Lost Ark Skins: New, Free, Korean, Paladin & More

Lost Ark Skins guide covers all the skins available in the game and how they help you change your character's appearance

Lost Ark has various in-game skins to help you change your character’s appearance. Usually, outfits are considered a means to change appearance, but skin also has a similar purpose. One important aspect of Lost Ark Skins is that you can make them invisible to yourself and other players. This is particularly important for the scenario where you ultimately start to dislike how your skin appears.

Key Highlights

  • Skins are used to alter the character’s appearance. Moreover, they can also be nicely used to hide what type of equipment you are having for stats boost purposes.
  •  You can make skins invisible to others as well as to yourself.
  • There are multiple ways to get various skins; completing exclusive events, fighting bosses, and purchasing from in-game shops.
  • Equipping skins does not require you to be at a very high level. They are available even at low combat levels.
  • Normally, players will have one skin for a month but on Korean servers, you can get up to x25 skins per month.
  • There are four packs of Founder skins; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Founder’s pack.
  • Paladin skins can be obtained if you have the Platinum Founder’s pack.
  • Skins can also be customized. For an instance, you want to hide what weapon you are holding or hide your helmet (your original helmet will be visible then).

Our Lost Ark Guides cover everything that you need to know about the game, and the guide will specifically talk about the Skins in Lost Ark. Skins in Lost Ark act as a top clothing layer that assists you in hiding and replacing the equipment your character is wearing for stats boost.

While progressing through the game, the players mostly want to level up faster. You can read our Leveling Guide will enable you to figure out some best ways to progress faster in the game. 

How Do Lost Ark Skins Work In The Game?

The Skins in the Lost Ark are exclusively there to make your character’s appearance different from others. It is a top layer of clothing and also helps you in hiding the weapons you are wearing. If you do not like your skin, you can make it invisible. 

Getting Skins In Lost Ark 

Lost Ark Skins for characters are available even at the lowest combat level. The game has various skins with varying classes that make your character appear different from others. Skins can also be unlocked by completing time-limited events, beating bosses, or buying through the in-game shop. You can get a lot more skins as the game matures. If you want some tips to enhance the fun of your hunting experience, read our Lost Ark best Hunting spots guide and learn how to hunt and get the most out of it. 

New Skins Coming To Lost Ark

Omen Skins have been removed from the game, and after this, players will have one skin per month. However, on the Korean server, it will be twenty-five different skins.

There will be no new skins or sets of skins after Omen skins until the next big update. Besides skins, you should also focus on the skills upgrade. Talking about the skills, Trading Skills are the ones that help you progress faster. 

Lost Ark Founder Skins

 Founder's Skin in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Founder’s Pack

Every pack in the game offers a variety of features tagged with rewards. Similarly, the founder’s pack also has some skins and mounts, which can be found in various ways.

The rewards vary depending on the version of the game, and the founder’s skin originally came with the gold and platinum version.

The time to purchase these skins is limited, as these skins have a legacy value attached to them. Once the free play is over, you can no longer purchase these skins.

Lost Ark has four packs of founder’s skin ranging from Bronze to Platinum Pack. These Packs and their useful items are discussed below in the guide. 

Lost Ark Bronze Founder’s Pack 

The Lost Ark Bronze Founder’s Pack is stocked with many core benefits, but it does not have an in-game currency. The benefits of the Bronze Pack include Closed Beta access, and a 3-day head starts at launch, the exclusive founder’s pet, and much more. 

Lost Ark Silver Founder’s Pack

The Silver Pack almost has the same things that are present in the Bronze Pack. It has a few additional benefits as compared to the Bronze Pack, including 1000 Royal Crystals, Silver Supply Crate, and the in-game currency of Lost Ark.

The Silver Supply Crate gives the players a ton of Silver, Potions, and other useful items. Moreover, the currency will help you in buying many things that you like in the Cash Shop. While you are at it, consider reading our Lost Ark best Mining Spots guide and learn how to farm faster. 

Lost Ark Gold Founder’s Pack

The Gold Pack has two more additions as compared to the Silver Tier. Silver Founder’s Pack only has 1000 Royal Crystals, while the Gold Pack has 4000 Royal Crystals. It has a Founder’s Exclusive skin and Character expansion Slot.

The Character expansion slot is useful to the players who want to play with several characters simultaneously. The Gold Pack is mostly similar to the Silver Pack with the same bonuses, gifts, and rewards. Our Lost Ark Rapport guide entails something extra on the gifts and rewards segment.

Lost Ark Platinum Founder’s Pack Skins

The Platinum Founder’s Pack comes with everything in other tiers with a few additional bonuses and rewards. It has an additional Founder’s skin, Founder’s exclusive Mount, and Platinum Welcome Crate. The supply crate of Platinum is also different from the supply crate in Gold Pack, as it gives additional Resurrection Feather and Equipment Crates.

It has a skin for every single subclass or advanced class. In Platinum Founder’s Skin Pack, players also get a unique login screen for the game. Finding the best places to Level Up foraging in Lost Ark is another requirement to progress faster in-game, and our guide has it covered for you. 

