The Raft Advanced Biofuel Refiner: How To Get + Tips

Our advanced biofuel refiner guide for The Raft Final Chapter entails how to get biofuel, advanced biofuel and keep the engine running.

What Is Biofuel?

advanced biofuel refiner and usage

As the name suggests, advanced biofuel refiner raft is simply a means of power utilized by battery chargers and engines. Players can lay down fuel pipes from machines and the biofuel container, which makes the process of Biofuel storing automatic. Note that a simple biofuel container can only hold a maximum of 4 jars full of Biofuel.

Key Takeaways
  • The Advanced Biofuel Refiner is used to power battery chargers and engines in the game.
  • To acquire it, you need to find its blueprint and craft it.

Materials Required for Crafting:

  • You’ll need two materials to craft the Biofuel Refiner: Honey and Raw Food.

Best Way to Obtain Biofuel:

  • To efficiently produce Biofuel for each engine, follow this setup:
    • 2 Biofuel Tanks
    • 1 Advanced Biofuel Refiner
    • 4 Biofuel Refiners
    • 2 Beehives with 4 small crop plots next to them, each containing 3 Flowers, 1 Scarecrow, and 8 Medium Crop plots with Watermelons.
  • The Advanced Biofuel Refiner is an upgraded version of the BioFuel Refiner.
  • Each Biofuel unit costs 200 units of raw food and has a maximum capacity of 400.

This setup will help you generate Biofuel efficiently for your engines in Raft: The Final Chapter.

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How To Obtain Biofuel

To obtain Biofuel in the game:

  1. Acquire the Biofuel blueprint and craft a “Biofuel Refiner.”
  2. Biofuel can be produced using two main ingredients: Honey and Raw Food. There are two types of Refiners available for this purpose – Simple Biofuel Refiner and Advanced Biofuel Refiner.
  3. Place Honey and Raw Food in the Refiner to start the Biofuel production process.
  4. Biofuel production takes approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds for each can of Biofuel.
  5. Keep in mind that Biofuel is produced one can at a time, which may be slower for players who prefer faster progress.
  6. It’s important to note that the game’s engine has a maximum fuel capacity of 50, while the fuel value of Biofuel is 60. This means that when you directly put Biofuel into the engine, ten units will be wasted.

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Best Methods To Get Biofuel Faster

You don’t want to be racing about like crazy every several minutes to gather everything on your Raft since the best way to produce biofuel in Raft is a passive technique, and with Raft, you would like to make biofuel passively. I strongly suggest that you follow this step by step:

  1. Passive Biofuel Production Setup:
    • For each engine, construct 2 Biofuel Tanks.
    • Install 1 Advanced Biofuel Refiner or 4 Biofuel Refiners.
    • Set up 2 Beehives with:
      • 4 Small Crop Plots located nearby.
      • 3 Flowers on each Small Crop Plot.
      • 1 Scarecrow nearby.
    • Include 8 Medium Crop Plots with Watermelons.
  2. Scaling for Multiple Engines:
    • If you have two engines, double the setup mentioned above.
    • For three engines, triple the setup, and so on.
  3. Optimizing Configuration:
    • These are approximate numbers, so feel free to experiment to find the best configuration for your playstyle.
    • Adjust the number of Beehives, Crop Plots, and Refiners as needed to balance passive production with your energy consumption.
  4. Maintain Consistent Production:
    • By keeping up with biofuel production, you’ll have a surplus for your battery charger.
    • It’s a good practice to have extra biofuel stored in case you get busy with other tasks.

This setup will allow you to produce a steady supply of biofuel without needing to constantly check and gather resources, making your energy management in Raft more efficient.

What Is Advanced Biofuel Refiner

The Advanced Biofuel Refiner in Raft is an upgraded version of the standard Biofuel Refiner. It is used to convert honey and raw food items into biofuel, which can be used as a fuel source for your engines, as well as for other purposes in the game.

Here’s how the Advanced Biofuel Refiner works:

  1. Recipe: You can obtain the blueprint for the Advanced Biofuel Refiner by researching it at the Ranger Station on Balboa Island. Once you have the blueprint, you can craft the Advanced Biofuel Refiner at your crafting table.
  2. Ingredients: To produce biofuel, you need to input honey and raw food items into the Advanced Biofuel Refiner. Honey acts as the main ingredient, while raw food items serve as catalysts to convert honey into biofuel.
  3. Conversion: Each unit of honey is converted into a unit of biofuel. The raw food items are consumed as catalysts during the conversion process. It takes 200 units of raw food to produce one unit of biofuel.
  4. Maximum Capacity: The Advanced Biofuel Refiner has a maximum capacity of 400 units. You can load it with honey and raw food items up to this limit.

Biofuel is a valuable resource in Raft, primarily used to power your engines. The engines provide propulsion for your raft, allowing it to move forward automatically without manual steering. Using biofuel is more efficient than planks as a fuel source, and it can be transported and stored easily in Biofuel Tanks.

To maximize the efficiency of your raft, consider building multiple engines and ensuring a steady supply of biofuel through the Advanced Biofuel Refiner. This will help you navigate the seas, explore islands, and progress in the game more effectively.

That is everything you need to know about Biofuel and Advanced Biofuel Refiner. What is your favorite method of refining biofuel? Do let us know in the comments down below. Also, if you are into advanced items, then be sure to check out our guide on Raft Advanced Anchor and learn how to get it.

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