Raft Temperance Ice Island: All Activities You Can Do

A comprehensive guide on Temperance Ice Island in the Final Chapter of the famous survival game known as Raft.

Every island in Raft is jam-packed with content, and Temperance Island is no exception. However, at sea, you’ll have to face a Man-Eating Shark. Make sure to stay away from it, or you probably won’t ever reach a safe island. That Shark is strong enough to end your playthrough in Raft, so beware!

Additionally, Raft combines crafting and building mechanics into its gameplay. However, you’ll need to use your hook to catch materials for crafting. Not only can you build in Raft, but you can also dive into the sea that you’re navigating. To top it all off, Raft also allows you to cook and farm in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • The Final Chapter of the game came with the addition of 3 newly added locations which are Varuna Point, Temperance Ice Island, and Utopia.
  • Fully Complete the Varuna Point in order to access the Temperance Ice Island.
  • The coordinates of the Temperance Ice Island are 0457. It will be a long journey so we recommend stacking up your food and water resources.
  • First Radio Tower, Igloo Village, Observatory, and Radiation Station are some of the locations that you can visit on Temperance Ice Island. 
  • The solution to the puzzle in the observatory is:
    • Crane – 5
    • Puffer Fish – 9
    • Hook – 6
    • Raft With Sail – 4
  • The solution to the puzzle in Laboratory 2 is:
    • Cl – 17
    • Pm – 61
    • Rb – 37
  • You will also come across the Newly Added Character Shogo in the Reactor Room who you can interact with and unlock.
  • A total of 12 Notes can be found on this Island each of them has its own specific location. 

How To Reach Temperance Ice Island

You need to explore the Varuna Point to unlock Temperance Ice Island completely. You need a specific key and perform certain actions to get the coordinates for Temperance Island in Raft. Follow these steps when you’re exploring Varuna Point;

  • When you enter Varuna Point, start looking for the Crane Key.
  • Once you’ve obtained the key, it can be used to open up the next building in Varuna Point.
  • However, in order to go to the next building, you’ll need to use a Zipline.
  • After using the zipline, make your way toward the Lowest Office in that building.
  • On the lowest floor, you’ll find a note that will be your ticket to Temperance Island.

Basically, that note contains the coordinates for Temperance Ice Island in Raft. According to the note, the coordinates for Temperance Ice Island are 0457. Go back to your raft and select the path that goes to Temperance Island. 

It will take quite some time before you reach the island. Additionally, make sure you have surplus food and water for the voyage, as it will be a long journey. The ocean around Temperance Island contains snowy weather and ice. You will have to manually navigate through the snow once you are near the island.

Things To Do in Temperance Island

We will now discuss different locations and what you need to do on these locations in Temperance Island. Everything will be explained in detail, from arriving on the island to reaching the reactor.

First Radio Tower

raft radio tower
Radio Tower on Temperance Ice Island in Raft

As soon as you arrive on Temperance Island in Raft, a Radio Tower is the first thing that will greet you. Radio towers are the source of Electrical Cables in this location. These cables are very important to collect on Temperance Island, as you’ll need them to unlock one of the major locations.

You’ll have to explore the whole map and look for electrical cables in different towers scattered around the map. Once you obtain your first electrical cable, you’ll also receive a Snowmobile which will help your traversal in Temperance Island.

snowmobile raft
Snowmobile on Temperance Ice Island in Raft

Locating the Igloo Village

temperance igloo image
Igloo Village on Temperance Ice Island in Raft

You will find a village in Temperance Island quite easily since the island itself is not massive. Look around for a town of houses and domes, and that will be the village. However, all the stations and domes here will be locked and without power.

You need to restore power to these domes, and that is where electrical cables are going to come in handy. In order to unlock the complete village, you will need all the electrical cables present on Temperance Ice Island in Raft.

Use electrical cables to connect the whole village with power resources. Keep repeating this until the middle area of the village is completely powered up. Powering up the center is your main goal here. Once you complete the electrical mission, all the domes and buildings will unlock. 

Once everything opens up in the Igloo Village, start looting for resources. Additionally, you will find some very important items in one of the buildings which will be used later. These items are a Blueprint and a Blowtorch. The blueprint actually explains how to construct an Advanced Biofuel Refinery that will require Titanium for construction. The blowtorch, however, is located on the second floor of one of the buildings in the village.

Locating the Observatory

Getting to the observatory should be next on your to-do list after you’re done with the village. You’ll have to use your snowmobile to travel to that area in Temperance Island of Raft. From the village, just head in the west direction or simply make your way towards the left-most area of the map.

The observatory looks like a massive sphere, and you should easily spot it from afar. However, the main door of the observatory will be held shut, and you’re gonna have to find another way inside. Near the observatory, you’ll see a huge hole in the ground covered in Ice. That hole will be your ticket to the inside.

observatory temperance
Hidden Path Leading To the Inside of Observatory on Temperance Ice Island in Raft

Additionally, the hole is filled with water, and you will have to swim through it. Keep swimming your way through until you see a ladder. Grab the ladder and start climbing, which will take you to the entrance of the observatory.

Puzzle Inside the Observatory

Once you enter the observatory, you will find a puzzle. You need to complete the puzzle in Temperance Island to get a key and blueprint in Raft. Firstly, make sure to collect the notes scattered around the room. There are four notes in total, each having a different picture.

