Raft New Characters: How To Unlock & Locations 

This Raft The Final Chapter New Characters guide will showcase 4 characters as well as how to unlock them and use them in your party!

Raft is a survival-based game released in 2018, and with the recent chapter 3 being released to the public, it has introduced a few new characters. With new characters come newer opportunities to unlock them and have them in your arsenal. So, in our Raft The Final Chapter New Characters guide, we will uncover how to unlock the four Raft characters known as Tala, Johnny, Elaine, and Shogo. 

Keep in mind, however, that players in Raft will need to have crossed the main storyline and have progressed to the part where they are on the islands where the characters in Raft are located. Therefore, we will briefly explain how to access these remote islands where the characters can be unlocked. With that, let’s get started! 

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Key Takeaways
  • The game’s new release came with the addition of a bunch of new characters named Tala, Johnny, Elaine, and Shogo. 
  • Each of these characters can be found in specific locations and can be used as members of your party.
  • Tala: She can be found in the Radio Tower in Raft. In order to unlock the character you will need to interact with her until the end of her dialogues.
  • Johnny: The second newly added character can be found by traveling to Balboa Island. Interact with him and complete his dialogue which will result in unlocking the character.
  • Elaine: The third new character can be found after you have unlocked Tangaroa City and have access to it. Simple Interact with her after finding her to unlock her.
  • Shogo: The last new character added can be found in the area known as Temperance. Where after finding Shogo, you can interact with him and unlock him.

Location details about the new characters in Raft: 

TalaRadio Tower
JohnnyTraveling to Balboa Island
ElaineFound after unlocking Tangaroa City
ShogoCyro-chamber, Selena Research Faculty, Temperance


Raft Tala

Tala is one of the first New Characters in Raft, and she will be located in the Radio Tower in Raft, a facility with several lootable items such as plastic and glass items. The facility will have loot boxes and crates scattered all around the area, and with several rooms in the facility, it will also contain our first character in Raft. 

How To Access and Navigate Radio Tower 

Raft Navigating Radio Tower
Navigating Radio Tower

Whenever Raft player progresses through the storyline, there will come a time whereby they will turn on a reception for the first time. When this occurs, they will be granted access to a secret code, and essentially the code itself will be four digits that the Raft player can only access. 

To reach Radio Tower, players can typically use a boat or a sail since it will be the safer alternative, and it will have already been coded to head towards the natural direction of the Raft. If for some reason, players mess up the four-digit code, they can simply get rid of the Raft and place it again. 

The tower in Raft will be below the water, and the tower will have rooms that the player can access once they get off their mode of transportation. After roaming around the rooms, you can also encounter several crates and boxes with loot that you can add to your inventory. 

Make sure that you do not go and stay underwater for way too long, as there is a threat of sharks potentially following you, or you can also end up drowning and losing your progress. The only way to stay safe is by entering a room that is not submerged or covered by water and manually going out of the water. 

Take your time exploring the tower since there will be plenty of time to unlock Tala in Raft. Now, let’s look into how to unlock one of the New Characters in Raft The Final Chapter. 

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Unlocking Tala 

Raft Unlocking Tala
Finding Tala

After reaching the tower, make sure that your sail is parked close to the edge of the tower so that the player in Raft does not risk falling into the water and potentially drowning. After climbing up the first flight of boxes, enter through a door that will lead you to an empty room; go straight through and enter a room with stairs leading up. 

Make your way across the staircase until you reach the top, turn right around, and you will see a door leading out. Turning left, keep going across the main platform, and you will encounter a ledge with leaves covering it. You must safely cross it over, turn left, and cross another ledge. 

Jump across the small ledge, then go onto the stairway connected with the edge of a building, then keep going until the Raft player can jump across a spacing again onto another main platform. Hop up the boxes and onto the rooftop, and jump to the ladder connected to the tower. 

Inside the tower, you will find the Raft Tala character sitting on the chair and waiting for you. Talk to her, exhaust her dialogue, and you will have successfully unlocked Tala in Raft! 

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Raft Johnny

Another important New Character is Johnny in Raft The Final Chapter, and this particular one can be obtained after heading over to Balboa Island. 

How to Access and Navigate Balboa Island

Raft Navigating Balboa Island
Navigating Balboa Island

The island itself will be a storyline-related unlockable area, and the island will eerily resemble that of a preservation park, and it will have multiple outposts, trails, and sheds. 

There are also going to be several structures, and it also has animals like bears, and they are a boss. The boss will essentially be a major danger to the player in Raft and can cause severe injuries if it attacks the player. 

If you want to traverse the area, know that it will come with its own Ranger Station and relay stations too. You can come across several loot pieces, as well as pieces that will be specifically related to the lore of the game, and for players interested in the lore aspect, it’s a win-win. 

On the island, you can also expect to come across several blueprints, journal notes, loot materials, and much more. The main way to enter the Balboa Island in Raft is to settle down your sail on the shore of a beach and then make your way over to the island by lightly swimming until you reach land. 

The ranger station will be accessible after the Raft player completes a parkour course relatively on the easier side. However, it will be fully covered with items like wooden spikes and ledges to cross. 

