Lost Ark Achates: How To Reach, Beat & Get Rewards

Our guide goes into detail about defeating the final level 3 raid boss in Lost Ark known as Achates and the rewards from beating him.

Who is Achates 

Lost ark achates
Raid Guardian Boss Achates’ In Game Design

Achates is a guardian and raid level 3 boss in Lost Ark. He is the final level 3 guardian and is required to beat in order to unlock level 4 raids. You get high-tier legendary equipment rewards after defeating Achates. Although beating the boss is not a simple task, we’ll discuss all strategies to beat it.

Key Highlights

  • Among tons of raid bosses, Achates is one of them in Lost Ark.
  • Achates is a guardian and raid level 3 boss in Lost Ark. He is the final level 3 guardian and is required to beat in order to unlock level 4 raids. 
  • You will get high-tier Legendary equipment rewards after defeating him.
  • Raid Bosses are guardians that can be fought in the end-game of Lost Ark. These bosses unlock for players when they reach level 50. They have 1 to 5 levels and Achates is one with level 3.
  • Raids have a time limit of 20 minutes in Lost Ark. Failure to complete a raid within a given time limit will result in loss, and no rewards are granted.
  • All guardian raid bosses are locked for the endgame and can only be accessed at level 60.
  • The boss requires an item level of 920. Not only do you need to meet the level requirements, but you also need to clear Raid 1 and 2 completely before you get a chance to fight Achates in Lost Ark.
  • Achates is a very complex boss; make sure to enter this boss fight when you’re fully prepared.
  • The attacks are so powerful that he can knock you out within no time.
  • Achates himself drops Tier 2 Accessories, Upgrade Materials, and Ability Stones as well as rare drops including Runes, Engraving Books, and Cards upon defeat. There are some more rare items as well that you get at the end of the battle.

Achates has a wide variety of moveset and is best fought in PVP or multiplayer mode. Getting help from other players is key to beating this boss; as he is a raid boss, Achates is designed to be fought by multiple players at once.

What Are Raid Bosses 

Raid Bosses are guardians that can be fought in the end-game of Lost Ark. These bosses unlock for players when they reach level 50. Raid bosses are further divided into levels from 1-to 5. Level 5 raids mostly consist of difficult and hard-to-beat bosses. Achates is a level 3 raid boss in Lost Ark.

Raids in Lost Ark follow some general rules, which are;

  • You will need to be at a certain level to fight guardians in raids. Every guardian has a specific level that it unlocks.
  • Raids have a time limit of 20 minutes in Lost Ark. Failure to complete a raid within a given time limit will result in loss, and no rewards are granted.
  • Normal items are unusable in raids, whereas only battle items are allowed.

Raid bosses classified on the basis of levels are given below;

  • Level 1 guardians include Ur’nil, Lumerus, Icy Legoros, and Vertus.
  • Chromanium, Nacrasena, Flame Fox Yoho, and Tytalos are included in Raid level 2 guardians
  • Raid Level 3 guardians consist of Dark Legoros, Helgaia, Calventus,  and Achates in Lost Ark.
  • Frost Helgaia, Lava Chromanium, Levanos, and Alberhastic make up level 4 guardians.
  • Final level 5 bosses include Heavy Armor Nacrasena, Igrexion, Night Fox Yoho, and Velganos.

As you can see, some of these bosses are reskinned, which later appear as their harder versions.

How To Reach Achates 

Firstly, all guardian raid bosses are locked for endgame and can only be accessed at level 60. Plus, you’ll need to have a specific Item Level in order to fight Achates. The boss requires an item level of 920. Not only do you need to meet the level requirements, but you also need to clear Raid 1 and 2 completely before you get a chance to fight Achates in Lost Ark.

Following Raid 2, bosses need to be beaten to unlock Achates;

  • Chromanium
  • Nacrasena
  • Flame Fox Yoho
  • Tytalos

Achates is a very complex boss; make sure to enter this boss fight when you’re fully prepared. Use appropriate items and equipment. Also, create a specific set of skills that focus on damaging Achates’ weak points while you fight it.

How To Fight Achates 

Achates’ moveset consists of Special attacks and General attacks. In order to beat him, we will have to discuss each and every one of his moves thoroughly. Our guide will explain every attack that Achates performs to understand its patterns’ physics better. Each attack can be wittingly dodged if the player studies both of its movesets deeply.

