Raft Recycler: How To Build & Operate

A new device the recycler has been added to Raft’s 1.0 Version. The basic usage of a recycler, as you would have predicted is to recycle the things. But the newly added recycler has much more to it, it can also use the trash cubes that you get, and use them at the trading post. While you’re at it, why not go through our Raft Juicer Recipes and Trash cubes guides.

There are various things players can do in-game, they can fish, find plastic, and the game has beautiful palm fronds. Moreover, players can swim in the ocean, and collect the essential items.

But be careful, as your raft is constantly moving, and since you are in the ocean, you can get eaten by Bruce shark. Also, consider reading our Raft New Characters and Temperance Ice Island guides.

The New Raft The Final Chapter Update Changes

Recycler Visual
Newly added Recycler in Raft.

The developers are consistent in updating the game. Recently many new features also have been added to the Raft game. This newly updated version has new characters, enemies, trading, and several other features.

Alongside with that, new destinations have also been updated for players to explore. Moreover, all unnecessary names and characters are now removed, and new notes have been written to make the game easier to understand and play.

One of the newly updated things is the Recycling items, now you can recycle items through trade posts. Things like planks and scrap can now be traded. These trade posts can be found at various places in Raft, and you also sell cooking ingredients and juicers there too.

What is Recycler in Raft The Final Chapter?

With recent updates, the developers have added Recycler in Raft, which helps you to turn unnecessary materials into Trash Cubes. It might appear that the recycler is not of much use, but these Trash cubes can be exchanged at the trading post.

This makes them very valuable in the game, they are like currency. Since these Trash cubes hold value like currency, they are used to buy materials, blueprints, and several other important items. Some of these items are useful to make even richer. Players can also upgrade boats into ships, by using trash cubes.

How To Build Recycler in Raft

Building a recycler is quite easy, you will have to find the correct blueprint first. The blueprint is located on the island that your first visited in the story. Also, it is one of the major locations in the games, where you also find Tala. However, you can also reach the island by using the receiver.

It is not like an ordinary island, but it is more of a radio tower that is abandoned. After reaching the island, on top, you will see the schematics that you need. So, now you should go to the research table, and start working on schematics. For this, you do not require any additional resources.

Raft Survival game
Raft playing in Multiplayer mode

Now you can craft the recycler, but you need to obtain certain important items. These items are Plastic(6), metal bars (4), a circuit board (1), and you will need either screws or hinges (2).

Remember, now that you have crafted the Recycler, but still the job is not done. You will need a power source to operate the machine. Fortunately, for this purpose you can acquire a simple battery, it will be enough to operate the recycler in Raft The Final Chapter.   

How To Operate Recycler

Operating recycler is pretty basic, you can plunk it down to the place you prefer, and start feeding it useless materials.  All players need to do is, collect all the materials first, then put them into the recycler. However, all the materials can be used in the recycler, only food items can’t be used.

Afterward, the recycler will turn the things into handy trash cubes. Also, it takes around 30 waste materials to produce a single trash cube. This is a great way of cleansing unnecessary items. Moreover, you will not get rid of them, but they will be turned into something valuable.

The operating time of the machine is no more than 5 minutes. Once the machine has processed all the items, the trash cubes will start falling outside of the recycler. Then you can collect those cubes. 

Earn Money by Selling Trash Cubes

As we have discussed above, you make a good amount of money selling trash cubes. You use them at trading posts for several valuable items. One of these valuable items is fishing lures.

Unfortunately, you can’t get Titanium Ore at trading posts. If you are looking for Titanium Ore, you will have to make some efforts. It is worth noting, that while colling high-priority items in the ocean, you must be aware of deadly sharks.  

Deadly Sharks
Deadly sharks in Raft

As your raft always floats in the middle of the ocean, Catching fish is essential for survival. With the help of fishing lures, you can easily catch different types of fish. Moreover, you can bring the fish that you caught at the trading post and sell it. Remember, fish are of great worth, and can earn you some vital trade coins.

However, you must keep in mind, that almost all shops in the game have fishing lures in stock. Therefore, these cannot always be used as infinite sources of wealth.


Players are now really excited to play the Raft game, as developers have recently added new characters, enemies, machines, and ideas too.  With the newly updated game is gaining massive popularity. 

Recycler is a new device that has been added to Raft The Final Chapter, and it has various use cases. It not only takes care of useless materials but turns them into valuable trash cubes. Moreover, collecting and managing the trash is pretty easy.

Trash cubes can also be collected in the ocean, but it’s risky as the ocean has brutal hungry sharks. Nonetheless, trash cubes are pivotal in upgrading the character and the raft itself. This is the end of our article, about new game updates, and especially Recycler, and we hope it will help you in your gameplay.

The Raft game has been developed by a Swedish and published by Axolot gaming. This is a survival game, that you enjoy in single-player mode or multiplayer mode with your friends. However, only 4 players can play together in multiplayer mode.  The Raft has pretty basic gameplay, players have to sail on a raft in the middle of the ocean and need to survive.

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