Lost Ark Animal Skins

Animal's Skin in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Animal Skins

The Animal Skin is a free character cosmetic that is given on the KR servers for free. The Animal Skins were also given for free to all NA/EU players during the weekly update. You can get the Animal Skin in the store that you can access by pressing the F4 key. You can claim a chest in the product inventory.

Claiming the chest will send it to the inventory, where you will be able to select the Animal Skin that you like. 

To select the color of the animal’s skin, you will later receive another chest. Suppose you want to put the animal skin on a different character instead of the one you are using while claiming the skin.

The best way is to put this skin in roster storage, so you can later use the skin for the character you want. Do not forget to figure out which is the Best Ship, as all ships in the game have different attributes. 

Lost Ark Paladin Skins

Paladin Skin in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Paladin Skin

Paladin Skin in Lost Ark can mainly be accessed if you have Platinum Founder’s Pack. There will be a box in the top left corner that will enable you to access the list. Here you will be able to equip your character with the skin by claiming it.

You can go to the store right now to claim it, as it will soon be removed from the game. It will be cool if your character is the only one with Paladin Skin. 

This Skin can also be customized; for example, you can hide the weapon effects. Moreover, you can also hide your helmet, which will reveal your original helmet.

If you decide to hide the original helmet, it will reveal your zombie Paladin’s face. It is completely up to you how you want to play around with these options. You should also check our other guide on Paladin Build

Lost Ark Korean Skins

Korean Skins in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Korean Skins

The Korean server of the Lost Ark has more skins than any other server. The players on the UN server have been waiting for these skins and demand the update to catch up with the Korean server. Besides these skins, players sometimes complain about the Lost Ark Not Loading, or sometimes there is Error 10010, which hinders your fun experience. Our guides have you covered to fix these issues. 

Lost Ark Sorceress Skins

Sorceress Skin in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Sorceress Skins

The Sorceress Skins are an amazing addition to the game. Every class has a skin set to change the character’s appearance. Similarly, the skins in Sorceress class make your gaming experience fun.

The Sorceress Skins include elements of destruction, the creative element set, sand dream avatar set, and cloud dream avatar set. Most of these skins come with custom spell and casting animations. 

Lost Ark New Skins

The April update has enriched the game with many new skins, advanced classes, and outfit innovations. The new skins in the Lost Ark are discussed below.

New Skins
Gracious Monkey Skin Set

Gracious Monkey Skin Set

The Gracious Monkey Skin Set includes the Graceful Ape Armor and Weapon Appearance Set. These are available in the in-game store and can be purchased in one of the following ways. 

Royal Crystals

If you buy these skins using Royal Crystals, they will cost you 2400 Royal Crystals. This skin is interchangeable, and when it arrives, it will be unbound. You can use them for different characters, not specifically for the one that you used to unlock the skin. 


On the contrary, if you buy these using crystals, they will cost around 1000 crystals. These will be non-tradeable with a limit of one per character, and the appearance is character bound. 

Lost Ark Free Skins

Players complained a lot about how everything in the game is expensive, so the March update gave them a chance to access various free items, including the free skins.

The gift includes an Animal Skin selection set Chest. These Animal skins are free as a part of the Dev’s compensation campaign. Moreover, you can also get free skins that vary depending on the class you are playing. 

Lost Ark PVP Skins

PVP and PVE are two important classes in Lost Ark. PVP Skins in Lost Ark is simply reskinning the existing cosmetic in a different color. The colors will be dependent on the rank the player has achieved. It is an armor set turned skin for each class with different colors. 

Lost Ark Dyeable Skins 

Dyeable Skins in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Dyeable Skins

There are prerequisites to dyeing items in Lost Ark. You must have skins that can be dyed. There are only a number of specific skins that you can dye in the game. The reason for the limit to dye is that the skins in the game themselves are very limited. 

Cache skins are the only ones for now that can be dyed in the game. These Cache skins are very limited in numbers and cost 1000+ Gold or real money in some cases.

The next step is to find an NPC with a name that can be translated into Avatar Processing. Such NPCs are usually available in all major towns and villages. 

In the end, you need reagents to dye the skin. 10x magic society dye reagent is needed for the color change, 10x pattern reagents for any pattern that you prefer, and 10x shine reagents for the shine effect. In addition to this, you should know the weapons in Lost Ark for all classes to use them accordingly. 


Lost Ark Skins are an important aspect of the game, as they make your experience a lot better. You have various options to explore and make your character look unique., as there are tons of skins depending on the classes. Do not miss out on our guide about the best settings, as they will boost your game FPS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Skins in Lost Ark

You can get Skins in Lost Ark by completing time-limited missions, beating certain bosses, or buying them from the in-game shop.

What Skins are dyeable in Lost Ark

Cache Skins are the only ones in the game that can be dyed.

How do Skins work in Lost Ark

The Skins act as a top layer of clothing to change the appearance or hide your weapons.

When are new skins coming to Lost Ark

No new Skins will be coming in Lost Ark until the next big update.

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