Special Attacks of Achates

Following are Achates’ Special attacks in Lost Ark;

  • Stone Statue Summon
  • Power Up
  • Roar Attack
  • Annihilation Ability
  • Curse Attack

Now we will discuss each of these special attacks in detail below.

Stone Statue Summon

Stone Statue Special attack is initiated when Achates has lost almost 20% Hp. Once he has lost this health, he will teleport to the middle of the battlefield. He will also become invincible in the state, and you won’t be able to deal any damage. Achates will spawn in either 1,2, or 4 stone statues around it.

The location of these stone statues will also get marked on your mini-map. When you destroy a stone statue, it drops yellow, green, and blue stones. Achates will surround himself with a shield after summoning stone statues. The shield will either be yellow, green, or blue. Those stones that you received from destroying stone statues will be used to annihilate his shield.

Yellow stones will destroy yellow shields and so on. You need to throw 2 stones to break a shield once. And you need to be quick as Achates can rebuild the shield. Break this shield twice, and Achates will become vulnerable. Stones can disappear if you don’t act swiftly, and stone statues will respawn somewhere else too. If you hastily throw a wrong colored stone at the shield, it will deal damage to you.

Light Explosion circles also get spawned continuously during the entire stone statue summoning attack. Make sure to avoid these circles while you’re taking down Achates’ defense. If you fail to destroy his shields, Achates will enrage and buff his attacks more.

Once those shields are down and dusted, Achates’ wings will get exposed for you to deal damage in Lost Ark. You can cause massive damage to the raid guardian by using corrosive bombs. These bombs will increase your chances of hitting its weak points with your combat skills and items.

Power Up

After 1 minute into the battle, Achates will start to power up. The move can be easily marked when you learn its attack pattern. You will see the boss gathering large amounts of energy in its wings. However, when Achates is powering up, he becomes vulnerable to your attacks. Use that moment to deal damage to Achates with everything you’ve got. Once Achates is done powering up, he will start using his wings for attacking.

Roar Attack

If you are unable to destroy Achates’ shields during statue summoning, then he will enrage. Enraged guardian boss will often use Roar attack, which is a quite irritating move. This attack will cause debuffs on your character, and your character’s attack power will get diminished. The only way to remove that debuff is by staggering Achates. It is recommended to destroy his shields, so Achates is never enraged.

Annihilation Ability

Another special attack that Achates only uses when enraged is Annihilation. The attack starts by pulling every player towards Achates, and the boss will start gathering energy. When he is done gathering energy, he will release an overpowered attack capable of one-shotting players in close range. It is recommended to move away from it as soon as Achates starts pulling you in.

Curse Attack

The Curse attack is another irritating move of Achates in Lost Ark. That attack will slowly cause your CO-OP partners to die unless countered. Basically, Achates will mark two players with a curse. Red and Blue marks will appear on top of these players.

In order to break the curse, those two players need to stay close to each other for a specific amount of time. Otherwise, the player with a red mark will slowly lose his health over time, leading to his inevitable death.

General Attacks of Achates 

Following are Achates’ General attacks in Lost Ark;

  • Earthquake Attack
  • Wing Attack
  • Flying Charge Ability
  • Light Explosion AOE
  • Breath Attack
  • Light Field
  • Scorch Mark

Now we will discuss each of these general attacks in detail below.

Earthquake Attack

It is a chain attack performed by Achates. The Guardian boss will jump and smash the ground dealing damage. He will also summon rifts inside the boss room. Achates will then jump again and slam once more, but this time those rifts will also explode.

You’ll need to be quick in maneuvering your way through the attack because if you get caught inside a rift explosion, it will knock you down. As long as you are fast and stay within range, you should easily avoid the Earthquake of Achates in Lost Ark.

Wing Attack

In the Wing Attack, Achates will again fly up. He will then flap his wings and push wind towards you. It will lead you to get knocked if you don’t dodge or stay at range. Achates might even spam the move more than once as well.

Additionally, if Achates is enranged, then he will flap his wings for a longer duration causing massive damage and knocks to every player inside the boss room. It is suggested to run away from him when he pulls out his wings and stay at range to dodge those knockdowns.

Flying Charge Ability

Achates will sometimes fly towards a specific player. He will charge through anything in his path and deal damage to everyone there. It is advised to get out of his way when Achates goes into his charging position.

Achates might even follow up his first charge with another. But the second charge is very difficult to dodge as he disappears before performing this move. 

