Lost Ark Proxima Boss: Location & Boss Fight

Lost Ark is a brand-new MMORPG that lets you journey to many different Islands and continents. The game has you managing your virtues alongside your gear and weapons. Also, the game features multiple classes in Lost Ark to suit every player’s playstyle. There is a lot to do in this content-packed MMORPG. World bosses are some of the most challenging and rewarding things you can fight in Lost Ark, and Proxima is one of them.

Like most MMOs, Lost Ark is filled with too much stuff, so you should consider checking out our Lost Ark Wiki to help you with whatever you are having trouble with. 

What are World Or Field Bosses in Lost Ark?

World bosses are officially known as field bosses in Lost Ark. They are powerful enemies you will encounter while roaming the vast open world of Lost Ark. These are not restricted to the game’s many dungeons or main quests. 

You will encounter each field boss in a specific location, and alongside giving you rewards, they all contribute to the progress of your Adventurer’s Tome. 

These bosses have a massive health pool because they have a health multiplier of x23, which means that they will have 23 health bars, and you will have to reduce all of them to zero to defeat the boss. 

Furthermore, high-level field bosses also have a recommended item level. And if the player’s item level is below the recommended one, they have a lesser chance of hitting the field boss. The worst part is that the player might not even get a reward for participating. 

Who is Proxima in Lost Ark?

As mentioned earlier, Proxima is a world boss in Lost Ark. Some people have trouble tracking down and defeating Proxima. Like almost all other world bosses in Lost Ark, good teamwork is vital for defeating Proxima because of his extremely high HP and damage.  

Proxima will test your skills in battle and the mastery of your class, so it is recommended to go into the fight with a class that you are very proficient with. Furthermore, defeating Proxima also has a chance to drop the Proxima Course Metal as a reward. Our guide will let you know all you need to know about finding and defeating Proxima.

Where is Proxima Boss in Lost Ark?

The spawn location of Proxima is located on the North Vern Continent. It won’t be hard to pinpoint the location of North Vern as it is in the center of the map.

North Vern Map Lost Ark Continent
Lost Ark North Vern Map

When you reach North Vern, Proxima can be found in the Vernese Forest region. It can get a bit confusing to get to the boss’s exact location but don’t worry; we will guide you all the way.

Vernese Forest Map Lost Ark
Proxima Location in Vernese Forest

First, you should navigate towards the southeast area of the map in this region, where you will come across a Tripod, which will be right next to the headquarters of the Vern Ranger. Then next to the area is a path which you will follow that should then take you above the forest floor. 

Continue forwards and make the jump then you will reach an intersection, make a left here, and then take a right to go towards the zipline. Go ahead and interact with the zipline and it will take you directly to the area where you can fight the world boss Proxima. 

How to Defeat Proxima in Lost Ark?

Look of Proxima in Lost Ark
Proxima as it appears in Lost Ark

Before you set out to face Proxima make sure that you are at least combat level 50 and item level 250. If you do not meet these requirements you will not earn any rewards despite your participation. Looking to level up fast? If so then read our Lost Ark Best Hunting Spots guide.

If the mechanics or look of Proxima seems similar to you it could be because Proxima is quite similar to another world boss called Rovlan. They are both flesh-devouring plants something you will find in Plants vs. Zombies.  

Make sure that there are other players around you because Proxima has a massive health pool similar to most world bosses in Lost Ark. Proxima has over 13 Million HP. 

If no one seems to be around, you can use the drop-down menu situated in the top right corner of the game to pick a crew to battle alongside. You will surely need the help of other experienced players to defeat Proxima. 

Boss Fight Strategy

The main thing you need to know about the Proxima boss fight is that, unlike some other world bosses, Proxima has various stages where it shields itself and during this, it heals. 

Proxima will heal one percent of its health every couple of seconds when the shield is up. It also takes significantly less damage during the phase. It is best to save your hard-hitting spells and attacks for this. 

Other than the Proxima should be no trouble for you as his fighting pattern is very similar to other world bosses. 


You will net yourself a first kill reward the first time you defeat Proxima, and it gives you a chest that has three epic gear pieces and also fills up the relevant section in your Adventurer’s Tome. 

Additional rewards include a completely random assortment of currencies, items, and resources. You will of course receive experience points as well. Looking for more rewards and/or loot? Consider checking out our Lost Ark Treasure Maps guide to earn lots of stuff easily.


That is pretty much all you need to know about the Proxima world boss in Lost Ark. We hope you have fun hunting down and farming Proxima. It is a very well-known boss so you shouldn’t have trouble finding people to fight it with.

Similar to world bosses, Adventure Islands are also some of Lost Ark’s best endgame appeal. Some popular Adventure Islands include Lush Reed Island, Asura Island, and Snowpang Island

Lost Ark is available exclusively on PC and has hooked fans of the MMORPG genre ever since its inception. You can check the game out on Steam and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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