Raft Juicer Recipes: How To Get All 8 Recipes

Our guide on Raft Juicer Recipe gives an overview of all the juicer recipes while also giving a brief way to find ingredients for them.

In Raft The Final Chapter, your base of operations is floating across the ocean. However, Your sole objective is to collect resources and uncover the plot behind the Raft. Also, you have to keep in mind your hunger bar. For that, Raft also introduced a Juicer.

The game recently got one of the most significant updates. The update included an all-new cooking system. However, a Raft juicer is also now the part of the game, which was also included in the update.

This update is supposed to make the game complete as before; at a certain point, the content felt missing. Now the game is in its final stage, where the whole of the story has been revealed.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 8 different recipes that can be made using the device known as the Juicer.
  • A Juicer is an item that is used to blend ingredients and transform them into the form of a smoothie which not only takes away your hunger but also provides you with a buff.
  • Ingredients are essential as they are going to be used in order to make the recipes.
  • There are 3 ways you can acquire ingredients which are:
    • Growing Ingredients 
    • Collecting Them From Islands And Loot Barrels
    • Trading Items In Trading Station For Ingredients
  • Beetroot Shots, Spicy Pineberry, Red Melon, Mangonana, Strawberry Colada, Coconut Beat, and Silver Smoothie are the recipes that can be made with the Juicer.
  • Note that each of these recipes requires some specific ingredients that you will need to acquire first.

What is Juicer In Raft The Final Chapter

Raft Juicer
Raft Juicer

The juicer is a recently added item through which you can blend together ingredients to make a smoothie. The Raft Juicer is the perfect machine that will light up your kitchen in Raft. However, if you add some ingredients and supply it with power, then it will provide you with a refreshing smoothie.  

Also, this smoothie will reduce your hunger while also giving you a buff. As mentioned before, Raft is a survival game that also includes a hunger and thirst mechanism. To please your hunger and thirst, you must eat and drink. So these smoothies will be very effective in Raft. 

Where To Get Ingredients For Juicer

Inventory In Raft

There are three primary ways to get ingredients in Raft. The first method is to grow some of the ingredients. For example, mangos can be grown if you have found a seed. And to grow these mango seeds, you require a large crop pot. You will also have to provide the pot with water. After the mango tree has been fully grown, it will provide you with mangos and mango seeds.

The next method is to collect the ingredients from the islands and loot barrels. This method is very straightforward.

All you have to do is explore the islands, and eventually, you will start finding random ingredients. Look for certain items in certain places, like for mangos, look for a mango tree.

The last method has been recently added with the new 1.0 update. The method requires you to find a trading station that will spawn randomly on the islands. Go to these trading stations, and here, you can trade other items for certain ingredients.

During trading items, you will build a reputation with the trader. As your reputation increases, you will unlock new ingredients and recipes.

All Juicer Recipes in Raft The Final Chapter

Juicer Recipes
Juicer Recipes

To make smoothies, you first have to acquire the recipes for them. You can get these recipes by trading at the trading station. Eventually, when your reputation increases, you will unlock more recipes. The recipes and their buffs up until now have not been fully revealed to us. Once you have gathered the recipe, head towards the juicer and blend together the listed ingredients. Now, here are all the recipes that we have found till now:

Simple Smoothie Recipe For Juicer

New Update of Raft
Juicer Update of Raft, 1.0.

To make the smoothie, you will require a mango, pineapple, and coconut. One of each. Now blend these ingredients to make a simple smoothie. The effects of the smoothie are still unknown.

Beetroot Shots Recipe

For the Raft Juicer Recipe, you require two beetroots, one coconut, and one turmeric. Now, after blending these together, you will receive a red smoothie which will increase your health in Raft after consuming it.

Spicy Pineberry Recipe

Next, Juicer Recipe requires one pineapple, one chilly, and two strawberries to make this refreshing, spicy drink that will give you a very noticeable buff in your swimming speed.

Red Melon Recipe

For the Red melon Recipe in Raft The Final Chapter, you will need one of each of the following ingredients: berry, strawberry, watermelon, and a coconut. These are all the ingredients that you will require to make this pink drink. As of now, there are no known effects.

Mangonana Recipe For Juicer

The drink is exactly what the name suggests. 1 banana and one mango mixed with a bucket of milk are all you require to make the Mangonana. Effects are unknown.

Strawberry Colada Recipe

For the Strawberry Colada recipe, you will need one pineapple, one strawberry, and two coconuts. These are the ingredients that you require to make this colada. The effects of the colada are unknown.

Coconut Beat Recipe

The next Juicer Recipe requires three coconuts and one beetroot to make the mouth-watering drink in Raft The Final Chapter. And as of now, the effects of the drink are unknown.

Silver Smoothie Recipe

Now, to make this silverish drink, you will require one mango, one banana, one bucket of milk, and one silver algae. The effects of the smoothie are unknown.


These were all the recipes in Raft The Final Chapter that Redbeet has up until now have released. However, we are confident that they will release more in the future. And the uses of every smoothie have still not been figured out as the game’s update was recently released.

Now with this, we bring our guide to an end for now. Also, we hope you enjoyed the content of the guide. And, if you know any more recipes related to the juicer or their buffs, then please let us know through the comment section down below.

Raft is an open-world survival game that was initially released in 2018. The game is developed by Redbeet. However, the publisher of this game is Axolot Games. Raft is built upon a unique concept of survival. It is an adventurous game where you have to travel across vast oceans to visit different islands and locations.

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