Raft Trash Cubes: How to Collect & Where To Use

The goal of the game is to survive in the vast ocean on a small Raft. You can upgrade that Raft with the materials you find drifting in the ocean. You can use those materials to make your raft as grand as you can. The latest version of the game was released on 20th June 2022.

With the newest update, the developers have introduced many new items in the game. In this guide, we will be talking about how to collect Raft Trash Cubes and what they are used for. 

What are Trash Cubes in Raft The Final Chapter

Trash Cubes Raft
How to Collect Trash Cubes

In the recent update on the game Raft, there are many new materials that can be gathered. One of these materials is the Trash Cube which can help you in your voyage to survive. The Trash Cubes look precisely like they sound. They are often referred to as trash cans or trash cubes by people.

How To Collect Trash Cubes in Raft?

There are a few ways you can obtain this material in the game. 

  • Collect it from the ocean
  • By using the Recycler

The first way is to keep an eye out for them in the ocean. They can be found floating randomly beside you at times. You can also find them on the ocean floor by diving into it and searching for them. They spawn randomly, so finding them depends on luck and hard work.

Although searching for a Trash Cube on the ocean floor can be dangerous. This is because there are sharks in the game that attack you when you are in the water by yourself.  So you have to keep an eye out for sharks before you start looking for Trash Cubes.

The other way to get your hands on the Trash Cube is by building a Recycler. Just like the Trash Cube, the recycler has also only been introduced in the latest update. It is built to make use of the useless items that you don’t need. You can discard these useless items in the Recycler and get a Trash Cube in exchange.

As the Recycler needs to be built, you will need a blueprint to begin with. A recycler blueprint can be found on the Radio Tower in the early locations. Once you get the blueprint, you can now build a Recycler. Although You will need a few materials to build it, and they are listed below:

  • 6x Plastic
  • 4x Metal Ingot
  • 2x Bolt
  • 1x Circuit Board

For every Trash Cube you want, you will need to throw 30 items in the Recycler to get 1.

What are Trash Cubes Used for?

Now that you know how to collect Trash Cubes in Raft The Final Chapter and have found ways to obtain them, you need to know what these are used for. 

Are they actually useful? What do they add to your gameplay? Collecting Trash Cubes can be useful in many ways, so it is recommended you collect these every time you spot them. 

Upgrading Your Raft

Raft Trash Cubes how to collect
RAFT The Final Chapter

One way you can use the Trash Cubes is that you can upgrade your Raft with them. Upgrading your raft is a very important aspect of the game itself as it helps in your voyage. By upgrading, you are improving your odds of survival in the vast ocean.

Also, it is one of the most basic requirements of the game since you will be spending most of your time on the raft. Not to mention the name of the game itself is a hint at how important your raft is.

Exchange at Vendors

The other way you can use Trash Cubes in Raft The Final Chapter is to trade them with vendors. They can be found on the island and in more locations than you explore throughout the game. You can trade Trash Cubes with the vendors for more useful items that you want.

There are many items that the vendors sell which are hard to find in the ocean itself. So using Trash Cubes in exchange for those items is a great way to utilize these. After all, you can always make more Trash Cubes using the Recycler and recycle any useless item you find in the ocean.

It is recommended that you grab every item you can find in the ocean, even if it is useless. Even if those items are worthless directly to you, you can still recycle them. These items can help you gather as many Trash Cubes as possible with the help of Recycler.

how to collect trash cubes
Raft Survival game

Final Thoughts

As far as open-world sandbox games go, Raft brings a unique experience to the table. This game allows the player to either play solo or with friends online. The trash Cubes in Raft The Final Chapter play a vital role in improving your life as you are voyaging the ocean. While they may look and sound useless, they will improve the quality of your life in the game. 

Collecting as many as you can not only help in improving your raft but also provide you with items that you need. So collect as many Trash Cubes as you can by either using the Recycler or finding them on the ocean floor.

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