Ark Survival Evolved Griffin: How To Tame, Control & Tips

Our Ark Survival Evolved Griffin guide entails everything to know about this creature such as attacks, how to tame and fly in the game.

Griffin in Ark Survival Evolved is one such beautiful beast that you need to find and tame in the game. In ARK: Survival Evolved, the spawn rates for the game’s rarest animals are limited; that is why in this guide, we will be covering everything you need to know about Griffin. We will specifically mention how to tame it, what abilities it has, and some pro-Griffin tips and strategies.

Key Highlights

To tame a Griffin in Fjordur:

  1. Find a Griffin on mountains or among trees.
  2. Aggro it and attack its head until it becomes unconscious.
  3. Consider using a trap for easier taming.
  4. Avoid using a primitive crossbow.
  5. Use mutton or Extraordinary Kibble as food.
  6. Be aware of Griffin’s attacks during taming.

What Is Griffin In Ark Survival Evolved?

Griffin Ark
Griffin Ark Survival Evolved

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In Ark Survival Evolved, the Griffin is a mythical creature inspired by Greek mythology. It features the body of a lion and the head of an eagle, symbolizing strength, courage, and leadership. The Griffin is a creature that can be found in the game, particularly in the Ragnarok expansion map. You can locate them in the western section of the map, and they can also be encountered on Crystal Isles in specific locations.

When searching for Griffins, it’s advisable to look on mountains or among trees, where they are often found either alone or in pairs. Griffins have a relatively large aggression range, and they will pursue players for a considerable distance before giving up the chase. Despite their attacks causing only minor knockback, survivors should exercise caution to avoid getting pushed off cliffs or into dangerous situations while dealing with them.

Best Strategy To Fight Griffin

To effectively combat a Griffin in Ark Survival Evolved, consider the following strategy:

  1. Start with a long-range weapon like a rifle or bow to initiate the attack.
  2. Once the Griffin begins chasing you, maintain a safe distance where you can dodge its attacks while landing shots on its head.
  3. Keep switching between evading and attacking until the Griffin starts to flee.
  4. Pursue the fleeing Griffin while continuing to shoot until it becomes unconscious or defeated.
  5. Ensure there are no other Griffins in the area to avoid additional confrontations.
  6. Ranged weapons and spears work well due to their tendency to encircle you at close range.
  7. Watch out for other hostile creatures in the vicinity, such as Carnotaurus and Terror Birds.
  8. Consider using powerful mounts like the Rex for dealing with these additional threats, thanks to their area-of-effect attacks and high damage output.

How To Tame Griffin In Ark Survival Evolved

Tame Griffin
Ark Survival Evolved Griffin

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In order to tame a Griffin, you will have to knock it out. We recommend using a trap for that purpose. Here is a step by step guide:

  1. Build a Trap:
    • Use a trap similar to the Argentavis trap, consisting of three dino gateways and two dino gates. Leave a gap large enough for a Pteranodon to fly through.
    • Aggro the Griffin and lead it into the trap. Quickly close the gate behind it. This is a cost-effective trap.
  2. Alternatively, use a more expensive but easier-to-use trap:
    • Build six foundations, 18 door frames, six ceilings, six pillars, and a Dino gate.
    • Fly the Troodon through the trap, land at the back, and close the gate. This method is less hassle.
  3. Knocking It Out:
    • You can use a Crossbow to knock out the Griffin, but avoid using a primitive crossbow, as it may kill the Griffin.
    • Alternatively, use a long neck rifle, as it deals less damage and inflicts more torpor.
    • Consider using mutton or kibble as taming food to save on narcotics and time.
    • Griffins have a high torpor drain rate of 7.4 torpor per second, so be prepared with plenty of narcotics if using raw mutton.
    • Griffin’s favorite food is Extraordinary Kibble, which reduces the narcotic usage significantly.
  4. Find a High-Level Griffin:
    • Griffin is non-breedable, so prioritize finding the highest-level Griffin you can.
    • Patience is essential as higher-level Griffins generally have better stats.

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All Griffin Abilities While Riding It

Griffin Abilities
griffin flying Ark Survival Evolved

Now that you would have tamed Griffin, let’s talk about Griffin’s abilities.

  1. Dive Ability: The Griffin can perform a dive by holding sprint, pointing down, and then pulling back up. This allows the Griffin to accelerate to high speeds using gravity. Ensure you’re not holding any items during the dive for it to work effectively.
  2. Attacks:
    • The Claw: Griffin’s primary attack with a 360-degree hitbox around it, dealing 27 damage with a range of 500 units. Ideal for melee damage.
    • Dive Bomb: Activated when you hit the ground head-on during a dive. Damages all creatures in the Griffin’s immediate vicinity, making it useful for attacking clustered groups of dinosaurs.
    • Diving Swipe: This attack deals a base damage of 188 and is perfect for hit-and-run tactics. Dive in, strike, and swoop out swiftly, like a dive bomber from World War Two.
    • The Grab: Allows the Griffin to pick up creatures as large as a Megalanian. It also enables a passenger to ride along, with both rider and passenger able to use weaponry while mounted. This ability is particularly useful for taming creatures without building traps and for navigating difficult terrain due to the Griffin’s agile movement.
Note: To grab animals using the Grab ability of the griffin, simply dive and use the grab and aim towards a grabbable animal and as you grab it, simply fly away.

Pro Tips To Control & Utilize Griffin

Sometimes, when you are traveling, you might find that you get a little low to the ground or close to the water, and you slowly have to climb your way back up into the sky to be able to dive again.

If you dive and pull up to about a 45-degree angle, you will actually be able to regain some of the height you lost during the dive and maintain a faster, more steady flight without the risk of hitting the water. 

Secondly, Griffin combat is best utilized with boom and zoom tactics. This can be really confusing for enemies stuck on the ground depending on how fast you can get in and get out, and confusing your enemies is a tremendous advantage for you in the end/

Also, note that the Griffin shouldn’t be your primary choice for combat, though. Its stats overall are pretty average, and its abilities should only be used in emergencies or if you know you can win a fight. Griffin isn’t the best for dogfights since it has such a poor turning radius. 

Overall, Griffin is a super useful creature in ARK: Survival Evolved; and be careful, though, because if you are too close to the ground, the Griffin will try to land, leaving you in a very tricky and scary place.

Last but definitely not least, Griffins are used for traveling and scouting PVP; it often comes down to who has more information, so using the Griffin to figure out who is where and stuff can be really advantageous.

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Information added: Added additional information on how to grab dinosaurs using Griffin’s Grab ability. 

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