Raft Crane Key: Location & How to Get

Unable to find the Motherlode & Crane Key in Raft: The Final Chapter? Read our guide to find out where it is needed and how to collect it.

Whilst playing Raft: The Final Chapter, you’ll encounter many locked doors. You’ll need a key to unlock the door and progress the story. Some keys are easily obtainable, hidden near the door they open, while others are far away. There are three keys in Raft: The Final Chapter, namely the Motherlode Key, Crane Key, and Selene Key. These keys are well hidden, causing trouble for many players. Today, we will cover how to obtain the Motherlode & the Crane Key in Raft: The Final Chapter.

Key Takeaways
  • The Crane Key is used to operate the crane, which is one of the first missions when you reach Vanura Point.
  • The Crane Key is related to Vanura Point 6277 which is a tall submerged incomplete building.
  • Recommended items to take before embarking on the journey to Vanura Point are:
    • Oxygen Tank
    • Zipline
    • Fins
    • A Weapon
  • Make your way to the top of the crane and use your weapon to deal with the number of rats that you will encounter. 
  • The crane will require a crane key for it to be operated.
  • Make your way underwater and into the hole guarded by a number of jellyfish, where you will come across a note and some collectables.
  • A tunnel that is lit up makes your way in, and you will find a room with the Motherlode Key and the Advanced Headlight Blueprint.
  • The map to reach the Motherlode location will be found drawn on a wall. Use that map to reach the location.
  • Rhino Shark Boss Fight is also going to take place in the Motherlode, for which you will have to take the necessary steps in order to defeat it.
  • The office near the crane area is going to have the Crane Key and the Wind Turbine Blueprint.
  • Use the key to operate the crane and obliterate the roof of the building, which you can visit by using the zipline.
  • A room that contains a note, the advanced battery blueprint, and a briefcase can be found in that building.

Where is Crane Key in Raft The Final Chapter?

Raft: The Final Chapter came with three new destinations for you to find, explore and make your way through. These are Varuna Point 6277, Temperance Ice Island, and an unnamed third destination. You can read our Raft Temperance Ice Island guide to find all the available activities, or the Raft New Characters guide and learn how to unlock all.

The Crane Key is related to Varuna Point 6277, a sunken island with much construction equipment left behind. Operating the Crane is one of the first missions you’ll get on the Island.

How To Find Crane Key in Raft

Before we explain where to obtain the Crane Key in Raft: The Final Chapter, be informed that this guide will cover certain story elements that may spoil the story for you, so proceed at your own discretion.

raft varuna point
Varuna Point 6277 | © RedBeet Interactive

Whether exploring Varuna Point 6277 on your own or with a party, you should have oxygen tanks, fins, and a zipline. As parts of the Island are sunken, you’ll often be required to dive underwater and zipline across.

You will find Food and Drinkable Water along the way, but it won’t hurt if you have some extra supplies. If you’re exploring Varuna with a party, ensure that you have enough Healing Slave for everyone.

Climbing Up To Crane on Varuna Point

As you set foot on the Island, your first mission will be to gain access to the Crane. You need to climb to the top of the building, where the Crane operating cabin is. You’ll encounter many rats in the building, so have your sword on the standby.

raft varuna crane
Crane Entrance atop the building.

After some puzzling navigation and parkour bits, you’ll find yourself next to the Crane Controls. Here, the game will inform you that to operate the Crane, and you need a Crane Key.

Going Underwater and Raft Motherlode Key

In typical Raft fashion, your mission to operate the Crane will take you to different parts of the Island. You’ll need to dive underwater from the building you were just on. You’ll need to explore around, looking out for spotlight-esque light fixtures.

raft varuna underwater spotlight
First Spotlight area, guarded by jellyfish.

In the area illuminated by the light, there will be an opening guarded by a swarm of jellyfishes, so time your move and get in. Inside these areas, you’ll find Notes and other collectibles. Anglerfish, a new enemy type introduced in the Raft: The Final Chapter update, roam these waters.

raft varuna anglerfish
Anglerfish | © RedBeet Interactive

The update also brought along Trash Cubes, explained in our Raft Trash Cubes guide.

