Ark Survival Evolved Compost Bin: Craft & Use

Learn how to work with the compost bin in Ark Survival Evolved to create better Fertilizers

While working on your base in the Ark Survival Evolved, there will come a point where you will realize how important the Compost Bin is. The Compost Bin can help players form all sorts of fertilizers that can allow their base to grow. Once the Compost Bin is set up, players will get one fertilizer every 50 minutes or 1.5 in-game days. To help you and your resources to grow, our guide will discuss Ark Survival Evolved Compost Bin to help you create better fertilizers.

Key Highlights
  • Ark Survival Evolved Compost Bin is basically a structure used for farming that can make fertilizers.
  • In order to craft the Compost Bin you will need 6 Engram points and have to be at level 15 to unlock the recipe.
  • Players also need to unlock the Storage box recipe before accessing the Engram. Hence, it is important to gather all the different materials required to craft the Compost Bin first.
  • Using the Compost Bin is quite easy, just insert some materials and it will give you an output in the form of a fertilizer.
  • Fertilization provided by Thatch and Feces is a lot more potent than normal animal Feces.

What is the Compost Bin in Ark Survival Evolved?

Ark Survival Evolved Compost Bin
Ark Survival Evolved – Plant Species X that can benefit from Compost Bin

The Ark Survival Evolved Compost bin is essentially a farming structure that you can use to create Fertilizers using Thatch and Feces. The fertilization provided from these custom-made Fertilizers tends to be a lot more potent than just regular animal Feces.

If you’re working with any sort of plant turrets such as Auto Turret or Plant Species X, you’ll need to provide it with fertilization so that it can keep functioning. As there are only ten slots available, it is better to put some sort of resource that keeps the plant fertilized for a long time.

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How to Craft the Compost Bin in Ark Survival Evolved?

Engram for the Compost Bin
Ark Survival Evolved -Compost Bin Engram

There are certain requirements that you will need to meet in order to craft the Compost Bin in Ark Survival Evolved.

First and foremost, you will need the Engram. For that purpose, you need to be at least Level 15; otherwise, you cannot even unlock the Engram. If you don’t know what Engrams are or want to learn more about them, consider reading: the Ark Survival Evolved Crafting guide.

Once you are Level 15, you will need 6 Engram points to unlock the recipe for the Compost Bin. However, it’s not that simple because you must unlock the Storage Box recipe as well to unlock the Engram.

To actually craft the Compost Bin after you get the Engram, you will need 12 Fiber, 15 Thatch, and 50 Wood. Using these, you can finally craft the Compost Bin and start using it.

How to Use the Compost Bin in Ark Survival Evolved?

Crafting Inventory
Ark Survival Evolved -Compost Bin Inventory

Using the Ark Survival Evolved Compost Bin is quite easy. You input certain materials, and the Compost Bin outputs fertilizer. The material in question is 50 Thatch and 3 Feces of any size. You can even mix and match the sizes; it does not matter. If you need help gathering resources, check out: the Ark Lost Island Resource Map guide.

After 1.5 in-game days or about 50 minutes in real life, you will get one fertilizer. At a time, you can only make one fertilizer in one compost bin, and it can store two fertilizers in total, which means that you can input 100 Thatch and 6 Feces to get two fertilizers passively. To create more, you’ll need to take out those fertilizers and refill everything.

It is worth noting that the fertilizers you create are usually more potent than three feces. However, if you use 3 Massive Animal Feces, you will get more fertilization time. That’s why it’s ideal to use your small to large feces for the fertilizers and use the massive ones separately.

Here are the various fertilizer types and their timings for a better context.

Fertilizer Type Units Fertilizes for
Human Feces 1,000 10m
Small Animal Feces 3,500 35m
Medium Animal Feces 7,500 1h 15m
Unicorn Residue 7,500 1h 15m
Large Animal Feces 15,000 2h 30m
Massive Animal Feces 35,000 5h 50m
Snow Owl Pellet 50,000 8h 20m
Fertilizer 54,000 9h
Bonemeal Fertilizer 90,000 15h

General Tips about the Compost Bin 

Here are some general tips to help you out when using the compost bin.

  • If you remove the minimum required items to create a fertilizer before completion, the entire process will reset.
  • With the Massive Animal Feces, you can create a total of 5 Fertilizers if you only input 1 x Massive Animal Feces and 50 x Thatch.
  • Feces that are placed in the Compost Bin have their spoil time multiplied by 10.
  • If you need a lot of feces quickly, you can use the hallucinating effect through the poisonous red mushrooms. It will make the player produce enough feces for multiple units of fertilizer.
  • The Compost Bin can get damaged by anything except non-explosive ranged attacks.

With that, you know everything about the Ark Survival Evolved Compost Bin. It can be useful for creating fertilizers which are preferred over regular feces.

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