Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship: Location, Spawn & Rewards

Finding the Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship location can be quite tricky as it changes each time. But we'll make it easy for you!

What is the Nightmare Ghost Ship 

Ghost ships in Lost Ark
Lost Ark – Ghost Ships

Alongside Dungeons like Gate of Paradise in Lost Ark, the game has many timed events or raids that happen at specific times or different locations. These can entail taking down tough bosses, and sometimes waiting for these bosses can take quite a long time. The Nightmare Ghost ship is no different.

Key Highlights

  • Lost Ark is an MMORPG that features various timed events or raids that take place at different locations and times.
  • The Nightmare Ghost Ship is one such event, which is a floating mini-raid that players can board and fight against ghost pirates and a final boss.
  • The ship tends to spawn at random locations on the western side of Arkesia, including the Sea of Procyon, Rethramis, and Feiton.
  • It also has specific spawn times that can be tracked through the Procyon Compass.
  • To defeat the Nightmare Ghost Ship, players should ensure that they have a gear level of 460. Players would need to use the right strategy.
  • The right strategies include taking out the lesser enemies first, avoiding the boss’s attacks, and using the right skills.
  • Players can earn various rewards, including Engraving Books, Cosmetic Items, pirate coins, and the “Ghost Shipskin upon defeating the final boss of the Nightmare Ghost Ship.

The Nightmare Ghost ship is part of the “Ghost Ships”, with there being 3 different ships in total. These Ghost ships are like floating mini raids where you can board the ship and fight a bunch of enemies (ghost pirates) onboard. Eventually, one final boss will appear, which will be quite challenging but will also give a handsome reward.

Unfortunately, most players miss these events as they don’t sail that often or just use the teleporter. But if given the time to explore the waters and around Arkesia’s islands, you can stumble upon various interesting places such as Turtle Island in Lost Ark and events like the ghost ships.

The Nightmare Ghost ship is one of the spookier ships with an amazing cinematic and a true pirate vibe to it. But tackling it is no different than any other ghost ship, so let’s get on with the Lost Ark Nightmare ship location!

Nightmare Ghost Ship Location and Spawn Rates

As mentioned, ghost ships tend to have different locations and spawn rates. It can be quite tedious to go to each location, but it’s what makes exploration all the more rewarding.


Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship Location
Lost Ark – Nightmare Ghost Ship Location

You might find it a little hard to find the ship as it does not have any specific locations like the various other activities in Lost Ark. It tends to spawn at random locations and at various times throughout Arkesia.

However, there are still various locations where the Nightmare Ghost Ship can be found quite often. These locations are on the western side of the open seas. Here are some of the general areas where you can expect to find the Nightmare Ghost ship location in Lost Ark:

  • West of Rethramis
  • In the Sea of Procyon, west of South Vern
  • East of Feiton

You’ll know you’re going in the right direction if you’re in waters with violent storms. And even if you’re in the location, you’ll have to be patient as the ship can take some time to spawn in. But once it does, it’ll appear on the map.

Spawn Rate

Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship Spawn Times
Lost Ark – Spawn times for Nightmare Ghost Ship

Those that are looking to take on the Nightmare Ghost ship will have to wait quite a while. The ship tends to spawn only a few times each day, a few hours apart.

The best way to keep track of it is to open your Procyon’s Compass through the compass icon below the mini-map. You’ll be able to see all the details of when the next ship will spawn. You can also use the Procyon compass for various other things, such as locating Thunderwings to find the Stone of chaos in Lost Ark.

How to Defeat the Nightmare Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship Gameplay
Lost Ark – Onboard the Ghost Ships

Now that you know the location of Nightmare Ghost Ship, it’s time to discuss how to take it down.

When you get close to the ship, you will get the option to board it. It might be tough to even get close to the ship initially as the waters will be quite stormy and violent. But keep at it, and you’ll eventually get the cutscene and will be onboard. If you’re struggling to get close, you should consider upgrading your ship.

When you’re on board, you will be tasked to defeat all the crew members. These are ghost pirates that you need to take down in a limited time.

You will need to ensure that you have item level 460 before taking on the ship. The crew members can be quite challenging so if you need help leveling up, consider reading our Lost Ark leveling guide.

It would be best if you also considered getting the Fighter: Ghost Ship ability while taking on the ship. Furthermore, if you get the Eibern’s Wound, you will have an easier time throughout the raid. However, getting it can be quite tedious. You will have to complete the “Bleak Night Fog” 12 times before getting the Eibern’s Wound.

But, if you’re determined to get the Ghost Ship: Eibern’s Wound, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Go to the Lost Ark Una’s Tasks tab (alt + J) and go to the Reputation Status. Over there, check “item” and search for “Ghost Ship.” You should get the “Ghost Ship: Eibern’s Wound” in the result. Click on the magnifying glass next to the quest and accept “Bleak Night Fog.” The quest spawns every few hours, and as mentioned, you will need to complete it 12 times.

As for Estoque crew members or any other for that matter, you should take Berald with you as he has great passive buffs on the Nightmare ghost ship. You can get him for 80k Pirate Coins through Eyaru.

Nightmare Ghost Ship Rewards

There are various rewards that you can get from the ghost ship. However, it is worth noting that these rewards can only be claimed once per week, regardless of how many times you take down the raid. Therefore, if you’ve already done it once, you’ll have to wait for the counter before claiming rewards again.

But those that are eligible for the rewards can get the “Ghost Ship” skin. It is part of a quest line that requires you to complete at least one Nightmare Ghost Ship Raid.

There are also other rewards that you can get from the raid, such as:

  • Pirate Coins
  • Engraving Books
  • Cosmetic Items

If you’re looking for more cosmetic items, consider reading Lost Ark LED Glasses guide.

With that, you know everything about the Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost ship location and how to take it down. It is definitely one of the more interesting challenges of the game with a spooky element to it. With the right crew and tactics, you’ll overcome it with ease!

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