Be on the lookout for these fish, as they do a rush attack with considerable damage. Once you are done exploring and collecting the three spotlight parts, get out of this area and look below to see another spotlight. Turn on the spotlight to disperse the jellyfish. There will also be Air Bubbles next to the light to replenish your Air Supply.

raft varuna underwater tunnel
Tunnel to enter after turning on Spotlight #2.

Head into the tunnel illuminated by the light. You’ll have to explore around to get up, so be sure to manage your Air from the various Air Bubbles properly.

raft varuna underwater booby traps
Various booby-traps.

Once you’re out of the water, you need to get to the end of this section. The area is littered with booby-traps (spiked boards on the floor, spiked tubes, and boards that swing from the ceiling), so beware of them.

raft motherlode key
Blueprint (blue arrow) and Raft Motherlode Key (red arrow)

You shall arrive at a room that contains the Raft Motherlode Key and Advanced Headlight Blueprint.

Finding the Motherlode in Raft

After collecting the Raft Motherlode Key, you’ll need to explore a bit to find the exit door. A map will be drawn on the wall next to the exit door, marking the Motherlode.

raft motherlode key map
Motherlode Map.

For the next bit, you need not worry about your Air Supply as the Air Bubbles are abundant here. Once you leave this area, swim downwards until you reach an opening with luminescent, colorful coral reefs.

raft motherlode key entry
Coral Reefs at the Motherlode Entry.

Enter here, and you’ll arrive at a Garage Door with Air Bubbles next to it. Enter through the door, and you will be in the Motherlode.

raft motherlode key door
Motherlode Door.

We won’t spoil what the Motherlode is right now to preserve your adventurous intuition. All you need to know for now is that you should be looking out for a wall marked with a large ‘G.’

raft motherlode
Wall of interest inside the Motherlode.

Rhino Shark Boss Fight in the Motherlode

Inside the Motherlode, you will face the Rhino Shark boss. The Shark will rush to attack, damaging your Oxygen Tanks and drowning you. You need to keep your distance, guiding the Rhino Shark to smash into one of the four pillars in this arena.

Doing so will drop an explosive barrel, which needs to be placed in the opening in the pillar. Get the Shark to ram into the same pillar once again to stun it for a couple of seconds, allowing you to swim up through the hole (caused by the pillar collapsing) into the second phase of this boss fight.

raft varuna rhino shark boss
Rhino Shark boss fight trick.

Repeat the same trick here to collapse a pillar, allowing you to proceed to the third and final phase of the Rhino Shark boss fight. In the third phase, a pile of explosive barrels will be on the ground.

You may want to guide the Shark into the pile, but doing so will leave you stranded in this arena with nowhere to go. You actually need to take one barrel, place it in the pillar, and guide the Shark to ram into the pillar for one last time.

raft crane key
Blueprint (blue arrow) and Raft Crane Key (red arrow)

Loot the Rhino Shark, head up, and proceed to the office upstairs to find the Crane Key and Wind Turbine Blueprint in Raft The Final Chapter.

Operate Crane Using The Crane Key

One in possession of the Crane Key in Raft swim back up to the building. Climb back up to the Crane controls, insert the Crane Key and pull the lever to crack open a large hole in the adjacent building.

raft varuna crane operates
Pulling the Crane lever drops the load, collapsing the roof.

Then, zipline to this hole and go into the office down below to pick up an Advanced Battery blueprint and a note which will unlock the following location for you. Also, pick up the briefcase next to the blueprint, which may drop Titanium. You can explore if you want to, after which you can leave the area.

raft advanced battery blueprint
Blueprint (blue arrow), Note (purple arrow), and briefcase (yellow arrow).


Raft is an oceanic, open-world survival game, with exploration and crating at the core of its mechanics. The game features both single-player offline and online co-op game modes. After three years of being an Early Access offering on Steam, the game is finally launched, after the release of the Raft: The Final Chapter update, being touted by the developer Redbeet Interactive as one of their most ambitious and most extensive updates ever to the game.

New locations, story overhaul, new enemy types, Rafters, and trading posts like the Recycler have been added. Did this Raft Crane Key guide help you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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