Ark Survival Evolved Dinopithecus: How to Locate & Tame

Dinopithecus is one of the many mounts that you can acquire in Ark Survival Evolved. Our guide let's you know about its location and how to tame it.

Dinopithecus in Ark: Survival Evolved is a creature that can be mounted and ridden in the game. It resembles a large mix of a baboon and a monkey. These creatures exhibit pack-oriented behavior, following their Alpha leader, and dispersing if the Alpha is defeated.

Dinopithecus primarily prefer fruit as their diet, supplemented with occasional meat. They are excellent climbers and will eat almost anything when hungry. These creatures have sharp teeth and can throw lumps of their excrement when provoked, which contains a parasite that can disable TEK.

Taming a Dinopithecus can be valuable in the game due to its pack-oriented nature. It can act as a leader for your other tamed creatures and direct them in battle. Additionally, it serves as a reliable ground transportation option while being capable of defending against enemies.

Key Highlights
  • The Dinopithecus is a mixture of a baboon and a monkey, but they are excellent climbers, but when hunger strikes they will eat just about anything. If you are able to tame such creatures, they will be a very useful asset to you.
  • These creatures can be found in the Redwoods Biome near the Lost Island. Note that you can only tame the pack leaders with non-violent means. Kill every Dinopithecus besides the pack leader.
  • Attack the pack leader until its health is 85 percent, and feed it so it can be fully tamed, after which you can ride it.
Monkey Babboon mount ARk survival game
Dinopithecus as it appears in Ark Survival Evolved

Where To Find Dinopithecus?

Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved
Lost Island Map in Ark

These creatures will spawn in multiple numbers within the Redwoods biome near the Lost Island. Babies will also spawn alongside the adults, but only the adults will agro to the player. The younger Dinopitheci will simply make some angry gestures and then run away.

Furthermore, these younger Dinopitheci will continue to make these gestures toward the player until all the adults are exterminated. Once the player has rinsed the land of the adults, only then will these young Dinopitheci truly flee. There is a 40 percent chance younger ones will spawn.

What Are Rideable Creatures?

To be precise, there are all kinds of creatures that you can tame and ride around in Ark Survival Evolved. The thing is that there are creatures that can you can swim around with and plenty of ones who you can fly with. 

If you are the type of player that wants to quickly transverse through the maps, then a flying-type mount will be the most suitable fit for you. There are 30 of these in the game right now, so you can pick whichever one you like.

There are about 31 swimming creatures, and these are mainly tamed, so you can go to the depths of the ocean or make a quick escape from a predator who is hot on your trail.

You can also breed these animals alongside just riding them around and training them. This can, of course, also proves to be very useful for the player.

Moreover, aside from the swimming and flying creatures, Similar to Dinopithecus, there are over 200 creatures that you can tame and ride around on the ground.

How To Tame Dinopithecus?

To tame a Dinopithecus in Ark Survival Evolved, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the Alpha: Dinopithecus is a pack-oriented creature, and only the Alpha can be tamed. The Alpha is distinguished by a glowing aura that covers its body. Make sure to identify the Alpha within the pack.
  2. Eliminate the Pack: Unfortunately, to tame the Alpha Dinopithecus, you must eliminate the other Dinopithecus in its pack. This may involve killing both adult and young Dinopithecus members. Keep in mind that it’s a necessary step in the taming process, even though it can be difficult for players who love animals in the game.
  3. Approach the Alpha: After clearing the pack, approach the Alpha Dinopithecus carefully.
  4. Feed it: You can passively tame the Alpha Dinopithecus by offering it food. Approach the Alpha and use the appropriate food item in your inventory to feed it. The taming progress will gradually increase as you continue to feed it.
  5. Monitor Taming Progress: Keep an eye on the taming progress indicator to see how close you are to successfully taming the Alpha Dinopithecus.
  6. Complete Taming: Continue feeding the Alpha until the taming process reaches 100%, at which point the Dinopithecus will become tamed and can be used as your mount.

Traits of Dinopithecus

The Dinopithecus has the following traits:

  1. Excellent Ground Transversal: Dinopithecus excels at traveling across the map and can easily traverse mountains and cliffs. It has a high jump capability and can cover rough terrain efficiently.
  2. Self-Defense: It can defend itself effectively from attackers. While you can’t saddle it up, you can equip helmets on your tamed Dinopithecus. It’s a formidable battle mount, capable of taking on larger creatures, inflicting Bleed damage, and throwing grenades and excrement at enemies. They perform exceptionally well in groups.
  3. Cave Exploration: Dinopithecus is ideal for exploring caves as it doesn’t provoke aggression from most cave-dwelling creatures. This makes it an excellent choice for stealthy exploration.
  4. Maximum Level and Breeding: The maximum level of a Dinopithecus is 500, similar to Genesis creatures. When breeding Dinopithecus, they can only give birth to single children and not twins or triplets.

Overall, Dinopithecus is a versatile and highly capable mount in Ark: Survival Evolved, well-suited for both travel and combat, making it an essential addition to your roster of creatures

That concludes all you need to know about how to locate, tame, and breed the Ark Survival Evolved Dinopithecus. You will get used to the rest of the game’s hardcore mechanics. This mount will make surviving and scavenging a lot easier.

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