Raft Varuna Point: Exploration & Boss Fight

Varuna Point in Raft is filled with amazing stuff for you to find out

Raft is a game that has been in early access for more than four years. After a long time, the game got released. With the release, the game developers decided to add new content, known as the Final Chapter. The Final Chapter updated the whole game and added new locations. Varuna Point is one of these locations in Raft The Final Chapter.

Varuna Point has several interesting points for you to locate. You can find the Crane Key in Raft to further progress in the story. But exploring isn’t all in Raft, and you can craft a Juicer and get Juicer recipes.

In the latest update, upgrading your Raft has become easier thanks to the addition of Trash Cubes in the Raft. With these, you can make items from the blueprints and decorate your Raft.

Key Takeaways
  • The tall submerged incomplete building is also known as the Varuna Point. 
  • Clear the Tangaroa Area in order to unlock the Varuna Point Tab in your book. Varuna Pont was added to the final chapter of Raft having the coordinates #7528. 
  • We recommend you take food, water, and a weapon to deal with the rats you will encounter while exploring Varuna Point.
  • An Oxygen Tank, Zipline, and Fins are things that are essential to fully explore Varuna Point.
  • Make your way to the top of the crane and locate the key that is needed to operate the crane. 
  • Make your way underwater and follow certain steps in order to get your hands on the Motherload Key that you can use in the Motherload location.
  • The motherload location can be found by using the map found in the same area as the key.
  • Rhino Shark is the boss that you will go up against in this area. 
  • There are a total of 4 pillars in that area. You will need to lure the shark to hit the pillars by standing behind it and placing explosives in the area where the shark hit them.
  • Make your way to the third floor where you will need to make the shark hit the explosives you planted in the metal pillar which breaks the platform and kills the shark.
  • Make sure to loot the dead body of the shark as it will reward you with a bunch of shark meat.
  • Find the crane key that is located in the office near the crane plus the Wind Turbine Blueprint. 
  • Use the crane key to activate the crane which results in the demolishing of the roof of the building.
  • Use the Zipline to reach the 2nd Building. There in the room, you will come across a note, an advanced battery blueprint, and a briefcase that contains some materials.

Varuna Point in Raft The Final Chapter

Varuna Point in Raft
Varuna Point has two unfinished buildings.

In Raft The Final Chapter, Varuna Point is a tall submerged building that was left incomplete due to unknown circumstances. The building was under construction, that’s why it has a crane on it. Over time, this unfinished building became home to underwater sea life. Under the water, the building is filled with fish and jellyfishes. While above the water, you’ll find it infested with lurkers such as rats.

Getting to Varuna Point

After years spent in Early Access, Varuna Point was the first place that you got to explore. To get there, you’ll have to clear the Tangaroa area in Raft. If you had explored the Tangaroa area before its official release, then you’d have the Varuna Point tab in your book in Raft.

But the area wasn’t available at that moment. So there was no point in trying to get there. Now, after release, it is finally available. Before you can get there, you’ll have to update the game to the latest patch.

When you have upgraded the game, the coordinates to Varuna Point will appear in your book. The coordinates of Varuna Point are #7528. After you’ve noted down the coordinates, get onto your navigation device and change its coordinates.

Varuna Point will appear on your radar. And now, you can finally sail towards it. We recommend that you waste no time and head towards Varuna Point.

How to explore Varuna Point

Before you begin your exploration of Varuna Point, you should make a weapon in Raft if you haven’t already. That is because you’ll find rats near the crane area that need to be dealt with. Having a weapon will increase your survival chances.

As you’ll be spending a lot of time exploring the area, we recommend taking some food and water. If you’ve run out of them, you can find food and water while exploring Varuna Point too.

To explore Varuna Point, you’ll need 3 items, an Oxygen tank, Zipline, and Fins. Fins and Oxygen Tank will help you explore the underwater area much better. That is because you’ll spend a lot of time looking for an important item.

There’s an underwater boss fight too, so keeping the fins with yourself will help you move around quickly. You won’t have a hard time repositioning yourself in the fight.

As for the Zipline, it will come in handy at the end of the exploration. Without spoiling much, you’ll have to use the Zipline to go from one region of Varuna Point to another.

Okay, so now that you’ve prepared all the items you’ll need during the exploration of Varuna Point, it’s time to get started. When you first get to Varuna Point, park your Raft to the side. Now, you have to start climbing onto the scaffoldings on the side. You’ll have to jump your way into the building.

Scafoldings help you get on building in Varuna Point.
Scaffolding at the side of the Building.

Getting to the Crane

Your first task at Varuna Point is the top of the Crane. You need to get there so that you can continue your exploration. While you’re exploring the area, keep an eye on the rats as they can pose a threat to you. If you find any, it is better to kill them before you continue with your journey.

While getting to the top, you’ll have to perform parkour by jumping onto platforms. Be careful here, and if you fall, your character will get damaged badly. And if you’re in low health, one mistake will end up in your character dead.