Light Explosion AOE

Achates will send waves of light explosions towards a player it targets. The only way to dodge these explosions is by staying at close range when he performs that attack. Otherwise, Light Explosions are strong enough to kill you in an instant.

Again, Achates might even follow up these explosions with more explosions. If he does follow up, then staying at close range is not going to save you. Quickly run away or dodge that attack; otherwise, you’ll get knocked down.

Breath Attack

Achates will apply his breath attack in 3 different ways. His normal method includes using a breath attack on a player in front of him. If you get hit by the breath, then it’ll cause a Scorch debuff. Just dodge towards left or right to miss that normal breath attack.

Another modified version of the breath attack is using that breath to perform an AOE and hit everything in front. It increases the effective range of breath attacks, and more players get damaged with a debuff. Sometimes Achates will even rotate while breathing, performing a deadly version of his breath attack. It can damage anyone around him as it has a bigger hitbox.

Light Field

It is another AOE attack that is very hard to dodge at close range. Achates will bring forth circles on the ground, which cover a huge part of his field. Then he will shoot light hails into those circles. Although the attack can be dodged, it requires accuracy and precision to do so. You can only dodge it by either staying in that invincible part of circles or simply running away during Light Field Attack.

Scorch Mark

Yet again, another AOE attack from Achates, Scorch mark, can target any one player on the battlefield. This attack includes a black circle surrounding the player that will steadily get smaller. Once that circle shrinks to the player, a flame field will appear below that player and will stay there for some time. It will also apply Scorch Debuff to anyone inside that flame circle. So if you get caught in the attack, stay away from your teammates.

Counter Attack on Achates

It is possible to counter-attack Achates and stagger him to deal massive damage. But the window to pull it off using counter-attack affix is very small and precise. When Achates glows blue, that is your cue to cast a counter-attack affix. It will stagger him out of his animation, and he will remain knocked out for a few seconds. This opening will give your CO-OP friends to deal a huge chunk of damage on his health bar.

Achates will take 15% more damage from Dark skills, so make sure to equip those. Following combat items are recommended to deal maximum damage to Achates;

  • HP Potion
  • Panacea
  • Corrosive Bomb
  • Flare

Hp Potion restores 30% of your health back and can save you from one-shots. Panacea removes all debuff from your character. It is very useful since most of Achates’ attacks apply scorch debuff. The Corrosive Bomb increases your chances of dealing more weak point damage. Flare will display the location statues summoned by Achates during battle.

Rewards For Defeating Achates

Battling Achates is very tough, but it also comes with great rewards once you do beat him. Achates himself drops Tier 2 AccessoriesUpgrade Materials, and Ability Stones as well as rare drops including RunesEngraving Books, and Cards upon defeat. You also have a chance to earn some of the following items from this raid;

  • Splendid Monarch Necklace
  • Destruction Stone
  • Splendid Pulverizer Earrings
  • Guardian Stone
  • Splendid Monarch Earrings
  • Life Leapstone
  • Tier 2 Epic Ability Stone
  • Achates Card
  • Splendid Monarch Ring
  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Epic Class Engraving Recipe
  • Splendid Pulverizer Ring
  • Rare Skill Rune


Lost Ark is Tripod and Smilegate Studio’s latest take on the role-playing genre with multiplayer elements embedded in gameplay. The game offers a massive catalog of islands to explore and tons of raid bosses to fight. Achates is one such raid boss in Lost Ark. Islands in Lost Ark include Asura, Cradle of the Sea Fermata, Turtle, Lagoon, Snowpang, and Lush Reed Island.

Our Islands in Lost Ark guide explains in detail every island you will come across in the game. Treasure Chests in Lost Ark are scattered on these islands and are available for you to loot. Every island is also rich in Resources to make your exploration worthwhile. 

Lost Ark is heavily dependent on multiplayer, and PVP constitutes a large portion of the game. PVP depends on the type of class you choose, and our guide on Lost Ark Classes discusses it in detail. However, Solo players should check out our Best Solo Classes in Lost Ark guide. Different classes offer a variety of builds, but Shadowhunter Build and Destroyer Build in Lost Ark are some of the best.

Lost Ark features World Bosses and Raid Bosses. Caspiel is one tough boss in Lost Ark, and our guide breaks down this fight completely. Before you read further, consider reading our Lost Ark gold Farming guide. Now let us discuss Achates in Lost Ark in detail.

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