The Raft Advanced Biofuel Refiner: How To Get

Our advanced biofuel refiner guide for The Raft Final Chapter entails how to get biofuel, advanced biofuel and keep the engine running.

Raft: The Final Chapter is a game where players have to build a base of operations on a raft while ensuring they get the resources they need to survive. Power is essential for any work; the engine produces power in the raft. However, you may ask, how do we get the fuel to keep the engine running? That is when the Refiner and advanced biofuel refiner Raft come into place.

Key Takeaways
  • Raft: The Final Chapter is a game where you basically have to build a base of operation on a raft while gathering resources that are crucial for your survival. Advanced Biofuel Refiner is one of these resources that you can acquire.
  • Advanced Biofuel Refiner Raft is simply a means of power utilized by battery chargers and engines. 
  • The Biofuel Refiner can be acquired by getting your hands on its blueprint and crafting it.
  • There are 2 Materials required to craft the BioFuel Refiner which is Honey And Raw Food.
  • Best Ways To Get Biofuel is to craft the following for each engine separately which are as follows: 
    • 2 Biofuel Tanks
    • 1 Advanced Biofuel Refiner
    • 4 Biofuel Refiners.
  • 2 Beehives as well by using 4 small crop plots next to them, 3 Flowers on each crop plot, 1 Scarecrow, and 8 Medium Crop plots with Watermelons.
  • The Advanced Biofuel Refiner is basically a better and more refined version of the BioFuel Refiner. 
  • Each Biofuel costs 200 units of raw food while having a max capacity of 400.

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The operation of sustaining your Biofuel Refiner in Raft is a laborious and time-consuming process, despite the significance of biofuel. You should give some thought to purchasing an advanced biofuel refiner if you wish to improve your life more convenient while sailing the wide seas. 

Along with the release of the Final Chapter update on June 20, 2022, the game received a number of new sophisticated machinery items at the same time. Nevertheless, given that it is likewise one of the most significant pieces of equipment in the game, we will demonstrate to you precisely what it is that it is capable of doing in order to help you better understand it.

With one of the most recent updates, juice recipes got added. It included the Raft Juicer, which players can use to make juices. However, gathering the recipes for juices may be troublesome; that is why you should check out our Raft Juicer Recipes and make all kinds of juices!

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What Is Biofuel In The Raft Final Chapter?

advanced biofuel refiner and usage

As the name suggests, advanced biofuel refiner raft is simply a means of power utilized by battery chargers and engines. Players can lay down fuel pipes from machines and the biofuel container, which makes the process of Biofuel storing automatic. Note that a simple biofuel container can only hold a maximum of 4 jars full of Biofuel.

How To Obtain Biofuel

Players can start producing Biofuel after acquiring its blueprint and crafting “Biofuel Refiner.” The Ingredients needed to create Biofuel are merely Honey and Raw Food. Both kinds of Refiners utilize Honey and Raw Fuel, Simple and Advanced Biofuel Refiner

When put in refiners, it creates Biofuel, a cardinal substance responsible for all energy sources. Biofuel takes a while to be produced, 3 minutes and 30 seconds to be precise. It gets produced by a single can at a time, which may be slow for some players who like to grind and play. 

Another crucial detail that the players must know is that the engine has a maximum fuel capacity of 50, and the fuel value of Biofuel is 60; when directly put into an engine, ten units get wasted.

Raft released its newest update, which has introduced many new characters. You must check out our guide on Raft New Characters and how to get all of them.

Best Methods To Get Biofuel Faster

You don’t want to be racing about like crazy every several minutes to gather everything on your Raft since the best way to produce biofuel in Raft is a passive technique, and with Raft, you would like to make biofuel passively. I strongly suggest that you construct the following for each engine:

  • 2 Biofuel Tanks
  • 1 Advanced Biofuel Refiner
  • Or 4 Biofuel Refiners

2 Beehives with:

  • 4 Small Crop Plots right next to them
  • 3 Flowers on each Small Crop Plot
  • 1 Scarecrow nearby
  • 8 Medium Crop Plots with Watermelons

If you want to use two engines, you need double the previous amount by two. Increase it by a factor of three for three engines, and so on. Because of this, you will have access to a sufficient quantity of biofuel without being required to check on things every 6 minutes. These figures are just approximations; you’ll need to experiment with different configurations to find the optimal combination of Beehives and Crop Plots for your particular play style.

In addition, keeping up with the production of biofuel will guarantee that you will have some extra for the battery charger if you do it in a timely manner. Having some extra biofuel stashed away is always a good idea, just in case you find yourself preoccupied with anything else.

What Is Advanced Biofuel Refiner

Advanced Biofuel Refiner Raft is simply the better and more advanced version of the Biofuel Refiner. The Biofuel Refiner can be crafted after researching it, which allows us to obtain a blueprint at the Ranger Station on Balboa Island. 

As mentioned above, mixing Honey and Raw Items in the Refiner creates Biofuel. The Refiner also has pretty simple mechanics. It takes one unit of honey to produce a single unit of Biofuel. Food acts as a catalyst of sorts, converting honey into Biofuel. 

Each Biofuel unit costs 200 units of raw food, and the maximum capacity is 400. 

Engine Operation

As long as there is gasoline in the Raft Engine, your boat will continue to travel ahead even when you are not steering it. Each engine can only sustain a maximum of one hundred Foundations, and if you possess more than it, your Raft didn’t budge. Nonetheless, you may accelerate the process by adding additional Engines to the mix.

You have the option of using planks or biofuel to power your Engine. Because the process of refilling may be automated, the use of biofuel is the preferred choice because it saves a significant amount of time.

When one full Biofuel Tank is coupled to a Raft Engine with Fuel Pipes, the engine will operate for forty-five to fifty minutes. You will get an extra forty-five to fifty minutes of operational time with each other, including Biofuel Tank.

Based on the scale of your raft, you should construct anywhere from two to five engines for it, with the possibility that bigger rafts need even more engines. Trying for two Engines is a fantastic place to start; if you have them, you may add additional Engines and see whether the speed improves as a result.

The number of Engines you have, as well as the number of Foundations you have, will influence the maximum speed that your Raft is capable of. As a result, it is in your best interest to save building Engines until the very end of the Raft construction process in order to provide space for future growth.

You will be able to get access to the Engine in Raft if you have advanced through the tale, discovered its Blueprint, and learned it at the Research Table.

It will let you travel quicker by fueling your Engines, and it can also power your Battery Charger, allowing you access to vital technologies like the Electric Purifier and the Receiver. Raft Biofuel is a substance that is nearly as precious as water.

That is everything you need to know about Biofuel and Advanced Biofuel Refiner. What is your favorite method of refining biofuel? Do let us know in the comments down below. Also, if you are into advanced items, then be sure to check out our guide on Raft Advanced Anchor and learn how to get it.

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