Raft Recycler: How To Build, Operate And Earn Money

Our Guide Raft recycler entails new game updates, in detail about Recycler: How to build, and utilize it to get valuable items.

A new device, the recycler, has been added to Raft’s 1.0 Version. The basic usage of a recycler, as you would have predicted, is to recycle things. But the newly added recycler has much more to it, it can also use the trash cubes that you get and use them at the trading post.

Key Takeaways
  • Recycler Device: Used to convert trash or materials into Trash Cubes.
  • Trash Cubes: Tradable for various items at the trading post (blueprints, raw materials, etc.).
  • Blueprint Location: Find Recycler blueprints on the same island where Tala is located.
  • Crafting Requirements:
    • 6 Plastic
    • 4 Metal Bars
    • 1 Circuit Board
    • 2 Screws or 2 Hinges
  • Power Supply: Use a simple battery to provide power to the Recycler.
  • Recycling Limit: Food items cannot be recycled; all other materials can be used.
  • Conversion Rate: It takes 30 waste materials to obtain a single Trash Cube.
  • Trading Options: Exchange Trash Cubes for items like Bait and Fish Lures, which aid in fishing and can be sold for valuable coins.

What is Recycler in Raft The Final Chapter?

With recent updates, the developers have added Recycler in Raft, which helps you to turn unnecessary materials into Trash Cubes. It might appear that the recycler is not of much use, but these Trash cubes can be exchanged at the trading post.

This makes them very valuable in the game, they are like currency. Since these Trash cubes hold value like currency, they are used to buy materials, blueprints, and several other important items. Some of these items are useful to make even richer. Players can also upgrade boats into ships, by using trash cubes.

Recycler Visual
Newly added Recycler in Raft.

How To Build Recycler in Raft

  1. Find the blueprint for the Recycler on the island you first visit in the game’s story. This island is also where you encounter Tala.
  2. Obtain the schematic from the island and use it at the research table to unlock the Recycler blueprint.
  3. To craft the Recycler, you will need Plastic (6), Metal Bars (4), a Circuit Board (1), and either Screws or Hinges (2).
  4. Once crafted, you will need a power source, such as a simple battery, to operate the Recycler.
Raft Survival game
Raft playing in Multiplayer mode

How To Operate Recycler

  1. Place the Recycler where you prefer on your raft.
  2. Collect the materials you want to recycle. You can recycle most items, but not food items.
  3. Place the materials into the Recycler.
  4. The Recycler will process the materials, and it takes approximately 30 waste materials to produce a single Trash Cube.
  5. The machine will operate for no more than 5 minutes, and once it’s done, the Trash Cubes will fall outside of the Recycler for you to collect.

Earn Money by Selling Trash Cubes

  • Trash Cubes are valuable and can be sold at trading posts.
  • You can use Trash Cubes to purchase various items, including fishing lures.
  • Fishing lures are particularly useful for catching different types of fish, which can then be sold at trading posts for trade coins.
  • While trading posts are a good source of items and materials, keep in mind that not all items, like Titanium Ore, can be obtained there. Some valuable items may require other means to acquire.
Deadly Sharks
Deadly sharks in Raft

In summary, the Recycler in Raft: The Final Chapter allows you to convert unwanted materials into valuable Trash Cubes, which can be used as currency to obtain important resources, blueprints, and upgrades for your raft. It’s a key element for progression and resource management in the game.

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There are various things players can do in-game, they can fish, find plastic, and the game has beautiful palm fronds. Moreover, players can swim in the ocean and collect essential items.

But be careful, as your raft is constantly moving, and since you are in the ocean, you can get eaten by a Bruce shark. Also, consider reading our Raft New Characters and Temperance Ice Island guides.

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