Ark: Survival of The Fittest: The Definitive Guide

This Ark Survival of the Fittest guide will entail each and every detail about the Survival of the Fittest spin-off of Ark Survival Evolved.

Ark: Survival of the Fittest is a spin-off DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved based solely on Online Gameplay. We will discuss all the changes this DLC brings in contrast to the Vanilla Ark game. The DLC features Ark Survival’s take on the famous Battle Royale mode, where players and beasts compete against each other.

Key Takeaways
  • Ark: Survival of the Fittest is a DLC purely an online gameplay mode.
  • This is a battle royale mode for Ark Survival Evolved, where the last man standing wins.
  • Players will be put to the test as they fight against beasts as well as different players simultaneously.
  • The goal is to survive as long as possible and win the game by becoming the last man standing.
  • There is a Free For All, 2-player tribes, and 4-player tribes mode.
  • Players must focus on various game elements while playing Survival of the Fittest, such as Tools, Weapons, and Recipes.

What is Ark: Survival of the Fittest

ark map
Ark Survival of the Fittest Map compiled by Steam Users NinjaGirl and Skumm

Survival of the Fittest is basically a battle-royale mode for Ark where the last man/team standing wins. Not only do you have to fight the ferocious beasts on the island, but you also have to take on other players simultaneously. Players will spawn on the same island, and their goal will be to survive.

Unfortunately, it has stopped receiving updates since Studio Wildcard wanted to focus on their mainline Ark game. However, the battle royale aspect of Ark is still enjoyable in Survival Evolved as a separate game mode. You can either play online as a solo or with a squad of friends.

Release Date and Price

Ark: Survival of the Fittest was released on 30 August 2017 for Steam. It cannot be, however, played on consoles. It had a launch price 59.99$, but you can get the game on sale easily on Steam. It has faster matches and combat than Ark Survival Evolved.

Game Modes

Ark: Survival of the fittest can be played in many different ways. The battle royale mode can either be played solo or with friends. But all of it happens online against other players on the same island.

Following are the modes in Survival of Fittest spin-off:

  • Free for All (one-player tribes)
  • 2 player tribes
  • 4 player tribes

Character Creation

Character creation
Character Creation System

You can create your own character in Survival of the Fittest game mode. The character creation is almost similar to Souls Games, and there are different sliders that you can play around with. You can even choose your skin color, the features of your character, and the name of your character.

It is recommended to make a small female character with the darkest skin color. Not only will that reduce your hitbox in Survival of the Fittest, but it will also help you hide more efficiently in shrubs. Make sure to save your character preset because the game asks you to create a character at the start of every match.

Tools, Weapons, and Recipes

Tools can be used for harvesting resources, whereas weapons are used to defend yourself against other players and creatures. Recipes can be used to make stews and brews that give you certain buffs and heal your health. We will discuss them in detail below.


Tools are used for harvesting in Survival of the Fittest, and they are also specific for certain materials.

Following is the list of Tools in Ark:

  • Stone Pick
  • Metal Pick
  • Stone Hatchet
  • Metal Hatchet
  • Metal Sickle

Melee Weapons and Shields

Melee weapons are used for close-range combat, whereas shields can be used for defending yourself.

Following is the list of Shields and Melee Weapons in Ark:

  • Wooden Spear
  • Pike
  • Wooden Shield
  • Metal Shield

Ranged Weapons and Firearms

Such weapons are very useful as you can use them to fight your opponents at range. However, these weapons will break down after a certain number of uses.

Following is the list of ranged weapons and firearms in Ark:

  • Slingshot 
  • Wooden Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Simple Pistol
  • Long Neck
  • Shotgun
  • Fabricated Pistol
  • Pump Action Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Fabricated Sniper Rifle


Recipes are used to create soups, stews, and brews, which can give you certain buffs in Survival of the Fittest. However, soups, stews, and steaks can also be found in Red supply crates.

Following is the list of soups, brews, and steaks that you can make from recipes in Ark:

  • Calien Soup
  • Fria Curry
  • Enduro Stew
  • Focal Chilli
  • Lazarus Chowder
  • Shadow Steak Saute
  • Medical Brew
  • Energy Brew

New Events and Bosses

Many new bosses have been added to keep things interesting and fresh. Many new events also happen throughout the matches, leading to competitive gameplay.

Evolution Events

Evolution Events can be considered as changes that happen throughout a match of Survival of the Fittest. It makes the game more interesting, and players must strategize how to combat such changes. Some of these events either are in favor of the players or make things tougher for the players.

Following is the list of Evolution Events:

  • Acid Rain
  • ARKtic Monkeys
  • Beast Within
  • Carno Drop
  • Daytime Swap
  • Double Taming
  • Food of the Gods
  • Hail to the King
  • Harvest Bounty
  • Harvest Famine
  • Herbivore Drop
  • Mega Cold
  • Mega Fog
  • Predator’s Night
  • Mega Heat
  • Super Loot Crate
  • Supply Overload
  • Survivor Reveal
  • Survivor Tracker
  • The Swarm

Boss Creatures

Bosses will spawn on the platform in the middle of the island, and they spawn passively in Ark. Players can tame these bosses and then use them against other players. Taming bosses will definitely help you dominate the battlefield. 

However, boss creatures only remain in-game for 15 to 20 minutes, and after that, they will despawn. You can even level up the bosses if you end up taming them. However, only their weight stat can be improved.

Following is the list of Boss Creatures:

  • Dragon
  • Broodmother
  • Megapithecus

Rewards For Winning Matches

Players get different rewards in Survival of the Fittest. However, there are cosmetic rewards for First and Second Place holders in the match. These are the Trike Bone Costume and Trike Bone Helmet Skin. In conclusion;

  • First Place Prize: Trike Bone Costume
  • Second Place Prize: Trike Bone Helmet Skin
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