Lost Ark Skins: New, Free, Korean, Paladin & More

Lost Ark Skins guide covers all the skins available in the game and how they help you change your character's appearance

Lost Ark has various in-game skins to help you change your character’s appearance. Usually, outfits are considered a means to change appearance, but skin also has a similar purpose. One important aspect of Lost Ark Skins is that you can make them invisible to yourself and other players. This is particularly important for the scenario where you ultimately start to dislike how your skin appears.

Key Takeaways
  • Skins in the game alter a character’s appearance and can hide equipped gear for cosmetic reasons.
  • Skins can be made invisible to both the player and others.
  • Obtain skins through events, boss victories, or in-game purchases.
  • Combat level doesn’t restrict skin use; they’re available at any level.
  • Players usually receive one skin monthly, but Korean servers offer up to 25.
  • Founder skins come in four packs: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • Paladin skins are available with the Platinum Founder’s pack.
  • Customization options allow hiding weapons or helmets while keeping the original helmet visible

Lost Ark Founder Skins

 Founder's Skin in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Founder’s Pack

Every pack in the game offers a variety of features tagged with rewards. Similarly, the founder’s pack also has some skins and mounts, which can be found in various ways.

Lost Ark has four packs of founder’s skin ranging from Bronze to Platinum Pack. These Packs and their useful items are discussed below in the guide. 

  • Lost Ark Bronze Founder’s Pack 
  • Lost Ark Silver Founder’s Pack
  • Lost Ark Gold Founder’s Pack
  • Lost Ark Platinum Founder’s Pack Skins

Lost Ark Animal Skins

Animal's Skin in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Animal Skins

The Animal Skin is a free character cosmetic that is given on the KR servers for free. The Animal Skins were also given for free to all NA/EU players during the weekly update. You can get the Animal Skin in the store that you can access by pressing the F4 key. You can claim a chest in the product inventory.

Claiming the chest will send it to the inventory, where you will be able to select the Animal Skin that you like. 

Lost Ark Paladin Skins

Paladin Skin in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Paladin Skin

Paladin Skin in Lost Ark can mainly be accessed if you have Platinum Founder’s Pack. There will be a box in the top left corner that will enable you to access the list. Here you will be able to equip your character with the skin by claiming it.

This Skin can also be customized; for example, you can hide the weapon effects. Moreover, you can also hide your helmet, which will reveal your original helmet.

Lost Ark Korean Skins

Korean Skins in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Korean Skins

The Korean server of the Lost Ark has more skins than any other server. The players on the UN server have been waiting for these skins and demand the update to catch up with the Korean server. Besides these skins, players sometimes complain about the Lost Ark Not Loading, or sometimes there is Error 10010, which hinders your fun experience. Our guides have you covered to fix these issues. 

Lost Ark Sorceress Skins

Sorceress Skin in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Sorceress Skins

The Sorceress Skins are an amazing addition to the game. Every class has a skin set to change the character’s appearance. Similarly, the skins in Sorceress class make your gaming experience fun.

The Sorceress Skins include elements of destruction, the creative element set, sand dream avatar set, and cloud dream avatar set. Most of these skins come with custom spell and casting animations. 

Lost Ark New Skins

The April update has enriched the game with many new skins, advanced classes, and outfit innovations. The new skins in the Lost Ark are discussed below.

New Skins
Gracious Monkey Skin Set

Gracious Monkey Skin Set

The Gracious Monkey Skin Set includes the Graceful Ape Armor and Weapon Appearance Set. These are available in the in-game store and can be purchased in one of the following ways. 

Royal Crystals

If you buy these skins using Royal Crystals, they will cost you 2400 Royal Crystals. This skin is interchangeable, and when it arrives, it will be unbound. You can use them for different characters, not specifically for the one that you used to unlock the skin. 


On the contrary, if you buy these using crystals, they will cost around 1000 crystals. These will be non-tradeable with a limit of one per character, and the appearance is character bound. 

Lost Ark Dyeable Skins 

Dyeable Skins in Lost Ark
Lost Ark Dyeable Skins

Cache skins are the only ones for now that can be dyed in the game. These Cache skins are very limited in numbers and cost 1000+ Gold or real money in some cases.

In the end, you need reagents to dye the skin. 10x magic Society dye reagent is needed for the color change, 10x pattern reagents for any pattern that you prefer, and 10x shine reagents for the shine effect. In addition to this, you should know the weapons in Lost Ark for all classes to use them accordingly.

Do not miss out on our guide on Lost Ark’s best settings, as they will boost your game FPS.

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