Basically, there is a safe in the observatory that you must unlock, and solving the puzzle will give you the code for that safe. Each of the four pictures contains a different picture that you’ll have to match with the constellation table in the observatory. Match these constellations with the safe and then count the total number of stars on each image. 

puzzle constellation
Constellation Table Puzzle inside the Observatory of Temperance Ice Island in Raft

The total number of stars on each image corresponds to the digit of the code. Put the number of stars in order on the safe, and it should open. If you’re struggling with this puzzle, then the codes for each image are as follows;

  • Crane- 5
  • Puffer Fish- 9
  • Hook- 6
  • Raft with sail- 4

Once you open up the safe, you’ll receive a blueprint and a Selene Key. The blueprint details the construction of the Advanced Stationary Anchor, and the Selene Key will be later used to access the radiation systems.

Entering the Radiation Station

Reactor station
Radiation Station on Temperance Ice Island in Raft

After obtaining the Selene key, you have to traverse the Temperance Island and reach the radiation station. It should be noted that you’ll need a blowtorch here, which you should have picked up from the Igloo Village. With the blowtorch and Selene key, use your snowmobile and travel to the radiation station.

You can easily find this area from afar as there are two rays of light leaving the station which brighten up the sky. Follow these lights to reach the radiation station. The entrance to the station is not only sealed but is also covered in ice.

Use your blowtorch to melt the ice and then the Selene key in order to open up the entrance. You will find a control panel and three cylinders connected around it. Your job here will be to transport 3 control rods to these cylinders. Inside the same room, you will also get access to a Hazmat Suit. Wear the suit as it will protect you from any and all radiation. Next, you’ll have to solve a puzzle in Laboratory 2.

Obtaining the Control Rods

We will discuss how to obtain the control rods below. You are required to obtain three of these rides in Temperance Ice Island of Raft.

Puzzle in Laboratory 2

Equip the Hazmat suit and go to the Laboratory 2. There you will come across 3 computers with different letters on them. You will have to enter a 2-digit code on each of these computers in order to solve the puzzle. It should be noted that this puzzle is time-based, and you need to be quick. Otherwise, your suit’s timer will run out, and you will get exposed to radiation inside the room. 

puzzle in laboratory
The puzzle inside Laboratory 2 of Radiation Station on Temperance Ice Island in Raft

This puzzle is quite easy as the letters on the computers are actually representing different elements of the periodic table. All you have to do is enter the atomic numbers of these elements onto the computer. The solution to the puzzle is as follows;

  • Cl– 17
  • Pm– 61
  • Rb– 37

Once you solve the puzzle, you’ll get access to your first control rod.

Switching the Valve

Once you’re done in the laboratory, leave it and move down to the lower level. It should be noted that before leaving the lab, equip the second Hazmat suit present there. Otherwise, the timer of protection on your first suit will run out later. 

reactor valve
Valve present on the Lowest Floor of Radiation Station on Temperance Ice Island in Raft

Enter the lower section of that radioactive area and continue following the path. You will eventually reach a Valve present on the pipes. Your goal here will be to turn the valve and unlock the next area.

Not only will turning the valve gives access to your second control rod, but it will also open up the path to your next area. But beware of the mutated spiders here; fight them if they get too close.

Solving the Lazer Puzzle

Follow the path that you unlocked after turning the valve, and you will be greeted with another puzzle. You need to solve this puzzle in order to get the third and last control rod. What you need to do is use the mirrors inside that room and reflect the laser on the locked door. The laser will unlock the door for you.

Laser puzzle
Laser Puzzle inside the Radiation Station of Temperance Ice Island in Raft

It is a tough puzzle to solve in Temperance Island or maybe even in the whole Raft. But what you should do is take a view from above of that room. You’ll realize what mirrors to turn and what not to turn. Solve the puzzle to get access to your third control rod.

Entering the Reactor Room

Once you’ve obtained all of the control rods, make your way back to the control room. Insert all the rods in their respective places, and you’ll receive the Reactor Key as a reward. Equip a newer Hazmat suit and enter the reactor room. There you will have to turn all the valves and stop the reactor by removing the radioactive gas.

It should be noted that the reactor room is swarming with mutated spiders, and you should go in prepared to fend them off. Once you get rid of all the spiders and stop the reactor, another door will open, which leads to a tunnel. Follow this stunned, and don’t forget to collect all the blueprints and items available here.

At the end of the tunnel will be the final room of the radiation station. There you will meet Shogo, a character who will give you complete detail about the reactor. Shogo will also become a playable character in Raft now once you’re done with Temperance Island. 

shogo raft
Shogo Present Inside the Final Room of Radiation Station on Temperance Ice Island in Raft

You will also receive the coordinates for the third and final island Utopia, once you’re done with the reactor.


Raft is available to download today on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. It was released on May 23, 2018, and gets updated regularly. New content Is continuously being added to Raft, and Temperance Island was part of the third chapter that was recently introduced in the game.

Raft is a good combination of survival and exploration genres, giving you the best of both worlds. Not only can you enjoy Raft solo, but you can also play it with a friend in CO-OP.

This concludes our guide on Temperance Ice Island in Raft. We explained everything that you need to do to complete the island and unlock the next one. Hopefully, our guide helped your exploration of Temperance Island, and you could properly complete the questline here. Let us know what you think about Raft in the comments below.

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