a difficult job for players to find the coordinates of each of them.
  • Players can find Crystals in the following coordinates; (8.1,46.6), (13.9,72.7), (26.5,44.7), (36.0,96.4), and (48.8,65.0).
  • Players can also acquire three kinds of Gems in the Fjordur which are Red Gems, Green Gems, and Blue Gems.
  • Red Gems can be found at (56,84), Green Gems at (35.7,32), and Blue Gems at (82,20).
  • In Fjordur, there are a total of 15 Runes, 9 Artifacts, and plenty of bosses, which include Beyla, Steinbjorn, Skoll & Hati, Broodmother Lysrix, Dragon, Fenrir, and Megapithecus.
  • This map allows you to use the power of Mjolnir which can be attached to the TEK Sword only if you are Worthy.
  • Viking Chest Piece and Shirt Skins, Viking Gloves Skin, Boots of Viking, Helmet Skin Of Viking, and Viking Sword Skin are some of the skins you can acquire while exploring the Fjordur map.

Fjordur: New Ark Survival Evolved Map

The map generally contains an area where you will find three portals. The portals can be found at (40.1 47.7) coordinates. Each portal takes you to a different realm. The first one is Jotunheim, which is an Icy Realm that always has a negative temperature.

The second one is Vanaheim, which is a Realm with luscious forests. The third and the last one is Asgard, which is a huge Realm of abandoned buildings but with vibrant fields.

On the map, you will see distinct Obelisks looking like gigantic floating runestones. Obelisks are huge, floating towers that emit light and can be referred to as pillars or mega beacons. The supply drops, which are distinct, will look like totem poles.


You will come across various ruins all over the map, some of which are

  • Moria / Khazad-dûm: if you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, make sure you visit the place as the ruin contains an attempted construction of Dwarf City. It has Balin’s tomb and the bridge where Gandalf said, ‘You shall not pass.’
  • Helm’s Deep: this ruin is also for the Lord of the Rings fans. It is the construction of the fortress of Rohan. It has statues, the Hornsburg wall, and a cave that is accessible by the central citadel.

In each biome, you will see a fortress, as there are many of them scattered all over the map. There are a lot of abandoned homes that cover the map. You can access these homes; however, some of these will be locked, and there is no way to go in.

If you want to farm resources, then don’t forget to visit Giant Beaver Dens. There is also a cave inspired by an Elemental region having radioactive lakes and rivers. There are 200 Runes that you can find all over the map and the three realms. These Runes function as explorer notes, and you get five additional levels every time you find 100 of these.

Size of Fjordur

Fjordur map spans over 140 square kilometers. This makes the map more than three times its size. However, it is smaller than the Ragnarok map in the area, but large cave systems are something similar to them.

Creatures in Fjordur

Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map: Creatures Loaction
Creatures’ location on Fjordur Map

The map Fjordur in Ark: Survival Evolved contains a new species of dinosaurs, including the almighty Andrewsarchus, the blood-hungry Desmodus, the odd-filed Aberrant Megalania, the fearsome Fenrir, and the keen eyes Fjordhawk.


Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map: Andrewsarchus
Andrewsarchus in Fjordur

From the Community Creature votes, Andrewsarchus is the first winner of the Fjordur map. It is a creature with sluggish movement but has quite an appetite. Once it spots a player, it will attack with no hesitation. However, if you successfully tame this creature, it will evolve in a sense.

It will have faster movement, the ability to mount a turret, and drifting, which will allow you to defeat the enemies easily. You will be able to find it at coordinates: 41.0 – 82.0, 25.0 – 71.0.

In order to tame Andrewsarchus, you need to go near it without making a sound. Throw honey in front of it and let it eat. Jump on their back when it’s eating, and you will see arrow prompts appearing on the screen; all you have to do is follow them. Upon killing Andrewsarchus, you will get its hide and raw meat.


Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map Desmodus
Desmodus in Fjordur

The creature comes at number 2 in Fjordur. Consider it as an arrogant bat that prefers to roam in dark places, especially caves. It keeps on waiting for its prey and devours it at the perfect moment. Once you are able to tame it, you can command Desmodus to show you the new dark heights in Fjordur.

You will be able to find it at coordinates: (90.0 78.0). Desmodus has the ability to produce Sanguine Elixir. It is a potion that will increase your taming chances by 30%.


Fjordur Map Fjordhawk
Fjordhawk in Fjordur

It is a bird that prefers flying high in the sky. Unlike other creatures, it has a caring nature. It is easy to tame, and once you do, you can indicate a target, and it will assist in fetching it. Fjordhawk can be your prey hunter as well as it will locate and communicate a prey’s findings to you.

You will be able to find it at coordinates: (15.0 24.0). To tame this bord, you will have to kill a creature nearby it. Let it eat the creature, and soon it will be your pet.


