Ark Survival Evolved Dinopithecus: How to Locate & Tame

Dinopithecus is one of the many mounts that you can acquire in Ark Survival Evolved. Our guide let's you know about its location and how to tame it.

Ark Survival is a survival game that was released back in 2017. It is a player versus player and enemy game. There are creatures in the game that you can tame. These include Diplodocus, Crystal wyvern, and our main topic for this guide, the Ark Survival Evolved Dinopithecus.

Key Highlights
  • The Dinopithecus is a mixture of a baboon and a monkey, but they are excellent climbers, but when hunger strikes they will eat just about anything. If you are able to tame such creatures, they will be a very useful asset to you.
  • These creatures can be found in the Redwoods Biome near the Lost Island. Note that you can only tame the pack leaders with non-violent means. Kill every Dinopithecus besides the pack leader.
  • Attack the pack leader until its health is 85 percent, and feed it so it can be fully tamed, after which you can ride it.

What is Dinopithecus in Ark Survival Evolved? 

Monkey Babboon mount ARk survival game
Dinopithecus as it appears in Ark Survival Evolved

The game features some creatures that you can mount and ride around like a badass. All of these mounts are just simply referred to as Rideable Creatures in the game. There are a lot of them in the game, so you can pick the one who suits your character or your playstyle.

The Dinopithecus is one of the creatures as you see in the image above. He looks like a large-sized mixture of a baboon and monkey. These creatures have very pack-oriented behaviors. They will all gather around their Alpha and follow its lead, and if the alpha is slain, they will fall apart.

In addition, Dinopitheci are creatures that prefer fruit alongside the occasional meat when they get some game. But they are excellent climbers, and when hunger strikes, they will eat just about anything they can consume and digest.

These Dinopitheci have very sharp teeth, and when they are provoked, they will also throw lumps of their excrement; disgusting, we concur, but their feces is what is one of the unique things about these creatures. They have deposited a parasite in it that can disable TEK.

If you can manage to tame one of these, you will have a very useful asset on your hands. Because of its pack-oriented nature, it can become quite a leader to your other tames. It can direct them at your foes with his battle cry.

Moreover, taming one of these can also be useful if you just want a very reliable ground transversal creature at your disposal. One that can also fend off foes, so to learn how to tame one, continue reading our guide.

Where To Find Dinopithecus in Ark Survival Evolved?

Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved
Lost Island Map in Ark

These creatures will spawn in multiple numbers within the Redwoods biome near the Lost Island. Babies will also spawn alongside the adults, but only the adults will agro to the player. The younger Dinopitheci will simply make some angry gestures and then run away.

Furthermore, these younger Dinopitheci will continue to make these gestures toward the player until all the adults are exterminated. Once the player has rinsed the land of the adults, only then will these young Dinopitheci truly flee. There is a 40 percent chance younger ones will spawn.

What Are Rideable Creatures in Ark Survival Evolved?

To be precise, there are all kinds of creatures that you can tame and ride around in Ark Survival Evolved. The thing is that there are creatures that can you can swim around with and plenty of ones who you can fly with. 

If you are the type of player that wants to quickly transverse through the maps, then a flying-type mount will be the most suitable fit for you. There are 30 of these in the game right now, so you can pick whichever one you like.

There are about 31 swimming creatures, and these are mainly tamed, so you can go to the depths of the ocean or make a quick escape from a predator who is hot on your trail.

You can also breed these animals alongside just riding them around and training them. This can, of course, also proves to be very useful for the player.

Moreover, aside from the swimming and flying creatures, Similar to Dinopithecus, there are over 200 creatures that you can tame and ride around on the ground.

How To Tame Dinopithecus in Ark Survival Evolved?

We have some good news, and the Dinopitheci can be named by non-violent means, unlike most other rideable creatures. It is very important to keep in mind that you can only tame the pack leaders

The thing that the player must do first and foremost is identifying the Alpha out of the whole pack. It is a necessary step that needs to be taken when passively taming the Dinopithecus. Similar to other cases, you can identify the Alpha by the glowing aura that is covering its body.

In addition, as we have mentioned multiple times before, these are pack-oriented creatures. So they will not let you take over their Alpha without a fight. Once you know which one is the Alpha, you will have to kill every other Dinopitheci that is in its pack, cruel, we know, but necessary.

What is worse about killing these Dinopitheci around the Alpha is that you will also need to kill the young ones like Anakin Skywalker. The taming can prove to be very difficult for someone who loves and adores animals, but the entire game is filled with stuff like this.

How To Approach the Dinopithecus?

Furthermore, once the player has killed all the members of the pack, the Alpha will attempt will to flee because it is scared for its life. Now comes the most important part of the taming. 

Go ahead and start attacking the Alpha but use weapons that don’t deal massive damage as we are here to tame it and are not looking to kill the creature. Reduce the Alpha’s Health to 85 percent; you can, of course, go lower but make sure you don’t accidentally kill it. 

Once the Health has been reduced, start by approaching the Dinopithecus and feeding it passively. Keep an eye out for other creatures nearby as they easily ruin or hinder this entire process of taming.

That is all you need to know. Once the Dinopithecus has been successfully tamed, you can go ahead and ride it. There is no need for a saddle; simply just jump on it, and it will levitate you with its strong tail. 

In addition, the tamed Dinopithecus can also make other uses of its tail. It includes hurling grenades at your enemies. There are plenty of other things it can do that we will now discuss in a bit of detail.

Traits of Ark Survival Evolved Dinopithecus

Traveling around the map is something that the Dinopithecus is extremely good and proficient at. These creatures can easily traverse mountains and cliffs. Also, as we mentioned before, they can jump around very high, and when mounted, they can, of course, also do the same.

Furthermore, aside from its great movement speed, what makes it an incredible mount for ground transversal is that it can easily defend itself from its attackers. Helmets can be worn by your tamed Dinopithecus, and you can’t put a saddle on it because you are not riding on its back but rather on its tail. 

The Dinopithecus is a great Battle Mount. It is very capable of taking down larger creatures than itself and can also hurl grenades and excrements on them. They can also inflict Bleed damage on enemies and naturally perform better as a group. 

It is an overall great mount and one of the essential ones you can find in Lost Island. Dinopithecus is pretty an upgraded version of Thylacoleo because it has access to a pack and is very efficient in defending itself and its rider.

Caves are very easy to explore with a Dinopithecus as they do not aggro most of the creatures that reside in them. You can become sort of a master of stealth with the assistance of a Dinopithecus.

The maximum level of a Dinopithecus is 500, which is akin to the genesis creatures that are present in the game. If you wish to breed your Dinopithecus, it is important to know that it can only have single children and can’t give birth to twins or triplets.


That concludes all you need to know about how to locate, tame, and breed the Ark Survival Evolved Dinopithecus. You will get used to the rest of the game’s hardcore mechanics. This mount will make surviving and scavenging a lot easier.

The game was released back in 2017 and has had a very big following. The community still plays the game very frequently and discovers new stuff and tricks for the game. It is certainly worth your buck as it is filled to the brim with content.

In addition, Ark 2 was announced, and it is apparently still scheduled to release this year. So if you are a fan, the game is the right time to return. If you are a newcomer, there’s no better time to jump in.

What are your thoughts on Ark? Are you enjoying the game? What are your hopes for the sequel? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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