Lost Ark LED Glasses: How to Get & Virtues Stat Bonuses

If you're trying to make your avatar look fancy, then consider using the Lost Ark LED Glasses to spice up their look!

Lost Ark has caught the attention of many players, and with its unique classes, treasure maps, and enemies like the dungeon bosses, there is much to do within the game. But sometimes, you might want to customize your avatar, and various cosmetics allow that. Therefore, today we’ll be looking at Lost Ark LED Glasses.

Key Highlights

  • In Lost Ark, players can make customizations to their characters and change their avatars. LED glasses are merely to make your character look cool.
  • LED Glasses cannot be directly bought from anywhere as of yet. 
  • To get the glasses, log in to the game daily and keep receiving the awards. On the 25th day, you will be presented with a selection box of glasses. There will be 4 set of glasses and you can choose one.
  • You can preview the glasses by pressing CTRL + Right Click.
  • By equipping each set of glasses, you get +5 virtue points. 4 different glasses reward you with 4 different virtue points.

LED Glasses

Lost Ark LED Glasses
Lost Ark – Blue LED Glasses

There definitely is a lot of customization available in Lost Ark. You can create various builds like the Scrapper Build, Deadeye Build, or those that use the DPS Meter; you could create the Striker build in Lost Ark.

But if you want to change the appearance of your avatar, then there’s no better way to do it than by using Lost Ark LED Glasses.

Where to get the LED Glasses?

LED Glasses cannot be directly bought from anywhere as of yet. But you might’ve noticed that whenever you log in daily, you get an award. If you keep doing that, then on the 25th day, you will be presented with a glasses selection box.

You can choose amongst 4 glasses, and they’re class roster bound. Unfortunately, you cannot change the glasses once you get them, so ensure that you choose the color that you actually want. You can preview the glasses by pressing CTRL + Right Click.

Unique LED Glasses & Virtue Stat Bonuses

Different Glasses
Lost Ark – Different LED Glasses

As mentioned, there are 4 different Lost Ark LED Glasses that you can choose from. You can get different Virtue Points depending on which one you choose:

  • LED Glasses (Black) – Wisdom +5
  • LED Glasses (Silver) – Courage +5
  • LED Glasses (Red) – Charisma +5
  • LED Glasses (Blue) – Kindness +5

Besides that, there is no actual difference. You can simply look cooler while you sail around in the various ships in search of the best hunting spots in Lost Ark or perhaps the best crews.

Additionally, each of the glasses has looping animation on the glasses that switches from various visuals such as “Lost Ark” text to eye emojis.

With that, you know everything about LED Glasses. They aren’t used for much but to add a little bit of spice to your avatar.

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