Fenrir on Fjordur Map
Fenrir in Fjordur

It is a ferocious wolf compared to Direwolf. You will have to beat six mini-bosses in the Fjordur map to unlock it.

  • Fjordur Beyla: (04.6 47.2)
  • Jotunheim Steinbjorn: (77.7 30.8)
  • Asgard Hati & Skol: (20.5 37.1)
  • Broodmother Lysrix: (57.3 65.6)
  • Megapithecus: (56.6 84.6)
  • Dragon: (86.2 05.1)

 It is obtainable after beating a boss fight with Fenrisúlfr from a cryopod.

Aberrant Megalania

Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur Map: Megalania
Megalania in Fjordur Map

It is a giant monitor lizard shown in the game as an arboreal cave dweller. They used to live in Australia during the late Pleistocene epoch. Its taming method is knockout, and it is rideable as well as breedable. Carrying a weapon on it is also an option, making it easier for you to defeat enemies. 

You will be able to find it at coordinates: (35.0 31.0)

These creatures can be tamed after entering the Hidden Grotto. Capture one by using a harpoon weapon with a stretched net. When it is in the net, use kibble or extraordinary kibble to feed it. Upon killing one Aberrant Megalania, you will get its hide and meat along with the probability of getting some toxin.

Crystal Locations on Fjordur Map

In Ark: Survival Evolved, crystals can be used at key junctures to craft, upgrade, and improve your arsenal; however, it is difficult to find the locations of crystals on the Fjordur map. If you don’t know the exact coordinates, your hunt for crystals will take a lot of time. Following are the coordinates where you can find crystals in the Fjordur map.

  • (8.1 46.6): slightly above the center of the map, there are a plethora of crystals that you can farm.
  • (13.9 72.7): this is the upper right corner of the Fjordur map. Keep going north of the lake, and right before the forest, you will see plenty of crystals.
  • (26.5 44.7): you will find some violet crystals over the mountaintop.
  • (36.0 96.4): you will find some crystals on the mountain as well.
  • (48.8 65.0): just south of the second location, there is an area with three lakes. Keep roaming around there, and you will keep on finding crystals. The location has more crystals than any other location on the Fjordur map.

You will get a hefty number of crystals from these locations, letting you craft whatever you want.

Fjordur Map: Gems Location in Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved Gems
Gems on Fjordur Map

Fjordur Map in Ark Survival Evolved has a new set of areas where you can find gems. Collecting gems will not always be as easy as it may sound. There will be someone powerful guarding the gem collection.

So, expect a fight whenever you set a journey for gems. You will come across Red, Green, and Blue Gems in Fjordur. Also, this might interest you: Raft Temperance Ice Island guide.

Red Gems

You will find red gems at coordinates (56 84). You will see honey and a few Andrewsarchus roaming around. There will be a cave; go farther inside, and you will see paths reconnect. At that place, you will see chunks of red gems.

Green Gems

You will need to dive deep into the water to get the green gems. Go to (41 32) and keep diving down till you reach the seabed. When you are completely down, walk in a straight direction but take out your tracker since you need to reach coordinates (35.7 32). You will come across a cave entrance and enter it to collect a significant number of green gems.

Blue Gems

Refer to the cave where you went for the red gems having a location with the coordinates (56, 84). As soon as you enter the cave, you will see blue gems lying around. The cave will be cold, so make sure you have proper gear before going in.

You can also find blue gems on coordinates (82 20) under the green floating obelisk. You will see a volcanic cavern, go inside it and keep moving ahead till you reach a bridge. On your right will be a cavern, and in it, you will find the blue gems waiting for you.

All Asgard Rune Locations on Fjordur

There are a total of 15 Asgardian Runes scattered across the Fjordur Map. Following are the coordinates and nearby places where you can find them.

Rune 1

You can find the location of Asgard’s first rune at coordinates (19.6 24.9). The rune will be located right next to the main road where the slope is increasing. It will be located in the middle of the stone.

Rune 2

At coordinates (27.2 17.7), you will see something looking like a huge skeleton stone, and the rune will be right on the bottom of it.

Rune 3

If you circle around the location of Rune 2 and reach coordinates (32.4 12.8), you will see the skull of that huge skeleton monument. Go inside its mouth to collect the third Asgardian rune.

Rune 4

If you go on the left of the mouth and climb a bit higher, you will reach the coordinates (21.7 09.7), where you will find this rune.

Rune 5

Head towards coordinates (20.4 43.9) which is located in the center of the plains with lakes around. The rune will be right next to the lake.

Rune 6

Once you collect rune 5, go on your right, and you will see a purple forest. Go to Coordinates (31.0 53.6) which is the entrance to that forest. You will find the rune right in the beginning.

Rune 7

If you keep going north in that purple forest and reach the coordinates (39.1 50.4), you will find the seventh Asgardian rune.

