Lost Ark Oblivion Isle: Location, Quest & Field Boss

trying to locate and complete the Oblivion Isle in the lost ark? in this guide you can find all about the location & quest of Oblivion Isle.

What is Oblivion Isle 

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Lost Ark Sea Adventures

There are many, many islands that can be discovered and explored throughout the game. You need to explore these areas thoroughly if you really want to enjoy the gameplay to its fullest. Oblivion island or Oblivion Isle is just like many other areas and lands in the game of Lost Ark.

Key Highlights

  • Oblivion Isle is an adventure island in the game Lost Ark. It is located in the northern Arthetine Sea and in the south of the Tempest Sea, and can only be accessed at certain times of the day.
  • Players can locate Oblivion Isle with the use of Procyon’s Compass, which can also be used to track other events and locations in the game.
  • The island has one quest called “The Deathly Island,” which involves defeating the field boss, the Sea God Aporas.
  • There are also five Mokoko seeds on the island, two of which can be collected after defeating the field boss.
  • Completing the quest on Oblivion Isle can reward players with an Aporas Card, Secret Map, or Oblivion’s Isle Token.
  • The Aporas Card is a rare item that can boost a character’s stats when equipped, the Secret Map leads to the Eye of the Dead and rewards players with treasure, and the Oblivion’s Isle Token can be exchanged for special rewards like mounts and skill upgrade potions.
  • The Sea God Aporas is a powerful boss that has various abilities. Players should avoid standing in front of the boss and focus on dodging its attacks to defeat it.

It is an Adventure Island, an endgame activity that spawns in the ocean at a random time. You need to finish certain quests pertaining to that Adventure Island to earn Island Tokens.

For Oblivion Isle, defeating the Field Boss will earn you its Island Token along with many other rewards. The name of the main boss or field boss of the Oblivion Isle is the Sea God Aporas.

Due to Oblivion Isle being an Adventure Island, you can only explore it at certain times of the day during the week. This is completely random, so be on the lookout for it using your Procyon’s Compass.

Location of Oblivion Isle

island location lost ark
Oblivion Isle Lost Ark Location

The Oblivion Isle is a small group of islands that is available on the continent of Arthetine. As we said before, it is categorized as an Adventure Island and can be found under the said tag. It is located in the Northern Arthetine Sea and in the South of the Tempest Sea. 

You can locate Oblivion Isle with the help of Procyon’s Compass as well, which can be found right under the minimap. Procyon’s Compass can be used to locate and follow Adventure Islands, Ghost Ships, Chaos Gates, and Field Bosses.

It can also help you set in-game alarms, which can alert you on events and locations that you need to go to. The in game-description of Oblivion Isle states it as “a heavenly island with beautiful scenery”.

All Oblivion Isle Quests

Oblivion Isle in Lost Ark only has one quest named “The Deathly Island”. For you to take on the quest, your character must have an Item level of 250 and should be ranked level 50 or higher. After you fulfill the requirements to start the quest, it will ask you and all the players on the island to defeat the Field Boss

You can also find a few Mokoko Seeds in the Oblivion Isle. These seeds are collectible items that can help your character get rewards for as many as you can collect. The total number of Mokoko Seeds that can be found on the island is five. Two of these Mokoko seeds can be collected after the Field Boss has been defeated.


The only available quest on the Oblivion Isle is to defeat the field boss. Once the field boss is defeated, you can receive a random reward. The reward can be one of the following three items that can be used in the game.

  • Aporas Card
  • Secret map
  • Oblivion’s Isle Token

Aporas Card is a rare grade item that can drop by chance after killing the field boss at Oblivion Isle. These cards can be collected to help boost your character’s stats in the game. When two cards for this set are equipped, it gives a 4% HP Increase to your character.

The other reward that you can get randomly is the Secret Map to the adventure, Eye of the Dead. If you receive the secret map as a reward for defeating the field boss, it can guide you to the lagoon of Eye of the Dead. And once you follow the map and reach it, you receive a treasure.

The last but not the least reward that you can get from this quest is Oblivion’s Isle Island Token. Island Tokens help your character get special rewards like stat boost potions, mounts, and skill upgrade potions. You can exchange any Tokens you collect from the various Adventure Islands at the Lost Island Vendor.

Oblivion Isle Field Boss

field boss Oblivion Isle
Sea God Aporas

The main quest of the Oblivion Isle is pertaining to its Field Boss, the Sea God Aporas. Defeating this boss is not particularly hard but is a bit tricky. When you first encounter the Sea God Aporas, he is in an invincible state, so you cannot defeat him as it is.

To defeat him, you must first locate the three Aporas trees that spawn around him and destroy them first. When you destroy all three Aporas trees, the boss loses its invincibility effect. And after that, you can defeat it just like any other mid-tier boss in the game.

This makes the Sea God Aporas one of the easier boss battles in the game. If you have a big enough party, the boss battle will go by in a breeze. Just make sure you quickly locate the three trees providing the boss with the invisibility buff.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after going through the guide, you will have a good idea of how to locate the Oblivion Isle in Lost Ark. This Adventure Island does not have a lot going on other than the main quest for the Field Boss. But it is an important location as you can find Mokoko Seeds and a chance to earn Island Tokens.

Additionally, that is not all, and there is also a rare drop for a stat-boosting Aporas card and a Secret Map that leads to a treasure. With this in mind, just keep an eye on your Procyon’s Compass if you want to check off this Adventure Island from your list.

Lost Ark is an online multiplayer RPG that has recently made waves everywhere on the internet. It is one of the most famous games in its genre. The gameplay of Lost Ark resembles that of Diablo or World of Warcraft. In this game, you can explore lands in the vast open-world environment. Let us know more about the game in the comments section below.

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