Raft Advanced Anchor: Blueprint, Safe Code & Crafting

The Advanced Anchor in Raft is an essential item during the late game & players can craft it after obtaining the blueprint in the game.

Raft is a survival game that requires players to survive over the seas by crafting a raft. During their adventure, players would be required to gather various materials to expand their raft or craft useful items. One such item that players can craft in Raft is Advanced Stationary Anchor.

Key Takeaways
  • Advanced Anchor in Raft is a new and improved version of a normal Anchor. Both of them are used to keep the Raft in place, but the Advanced Achor with the engine controls allows navigation of the anchor via remote control.
  • Get your hands on the blueprint of the Advanced Anchor by solving a puzzle on Temperance Island.
  • The blueprint can be found in a safe that is locked by a code that you will need to decode by following the steps needed to solve the puzzle.
  • The following raw materials are necessary in order to craft the Advanced Stationary Anchor:
    • 10 Plank
    • 6 Rope
    • 4 Metal Ingot
    • 4 Bolt
    • 8 Titanium Ingot
  • The above-mentioned materials can either be acquired from specific locations, crafted or smelted, depending on the material.

The Advanced Anchor is improved and enhanced in Raft. It is much more useful than the stationary anchor and throwable anchor. Anchors are mainly used to keep your raft in place, so it won’t drift away while you explore.

If you want to explore some of the new locations, consider checking out our Raft Varuna Point Exploration guide. You can also obtain the crane key at the Varuna point.

Both the Stationary and Advanced Anchors can stay in place even if they lose one of the foundations in their legs. However, Advanced Stationary Anchor is preferable due to its engine controls which would allow players to navigate their anchors easily.

Players can find the blueprint for Engine controls on Caravan Island. With the help of the Engine controls, players can land their Anchor where they want it placed. They can change their directions and lower or raise the anchor with the remote as they, please.

To advance further in Raft, the Advanced Anchor would certainly be a useful item. Consider also checking our Raft Recycler guide, which would also be helpful for late-game players.

How To Get Advanced Anchor Blueprint in Raft

Advanced Anchor blueprint location
Advanced Anchor Blueprint

To craft the Advanced Anchor in Raft, Players would be required to gather the Advanced Stationery Anchor Blueprint. Players can obtain the blueprint on Temperance Island. To obtain the Blueprint, players would be required to solve a quick puzzle.

The Temperance Island is a brand new island that got introduced with the new update, Moreover, players can also check out and unlock new characters in Raft The Final Chapter that became a part of the game with the final chapter released.

Blueprint Puzzle

To obtain the Advanced Anchor Blueprint, Players would be required to open a safe. The safe is locked by a code and to decode it, you must solve a puzzle. Follow the simple steps in this guide to get cracking.

First Head towards the observatory. While you are walking toward the building entrance, the icy floor will collapse but players can swim across a cavern and use the ladder to gain access to the building.

While you are in the tower, look for picture notes that will help you crack the safe code. The picture notes can be found on various floors of the observatory. Make sure you collect all four notes across the tower.

Raft Observatory tower puzzle
Constellations Puzzle

Once you have reached above, you will find a giant telescope. In addition to the telescope, you will also spot a screen and a few buttons that players can use to navigate the screen. Once you solve the puzzle you can obtain the Advanced Anchor in Raft.

While navigating the screen, players would notice a few constellations. Note down the number of stars in each constellation that appeared on the screen.

After noting down various numbers, you would need the picture notes to determine the correct sequence of the code.

Blueprint Code

Raft advanced anchor safe code
Picture notes

Notice the numbers on the bottom of each picture note, that is the correct sequence of each constellation. You would then enter, the correct number of stars that you counted and then enter the code according to the sequence given in the picture notes.

If the steps seem too difficult and tedious to you, the correct code is 5964, Once you enter the safe code, you can obtain the Advanced Anchor Blueprint that you can research to craft anytime.

How to Craft Advanced Anchor in Raft The Final Chapter?

Players can craft the Advanced Anchor in Raft easily after gathering a few essential raw materials. Once they gather the following materials, they can use the crafting menu to craft the Anchor.

  • 10 Plank
  • 6 Rope
  • 4 Metal Ingot
  • 4 Bolt
  • 8 Titanium Ingot

Planks can be obtained easily, they can either be obtained as washed-up materials in the water, by cutting trees, or through crates. Planks are used in many recipes so you can find abundant of them.

Crafting ropes is simple as it is one of the few early game recipes, you can craft one rope by using two palm leaves. You will spot many palm leaves floating on the water, so they can be obtained effortlessly.

The Metal Ingot can be crafted if you use a smelter to convert your metal ore. You would be required to have a few planks to use as fuel. Metal can be obtained underwater that can be gathered with the help of your plastic hook.

You can convert the Metal Ingot through the smelter to obtain Bolt. Bolt is also an essential item in raft used in many recipes. The Advanced Anchor in Raft the Final Chapter is useful so it’s worth the effort to obtain and smelt these bolts.

The Titanium Ingot can be smelted if you have Titanium ore. Titanium ore can be obtained through a metal detector while you are treasure hunting. The ore can also be obtained through loots and briefcases around the island.

Our Verdict

The Advanced Anchor is certainly useful because it’s long-lasting like the Stationary Anchor. Moreover, its compatibility with the engine controls makes it even more exciting. It’s certainly a must-have item for players, especially in the end game.

Unlocking the blueprint for the Advanced Anchor and getting the safe code might prove to be tricky. However, if you follow the simple steps given in this guide you can obtain the blueprint easily. Once you have the blueprint, the Advanced Anchor would be added to the crafting menu.

It would take efforts for players to craft the Advanced Anchor in Raft, however, gathering the materials is worth it to get this amazing Anchor.

You can obtain most of the raw materials on the Island or float on the water. Crafting can be a fun experience in the game, so consider checking out our Raft Juicer Recipes guide.

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