Rune 8

If you head west after collecting the seventh rune, you will be reaching the end of the map. There will be a mountain there; go towards it, and at coordinates (45.7 55.7), you will find the rune.

Rune 9

At coordinates (42.5 40.3), you will see many monuments like Stonehenge. The place will be right next to the main road. You can collect the rune from there.

Rune 10

You will see a lake near rune 9’s location. Go over there, and you will find a bridge over the lake. At the entrance of the bridge, you will see the rune at coordinates (42.5 30.1).

Rune 11

This rune will be in the forest area on coordinates (62.4 48.5).

Rune 12

The rune will be on a little island in the middle of a lake at coordinates (60.3 35.9). There will be a structure in the middle of the island, which is where you will find the rune.

Rune 13

Right next to the twelfth rune, you will see a distinct white and purple colored tree in the middle of normal trees. At coordinates (63.5 30.0), you will find the rune.

Rune 14

When you pick your thirteenth rune, you will see a trail of water. Keep following it till you reach the bridge at the crossroads. At coordinates (56.6 25.1), you will find your fourteenth rune.

Rune 15

At the edge of the map, you will see a mountain. There will be a Stonehenge-like thing with a tree in the middle where you will find the last rune, and the coordinates will be (66.5 13.7).

Artifact Locations on Fjordur Map

Before you beat any of the seven bosses on the Map, you first need to get the artifacts that are hidden within each region’s caves. Following are the artifacts that you can find on Fjordur.

Strong Artifact

When you are at the redwoods, keep going north, where you will reach Bear Caverns. The coordinates are (09.9 84.3). The cave will be full of creatures like bears, Titanboas, and spiders. So, be prepared in case you have to fight.

Hunter Artifact

You can find this artifact in the northwest region of Fjordur. At coordinates (03.3 32.6), you will reach the Drengrheimr Cave. Its entrance is blocked by a giant rock carrying a C4 to clear the way. Enter the cave for the artifact and fight some Purlovias and bats to get the artifact.

Immune Artifact

Go to the Volcano Island, and within Mount Doom Caverns southeast of the map, you will find Immune Artifact. The coordinates are (90.8 78.1). You will have to enter a cave again and fight some scorpions, bats, and other creatures.

Clever and Pack Artifact

You will need to go north of the Fjordur map in Ark Survival Evolved. Go inside the Molten Caverns, where you will find two artifacts. When you enter the cave, the path will bifurcate, each path leading to one artifact. The coordinates are (21.2 57.4). However, for the left path, you will need to parkour. You will have to jump across lava by using a grappling hook for the right path. You will not find any creature in there.

Brute Artifact

Go to the Swamp Island on the west of the map. Go inside the Bolbjord cavern at coordinates (49.4 14.3). Not only will you need to fight creatures to get the artifact but a mask as well since the cave contains poisonous gas.

Skylord Artifact

Go to the northwest side of the map to Frozen Fortress at the coordinates (07.7 23.5) to get the artifact. To go inside the fortress, you will need a grappling hook and thermal insulation. However, you will need to fight some strong animals such as bears, wolves, and apes. The fight will be worth it as not only you will get the artifact but some loot boxes as well.

Cunning Artifact

Go to the Forgotten Caves located underwater at coordinates (76.8 66.0) to get the artifacts. Once you enter the cave, keep going inside as the path will take you to land. You will see a worn-out ship there and explore it, but you will have to fight some creatures here as well. The artifact will be in a spacious room.

Devourer Artifact

You will need to go underwater to Mariana Caverns, which is far northwest of the Map. You will find the artifact at the coordinates (03.3 03.7). The area is filled with Eels and Jellyfish, so be careful.

Massive Artifact

On the far west edge of the Fjordur map in Ark Survival Evolved, you will reach Nidisheim Depths. At coordinates (71.8 01.2), you will find the Massive Artifact. You might need a scuba suit to reach the surface.

You will need to pass the Nidisheim Labyrinth full of puzzles and booby traps which you will need to solve and dodge. At the end of it, you will collect this last artifact of the map.

Boss Locations in Fjordur Map

You will come across seven bosses on Fjordur Map. All of them are unique and hence require different strategies to defeat. However, upon defeating them. You will get rewards.


Fjordur Map: Beyla

The coordinates for Beyla’s terminal are (04.2 47.3). Beyla is located inside the beehive; to activate the terminal, you will need 30 runestones. Kill alphas to activate the terminal. Beyla is very poisonous, so be careful around it. You can use megatheriums to make the fight easy. After the defeat, it will drop Beyla Relic, which you will need to access Broodmother’s terminal.