From the pillars, you’ll have to get on top of the platform that leads to the stairs to the Crane. Now, get onto the Crane using these stairs. When you get onto it, the Crane’s Operating Room will be in front of you.

Crane at Varuna Point
Use the stairs to get on top of the crane.

Finding the Key 

In the Operating room of the Crane, you’ll find that to operate the crane, you need a key, And that key is missing. If you go up the ladder, you’ll find a note and an electric grill blueprint. You’ll have to find the Crane’s Key at Varuna Point to progress in Raft.

Varuna Point has Electric Grill Blueprint in raft.
Electric Grill’s blueprint on the Crane.

For that, you’ll have to jump inside the water and then look for a shining light around the structure. While going there, beware as the area will be surrounded by a swarm of jellyfish.

Spotlight at Varuna Point.
The spotlight in the raft makes

Once you go towards the light, you’ll find an entrance that’ll let you enter the building. When you’re inside, you can start looking for the key. But before you begin, you’ll be attacked by an Angler Fish. Kill the Angler Fish and get the Angler Fish Hat as a reward.

Now, you need to look for spotlight parts. You need to pick up four parts. Once you have found all the parts, get out from the way you came in. You’ll find another spotlight right up front. As soon as you activate it, the jellyfishes covering the hole will move away.

Varuna Point spotlight working.
Turn Spotlight on to make the Jellyfish move away.

Enter the hole, and after following the path in the tunnel and you’ll find yourself in an area. There you’ll find the Motherload key and blueprint to an ‘Advanced Headlight’. Watch out for traps as you can get hurt from them.

Blueprints of Advanced Headlight.
Advanced Headlight’s Blueprints.

Locating Motherload at Varuna Point

Now that you’ve found the Motherload Key, it’s time to find the place where you can use it; that is, the Motherload itself. In the area in which you found the key, you’ll find a map. This map indicates where you’ll find the Motherload.

Motherload Key at Varuna Point.
Motherload Key.

Map near Motherload Key.

Keep going down the area until you come up with a garage door. Use the key to open this garage door and continue summing inside. You can now continue to explore the Motherload area.

You’ll come across a wall that will have a giant letter G on it. The wall will break, and the Giant Rhino Shark will appear. This will start the Boss Fight at Varuna Point in Raft.

Garage door at Varuna Point.
The garage door has the letter G, indicating the Boss Fight area.

Varuna Point’s Rhino Shark Boss

You’ll have to fight the Rhino Shark here to further progress. Defeating the Rhino shark is hard as it won’t take any damage from weapons or arrows.

Varuna Point boss fight.
Rhino Shark boss fight underwater.

You’ll go in a boss fight area when the Rhino Shark comes. In the area, you’ll find 4 pillars. You need to use the pillars to your advantage to defeat the shark. Hid behind one of the pillars, and when the shark hits the pillar, it will break it from the middle.

Now, place the explosive barrel in between the pillar. You need to lure the Rhino Shark Boss there using the same tactic. This will break the platform to the upper area. You’ll have to repeat the same process there and get onto the third floor.

On the third floor, the bottom of the pillar is made of metal. If you stand behind it, the shark won’t break it. So you need to place yourself in the middle of the pillar. When the Shark breaks it, place the explosive barrel there. As the shark rams on the explosive barrel, it will break the platform and die.

Boss at Varuna point killed
Rhino Shark was killed.

When you’ve killed the Rhino Shark boss, go to its dead body and loot it. It will give you tons of Shark meat. When you get back onto your raft after exploring Varuna Point, you’ll find that the Rhino Shark’s dead body is hanging onto it as a trophy.

Trophy for killing boss.
Shark Head Trophy can be placed onto your Raft.

Unlocking the 2nd Building

After you have defeated the Rhino Shark Boss, it’s time to continue your exploration of Varuna Point. You need to go back up to the office. The office is near the crane area. Once you get inside, you’ll find the Crane key located on the table. With the key, you’ll find wind turbine blueprints. You should pick these blueprints up as they’ll come in handy.

Now, head over to the crane, and activate it using the key that you found. The crane will now break the roof of the building. You’ll have to use the zipline to get to the other building.

Using Crane at Varuna Point.
Unlock the next building using the Crane.

When you get inside the building, you’ll quickly find yourself in a room. In the room, you’ll find a note, an advanced battery blueprint, and some materials inside a briefcase.

New area's notes at Varuna Point.
Advanced Battery blueprints and note to next location.

This clears up the main points of interest of Varuna Point in Raft. You can still look for debris at Varuna Point. Debris will help you craft items whose blueprints you found in Varuna Point.

What To Do Next After Varuna Point?

The note that you found in the new building indicates where you need to go next to progress in the game. This new place is called Temperance Ice Island in Raft. While getting there, you can improve your ship with the newly found blueprints of Wind Turbine and Advanced Battery. 

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