As for the relay stations, they can be accessed after finishing off with a challenge next to the Ranger stations, and after that, players can focus on unlocking these Raft The Final Chapter New Characters

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Unlocking Johnny

Raft Finding Johnny
Finding Johnny

Now, to unlock Raft Johnny, make sure to park your Raft right by the shore of Balboa Island, and players will be able to locate a few broken fences. Keep making your way straight through the broken fences, and once you encounter a hill, keep going up the hill and through the main pathway.

Keep walking straight until you hit a dead-end and see a sign-board with four signs; turn left at the sign-board, and keep heading forward until you come to a dead-end once again with a mountain splitting off into a right and left path. Steer left and kept going forward, and instead of heading straight down, you want to start heading up the mountain hills. 

Once players in Raft have crossed the path leading to the top of the mountain, avoid any bears that might spawn and try to attack you and simply run past them. After going on for a bit, players will encounter a cave entrance which vines will cover can they can use any weapon to break free. 

Make your way through the cave, get out of it and cross the large tower you see. Going all the way to the top of the tower, Johnny will be sitting inside a room on a mattress, and after exhausting his dialogue, you can unlock him! 

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Raft Elaine

Another important character in Raft will be Elaina, who will be unlocked after players access and unlock the Tangaroa City. 

How To Access and Navigate Tangaroa 

Raft Navigating Tangaroa Island
Navigating Tangaroa Island

Unlike most islands, Tangaroa isn’t an island but a massive city with smaller parts that are sub-divided to create differnet map areas. The city itself features many foundations that are of different shapes, such as circles and hexagons, and it also contains many apartments. 

For newer players in Raft, it might be a menace to try navigating the entire city. Therefore, remember that before even attempting to unlock the New Characters like Elaine, it is best to take your sweet time to explore the area fully in Raft The Final Chapter. 

Tangaroa will feature 8 main locations like the Basement Area, Bridge, Main City Area, Main Tower, Plantation Area, Secret Basement, and several Skyscrapers,, ands the main storage area. All these areas will contain loot, and since the area is so big, players are recommended to stock up on food and water supplies in Raft

While you may not need heavy armor, bringing water bottles and cooked food is crucial since the more you explore, the more you will get parched. Exploring the entire city is important before encountering the New Character that is waiting for you in Raft

The few blueprints that you can get in this city include the Electric Purifier, Large Storage, Water Pipe, and Water Tank blueprints, as well as differnet Tangaroa Tokens that can be used to purchase stuff from the vending machines if you get hungry or run out of supplies. 

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Unlocking Elaine 

Raft Unlocking Elaine
Unlocking Elaine

Please keep in mind that Raft players must complete the Tangaroa storyline and have explored major parts of the city. Among the city apartments, rooms and domes, there will be a code requiring the opening of another tower that will have the third of the New Characters in the game. 

Tangaroa is an area that might seem daunting to explore, and it might seem like it will be a difficult task to find Elaine in Tangaroa, but in reality, it’s not that difficult.

There will be a small tower with a partially submerged ladder in the water, and you will need to dock your ship and start climbing the ladder to go up. 

Once you get to the top of the tower, a small opening will lead into a room. Jump down and enter the room, and if you look in the middle of the room, there will be several seats.

On top of one of the seats, you will encounter Elaine, buckled up to the seat, and if you talk to her, you have her officially unlocked!

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Raft Shogo

Last but not least, the fourth character in Raft is Shogo, that has been newly added to the newest chapter. 

How To Unlock and Navigate Temperance 

Raft Navigating Temperance
Navigating Temperance

Raft Temperance will be another crucial area that the player will access when you are progressing through the main storyline. The area is located on the arctic end of the map, and the entire area is just a snow-covered sort of area and a lot of icebergs in Raft and ice caps can be encountered. 

Temperance in its original form may be difficult to traverse simply due to the vast snowy region and the lack of buildings or platforms; therefore, if you want to come across any New Characters in the area, we recommend using a snowmobile in the area. It is not recommended to walk in the area at all because you can easily get lost. 

There are different areas like the Igloo Village in Temperance, as well as the Observatory, which the player must explore. It is crucial to maintain your food consumption whenever they are exploring. 

The most notable places in the area will include the Bunker, Radio Tower, Selene Research Facility, the Observatory, and a few others. As for the loot, eh, there isn’t any. 

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Unlocking Shogo 

Raft Finding Shogo
Finding Shogo

Once you enter what seems like a boiler room, there will be a circular platform that will lead right into another hallway that goes into another room. Keep heading into the room, and while you do so, make sure to grab the note that is placed on the ground, as it will be crucial at some point during your Raft gameplay

After coming to a dead-end in the hallway, players will encounter a closed door, and upon opening it, entering it, you want to steer left, and on top of a small ledge, there will be a heart monitor.

Pressing E on it will allow the Raft players to interact with the lifeline, which will automatically trigger the dialogue with the Shogo character

Talking to him will unlock him as a playable character, and with that, we will wrap up with our Raft New Characters guide; let us know what you think! 

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Guide Credit: SeashellGaming on Youtube

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