Ark Survival Evolved Steinbjorn

In the Jotunheim realm, there is a hidden cave at coordinates (77.1 30.9), inside which you can find Steinbjorn Terminal. Crouch your way inside the cave, where you will see a grand tree and a terminal. You will need 30 runestones to access the terminal.

Steinbjorn’s special attack is a whirlwind with rocks and spikes. However, after defeating Steinbjorn, you will get its relic which you can use to activate Megapithecus’ terminal.

Skoll and Hati

Fjordur Map ARK: Skoll and Hati
Skoll and Hati

You will see a terminal if you go to Asgard Realm at coordinates (20.5 37.1). To access the terminal, you need 30 runestones. When you defeat them, they will drop their relic, which will be used later on for Dragon Terminal. Skoll has the ability to burst into flames while Hati can spawn Fenrir wolves.

Broodmother Lysrix

Broodmother Lysrix in Fjordur Map
Broodmother Lysrix

Go to coordinates (57.4 65.6) to fight Broodmother Lysrix. However, to summon it, you will need Clever, Hunter, and Massive Artifacts along with Beyla Relic.


Ark: Megapithecus

Go to the Aberration Cave, which is on the east side of the Fjordur map. You will find Megapithecus at coordinates (56.9 85.1). However, to summon it, you will need Brute, Devourer, and Pack Artifact along with Steinbjorn Relic.


Fjordur Map: Dragon

On the southwest of the Fjordur map, there is a cave with the coordinates (86.2 04.5) in the Asgardian Realm, where you will find the Dragon. You need Cunning, Immune, Skylord, and Strong Artifacts along with the Hati Relic and Skoll Relic to summon this boss.


Ark: Fenrir

You can access Fenrir from any realm terminal; however, you need to beat all the bosses before it. You should have at least a survival level of 55 and trophies for the island bosses whom you defeated.


Ark Survival Evolved: Mjolnir on Fjordur Map

Let’s not forget that this map will allow you to experience the power of Mjolnir. You will be able to attach it to a TEK sword. If you use it, you will also be able to use the powers of Thor along with his strength. Use its lightning to destroy the enemies and win your battles easily. However, the question is: are you worthy?

Adding Fjordur Map DLC in Ark Survival Evolved

If you don’t know how to add Fjordur Map in Ark Survival Evolved, then follow these four simple steps so you can finally roam around this new map with new things.

  1. Open the Ark control panel, and click the “General” option under settings.
    Ark Survival Evolved DLC
    General Settings
  2. Once you open the general settings, you will find the “Mapname” option under “base settings.”
    ARK Survival Evolved: DLC Map name
    Map name selection
  3. Click on the dropdown, and you will see the Fjordur option, select it, then press “Save Changes.”
  4. After restarting the Ark server, it will be running on the ARK Fjordur DLC.

Environmental Features In Fjordur Map 

The Fjordur map of Ark Survival Evolved has many environmental features unique to it and the resources you will get here will help you in the late game. Following are some features that you will witness in the Fjordur map of Ark Survival Evolved. 

  • There will be a Snowstorm in the local region however it is deactivated at the moment. 
  • Also, you will get to experience the beautiful Aurora Borealis while exploring the map. These polar lights certainly make the exploration more fun. 
  • There will be a custom Supply Crate and a Deep Sea Loot Crate with plenty of items within. 
  • Furthermore, there will be cliffs on every other mountain you see on the map and they can be used on a Tree Platform basis. 
  • There will be Beaver Dens and custom Beaver Dams present on the map. 
  • Upon further exploration, you will also come across corpses in the Swamp and they can be harvested for Polymer. 
  • Also, there would be many Death Worm corpses that you can harvest to get the Death Worm Horn in Ark Survival Evolved. 
  • The map also includes Draugr Tombs and they will have a custom Corrupted Avatar Variant. 
  • You will also get to experience the Portal Cave and the Separated Stimulations. 
  • venture through the Caverns Of time that the map has to offer and enter into the Real World and Space Biome. 

Skins In The Map 

You will get the following variants and skins when playing the Fjordur map in Ark Survival Evolved. 

  • Viking Chestpiece And Shirt Skins 
  • Viking Gloves Skin 
  • Viking Cloth Shirt Skin 
  • Hammer Viking Skin 
  • Boots Of Viking 
  • Helmet Skin Of Viking 
  • Pants Skin Of Viking  
  • Sword Skin Of Viking  
  • Shield Skin Of Viking 
  • Hatchet Skin Of Viking 
  • Spear Skin Of Viking 
  • Pike Skin Of Viking 
  • Thor’s Hammer Skin in Tek Cave, you can get club or sword skin 
  • Asgard Shield Skin in Tek Cave 
  • Berserk Hammer Skin 

That is all from our side, and now you know all the new valuables that are present in Fjordur, the new map of Ark Survival Evolved. Get them as soon as you can to keep advancing in an effective way. Make sure you have fun!

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